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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

says it's time for SEMI-HIATUS
music: Fire by 2NE1
time: 10:16 PM

I finished the last one today. ;_______; it's over, all that is left is to wait for results.

oh yes, NEWS.

i'm only kinda back. semi-hiatus = i only update whenever i feel like it. i only comment when i want to and who i want to. i'll be gone frequently = you'll probably see me playing favorites, i'll take forever to get back to you, i love you.

sorry people, i'm close to failing classes. then there's finals, and then i have SATs the saturday after school is over. (june 6)

proper post and comment will be done at a later time. please just wait. OTL thank you.

2NE1.....I love you. :3

10:26 PM (runs off to help friend w/ her break-up now. ;_____;)

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

says it's time to quit

date: 4/4/09
music: Lollipop ft. 21 - Big Bang
time: 9:17 PM

HELLO!!! HOW ARE MY LOVELIES THIS TIME!! ANSWER ME DARN IT!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, I have something to talk about this time. ^^;

Oh yeah, last time I said that somebody was spamming/killing my comment box. STEPH!! How dare you suggest the person kill my fishies instead!?!!?!?! NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides, i tried and you can't. T^T Anyways, it was my stupid lovely twin, chibilala, who was doing it. ^^; *hugs her* but it's ok.........as long as she controls her stretching!! >_<

omg, the song playing on here. :3 LOVE IT!!! LOVE!!!!!

oh, fishies:

did i ever explain why they are here? well they each represent a member of arashi. [blue = ohno, yellow = nino, red = sho, purple = jun, green = aiba. THESE ARE THE OFFICIAL COLORS. i did NOT make them up] so they'll be here until their 10th anniversary. :3

you probably noticed the layout change by now. [and kelsey already wrote a full comment of her b*tchin' that he's there. xD love you!!!] Change b/c..........
It's Yamashita Tomohisa's B-day!! on the 9th........ok, i'm early. a lot...... [kelsey, if you didn't know that was yamapi's full name......don't talk to me. >:[ *slaps you if you didn't know it by heart* T___T] I think i'm the only one who was aware of his b-day coming up..... makes me sad. T^T i've been looking forward to this day since toma's b-day!! he'll be 24. [;_________; 7 years older than me....... still better than ohno who is 11 years older than me ;________;] anyways, guy to your left is yamapi, leader of NewS, and my second JE crush.......^^; (for the losers who care. order went from toma → yamapi → ohno → arashi → JE)
Congrats Yamapi, another year older. ^___^

Yamapi: Ah sh*********************************t, i'm getting old.


yamapi: *eats strawberry* OISHII. ♥

*dead b/c kelsey beat her w/ an orange* T__T If i'm gonna die, i want to die for a good reason. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing...

death....for me. MORE!!

o___o... i'm gonna die...right?

omg, this was hilarious. xD he was playing a game. Oh!! it seems shige will like to compete against Pi.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Tegoshi too?

OMG!! THAT IS SO CUTE!!! >//////////<


me: ..... o_________o''

me: WTF!?!?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?!?! [i'm listening to his song MOLA right now... it's really perverted... that might explain this story ^^;]

i can't find any more of my yamapi GIFS right now. [too many!!! over 400 of them. O__O] so have a...

ohno: take that, b*tches!!


nino: uh, excuse me?
me: oh yes. ^^; sorry, Ohno belongs only to you. ^///////////^ only to you.

ohno: we is gonna have fun tonight. (me:O_______O)

*nino's victory dance*

Yamapi: I can give you fun right now. ~chuuu ♥

toma: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!! wait a minute

toma: *whispers* call me. *winks at Pi*

anyways, at the end of the night, nino just ended up being a whore. he cheated on ohno w/ ryo

(this never gets old!! xD ne lala!?!?! RYOTOPI!!!)
And Nino and Yamapi left together that night

ohno recovered by spending the night with jun

jun said to call again. x3 XOXO

by katrinasacay @ LJ
massu became a slut. T______________T

and tegoshi became a pedo
by katrinasacay @ LJ
YOU!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM MY CHINEN!!! STAY AWAY!!! o__O *cough cough* I mean..........

Ryo was still smiling even though he was dumped in 5 seconds for Yamapi. I think it's the drugs.....

And asian hip thrusts were still hot. SHINee!!! You make me a pedo!! T____T

But above all, Happy 24th Birthday Yamapi!!

Now on a serious note. I have news for you. T_______T

It's time for me to leave here. IT"S STUDYING TIME!!! I changed the banner on my world too. T_________T such beauty wasted for such a message.

I will be logging off after this weekend and NOT signing on anymore until my AP exams are over. [they are May 5, 8, 13] NO MORE ME. until mid May... or June. SORRY!!!!!!!!! I need to study like crazy!! I failed my WWII test with a 56!! A 56!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS WWII!!!!! T________T

You may email me at kobato_chan1@yahoo.com if you just have to talk to me. But please keep the email short. And no one liners!! Especially if they are along the lines of "I miss you sparkle-chan!! T__T How are you?" I DO NOT WANT THAT!!! I will add you to the spam list if you do that. DELETE!!! Or I might explode in your face and you will so regret sending me a one liner email. REGRET IT.

Wish me luck. T_________T I'll miss you all. [I might really not come back until June though. after AP exams, i have job and car hunting to do. then i have to get ready for final exams. ^^; BUSY. and the hiatus is so NOT semi. it's FULL]

Sorry if i don't get to you at all. i'm busy w/ a lot of hw this weekend too. T^T I'll miss you!!! (and arashi!! T___________T I miss fangirling...it was so much fun.)


OMG!! gj;kajf;askf;lsakf;lkasa;lkd I LOVE THIS SONG!! GD, baby, you look like a willy wonka on too much PCD!! T_____T BABY!!!!!!! It's Lollipop by Big Bang and 2NE1. GAH!!!!!!!!! I want a 2NE1 single now!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! 2NE1 is the new girl band who is suppose to be the female big bang. Seung ri is super man. xD LOVE.

Cute video of yamapi since it's going to be his b-day

I wish i could find the full one. Toma's was hilarious!! He was silent the whole time (that's how i ride roller coasters too. T____T i hate them) and this one guy got pissed b/c they were doing the countdown in english. xD HILARIOUS!!!
"I did my best damn it!" LMAO!!!

*hugs* I'll miss you all!!!!!!!! Have a great.....6 weeks!! :3 I'll miss you!!!!!

oh-chan will be my other tutor too. x3
~sparkle -chan
10:23 PM

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Friday, March 27, 2009

TIME IS TICKING, time is ticking

music: One - Epik High
time: 7:05

How are my lovelies doing? HMMMMMMMMM!?!?! HOW ARE YOU!! TELL ME!! TELL ME!!!!!!! You might be surprised but... I have nothing to talk about this time. Nope, noooooooooooooooooooooothing at all. ;_________; I only updated b/c a certain somebody *glares* killed my comment box last time but somebody helped me get "revenge". *hugs* And I need a new one. *scared of the spam she will receive*

WHAT!?!?! You have no fangirling to do?!?!?! NOPE. I haven't "fangirled" since last weekend. I've been too busy w/ school. ;_______; I've been staying up until 1 AM everyday and waking up early to do more HW. T___T it's hell. so many downloads too watch. T^T

Did you see my icon? ^__^ I made it myself. ;_____; I can't stop iconing Jae Joong. CAN NOT STOP. MAN TOO GORGEOUS. T________T I made 4 icons. :3

;_______; yes, i need to work on them more. T__T such fail is not tolerable. *trying to work up her skills so she can post them on LJ*

lol, A lot of you have LJ accounts but don't use them. *sigh* Oh well, it's not for everyone. It is harder to meet people there. There is just too many people w/ too many interests. ;___; But i like the people i met, they are nice. [T______T I am so behind in Arashi!! They are talking about all this stuff that I haven't watched. I DIDN'T HAVE TIME YOU FOOLS!!!!!!! *gets busy on downloading*]

I have no idea what to write about..... It's cold... and windy.... and it might rain more. :3

my friend said it was International Water Day today

my mother just yelled at me to go watch the tv b/c they found some "things". -_____- just for stupid fossils. she got mad at me for not caring

니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you) - Super Junior
i like this song. :3

like sucks when you don't have a song obsession at all. There is no song I'm obsessed with right now. ;___________; It's so lonely!!! I'm tired of all the music on my iPod. T__T I'm tired of Arashi, NewS, DBSK, and SHINee. T__T

I really don't know what to say...... mom just yelled at me to check the weather... -__-

here, have some hip thrusts dancing. I is done for tonight. *hugs*

credit to spazzcrack @ LJ
Ohno: MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs at subtitle*
me: *slaps* NO.

My computer is acting up. I need to fix it. T______T Virus keep wanting to attack it. I think i fixed it....hopefully.*sigh* have a great week everyone. *hugs* I'll make it to you eventually. I miss spring break. T_______T

7:37 PM

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

music: Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
time: 6:03 PM

LOOKY, LOOKY!!!!!!!!!!! I used one of my own icons for once. XD

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! LISTEN TO THE SONG THAT HAS CONSUMED MY LIFE!!!!!!! ;_______; i can't stop listening to this song. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?! T____________T I need to be shot repeatedly.....over and over again. I fail at life. Changed it to U-KISS, Talk to me... I still need to be shot repeatedly though. ;______;

Well, i haven't done this in a while but.... THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENTS!! you people make me want to cry sometimes. and thanks for visiting my e-card too. :3

T_________T I LOVE YOU ALL!! It was featured. :3 And you people got me to #16 on the artists thingy for 7 days in only one day. ;____________; you people are too good to me!!!!!!!!!! *cries a little*

ok, so ummm, the "porn" is still not on my wall!! GAH!!!!! YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!! T________T I bought the freakin calendar and it's lying on my floor - literally. it's on the floor right now, just sitting there. T^T [and i saw the Tohoshinki calendar. ;_______; is it bad to want ANOTHER calendar. DANG IT!!!!!! DBSK!! RELEASE ANOTHER KOREAN ALBUM SO I WILL BE TEMPTED TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!]

I really don't know what to say........just updating b/c I said i would. ^^;

Ok, guitar time. I don't know how many of you know or not but for physics I had to make a guitar out of just stuff at home AKA don't go buy a REAL guitar. So here's my piece of crap. [i mean it. i didn't even put thought into it when i made it. NONE WHAT SO EVER]

I played "Over the Rainbow" so I decorated it w/ a rainbow and gave out Skittles to people while I played. Creativity was a major part of the grade. [Thank the lord. ;_______;]

To boost the creativity level........I wrote rainbow in Japanese in the inside. LAME!!!!!!! Hey, this chinese kid liked it....... then again he is obsessive!! He won't stop saying "ah, sou desu ka?" T________T Did I ever tell you how lame I am? B/c I really am. ;______;

So that's that. It's over. Right now it's at school b/c I have to do the harmony part. PURE BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate physics so much.

Ummmmmmmmmmm, .... KACHING!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, good but sort of bad news. I started using my Livejournal to make friends now. ^^; There was a friending meme and I wanted to avoid doing HW so I thought "HEY!! I want JE obsessive friends. Let's Go make some!!! 8D YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" .... and I made friends. ^^; So know i have to balance this place and that place. I WON'T LEAVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! You mean too much to me. Some girls who are in love w/ Japanese and Korean guys are not going to replace any of you that quickly, probably never. *hugs* But... -_______- I need to go comment to about 10 looooooong posts right now. But they are nice people so I don't mind much. SO JOIN ME!!!!!!! If you want to. Link is on the side bar thingy. I have the same user name.

NEWS IS GETTING A NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps for joy* I WANT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! and a new Korean DBSK single!! ;________; I want!!

Support BoA, you fools!!!!

GAH!!! WANT ALBUM NOW!!!!!!! ;____; Utada one too. T^T

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............NOTHING ELSE TO SAY!!

<br />
OMG!!! Did you see that? *dies* ajk;ljf;kla;agjkls!!!!! T_______________T IT'S MOTHER F*CKING TOHOSHINKI!!!!!!!!!!!! o______o pardon my language, but this little sparkle-chan died when she watched that Music Station. Look behind the confused Ohno and the gay Jun. ;_______; It's Xiah, Micky and Jae Joong!!!!! T_________T 2 of my favorite bands at once. T__T and BoA was there too. *A* I DIED!!!!!!


OH MY MOTHER!!!!!!! The height difference between Nino and U-know is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!! I WEEP!!!!!!! T______________________T [fyi, I'm around Nino's height ;D]

Tell me again why I love this man? TELL ME!?!?!?! T____________T HIS DRAMA IS OVER!!!!! I WEEP!!!!! T______T I miss it already.

I'll tell you why i love him!! B/c he is the leader of a band who those amazing things like this

T^T I love their dork. TOO AMAZING!!!!! *copies Sho* "Ah-rae-shay in da house, yo!!" Oh thank you Sho for teaching people how to MISPRONOUNCE your band name. Thank you very much. ^________^ [that was sarcasm btw]

watch video please and thank you. :3

Have a great week everyone!!!!! I have commenting and catching up to do w/ bands. -___- too much. Plus there HW b/c spring break is o-ver. T^T Time to get ready for the AP exams. T_____T *hugs* Love you all!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!! I forgot to tell you about my weird dream!! Will make it short. K? So for some odd reason I was stuck in The Simpsons world. WTH? So I was getting blamed for all of Bart's pranks. Why little ol' me? Idk. So yeah, I'm stuffed into this small room and somebody was holding me back. I have no idea why I was wearing a skirt.....I never do. ^^; But anyways, the principal of the school decided to take punishment into his own hands - LITERALLY. The old fart was so totally about to violate me. [please don't make me go into detail] Luckily as soon as he was lifting my skirt I woke up. o______o I was freaked out. So i just stared at my NewS poster forever saying "WTH!?!?! WHY COULDN'T I DREAM THAT IT WAS ALL OF YOU INSTEAD!?! WHY!?!? WTH!?!?!" over and over again. then i fell asleep and had a dream about SHINee and my ipod being broken. i wanted to cry... i didn't even get to meet SHINee. ;_____; I almost get violated, break my iPod, and don't even meet SHINee all in one night. LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!!! :3 have fun!!!!!!

me: SHINee, will you visit my dreams tonight for sure? T^T

Taemin: anything you want, noona ♥.
me: T_____________T YOU'RE TOO YOUNG!!!!!!

6:48 PM

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
So it's St. Patrick's day, huh?
music: Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
time: 2:50 PM

so apparently it's st. patrick's day. and guess what? i'm not wearing green. ^^; DON'T YOU DARE VIRTUAL PINCH ME, YOU MEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will kick your a$$. >:[ I MEAN IT.

*sigh* survivor is off. chibilala and i decided to have the same song last time. NO, WE ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON!!!!! even though we do like to call each other twin. ^^; *sigh* i didn't know which song to choose.... so i went w/ arashi. it's a little like truth but instead it's green and black not red and black. ^^; i love it .... but ..... i fail at life. i've ignored it so much.

so what have you been too? i know i pretty much disappeared again. idk, it's hard for me to come on during the week. ^^; SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!!!!!!!!!! *starts singing sorry, sorry by super junior*

this has been my song the whole day. Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior. How many boy bands do i listen to? O___________________O I ♥ the techno feel to it. :3

so saturday, i did some cleaning and hanged some posters. :3 then i came on here......... then i got bored and watched the Code Blue SP
Code Blue Pictures, Images and Photos
i actually did not watch the SP b/c of yamapi. I KNOW, SHOCKER. i watched it for the guy in the bottom part of the picture. T^T i left sorry for him, they never did give him a shot. is it bad that i laughed when they replayed yamapi's crying scene? sorry boy, you fail at making me cry. XP

sunday, i went shopping!!!!!! whoooooooooooooooot. got some clothes but i want more. MORE!!!!!!! ^^; hmmmmmmm..... my mom teased me about the posters and stuff. she know thinks i love shige.

I DO NOT LOVE HIM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! luckily she can't tell them apart so yeah.......... I WIN. YATTA!!!!!!! [i blame this on the yatterman movie. :3 i want to see sho!!!!!!!!] and my mom keeps on calling Jun gay.

she always asks "where's the gay one?" GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! he's not the gay one!!!!!!! T____________T even though i sometimes think he is................... T____________T

monday i went and got my driver's license. FINALLY. i've been so lazy. it took me 3 months for me to go in and finish AN HOUR of observation. you want to know what i did during that one hour? i sat in the back w/ my ipod and watched asian men dance for an hour. [*A* it was amazing.] then it took my mom about month to take me to the DPS. ............. sparkle-chan can drive legally now. >8D

i can't decide what drama to watch. T_________T i just can't.

ok, about the porn............ i was depressed/bored .... yesterday, so i went crazy and took a million pictures while i waited for the Sims 2 to install on my computer.

so pictures of the porn: [tell me if the links don't work!!]
this is the only picture i am actually taking of them all. TOO MANY!!!!!!!!

scans of them: [credit goes to ihearyourtears @ boys_paper @ LJ, i credit , you credit her too!!! this thing is EXPENSIVE]
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
the only reason i really bought this was b/c of aiba's picture [the one in the kimono and his nipple showing ^/////^]..... my favorite is Nino's [the one w/ wet shirt. >///////< YES!]. the one that troubles me is........ sho, the pole dancer. WHO GOT TO PUT THAT MONEY IN HIS PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!? Jealous? YES, I AM, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! T^T it's american money....... i think he became a pole dancer that one day he came to New York. i knew i missed something good!!!!!

these are random pictures i liked:
this was the 1st arashi picture. O________O MATSUMIYA ON THE 1ST PAGE!!!!!!!! i thought the whole thing was going to be some yaoi infested thing for a moment.

i love the ohmiya moment but......i loved jun more. :3 he's holding a flute!!!!!! my old instrument.

follow the pron idea......... i have a feeling the would do that. [oh darn, now you know my handwriting]

HE WOKE UP W/O HIS NINO!!!!! T________T NINO, YOU JERK!! sleeping w/ jun!!!!! LMAO, i didn't notice until afterward but...... my finger is touching his hand. XD LAME!!!!!!!!

he's so serious on the left but then he is a total dork on the right. XD YES, HIS PART IN THE CALENDAR WAS ABOUT FISHING!!!!!!!!!!! T______T stop it w/ the fish addiction........ he even said he wished he was a fish.... so he can know what they think. WTF!?!?!?!? GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he compared his solo song to a bass....... the interviewer laughed at him when he pretend to be a fish. T____________________T i did too. T^T

MORE FISH!!!! somebody wall this for me. T^T please........... [here i go being selfish again. T____T] i'll get you a high quality scan if you want to do it!!!!!!

awwwww, oh-chan meets up w/ his nino-chan in the forest. :3 why does it look like nino is some creepy pedo who is leading child-ohno to the back of the forest to rape him? T^T
Nino: I'll give you some candy if you follow me. ♥
Ohno: hmmmmmmmmmm....... candy? i'm not so sure about that........
Nino: How about some fishing lures?
Ohno: *beams* OK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nino: *evil laugh*
me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! OH-CHAN!!!!! He's gonna rape you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you: i thought you liked Ohmiya?
me: Oh yeah................... please continue. ^_^

i want a wallpaper of this too. T^T anybody?

here's a picture of how the stuff actually looks like. O__________O the NewS thing is HOT PINK!!!!!! T______T it burns to look at it. oh!! and then there's the poster too.

bad picture, go kill my camera. i'm too lazy to download scans. I screamed when i saw massu [far right]. then i was happy when i saw yamapi and keiichiro togetger, then i was happy when i saw yamapi and ryo together........... then i was sad when i realized none of my favs where together. T_______T TEGOMASS, WHY AREN'T YOU BY EACH OTHER!?!?!?!?! Tegoshi is at the far left and Massuda is at the far right. WHAT THE HECK!?

the yamapi picture..... for kelsey. it's right by my computer.... kinda creepy that he keeps staring w/ that emotionless face. T^T

didn't take pictures of everything. it's just too much. if you want to see it go the LJ and download scans. k?

guitar pictures next post [probably friday or saturday] this got a bit long.

OH!!!!!!!! can somebody explain to me why fangirls love this video:

IT CREEPS ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!?!?!?!??! CREEPS ME OUT!!!!!!!!!! [btw, it's RESCUE by KAT-TUN] the beat box part makes me laugh like no other. XD

since you were good........i'll give you tsubasa. *gasp* ANIME!?!?!?!

well it was holitsuba but still tsubasa. :3 my favorite tsubasa thing ever. there's been a lot of these things made for other series. in case it sounds familiar, it's the song weeeek by NewS. it was a re-make of their Russ-K CM

Yamapi = Syaoran [or Syaoron... not sure]
Keiichiro = Watanuki
Shige = Kurogane
Masuda = Syaoron [or Syaoran...maybe?]
Ryo = Doumeki
Tegoshi = Fai

can somebody help me think of something to put on this e-card? if not, it's being trashed. ^^;

i'll spend some time of here today. about an hour or 2. then i have to do some reading. tomorrow i have to finish my english reading and do an AP packet for Computer Science. -_____- i don't like java. T^T

*hugs* LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! sorry for the length!!!!
love you. :3

3:49 PM

EDIT: I think i'm in love w/ the webiste F*CK my life. XD yes, my friend told me about this. THESE ARE THE TYPES OF FRIENDS I HAVE. ^^;

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

time: 6:34 PM
music: Wrong Number by DBSK

holy frick... i didn't realize it was friday the 13th until i started posting this........... well that explains why my computer science teacher and some kids were talking about friday the 13th... i just thought they were crazy. ^^;

*sings survivor* >////////////////< will get to it later. [post is long, feel free to take your time. you have about ... 3-5 days to comment]

so........ how long has it been since i update? T______T sorry!!! life and school just caught up. T^T when i have free time i'm just too tired to come on. T_______T i'm really sorry. so much stuff has happened.

i'll give you the highlights of the past few weeks:

- I have fangirled like no other. -____- so yeah, i got my friend into NewS so we spend about half the day talking about either Jae joong or Yamapi. We had the great war over the fact that jae joong looks like a woman.

Come on!!! He looks so feminine!!!!!! But she wouldn't admit it. Instead she called Max a "mutant transvestite alien" ... or something like that.

HE DOES NOT!!!!!!!!! HE IS ADORABLY CUTE and a smart ass!!!! So i called her a lesbian for liking a womanly man. XP
- Same friend and I have been singing "Daite Senorita" non-stop for the past week or 2. We seriously scream to each other "DAITE, DAITE, DAITE, DAITE, DAITE SENORITA!!!!!!!!" non-stop. we ended up singing more than half of weeeek outside while jumping up and down like fools.
- T_____________________T sorry kelsey!!!!!!!! Yamapi love has grown again.......might stay now. T^T My friend tried to steal him from me!! At first we decided that Jae joong and Yamapi were our babies [totally freaked out one of our guy friends. XD he said we needed to go to an insane asylum. lol] but then i opened my BIG MOUTH and said i loved toma, yamapi's friend. [she knows about my love for arashi...but she doesn't like them.] so she's like "OH RLY!?!?!?!? then yamapi and jae joong are mine. you can have that other guy." oh no she didn't.......nuh huh. then she pulled the card of "but you have all of arashi!" -__- we now share yamapi.... but i lost jae joong. oh well, i never cared much for him. XD
- another friend watched ohno's kumorinochi, kaisei, his new single. she said his eyes looked weird..........-___- why doesn't anyone like him? *hugs him* more for me. XP
- I decided my school schedule for next year! remember how all of you were telling me to quit taking so many AP classes? well i told my counselor about that.......she told me to not listen to you and that one day i would be your boss. WHO'S GONNA HAVE THE LAST LAUGH NOW!? ha. but.... i get to leave early next year!!
0 Hour - English 4 AP
1st - Calculus AP BC
2nd - Government/Economics
3rd - Chemistry 2 AP
4th - Chemistry 2 AP
that's not the real one... just what i signed up for. ONLY 4 CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!! but i have to start school at 8 AM. T________T i'm going to miss starting at 9. yes, MORE AP classes. 3 AP and one regular.
- i had state testing........SO EASY!!!!! AP is so much harder. i wanted to cry b/c it was so easy
- it's been raining a lot lately... and it's cold. T^T just last week i was running around in shorts
- i've been receiving way too much stuff in the mail that almost causes me to die. T^T i love it.
- i've grown an addiction to Lady GaGa now!!!! T________T I weep.................

LoveGame - Lady Gaga

i ♥ this song. help me! let's have some fun. this beat is sick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

to be honest... all i remember is the fangirling part. DX OH!!!!!!! I finished my guitar. i'll put pictures next post [too lazy to connect the camera to the computer] already played and everything. ^^; i played "Over the rainbow"...........i was heavily influenced by Nino's "Niji"[means rainbow]. RAINBOW, RAINBOW!!! SEE THE CONNECTION!? and then i remembered that it was naruse's favorite song in maou. who played naruse? OHNO MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! >/////////////////< so i just had to play it!! lmao

lot's of new music came out. LOTS. so i'm going to share links instead of putting them on here. [thought it would slow it down too much]
Believe - Arashi*
Believe (anime version) - Arashi
Kumorinochi, Kaisei - Ohno Satoshi*
One Room Disco - Perfume
One Drop - KAT-TUN
Survivor - THSK/DBSK*
Kiss the baby sky - THSK/DBSK
Eien - BoA*
Come Back to me - Utada

the ones marked by a * are my favorite. :3 highly recommended.....and i'm a little ohno biased....so yeah

his gets streamed on here. :3 i think he is cute/hot in this video. O________O love the clothes. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i laugh at the fact that they end the video w/ a shot at ohno's butt. XD nino must have enjoyed that. *sigh*

O_________O I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!!!! i got my CD for this song!!!! it's sitting right buy me!!! >////////< i got the calendar too!!!!!! >///////< it looks like porn!!!!! i need to share images soon w/ you!! PURE EFFING PORN!!! should i hang it up? Yes? no? what will people say? and i got the NewS one too. i screamed when i saw 3 certain people. so beautiful. should i hang them up? yes? no? TELL ME!!!!!!!!! i don't know what to do!!! they were too expensive not to hang but they are embarrassing. T////////////T what to do.....

i love you all. *hugs* sorry for long post!! GASP!! i forgot!!!!!!! last time i brought up the "ariake 3" thing. i think i confused you. first of all, kelsey...you're not stuck w/ Erika Toda [she played Misa in the Death Note movies]... you are her....*cough,cough* like i'm nino. Anyways, the Ariake 3 is a name that Koichi [Nino] came up for the 3 of them that siblings. together they were going to find their parents' murderer [if you watched the drama you would understand!!! >:O]... it's more like a nickname....PLUS IT COMES WITH SHIRTS!!!!!!!!! lol
to prove i am nino XP

You Scored as Ariake Koichi

overprotective . wise . depressed

Ariake Koichi




Togami Yukinari


Ariake Shizuna


Ariake Taisuke


let's go get married!! i'm nino...end of story.
[link to do it]

layout is toma now [O_______O it's been since the summer that he was the layout] b/c.... It's one year since i fell for him. XD one year ago was when i fell for my 1st Johnny. *sigh* good times, good times. sadly... he's not my fav anymore. he's my 3rd fave [1st-Ohno, 2nd- Nino, 3rd-Toma]... yeah.. he moved down a rank...AGAIN. isn't he beautiful? XD

one last thing!!!! you don't have to do it. i found this arashi meme and really wanted to do it. if you want to you can do it too. you can do it w/ the arashi members or any anime that has several guys [like ouran or something like that]. if you do an anime tell me so i can look it up!! i want to know who you chose!!! you can do arashi too Lala, if you are reading this, YOU HAVE TO DO ARASHI. HAVE TO.
for your help

left to right

aiba - air head, bubbly, happy, very caring, asks stupid thing
sho - smart, fails at drawing and sports, leader qualities... the mama of arashi
jun - romantic, sadistic, easily angered
nino - shy, smart a$$, gamer, obsessive
ohno - quite, doesn't like attention, FISH OBSESSIVE, mama's boy, can be very insane

1) Who would you get caught in bed with?
O/////////////O can i not answer this......T////////////T nino, probably......... we both cheat on ohno. T^T so sorry

2) Who would you most likely get into a fight with?
MatsuJun.... we both get angered too easily. RAWR!!

3) Who do you think is hot?
.... Aiba....... ohno is cute...and hot. ^^;

4) Who will you most likely marry?
OHNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll be married while he has a scandalous affair w/ Nino. Good times, good times. XD

5) Who would you go on a date with?
Ohno or Aiba....... they seem simple to please. XP

6) Who is most like you?
I'm a mix between Nino & Ohno & Aiba.... but mostly Nino. T^T

7) Who could you be enemies with?
Sho... he's too smart. makes me feel stupid. he graduated from Keio!!!!!!!

8) Who would be your hang out/shopping buddy?
all, please!!! if not aiba... he's too happy.

9) Who will you have a one night stand with?
Aiba. THE MAN IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want in the fun too. *pouts* i can't possibly have a one night stand w/ my hubby. XP

10) Who will get along with your parents/family?
none............T_T my mom called Ohno and Jun gay!!! GAAAAAAAAAAY!!! maybe sho... b/c he has a "real" job.

11) Who would you fall in love with?
Ohno... or Ohmiya. :3

12) Who would you want to be your brother?
SHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He seems like he would really care about you. :3

13) How would you confess your love for them?
with fishing lures and a ton of fishing stuff. a boat? fill his heart w/ fish stuff. :3 [you do know i'm talking about ohno, right?

14) Who do you think has the sexiest body?
Oh-chan. >/////////< i don't want to get into why. it had to do w/ something from the video above

15) Who do you think will give the best sex ever?

16) Situation: you saw the most gorgeous dress that you want to buy for a function but the price explodes right out of your budget, so you go up to one of the boys and ask to borrow some of his money. His reaction would be…
Nino: he'd tell me "NO!!!!" >:[ and go buy some cheap food instead
Ohno: he'd be confused.... but he doesn't carry money w/ him so it'd be pointless to ask him. T^T
Jun: HECK!! he'd help me find a better one!!!
Sho: he'd lecture me about how the economy is doing and how i should invest and blah, blah, blah
Aiba: he'd probably want to make me one. it's time for A NO ARASHI!!!!!!!! T______T i don't want a dress made of noodles. T^T

17) What nicknames would you call the boys?
the ones they have now........?
except for Ohno, he gets to be called Ohio man. XD

18) Who is most likely to settle in a quiet town beside the beach and find pleasure sitting and watching the sun rise and set?
Ohno. I can already see it happening. Marry Yuka!!!!!!!!!!

19) Who is most likely to be spotted at the buffet table?
All.... except nino.. he doesn't like to eat. T^T

20) Who would you like to go on an exotic vacation in Italy with?

21) Who do you want to be the godfather of your kids (with any of the boys)?
Ohno. XD I want him to spoil them like crazy!!!!!!!!


Icons I made. feel free to use or change. anybody have a request? sorry, few anime ones b/c I have no anime images. SEND ME SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on spring break so i'm going to be working hard on catching up on here [and school]. TELL ME ANYTHING I MISSED!!!!!!! submissions, events, anything.

let's end this w/ anime. :3

you fool, you thought i would actually post REAL anime? XD you make me laugh!!!!!!! how did they do!!!!? i think the animation was ok, could of been better. [bad part about being an anime fan for so long] do you think they are good voice actors? yes, no? O_______O OHNO CREEPED THE HELL OUT OF ME AT 4:36!!!!!!! His "hee hee hee" WTH!!??!! HE IS SO OUT OF CHARACTER!!!!!!!!! T_______T i waited so long for this.... and i ended up liking survivor more. T_T i'm horrible.

*hugs* love you all!! sorry for long post

love for all. :3 feed the arashi fish on the side bar!!! they are hungry!! damn ohno, your fish addiction is contagious.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Feb 22, 2009
Baby, this is our world. YEAH.

time: 6:36 PM
music: HI YA YA by DBSK

This song has taken over my soul. Korean men have taken over my soul. I pretty much died at 1:59 when Max/Changmin said "Neol sa rang hae. Forever come with me""I love you. Forever come with me". DIED!!!!!! DBSK, YOU ARE GOD!!!! [lol, Dong Bang Shin Ki loosely translates to "Rising gods of the east".]

and i enjoy every moment of it

sorry for super late update. to be honest i was not going to update. but then i realized i might be really busy next weekend too so i'd rather take next weekend of. so i decided to stop writing and update. DX SORRY!!!

i've been busy doing community service. i volunteered at a school art competition to help them out. [it's HUGE!!!! O________O so many kids. my old high school was filled to the max w/ art kids] 15 hours of working. 3 on friday after school then 12 on saturday. from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM. T_______________________T i was up since 5:30 AM!!!!!!!!! I AM SO TIRED RIGHT NOW!!!! I haven't slept well at all this week, not even the weekend!!! DX I"M TIRED!!!!!!

but i did something to make you proud of. saturday, my friend and i decided to go take a lunch break at the mall. so while eating.... we talked about manga. -/////- yes, manga. [obsessive friend, has over a 1000 of them] my close friends already know about me turning away from anime/manga to japanese men. [they don't know about korean. DX] she says there might be some hope for since i put my manga away in a box somewhere i know it's safe instead of doing what my mom said :"Put in a box and stuff it in the garage." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! too much money!!!!!!!!! then we went to Barnes & Noble [so what. we decided to extend our break. they were working us like dogs!! we deserved it!!] T____________________T i wanted to buy tsubasa. i have up to 18 and decided to stop there..... seeing all the way to 20...made me want it. *slaps herself* STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET IT GO!!!!! TSUBASA IS PART OF THE PAST. NO MORE SYAORAN, OHNO ONLY.

Ok, i'm good. XD lmao
i still kinda want tsubasa. but i need the money for my CD and arashi calendar DX

song thingy again!!! 8D
put your music player on shuffle and let it choose the songs of your life. YAYZ!!!! chibilala and i have been doing this non-stop. DX we can't get what we want.

using Windows Media player b/c my iPod is sleeping [AKA 'lost'..... oh there it is!! nvm] so that means no english music and no anime music
Opening credits: Hey!(Don't Bring me Down) - DBSK
Waking up: Last Farewell - Big Bang
First day at school: Cry for you - Arashi [O__O i love Nino's intro solo for this song. LOVE.]
Falling in love: HEART STATION - Utada Hikaru
Losing virginity: 악녀 (Are you A Good girl?)- DBSK [not mirotic but still DBSK 8D maybe it can be w/ one of them]
Fight song: Mirotic - DBSK [HOLY SH*T!!!!!! i was just talking about this!! HOLY!! DON'T BELIEVE IT!! YES!!!!!! YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 8D]
Breaking up: TAKE 5 - Utada Hikaru
Prom: Yes? No? - Arashi [XD we should were their outfits too]
Life’s Ok: 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One For Me)- SHINee [nice beat ^^;]
Mental Breakdown: 멍청한 사랑 - Big Bang [it's foolish love in english. DX that causes my mental breakdown? WAH!!]
Driving: Yorokobi no Uta - KAT-TUN
Flashback: Do my best - Arashi [i would laugh if i had gotten Flashback by arashi instead. yes, they have a song called that!!!]
Getting: Make Love - Big Bang [is that what i am getting?]
Wedding: DeJaVu - SS501 [hot but....NO!!!!]
Birth of Child: Always - Big Bang [NO MORE BIG BANG, PLEASE!!!!!!!]
Final Battle: ORION - Mika Nakashima
Death Scene: Hitomi No Naka No Galaxy - Arashi [i love this song!!! i'd gladly die w/ this song. T^T nino's solo....pretty. oh-chan sounds nice too.]
Funeral song: Baby cruising Love - Perfume [O____o]
End Credits: 눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)- SHINee [i heart this song too]
Trailer: Six Senses - KAT-TUN [WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?]
my life sucks...............T________T SONG FOR TOTAL FAIL: X-Dame by Tackey & Tsubasa. O__________________________________O EH!?!??!!?!

ok, i decided to take initiative. so lala [chibilala] and i decided to become the Ariake 3!!!

Ariake 3. XD We decided to this a loooooooooooong time ago and have been saying we should hold auditions for the 3rd person. SO I'M STEPPING UP AND DOING IT. XD Requirements: 1)Get a long w/ us. At least one if not both. 2)Watch Ryusei no Kizuna. 3)Deal w/ being stuck w/ Erika Toda b/c Nino and Ryo are taken. XP
So yeah....GOOD LUCK. we need somebody. DX you can take as long as you need to watch it. don't rush. [b/c i took forever to finish it.]

It's MONKEY day.

arashi phase.....is not as strong anymore. HI YA YA made me forget Believe. DX i fail.

I can not listen to this song w/o thinking about these lyrics

THEY ARE FAKE!!!!!!!!!! but.......i love them more than the real ones. XD hey, i'd call U-know made me die. DIE!!!!!!!! lol jae joong... you are gay^^;


I love Ohno, yes I do. I love Ohno, how 'bout you?
no, you don't. no, you don't. >:[

have a great week everyone!!!!! i'll see you when i see you. i'll try to comment but i'm still busy as it is. DX

mine too
7:28 PM

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2008

music: move your body by arashi
time: 12:37 PM

*cries* i've been listening to nothing but them this whole day!!! DX WHY!?!?!?!

why do i love these retards? T^T why?

why the sudden outburt of arashi love when they have been out of my life for around a month? [seriously, i rarely listened to their music. it was all Big Bang, DBSK, and SHINee]


*weeps* so BEAUTIFUL!!! [0:40 AIBA!! gjklaj;aks;lga;fa OMG, HOT!!!!!!] THEY ARE ALL SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL IT BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES!!!!!!!! gjakljf;alkf;la; T^T why didn't i pre-order my CD like i was planning on doing SATURDAY. DX yes-asia took pre-ordering off for it today. *cries* PUT IT BACK ON YES-ASIA!!!!!! i'll love your forever if you do. T____________T


jun looks like the gay japanese version of james bond.

T___T i want it!!!! *throws fit* NOW!!! >:[

darn it, i have to do hw now.

*listens to it 1 more time* -///////- how i love ohno's voice. T//////T

sorry for double posting this week. SORRY!!!!! post on friday? yes? no? no? T___T

SHADUP!!! *cries*

~stupid arashi fangirl
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2008

music : bolero by TVXQ
time : 12:39 AM

first off, wow...nino you are so demanding.

i wasn't going to post right now [or at least not until the afternoon] but then i got watching videos on YouTube [my fav hobby. let's watch JE boys act gay at 1 in the morning. 8D my fav!! *sarsasm*] and decided to update. :3 love me? of course not T^T

so today is v-day so....
valentine's day

too lazy to change font color. *yawn* so, anything happening? [not you lala, nobody cares about you. XD] me? does anything sound more romantic than making a guitar out of a box? b/c that's what i'm doing. :D exciting, ne? [btw, i am in a very sarcastic mood lately]

i was going to make you a gift but i got distracted by a DBSK wall i'm making. might take days to make [probably 2 versions. O____O too much work!!!!]

so i will show my love for you through pictures :3
I wish you a happy valentine's day filled with

KISSES kissu :3

HUGS all warm and fuzzy

STRIPPING duh, can't have a party w/o it XD




POLE DANCERS ryo anyone?

KISSU!!!!!!! not for you


and above all, for you to have a happy day. :3

oh, and did i forget? lots of nipples b/c aiba likes them

yes, that is ohno touching nino's nipple. oh well, last time he groped his whole boob. XD

O_______________O i did the bad thing of trying to explain fan service to a friend. i was trying to explain how asian boy bands are different from american ones. O____O i brought fanservice up, not just any fan service but.... the gay fan service. AWKWARD. my friend's face!! HER FACE!! LMAO!! complete shock. XD but it's not like it's really real. [yes, NINO AND OHNO ARE ONLY FRIENDS. BEST FRIENDS. NOTHING MORE.]

i had a dream about JE... it was weird. for some odd reason ... i was watching Uta no Onii-san [ohno's new drama]... live. like i was there watching it but like they didn't notice me. ^^; [oh-chan looked so beautiful T^T] then it somehow became Hana Yori Dango... but not. B/c Jun was poor and trying to swindle money out of people. O___O and.... i was in love w/ him? O_O why?

i reached a new low. so Sakurai Sho [member from arashi] came to New York City on Feb. 6 to Comic Com for his new movie, Yatterman. SHO WAS IN NYC AND I WASN'T!! T_______T literally, i wanted to cry. i'm not kidding, there were tears in my eyes when i found out he actually did come. TEARS. and he is my least favorite member!! i'm becoming the fan i never wanted to be!!!!!! TEARS!!!! [the fangirls sang a.ra.shi to him. his face of shock...*sigh* pretty. but stupid fangirls messing up w/ the words. LEARN THE FREAKIN' SONG!! AT LEAST THE CHORUS!!!!!!!!]

i am probably going to fail english. isn't that great? fail AP english, oh the joys!!!!!

JE fandom is sooooooo messed up. k-pop fans can be major b*tches.

nino................. i love this boy. [how many of you want to bet that by the end of this year he will be my ichiban instead of ohno? anyone? T__T Oh-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!]

i am so behind in dramas.... not even funny anymore.

ohmiya is still amazing

toma............can i marry you now?

i've watched all these dramas. O__________O toma... you are god. XD

stopping now. guess what?!?!?! my computer got attacked by a spyware on thrusday. DX while i was on dA. luckily i got it fixed right away. XP Anitspyware 2009 is a NO-NO!!! stay away!! i got infected w/ it. luckily nothing major happened. -__-

bye now.................I'm tired.

lala, this is for you

1:25 AM

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday 6, 2009
natural spring water

music : Love in the Ice - DBSK
time : 7:54 PM

first off, this post will look really wrong BUT if you read it right [as in skip the parts i tell you to] it'll be really short. ^___^ aren't you a happy little sailor?

so yeah... I'm still sick. DX i've been sick since last weekend. unfortunately it didn't go away so i was stuck going to the doctor today. T^T i'm stuck w/ so much medication. i have 2 pills, 2 nasal sprays, and this liquid medicine to take. T____T why so much? i only have a really bad cough.

i found out today that my friend posted pictures of me on deviantArt today. T^T why!?!?! i went and looked them up and ..... wah!! idk... it's just weird that EVERYBODY on the internet can see me now. if you want to go look at them just look up my name on deviantArt. there's pictures of me and my friends. -__- you have to look up my whole name [not sparkle-chan!! BAKAS!! only all of you call me that] and I am NOT handing out my last name just like nothing. AND PLEASE, if you go... don't comment saying anything about 'sparkle-chan', my friends don't know about that nickname. so lucky you if you know my full name. XP

i found out my class rank and GPA this week. my GPA is 3.96 and my rank is 129 out of 1390 students. T_________________T *sob* so bad. i'm only in the top 9% of my class. and i actually worked harder this year!!! WHY!?!?! i'm taking so many AP classes, shouldn't it help? [i was taking 5 honors classes last year, this year i'm taking 3 AP and 2 honors] this just sucks.

i found out the dates for my AP exams. May 5, 8, and 13. wish me luck on those days. T^T so much money to pay. so much failing to do. [btw, this means that instead of being gone the whole month of may, i'll be gone april.]

this post is less "whooo" this time b/c.... being sick makes me like this. DX

i started watching Nobuta wo Produce this week. i'm on episode 8 (?).

XD i actually do that sometimes when i'm bored. >_< i run down the stairs like that. lol i do ton of the stupid stuff yamapi's character does. XD

i've been doing this too. :3

my friend and i..... need to stop the mirotic [DBSK] addiction. we were singing it today at lunch. she was singing weeeek [NewS] while i was doing my hw too. T^T i was on a weeeek high the whole day.

i've been neglecting my arashi love for a while.

oh-chan = adorable love. :3

My Valentinr - kobato
Get your own valentinr
send me a valentine or a million!! please!! spam it if you want too. or express your hatred to me if you want. i don't get to read them till valentine's day. SO SPAM!!! SPAM!!!!!!!!!

the rest of this post you are 150% allowed to skip

I found this music meme on livejournal so i felt like doing it.
You pretty much take any music playing thing and put it on shuffle to get your songs. this is mine [feel free to share yours if you want!!!]

Opening credits: Pokemon theme song - spanish version
Waking up: Hero - Arashi
First day at school: Celebrate - Utada Hikaru
Falling in love: 낙원 - DBSK
Losing virginity: Nice Na Kokoiri - Arashi
Fight song: Honey Honey - SEAMO
Breaking up: Sanagi - Suga Shikao
Prom: Love's Way - SHINee
Life’s Ok: Twinkle Snow powdery snow - Perfume
Mental Breakdown: Take me faraway - Ohno Satoshi
Driving: Beat It - Fall Out Boy
Flashback: glitter - Ayumi Hamasaki
Getting: First Love - Utada Hikaru
Wedding: ordinary - Nishikido Ryo
Birth of Child: Niji - Ninomiya Kazunari
Final Battle: With You - Chris Brown
Death Scene: Are you A Good girl? - DBSK
Funeral song: Caramelldansen(Speedycake Remix) - Caramell
End Credits: The Club Tenjochiki - SEAMO
Trailer: Kansha Kangeki Ame - Arashi

why is my opening the pokemon theme song? AND IN SPANISH!?!?! yes, this is on my ipod!!! DX now you can see what a fool i am. and why am i getting married w/ the song ordinary by RYO!!? NOOOO!!!!!! i refuse that!! my wedding song is going to be Finaly Remix ft. One love, love so sweet, wish AKA this song

FINAL Remix feat. -
i'm not kidding, i want this song at my wedding. *nods* this song will be played at my wedding. i don't care what my future husband has to say about it. we ARE having Arashi at my wedding, end of story.
>////////< i have my child while listening to nino. >////< YES!!!

oh yeah, this is Tohonshiki [japanese DBSK]. beautiful, ne? XD

this is what will make my post seem really long. you are 1000% allowed to skip this.

i found this JE survey on the internet and i really wanted to do it so... i'm sharing on here. don't read it if you don't want to!!! i'm warning you!!! you get to find out how i get hooked to JE. ^^;

100 questions about JE. O________O you have been warned.
1. Which Johnny's group is your favorite?
Current: Arashi
Past: -
2. Why?
b/c of their stupidity. ^^; they are really close to each other and really funny.
3. Who is your favourite Johnny?
Ohno Satoshi
4. Why?
b/c he is a cute idiot. :3
5. When is your very first contact with a Johnny?
when i watched Hana Kimi
6. Who was it?
Ikuta Toma
7. How did you know him?
hehehehe, it actually was all a misunderstanding. my friend was talking about some show and it had the word "hana" in it and said it was good. so i was on crunchy roll and saw "hana kimi" and thought it was what she was talking about. XD lmao, she was talking about Hana Yori Dango [another misunderstanding, she was talking about the anime ^^;] so yeah.... my bad. ^^;
8. When actually did you really start listening/liking the JE?
After watching Hana Kimi and falling for Toma
9. What incident brought you into JE?
Ikuta Toma , that's it
10. Do you have a favourite JE song?
#1 - truth by arashi but there are so many more!!
11. Do you listen to JE artists the most?
for japanese yes but....lately not really
12. If not, who is your favorite band/artist?
DBSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *A* And SHINee!! Big Bang!!
13. Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before JE?
Utada Hikaru and anime music. >_< it's so sad, i don't listen to any of the anime music on my ipod anymore.


14. Who is your favorite in KAT-TUN? uhhh................. none
15. Why? i don't really know them
16. Do you have a favorite song of KAT-TUN? Don't U ever stop!!!!! and Lips!! and real face!
17. Do you have a favorite live of KAT-TUN?(solos counts, too) I've only watched one... so White X-mas
18. Do you have a favorite show appearance of KAT-TUN? Cartoon KAT-TUN......?
19. Who do you think can sing the best out of KAT-TUN? idk
20. Who do you think can dance the best out of KAT-TUN? idk
21. Who is the girliest of KAT-TUN? Ueda.....his lips!!
22. Who is the manliest of KAT-TUN? Koki.
23. Who is the cutest member of KAT-TUN? Kame or Junno
24. Who is the funniest member of KAT-TUN? idk
25. Who is the prettiest in KAT-TUN? Kame
26. Who has the best appearance in KAT-TUN? Kame


27. Who is your favorite in NEWS? Yamapi
28. Why? b/c of his close relationship to Toma. >///< they are so cute together
29. Do you have a favorite song of NEWS? weeeek
30. Do you have a favorite live of NEWS? (solos counts, too) Snow Express
31. Do you have a favorite show appearance of NEWS? when they appeared on Utaban
32. Who do you think can sing the best out of NEWS? Tegoshi
33. Who do you think can dance the best out of NEWS? idk......Yamapi?
34. Who is the girliest of NEWS? Tegoshi
35. Who is the manliest of NEWS? Ryo
36. Who is the cutest member of NEWS? Massu!!! :3
37. Who is the funniest member of NEWS? idk
38. Who is the prettiest in NEWS? Yamapi or Tegoshi
39. Who has the best appearance in NEWS? Yamapi
40. Do you have a favourite PV of NEWS? weeeek or Happy Birthday


41. Who is your favourite in KanJani8? Ryo
42. Why? b/c he is the only one i know
43. Do you have a favorite song of KanJani8? wa ha ha .... ?
44. Do you have a favorite live of KanJani8? (solos counts, too) no.
45. Do you have a favorite show appearance of KanJani8? no.
46. Who do you think can sing the best out of KanJani8? idk.
47. Who do you think can dance the best out of KanJani8? idk... ryo?
48. Who is the girliest of KanJani8? idk
49. Who is the manliest of KanJani8? ryo...?
50. Who is the cutest member of KanJani8? ryo....?
51. Who is the funniest member of KanJani8? idk....
52. Who is the prettiest in KanJani8? ryo, hands down!!
53. Who has the best appearance in KanJani8? Ryo [wow, so much of him. DX he's really the only one i know.
54. Do you have a favourite PV of KanJani8? uhhh..... it's my soul. XD jk!!!


55. Who is your favorite in Arashi? Riida ♥ ~!!! (Ohno, you fools!!)
56. Why? look at #4. do you really want me to get into this? b/c I will.
57. Do you have a favorite song of Arashi? Truth, A.Ra.Shi., Step and Go, We can make it, Cry for you... just to name a few. XD
58. Do you have a favorite live of Arashi? (solos counts, too) love situation!! and move your body!!! 8D
59. Do you have a favorite show appearance of Arashi? Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Mago Mago Arashi, G no Arashi, D no Arashi, and when they are on Utaban :3
60. Who do you think can sing the best out of Arashi? Ohno, duh.
61. Who do you think can dance the best out of Arashi? Ohno!!! DUH!!!!!!
62. Who is the girliest of Arashi? Jun
63. Who is the manliest of Arashi? Sho
64. Who is the cutest member of Arashi? Nino :3
65. Who is the funniest member of Arashi? Aiba
66. Who is the prettiest in Arashi? Aiba or Jun
67. Who has the best appearance in Arashi? Jun or Aiba
68. Do you have a favorite PV of Arashi? truth, we can make it, Kitto Daijoubu

noooooooo, the arashi section was too short T^T

-other units-

69. Who is your favorite younger unit? (ABC, Ya-ya-yah, Kiss my ft, Question...) Can Hey!Say!JUMP count? if not Hey!Say!7
70. Who is your favorite older unit? (V6, T&T, SMAP, V6, Kinki Kids...) SMAP or KinkiKids (*gasp* Tackey and Tsubasa are not old!!)
71. Do you have a favorite member of any younger or older unit? HSJ - Chinen Yuuri
72. Do you have a favorite song of any younger or older unit? Your Seed and mayonaka no shadow boy by Hey!Say!JUMP
73. Do you have a favorite show with any younger or older unit? Domoto Kyoudia
74. Do you have a favorite live of any younger or older unit? Arashi Medley performed by Hey!Say!JUMP


75. Do you have a favorite actor in JE? Ikuta Toma
76. Do you have a favorite dorama starring with one of JE? Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, Maou...i'm going to stop myself before i make a HUGE list
77. What was your very first dorama staring with one of JE? Hana Kimi
78. Which dorama of JE do you watch recently? Nobuta wo Produce, Uta no Onii-san, VOICE, Code Blue and I'm starting RESCUE soon.
79. Which dorama of JE do you want to watch? RESCUE, Bambino!, Kimi wa Petto, 1 Litre of Tears
80. Who do you wish should start acting, who hasn't yet? uhhh.... all of the ones i like already act.... i guess more Aiba and for Ohno to continue w/ acting
81. Who do you wish should stop acting, because he sucks at acting or he should do something else instead? uhhhh.... idk

-Questions for fun-

82. Do you think that you are JE addicted? uh, yeah!!!
83. Why do you think so? ummm, do i have to answer this? if i spend more than 2 hours ,even on my busiest days , just on them, even if it means staying up till 3 AM, i think i am obsessed
84. What will you do seeing your favorite Johnny standing in front of your door? *dead* i would die that moment.
85. What advantages does starting liking JE give you? understanding more about japan than what anime gives you. and a less angsty fandom [CLAMP fandom = MAJOR ANGST]
86. What disadvantages does it give you? i spend to much time on them when i should be studying or sleeping
87. How many times a day do you think about JE? whenever i'm bored and alone ... or a random thing reminds me of them... like Ohio
88. How many times do you have the face of your favorite Johnny around you? (Poster or Photos on wall, computer layout ect.) uhhh... just the magazine Lala gave me. ^^; my wallpaper is SHINee BUT my layout on here and livejournal is arashi!! and on YouTube ... and Crunchyroll... and dA... icons too!! and on my ipod!!!
89. If your favorite Johnny has to grant you a wish what would it be? long list....
Ohno - let me touch his hair. >////< i want to touch it!! it looks fluffy!! or for him to dance Mirotic [<---- that is my biggest dream ever!!]
Toma - go out and eat curry w/ him XD
Nino - play a prank on Arashi!! or for him to show me some of his magic!!! ♥///////♥
Chinen - fangirl/boy over Ohno together XD lmao
90. If you have a wish about JE, what would it be? For Toma to debut and for JE not to be as strict on them *huggles* porn them
91. If you are reborn, who do you wish to be? Yamapi so I could be Toma's best friend!! lmao nooo..... any of arashi's siblings would be fine. *__* Sho's sister!!! YES!!!!
92. If you are a Johnny's right now, who do you wish you are? ummmm.....Nino so then i get to touch ohno all i want XD ...idk
93. If you can ask your favorite Johnny or your favorite JE band a question, what would it be? WHY DON'T YOU GO GET MARRIED!!!!!
94. Did you ever have a dream with a Johnny? no. *cries* why do you have to remind me!!!?
95. If yes, when was it and what was it? us running away to the Caribbean and having a water balloon fight while playing Hi Ya Ya [by DBSK] in the bg. IDK!! never had one!!
96. Do you have any realizable goal in your life that has to do with JE? to own an Arashi calendar.... go to a Johnny's shop
97. Do you like JE BL fanfic? meh, it's ok as long as it isn't graphic
98. If yes, who are the best couple of JE? OHMIYA!!!!!!!!!! :3 and Tomapi.
99. If you are Johnny-san what would you change about JE? Yamapi would quit NewS and go debut w/ Ikuta Toma and tour all over Asia and America known as "S.E.X.Y.". BIG SUCCESS. And give Ohno more solos and make him dance Mirotic. *___* OH YES!! and increase their pay and let them date.
100. Do you like this survey? ^.^ NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!! MOAR!!!!!

done. did anybody read it?

Ohno dances for the ones who did. :3

no gif spam this time. i'm sick of typing.


OHNO DRESSED AS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gj;kak;lfkas;glka;lf kasP OMG!!!!!!! kyaaah!!! he said he looked like Jennifer Lopez. LMAO!!! and jealous Nino is always good. [hahaha, yes, OHMIYA!!!]

can't wait for Nino's new drama. :3

now i am off to comment!! tell me how your week went!!! k? *hugs* bye - bye, sorry for long post. but you didn't have to read it... i just wanted to get it out. *hugs* bye!!

Edit: I made a new wall. Please look if you have time.

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