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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
UPDATE!!!!? O_______O
Mood: GAH!!!
Time: 7:44 PM

Ummmm, I don't have any history HW today so....update. XD I still have Precalc and Physics but...screw it. I'll do it during lunch. XD lol, You are hearing this from a Honors and AP student. You is in the top 10% of her class. XD I totally don't deserve that. [But my class is huge. About 1500 to 2000]

SO yeah....I'm gonna keep it short b/c...not much has happened since sunday. XD

Idk....I'm still having doubts about AP History. For now I'm going to stick w/ for another week. Once again, the all mighty Stixx [I love you, Mrs. Chun!!!] made me notice that it all boiled down to which I cared about more: My sanity or my money. That took about 3 seconds to choose. I love money too much to just toss it away. *huggles her money* MY MONEY!!! But thank you all for the support. My friend is working on making her choice...but I think I'm gonna crack and just quit. [NOES!!! I need to suffer w/ Innocent Heart-chan!! We'll go through it together]

Hmmm, school. It was boring. I got my Art History book...which I'm planning on quitting anyways. *throws it out* But that thing is huge!!!!!!!!! O_______O So heavy. School....hmmmm, Computer Science is confusing. *nods* Uhhhh.....I guy got arrested today after school. Don't know why though. Oh well. *shrugs* I met someone else who liked Tsubasa at school today. XD Uhhhh....That's it!!!

Some people thought it was weird that I had icons of guys sneezing. XD But it was so cute!!! >////< I is in love. *shows picture of Toma crying*

Seeeee....I have a lot of stuff.
*shows random Ohno stuff*

He make a cute maid. >///<


Ummm....him being an idiot. XD

And Toma giving you a kiss. XD
One last thing

YEAH!!! Syaoran you are so sexy!!! I love you!!!

wow...the loading time for this place must be so slow now. XD

Oh yeah....I got even more messages on dA now. And even more deviations to look at. ugh.

My computer is running really slow....T__T It keeps on freezing. *signs off AIM* crap i can't. Somebody IM me.

Please go visit my card if you have time. ^^

Well I'm off. Gotta take a shower and all that good stuff. Bye!!! I wanna watch my drama!!! [Video is at the top] ta ta!!!!

8:11 PM

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 31, 2008
*sigh* I'm so lost here...
Mood: Irritated
Music: Jelly by Capsule
Time: 8:09 PM

*gets stared at* So what!!! I like techno!!!!! XD I know the song is a little weird but I love it. It's Jelly by Capsule. I only started listening to them about 2 days ago. Jelly is my fav. I'm in the process of making a wall for it.

Why 2 posts this week? B/c I have Monday off. Thank you Labor Day!! I have no idea what the point of it is but whatever. It gets me out of that hell hole so it's gotta be good.

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I am so lost as to what to do regarding U.S. History AP. I am so lost about that. All of you gave me good points. Pretty much everybody told me to quit it. If causes too much stress for me and should just back out. That's reasonable but then Stixx brought up a good point. I'm going to take this class eventually in college. I'm going to college so I will have to take it. Which got me thinking: If I take it now I can save a ton of money instead of taking it in college. I mean right now all I have to do is pay for the exam [which isn't a lot] but if I take it in college I have to pay for the class, books, and a million of other things. -___- But if I stick w/ it I'm going to be stressing a lot. I think I'm already failing right now. =/ It's only been a week. *sigh* I really don't know what to do. I think I'm just going to flip a coin [actually, I already did, it told me to quit XD]. Magic Eight Ball, what should I do? -___-

Today I finally went to deviantART. O_____O I had so many messages. I had about 170-something messages. I finally got it down to 146.
DX 73 deviations to look at!? T___T That's a lot. And, Yes, Toma is my icon on there. [I suggest you look at the screencap, wrote some stuff on it.] Soo little views....*pouts*

Which reminds me!!!! I did a new coloring today.

It's Kobato. She is so adorable. I love her so much. It only took about 40 minutes. It was a very quick coloring. [I've spent up 10 hours doing a coloring before] I don't know if I should submit on dA or not. =/ [btw, click on it to view a larger one w/o my hideous name on it] *sigh* I'm so tired of people just taking my stuff and submitting them else where. I know I'm not the best but...still. I've had wallpapers, colorings, I've even seen my ecards being uploaded to Photobucket. I really don't want to start putting my name all over the things I make. *sigh* It's my fault, it's the internet. I can't expect people to not steal things. T___T

This yogurt tastes weird. *continues eating it* Oh well.

XD So many of you did the MASH thing. I can't help but laugh at Kelsey's result though [Angel Zakuro]. I'm sorry girl!!! But I find it hilarious. The whole boat thing and how we worked at seafood restaurant. lol. I can't believe I'm stuck w/ 25 kids. [I forgot that the number was for how many children you had. XD One of the numbers was 487. O__O Can somebody actually have that many kids?]

This post has been really down? -___- Idk...*eats her yogurt* I want my drama now. NOW!! NOA!!!!
Oh yeah, I redid my YouTube layout today. ^^ GO visit it and remember to friend me. ^^ Oh yeah!! I fixed my Livejournal too. If you have one, add me. I fixed the profile too.

WAH!!! I'm still stressed over that class!!!
Why can't life be about cute asian guys and cute anime bishies!!! T___T

That has to be the cutest sneeze ever!! So adorable!!

Ok, that one is some strong competition too.

Umm, random time!!!!
Write down the first 3 things that pop in to your mind starting

1. CRAP I can't think of anything.
2. I want more yogurt.
3. Ohno's voice sounds pretty. ^//////^

That was my part. XD I was listening to truth by Arashi again.

Yup, that sounds like everything I want to be part of. XD

*sigh* I should really get to those messages. I only have one gift left [again] and I don't know who to give it too!!! T___T Too many ppl to choose from.
Well have a great week!!! I'm spending Monday doing History HW. T__T

9:03 PM

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008
I'm a.....JUNIOR!? O_O Nani?
Mood: ticked
Music: A.RA.SHI. by Arashi they are so cute when they are young
Time: 8:59 PM

Hey people!!! How are you all!? Well...it's been almost a week but I came back. lol. Rawr...I have so many emotions right now....it's INSANE!!!!

ok...the bad things first....SCHOOL!!!! -insert bad music- Yeah, I'm done w/ the first week and it feels like I've been there for about a month. T___T GAH!!! It really takes it out of me. I'm a junior now so that meant that I had to go over to the senior high school. T__T Too much work. The school is HUGE and there is no map to find anything. But I found it all. -___- Not fun, I'm telling you, not fun.

OK, a little about the classes. Computer Science 1 AP is AMAZING!!!! I love that class, I wished it was my last class instead of first so I had something to look forward to. Right now we are learning about Java...yup, I have to program in Java now. Oh well, I'm a computer geek so I love it. Kinda wished I took the HTML class too. Art History AP is BLEH!!! I don't really like it. I'm planning on dropping it. Funny thing though, I ended up in the class w/ this guy I use to like. We were really close friends when I was a freshmen [he wouldn't leave me alone. Literally, he would want to be w/ me at all the band things...too bad for him, my friends dragged me away. XD] So yeah...I see him randomly now...but we don't talk. LOL Also in that class I randomly started thinking about Ikuta Toma [I think it's b/c of the teacher] which lead to me smiling like an idiot. *sweatdrop* Which I tried to hide....I wonder if I failed? -__-' Yeah...don't like that class though. PE is....GOOD. We don't do anything in there at all. So I sit there w/ this new friend I made and do HW. XD English III AP is BAD! Too much reading. We took a mock AP test....WTH was that!? I didn't understand what I read...and then my essay was a bunch of crap. Physics is ANNOYING!!!!!!!! That teacher gets on my nerves so much!!! She won't shut up. And she is always making her voice go to this annoying pitch. RAWR!!! Plus...she keeps telling us it's going to be hard...I'm gonna fail!!! US History AP is HELL!!!!!!! I hate that class so much!!!! I really want to drop out of it. I have at least 2 hours of HW for that class everyday. T__T And I am sure I failed the 2 quizzes we took. I couldn't remember what the Headright System was. T___T HATE IT!!!! (it's the class that keeps me away from here) Pre Calculus (the last class of the day) is BORING! I love the ppl in there but the class itself is boring. RAWR!!! I want more excitement. I liked my math class last year...the teacher was interesting to say the least. This guy is MONOTONE guy. (So is my history teacher).

Here's the problem. I don't know if I should quit U.S. History AP. -___- I really hate that class and I don't see myself doing all that work. It's too much effort and...I'm a lazy bum. >_> So yeah...and 2 of my friends are dropping too. I really don't know what to do anymore. I can't drop my Art History class till 2 weeks from now [gay AP thing] Originally the counselor said I couldn't drop it at all and had to stick w/ it b/c "I chose it and it's in one of your top 7 choices." B.S.!!!!! I didn't choose it!! My counselor pretty much told me to take it!!! And I can't handle that class!! It's too much for me!!! So yeah, anybody want to help me? Should I quit AP US History? [tell me in a comment or PM]

I watched Maou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints* They never fail to entertain me. I was staying up till 1 AM to watch it and screwing a ton of HW. *sweatdrop* My fangirling gets in the way of school.

OMG, when he said that my heart broke. I was literally screaming for him to go running after the girl. They look so cute together!!! I think I might be getting a crush on Ohno. XD I love him in this drama [and in Arashi, the band he is in]
I <3 Ohno-san!!
Go leader!!!!

>///////< I'm going insane. lol So yeah, after that episode I had to watch the next one...which led to the background on here. The only thing I've photoshopped this week. Feels weird.
This was the original image:

It's Naruse [Ohno] hugging Shiori [Kobayashi Ryoko] after she confessed that he didn't have to be an angel, that she was going to be his angel and protect him. ^///////^ They are the cutest couple EVER!!! lol. Yeah, the wall has made w/ 2 textures and some overlaying and stuff. T___T I need help learning how to make it clearer. I ruined it. Any tips? [btw, What's a good long song? I couldn't think of any text so I gave up and put the lyrics to Macaroni by Perfume on there].

Love that AMV. ^______^
Is it bad that my love for Tsubasa and Ouran is diminishing day by day? I really don't fandom about them much. =/

1. Has an anime/manga ever made you cry?
2. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?
3. Should we really get rid of the penny? [essay topic on last years English AP exam]

1. I cried in Air. T___T Twice, the beach scene and the ending part. [being vague on purpose]
2. Nanase Ohkawa!!!!!!! Then I would write all this yummy Syaocest into Tsubasa. XD
3. WTH!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

This made me lol'd [scroll down...stupid HTML isn't working right]

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Ikuta Toma.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Osaka, Japan in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 25 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a pink Pick up truck.
  I will spend my days as a Engineer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

I'm going to have 25 kids.... w/ TOMA? O________O

Sorry, long post. T___T Hope you liked the weekly post though. See you next week!! Now to comment and answer PMs. Ta ta!!!

9:55 PM

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008
Mood: exhausted
Music: So Hot by Wondergirls
Time: 11:53 PM

OMG!!!!!!! *runs in circles* I've had this song stuck in my head for days!!! Darn you korean ppl!!! *shakes fist* "I'm so hot, hot, HOT!!" GRRR!!!! If you want to know the song, this is it:

It won't come out of my head!!! T________T booo

As, I'm typing this, I want to change the layout of my site. DX It needs to change....I want to make it Hana Kimi since I'm going back to school...and it's a High School manga....? EH? New layout soon....if school doesn't interfere. T__T

Oh yeah, the title!!!! MAOU IS <3!!!! I loved the episode I watched. I think this drama is easily going to become one of my favorites. I loved the plot twist at the end. YUMMY!!! lol. I love it!! Ohno-san + Toma = HOTNESS ORGY FOR THE EYES!!!! XD
OH!!! I finally got to see Toma w/ a cigarette in his mouth. XD
smoking!!! O_____O
I have no idea why I enjoyed that so much. XD

Oh yeah!! I started watching Hana Kimi Taiwan the other day. XD Why must I fill my life w/ Hana Kimi now? I'm thinking about picking up the manga again. But I still like the Japanese one more. *nods* Toma, Shun, Hiro, and Yusuke will always win over Wu Chun and Jiro in my heart. [Sorry Mrs. Chun!!! Still love you!!! ♥]
I mean, who would you choose:
Jiro Wang or Toma Ikuta
*looks at the pictures* Ok....that might be a little hard. XD

Oh which reminds me, it seems that I might be creating a couple of fans for him on here. XD I totally didn't mean to do that. lol, So i thought that some of you might be interested in the Birthday Project, ppl have decided to do for him for his 24th B-day [October 7th...I didn't know that till yesterday lol]. They are actually going to be giving him stuff that fans make. XD I'm not doing it.....why? B/c I'm too shy to do stuff like that and my mom would totally freak if I told her about that. So if you guys want any more info on it, go here. I did my part as a fan: advertising. XD AND don't you dare send anything in Sparkle-chan's name!!!! I will kill you if you send anything that has that nickname!! KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! I found out yesterday that Yusuke Yamamoto is only 20!!!! >///////////////< We can totally get married!!! I mean, I'm going to be 17 in less than 3 months [November 16] so he's only, what, 3 years older than me? THAT'S PERFECT!!! LMAO. I mean, Toma is 7 years older than me....still alright by me but......*sweatdrop* LOL, I know this was out of the blue. Oh well....

I've been jumping from topic to topic today. XD oh well....

Since I'm going off to school on Monday this might be my last post in a while. =/
I can't believe this summer is over already. I didn't watch any anime!!! DX I only watched Ebichu and Clannad, which taught me one thing:

I HATE Nagisa!!!!
then, I watched some dramas...which to lead to some obsessions. XD gotta love them
and then I got the little "obsession" w/ Perfume.

I <3 Nocchi!!!!
and I rediscovered my love for Utada Hikaru. ^^
And that was my summer....wow. O____O

I'm listening to So Hot again..*rolls eyes* GO AWAY!!!!!

Ok, I still have summer HW to do so I'm not going to be on on Sunday till I'm done w/ it completely. I really need to get this done!!! I've had all summer. Oh yeah, while I'm in school there will be NO updating during the week. I highly doubt that I will be able to comment at all during the week. I'll try my best on the weekends. But I have to go to dA too [which i've been ignoring for about a month]. So during the week, I will only answer PMs. If you must have your daily fixin of Sparkle-chan, PM ME!!! I'll try my best to avoid what happened last year, where I left for about 4-5 months, came back 3 days, then left till the summer started.

OH YEAH!!! Mrs. Chun (Stixx) made me some awesome icons. I love them. ^/////////^ So pretty, seriously, I want to go on a commenting spree just to see them. lol. Also, Angel Zakuro and Innocent Heart made me some very pretty e-cards. I love them both so much. Thank you!!!!

B/c this post lacks something funny

Ok....maybe it's not funny....XD

I'm kinda out of it today!!! *yawns*
I'll go commenting for an hour then it's sleeping time. T___________T
Sorry long post again...kinda rambled. T_T

Yup, and that's why
I have 3 versions.

12:56 AM Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
I take your life forever, You take my life forever
Mood: tired
Time: 4:54 PM
Music: truth by ARASHI

Hello ppl!!! I'm attempting to put the truth PV up again. T___T Damn you, YouTube for having to delete them. T___T Why even try, you know somebody is going to repost it again, stupid asian countries not wanting us to get our daily feed of hot Asian guys. pffft, to hell w/ them!!!! [So watch the video at the top if you want to see Japanese guys. Ohno-san. ^///^]

Ok, I'm just going to say it right now. This is going to be a long post. And I mean LONG. I'm combining 2 posts worth of stuff into 1 post. I'm going to write about my trip, last weekend's trip to Six Flags, and my stupidities of today. See, it's gonna be long. So you are welcomed to take this post in parts, ok? You can break your comment into parts. I won't be posting again till late Saturday/early Sunday. So you have lots of time to comment. Plus, I'll put pictures of cute asian guys to keep you awake. ^^ And pictures of my trip too.

Ok, So we all know I left on my trip the 2nd of the month. [It was that long ago and I'm not talking about it till now!!! WTF!?] Anyways, I was up till 3 AM the day before that on here commenting, so be happy. Anyways, I got all depressed that day that I had to leave my computer. Literally, I was stuck to it, I wouldn't want to let go. I even hugged it. O___O Kinda extreme but....I love my gay computer!!!! So anyways, I was forced to go to the airport...and continued to be emo at the airport. HEY!! I didn't want to go at all. So....I got bored and took some pictures. XD

That's my brother and me. [even though he looks like a girl!!!! WAH!! or do i look like a guy? o_O] He likes being an idiot...and I look horrible there [like I always do]. So anyways, I was left alone after that (I'm not sharing the other ones.....-__-') and started watching Maou on my iPod. ^/////////^ Having Toma and Ohno on it is so awesome!!!! I watched it while on the plane the whole time. ^_^ Very amusing. So yeah then we got there. Wait, I never told you where I was going to. XD I just said out of the country. Well if you couldn't guess from the picture, I am Mexican [ZOMG!!! I know, shocker!!! XD] so I went to Mexico obviously. [I was born in the U.S.A. though...so technically I'm not Mexican =/...]Anyways, we get there to the tiny little airport, take a taxi to the Bus Station, take a bus for another 2 hours, arrive to the city my uncle lives in, then take another taxi to their house, and I'm finally there around 1 AM. GRRRRR!!!! Well I'm stuck there for the next 2 days. They were ok since I had my iPod w/ me. *huggles it* I even introduced my 2 little cousins into Ouran. T___T I wished I had had the spanish subs instead of english. -___- The guy said that it looked really boring *scoffs* but the girl seemed like she had some interest. XD They were so entertained w/ the ipod. XD They had never played w/ one before [my family is very poor. So they don't have a lot of money to waste on things like that]. It was alright [still kinda depressed about not being able to get on a computer and talk to anyone. T___T I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!] but then all hell broke lose. T___T The charger for my iPod broke. I only had a little more than half the battery left and a whole week left of vacations. T___T WAH!!! So I had to conserve energy....stupid mother for not buying me another one. The next day we went to the "downtown" [I'm trying to translate things to something that will make sense to Americans] so we could visit where my aunt works and get some things before we left that afternoon to my other Aunt's house. Stupid bitch mother, she didn't even let me go look for the charger. She knew that I was already suffering b/c of the trip [I was pretty depressed about it] but she wouldn't even go help me find it. I was not happy!!!!

Anyways, that afternoon we left to where my aunt lives, a little town w/ absolutely NOTHING!!! T___T I'm a city girl...so I hated it. We had to ride another bus over there for 3 hours [which I stupidly used my ipod the whole time]. My aunt's husband was the driver of the bus so it was free. ^^ Free is good. XD We got there....and even more hell was broken lose. T___T STUPID IDIOTIC BAKAS!!!! I'M GONNA KILL THEM!!!!!! KILL THEM!!! I SHOULD OF KILLED THEM LAST TIME I SAW THEM!!! KILL THEM!!! I'm serious, if you met them, you'd want them dead too. My aunt has 6 kids, 2 girls [the oldest and youngest....The oldest is only 15, she was ok. She actually tired to connect w/ me. She asked me what I liked and stuff like that. Which I introduced her into Japanese Music (Perfume). Sadly i didn't get to introduce her to the hotties. XD and the little girl is adorable

That was the best picture I could get of her. She doesn't like the be photographed She's not the only one. -___- I miss her....] But the boys...oh how I loathe them. The oldest one [14...i think..13?], I really hated him the last time I saw him. He was a total jerk [My dad hated him. I literally ran to my dad to make him make them go away. T__T Too bad there was no Dad this time (Quick Note: My parents are divorced)] but this time *starry eyes* he actually defended me from the brats. He made a big turn around...too bad it didn't last. (will continue in a minute). His little brothers...RAWR!!! They annoyed me the whole day I was there. When I got there at night, I went to watch some TV w/ their sister...they kept stealing my shoes the whole time. They got under the bed I was on and kept punching. T__T I ended up slapping one of them in the face w/ my flip flop. They didn't leave until their older brother threaten to beat them up. -___- Next day, oh glorious next day, they continued. The youngest of the boys [6 years old] kept on touching me, a little game he discovered the night before. WTF!? He kept trying to pull me and shove me onto their parents bed [where the TV is] just so he could tickle me. Pfft, tickle. Whatever. So yeah...that continued for a while. He never did get me onto that bed....just hurt my arms a lot from all the pulling. T__T Fyi, He kept touching me for the rest of the day. Oh yeah, the night before we all sat outside [my aunt owns a little shop at her house] just talking and stuff. T___T This stupid mob of guys just kept walking by and stuff all the time. My cousin said that it was b/c there was some fresh "meat". Which I responded to w/: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!? O____O" You see...I'm not use to guys looking at me...so that was weird. Anyways...they were bad guys (if you smoke...it's a no-no). She teased me a little about it the next day. [She called me a baby!! T__T] But her brother [12] on the other hand decided to pair me up w/ his sister's friend, Tony. -___-' OMG!!! He couldn't stop teasing me about that and I didn't even like him!!! Every time he saw me, he'd all "Toooooooooony!!~♥" Ignoring them didn't work [or maybe I just can't control my facial expressions?] It continued the whole day...even when Tony was there. Oh yeah, and the other boy [between 6 and 12] decided that it would be fun to come freak out Sparkle-chan w/ a grasshopper. Definite no-no, I HATE bugs. So I of course freaked freaked out and started screaming. He though it was funny so he threaten to throw it on me. I ran. He ran after me and threw it on me. So just picture Sparkle-chan in the middle of the street, yes the middle of the street, screaming for her dear life while jumping up and down trying to get rid of it. I had people staring at me. T__T I got it off, but then he threw it on me again. Which I then resolved by beating him w/ a stick. [Which my mom yelled at me for] He wanted me to eat it afterwards. GRRRR!!! Why didn't he just shove it up his ass instead!? Got out of that. Did I forget to tell you that ipod-chan died only a few hours before that? Well it did...so I was music-less for the rest of the week. T____T And I had anime and dramas on that. T__T Anyways, it's the night, and what does my glorious cousin do? [the oldest guy] He decides to take the Tony joke to the next level. He literally tells the guy that I'm waiting for him, that I'm making him dinner and all this BS. -__- Even my mom joins into the "fun" and starts calling him, her son-in-law. They were pretty much just giving me away. [My aunt, mom, and older cousin where there...the other little kids were busy eating and running around like idiots] Already planning on what type of husband he was gonna be. I of course interrupted them saying that he had to know english for him to marry me. They of course said that he could learn and kept on pairing him w/ me. T___T But then I did something that I hope you can be proud of. I protected my already existing marriage. I was like: "NOOOOOOO!!!! I can't marry him!! I'm already married to a Japanese actor!!!! I can't marry him!!" Silence...everybody just stared at me. DX But then they started talking about other guys they like to claim as their husbands/boyfriends. Thank god they forgot about me!!!! But he also discovered something else to annoy me w/. After the grasshopper incident, he kept poking me int the back trying to freak me out. WTH is their problem and touching me!? RAWR!!!!!!!!!! We stayed up watching this stupid soap opera. I forgot how stupid they could be but this one was just so stupid!!! If you want to know which it was here's some info in english. I didn't like it at all.

Let's see I don't remember much anymore. =/ I got back and was very bored. T__T My mom didn't buy me a new charger. I just loaf around the house the whole time. Oh yeah!! I did my first fan art. ^^ Here's a picture of it.

It's not very good...but oh well. I'm still not sure if I should even submit it here. It was suppose to be Momiji from Fruits Basket...I just murdered him in my picture. T__T Oh yeah, I was back at my uncles house. XD We then left [I lost count of what day it was after my ipod died] to my grandma's house in the country. T___T

All I remember is that I stayed in bed for more than half the day while I was there. XD And I rediscovered my love for Kyo. >////////< I LOVE HIM!!! And I had some fun re-reading Ouran too. LOVE YOU, HIKARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD And that was about it w/ that place. Then we went back to my uncle's. XD Then I played w/ his younger the son most of the time. He's so cute.

Oh yeah, I got sick too. DX But then we were off to Mexico City!!! To my mom's uncle's place!!! And away!!!

We had to ride the stupid bus again for 7 hours. T__T Then we got there at 4 AM and hate to wait 3 hours just for my mom's uncle to come get us. T__T But that city is HUGE!!!! HUGE!!!!! Anyways, there I entertained myself w/ this cute little girl

The girl behind my brother, of course. XD She was so cute. I love her and miss her so much!! She would take me a long to places and gave me such a cute nickname. ^///////^ I wuv her!!! Nyaaaah!! I should of shoved her in my suit case even though she was against it. XD

And then I played w/ her sister too. It turns out we have the same name. XD What my luck. [And no, my name isn't sparkle!!! What kind of name is that to have in real life!?] She was really fun. We had a blowing bubbles w/ bubble gum fight. And then she wanted to have a tickle war...what's up w/ little kids and them wanting to touch me? And yeah, my brother got lucky and kissed both of the girls. XD OH YEAH!! I got to ride the subway!!!!! lol, it was so confusing but i got the hang of it at the end. I want to do it again but it's so much walking. I went to this really big church over there that's really important. I was going to show you some pictures but since most of you aren't catholic, I'm not. =/ I don't know if you want to see them or not. And then the 10 days were over and I came back. ^^ Ta da!!!! My ipod was rushed to the ipod hospital [my computer] for some serious recharging and I was rushed to fangirl recovery center XD Where I did a ton of fangirling over Yusuke Yamamoto.

*nosebleed* He's so CUTE!!!!!

Oh yeah, on Friday before I went to pick up my schedule I took some pictures of me and other stuff. Here's one of me.

I got a haircut...I wanted to have hair like of the Perfume girls. DX I fail at that. I'm trying to contact the school right now so that my schedule can be changed. I want to drop one AP class so I can at least sleep a little at night. T__T Wish me luck in contacting them. I also need to call my friend so she can schedule me a drive time when she goes this Friday. The phone line is always busy when I call. T___T [i'll show other pictures next time. ^^]

On Saturday I went to Six Flags. I know, totally random but I live very close to it. My friend had free tickets so she had to drag me there. I mean drag b/c I hate roller coasters. HATE!!! So I went w/ her and her 4 cousins [2 little girls, a junior and a freshmen], her uncle and her cousin's boyfriend [a junior in college] whose name happens to be Tony. What my luck!!! Anyways, they had to drag me onto the roller coasters. I sat out on 2. There was no way I was going to ride the Batman. No where to put my feet, I'm not going on!!! [I have a huge fear of heights. They are lucky they even got me on some]. So yeah, we were stuck in the group until the guys decided they wanted to ride Mr. Freeze. My friend and I [we are both girls. oh yeah, her uncle and the little girls went off on their own since the beginning] went of to ride this parachute ride. O___O OMG!!! WE ARE IDIOTS!!! It was the wimpiest ride ever [I called it the wimpy version of the Superman] and when it went up we started screaming like idiots. Something along the lines of: "OMG!!! CRAP!!! HELP US!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! THIS IS HIGH!!!! oh....AAHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE YOU....oh, it's over..." She was suppose to confess her love for Selena whatever-her-last-name-is [the one from the Disney Channel] but she didn't!!!! So we went on again [this time we took our shoes of so we could swing our feet] and she got to confess her love. XD As a fan of course. lol. OMG!!! We got to see the Batmoblie moving!!!! XD

We then went back to her uncle's house. We just lay around and acted like idiots. Her cousin [freshmen] dared me to go a day w/o using sarcasm. HA!!! I denied that challenge, of course. I can't live w/o my sarcasm. Anyways, we stayed for dinner. I felt awkward being the only non-Vietnamese person there. -___- We had sushi for dinner...and I fail at chopsticks. T___T Was pretty interesting. I kept wanting to bite my sushi but they kept telling me to shove it all in my mouth. I CAN'T DO THAT!!!! It was too big. After that we went back to living room, my friend and I just spent most of the time talking w/ Tony. He's a pretty nice guy. Why can't I find a guy like that!? *pouts* Oh yeah, sparkle-chan was given away again. T__T Her uncle pretty much just made her cousin [the junior one] into my boyfriend. Great. B/c i really love that guy...NOT!!!! Why must I just be sold of like that!? [Oh yeah, and Mrs. Chun (Stixx) sold me off to her brother too. -___- Anybody else want to sell me off to their brother? He has to be older than 16 though. And no, Angel Zakuro (May I call you Kelsey?) I WILL NOT take your brother...he's mean. *glares* Really mean. XD] Anyways, it was fun being over there. Why am I always stuck w/ asian ppl? O___O And I was taught what to say when I have a Vietnamese boyfriend to his parents so I can win them over. XD Great things to know, great things. lol

What did I do today? Hmmmmm....Well it's been raining a lot lately which I LOVE!!! But I was outside cleaning the pool when I thunderstorm blew in. XP Smart thing sparkle-chan, real smart. Let's walk around w/ a huge metal stick while there's lightning about to happen!!! YEAH!!! *sigh* I still have summer HW to finish up. *sniffles* WHY!? WHY DID I HAVE TO TAKE THE HARDER CLASS END UP W/ HW!? WAH!!!! So yeah, I'm going to be off a little. Plus I need to catch up on my Ohno/Toma goodness that is Maou. XD

Idk, I'm in love w/ that image. XD I know...I'm weird.

Thank you for anybody who has read to this point. I love you so much!!! Your reward:

awk!! too bright!!!

Thank you to who ever read this whole thing. Too much. XD I love you all!! I'll be making a post on the weekend. ^^ Might be the last one for a looooooooooooong time. DX [Thank you to who commented on my cards/walls/world. Love you!!!]

I wouldn't. I'd stay w/ you.
And make you straight again. XD

9:42 PM
[I've been typing on and off for 5 HOURS!!]

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008
Sorry, It had to be done
Mood: GRRR!!! I'm ready to shoot someone!!!
Music: Fight the Blues by Utada Hikaru
Time: 4:03 PM

I'm sorry, I know most of you want to know how my trip went and all. [there's some funny stuff in there...and embarrassing] but i have to do this post. NYAAAAH!!! I want to kill someone [I didn't feel like this until a few moments ago, stupid mood changes] So i might not write about that this time. We'll see. I'm writing this post to calm myself. *sigh*

First off....YAY!!! Magnus Lensherr is partially back!! ^-^ I'm so happy she came back. woot!! Okeari-nasai!! [welcome back]. And also, I'm glad that MissMickey112 stopped by also. woot!! And for all the others, the regulars, GET OUT!! XD Just kidding. I love you all too.

Now that I am in slightly better mood. T___T I'll tell you about what put me in a bad mood. RAWR!! I went to schedule pick-up today. What can go wrong w/ that? Idk. I went w/ a friend but we had to split up b/c of our last names, so she went one way and I went another. So while standing in line, idk, i got sort of depressed. grrr, I hated that environment. Being around those stuck-up preppy b*tches again was just not fun. I really don't wanna go back to that. I hope that I can have at least one friend in every class. [Oh yeah, and I was blessed w/ the sight of seeing to lesbian girls almost make out. T___T WHY!!!!!? I didn't want to see that!! I'm ok w/ them wanting to show their love but....NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STUPID HALLWAY!!!! take it somewhere else you horny--words, sparkle-chan, watch your words. -___- stupid....] So anyways, loooooooooooooooooooong lines and so much waiting. I just listened to my ipod the whole time. Idk, I got a little depressed b/c i was standing there alone while everyone else found somebody. -___- Most of my good friends are in band so they were at the band camp. [which i spent half the time staring at] Anyways got through that, my ID picture came out horrible. I'm burning this one for sure. Then I got that wretched schedule and was stuck waiting for my friend. T_____T I hate that schedule.
For those who care this is it:
Class - Room
Computer Science 1 AP - 4211
Art History AP - A103
PE 1A Foundations - C109
English 3 AP - 4233
Physics Honors - 4201
U.S. History AP - 1210A
Pre Calculus Honors - 4113
Why am I stuck in such f*cking hard classes!? Ppl told me that Art History was eay, pffft!!! My friend's brother told me it was hard!! And they have a huge textbook. I need a locker!!! They better give me a locker or I am going to kill someone at that school. RAWR!!! Also, you remember me telling you that I was going to take that summer school class online and how i just started it. Guess what!? That's my 3rd period. They were suppose to put me into this Business/Accounting class instead of PE. STUPID TARDS!! So instead of getting that fixed I'm just going to cancel my summer school. -__- Hopefully I can do that and they won't charge me a fee. My mom is going to be so pissed. So i am stuck w/ a full year of PE. T___T I hate having those hard classes. For those who don't know AP (Advanced Placement) are college courses during High school that allow you to get college credit. I HAVE FOUR!! plus 2 honors classes. I'm seriously going to have no life. I won't even be able to get on here at all. -__- I miss freshmen year!!!!!!! It was so easy!! [i'm a junior now] Oh and the other reason I am pissed is b/c of how far my classes are. Here I made a map for you to see.

All the 4---- classes are in the B building so i still have no idea which of the B buildings it is. T___T I have no idea where my 6th class is. =/ I actually have to go outside for pretty much every class. What am I going to do when it rains!? I'm going to get so wet and when it's cold...T________T I wanna go back to High School, I don't wanna go to Senior High School. T___T I miss all my now sophomore friends, sure I get to see my Senior friends [have to kill one of them, stupid bast---sparkle-chan, words again -___-] but I don't know if it's all worth it. [Quick note. I'm sure you are all confused w/ the 2 schools. Where I live there are way too many kids so they had to divide high school into 2 parts. Normal High school w/ grades 9 to 10 and Senior High school w/ grades 11 to 12. The senior high school is about 2-3 times larger than the high school] I'M GONNA DIE!!!! My friend only has to stay in B building the whole day. Lucky whore. T__T Anybody willing to kidnap me or anything? I can't believe I actually want to go to an even larger university...T___T

Mrs. Chun and all you married woman out there [me included], just b/c you are married it doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to look at other men. XD I mean, looking never hurt anyone. lol
Who could deny this smile?

So cute. >////////////////////< kawaii...

ZOMG!!!!!!! *nosebleed* Your smile is cute too....No I wasn't looking at Yamamoto Yusuke. *cough, cough* Nuh huh.
So to all those married women [innocent heart, weren't you married to a back pack?] pucker up and live for a moment. XD


uhhhh, my mind went blank right now.....i want food. Oh yeah, another reason I'm pissed. I can't get into the phone line to schedule a drive time. T__T So hajghlajgidfs... I wanna kill someone. T__T

I'll respond to PMs soon. My friend has been calling me a lot lately so I don't have time to answer back. I am blessed w/ the inability to do more than 2 things at a time. T__T sucks to be me.

Please watch it, it's really good. *nods*

*sigh* I wished that wasn't true but it is. High School never ends. T___T

Does anybody want me to tell them about my trip? It got long today so i won't do it today. If you tell me, If some one wants to I'll write it next post. ^^ I had some pictures to show [OMG!! A picture of me. XD] but I'll do it next post.

Love you all. I'll still be fixing some codes on it. There's a little about the layout in the "about" section. ^^ The comments are under the navigation [for those who didn't read the pop up]
Have a great day everyone!!!

*sigh* she's so cute.
5:25 PM
feeling slightly better

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Yamamoto Yusuke is a SEXY beast!!
MOOD: tired
MUSIC: truth by Arashi
TIME: 10:35 PM

lol, that very icon is the truth. -___- I've had the whole summer and when do i decide to start my online summer school? 12 days before school starts. BAKA!!!! I don't even have the book so i have to order tomorrow. T___T Guess who's gonna have weekend school instead of summer school. ME!! Also I had summer reading/annotating that i was suppose to do for English III AP, guess who didn't do it!? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the book w/ me to on the trip. I did some of it [ok, i lie, i read 3 pages....-__-'] and then lost it. T_____T All my great effort was wasted!! WAH!! I had to go buy a new one today. ummm, Any of you have an annotated copy of The Great Gatsby that you want to send my way? Please. *pouts*

Anyways, please redirect your attention to the top video at the intro of the sight and watch it. If you don't watch at least half...something very important to of yours will be lost. *glares* I MEAN IT!! *waits patiently for ppl to do what she ordered them to do* OKEARI!!! [oh yeah, ppl asked last time what that means. It means "welcome back". Traditionally in Japan, when you return home you say Tadaima (I'm back) and then the ppl who are there in return say "Okeari-nasai". little Japanese lesson of the day. ^^] *sigh* Isn't Ohno-san the best. He's the leader. [he appears alone at 0:10] I still need to go watch more Maou. I was surprised to see that they still were able to show the PV even after the scandal that Ohno-san got himself into. The band was about to be broken up. I need to go read and see what happened. [YouTube is being gay and took it them down...sorry if you don't get to see it. T__T]

Ok....I need to clear something up. I AM NOT A YAOI FAN! there, i said it. I only support shounen-ai and a little shojo-ai. I don't support anything graphic like yaoi or yuri. Even though Syaocest is so sexy. XD Oh yeah, SyaoranxSyaoran is both clonecest [doing it w/ your own clone o_O] and twincest, just depends on what series. But for all you crazy girls who want more yaoi, here you go. I accidentally downloaded it. I thought it was a cute fluffy story of TamakixKyouya...turns out it wasn't. T___T
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
If you want the whole thing just tell me in your comment and i'll send it to you. *sigh* I still want to know what it says. It had some very cute moments.

I'll make a post on the weekend where I talk about my trip. I was going to do it today but it's already getting long and I want to go watch my drama. lol. I'll try to post pictures w/ it. ^^

Oh yeah!!! My Ikuta Toma buddy came by last time!!! *jumps for joy* YAY!!!!!!!!! [btw, chibilala= Ikuta Toma buddy] I wasn't going to post him but you want him on here so....
Ikuta Toma
I still can't believe that some of my friends have married me off to him. XD lol, i love you guys.

ok, Yamamoto Yusuke isn't that hot but he is so cute!!!!!!!!! =3
Let's watch him shower!!! *giddy*

*nosebleed* He's so cute. lol Who could say no to this face:


oh yeah, I have a request. I kinda want an icon or wallpaper [i don't really care which] of him made. I know i'm being really selfish right now but i really want one. T___T I want icon made of this picture. [bottom one] or any other picture. If any brave soul wants to do it just tell me and i'll send you more pictures so you have more to choose from. Thanks. ^_______^

Best Ouran Abridged Series Ever. Trust me, it'll make you laugh.

love it!!! too many jokes.

Anyways, tell me all that happened while i was gone.
Also I made a new card for all of those who care.

This site is in desperate need of a new layout. I'm sick of it!!!!!!!!! Brown go away!!! [fyi, my sweet tooth is dying *sobs*]

What Main Hana Kimi Character Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Mizuki Ashiya

You are Mizuki Ashiya, kind at heart, with a firey temper and a lack of self-control at times. Even so, you're a complete sweet-heart, which may be your downfall... Espcially in the kinds of situations that you are trying to pull off >.>;;

Mizuki Ashiya


Hokuto Umeda


Izumi Sano






lol, it sorta matches me. T____T I can't believe i got my love last. T__T. NAKATSU!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!! Love you all!!!

11:38 PM

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008
My last post....T__T
MOOD: tired...*yawn*
MUSIC: Chocolate Disco by Perfume
TIME: 12:02 AM

Hey, ppl!! I am so tired. -_____- can i just go to bed now? DX NO!!! I have commenting and posting to do. Oh shi-oot!!!!!! I still have to make an e-card!!! O___O' gonna be a busy night. but, >.< i had to put the Chocolate Disco song up this time. XD i mean, chocolate layout deserves chocolate music. XD lame logic but...wouldn't it be awesome if there was a disco where they gave you free chocolate!!! O_O *drools* CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummy. this song is way too happy.....

anyways, as some of you know [most of you don't, gomen] I am leaving. No, not leaving myO. I'm going on a trip, later this afternoon, so i will be gone for 10 days. I should be back the 12th if everything goes well. I'll be out of the country and will have no access to computer at all. So i will be completely gone for that whole time. GOMEN!!! it can't be avoided. but i'm going to miss you all so much!!!! *hugs* i wonder if anyone will notice i'm gone...or miss me? *sigh* oh well, btw when i come back i won't be on a lot either. -___- i have summer school and then school starts the 25th. o______O eek!!! i don't wanna go!!! Being a junior sucks!!! [in high school]

oh, sparkle-chan wants to add one little thing to her syaoranXsyaoran manlove. [thank you emmah, for adding that lovely word to my vocabulary. XD wonder what my friends at school are gonna say when i say that to them. MAN LOVE!!! OxO]
let's start from where we left off. XD

still wished he said that. XD

XD LMAO!!!! it's man love!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, i saw this fan art and i just had to save it. XD literally, when i saw this my face was like this: ♥_____________♥ SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, A MILLION TIMES SAVE!!!!!
XD i wished i could say i drew it...but i didn't. T___T
btw, i love how ppl who drop the series are getting interested again...and ppl who haven't probably want to get the hell away from it and me.
RAWR!!! can't find the video i wanted to show you. T___T

so here is the best KFC commercial ever!!!!! you must watch!!! or sparkle-chan will be mad.

and, yes that is my love, ikuta toma. After watching that i had the largest craving for chicken. XD but i had chinese the next day. lmao. Now, i have goal in my life. I want to be fed chicken just like that. XD no, not by toma but my 2 geishas, then we can do our little dance. XD

like my new icon:
she's so cute!!!!!!!!! >////////< wished i could be as cute as her. She plays Hagumi in Honey & Clover [japanese version]

i was thinking about using one of these:

3 of my loves. XD
[from left to right: Toma Ikuta, Hiro Mizushima, Shun Oguri]

*sigh* I'm writing too much again. -___- oh well, at least you get a long break of me. ^^

another thing you must watch!!!!! [or i'll be mad again!!] best Hana Kimi MV ever!!!!

IT'S OK TO BE GAY!!!!!! lol, i'm sorry to any guy who is losing his masculinity thanks to me. XD
but, when i first heard this song on the line "He man celebrate" (around 3 minute mark) I could of sworn he said "to inseminate" O________O wtf is wrong w/ my mind!!!!?
but i love the drama!!! it's a must watch. *nods*

one more thing, then i will free you from sparkle-chan for forever. ^^
THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GIFTS!!! Thank you, innocent heart, Anime Snow Girl, kukki-chan, Stixx, and Magnus Lensherr!!!! love you all!!!! *throws herself on all of them for a hug* XD thank you very much!!! you made me very happy.

I'm gonna miss you all. T___T *sigh* I really don't wanna go. WAH!!! I'm gonna go make that e-card now. Then some quick commenting. *sigh* Then i have to say goodbye to other ppl on other sites. T___T I'M GONNA MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! *hugs*

Have a great week!!! Hope nothing goes wrong while i'm gone. ^^

how sparkle-chan feels right now...T__T
12:37 AM

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, July 30,2008
I had my drive time
MUSIC: the Heart Station album by Utada Hikaru
MOOD: meh
TIME: 7:37 PM

GOD I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! I can't even type when i am hearing it!! too good to ignore. lol, i love utada hikaru. XD i was actually singing along w/ Prisoner of Love. XD even the japanese parts. XD I didn't even change the song!! lol. Oh yeah, i started the drama. O____O me like. XD lol, it's really good. this is the first time in a long time i am watching a drama not b/c of the actors. XD Last Friends is good. yummm, must watch after commenting. I tried to comment earlier but i was too spaced out to do it. T___T so i went icon hunting. XD i have almost 700 on my computer. XD thinking about changing mine again.

I love the reactions everyone had to syaoran and his cannibalism. XD *hugs him* Don't worry, i still love you, syaoran!!! always have and always will. XD KEEP ON EATING EYES!!!!!!!
btw, eyes are a big part in CLAMP stories. but i'll explain this eye thing quickly. Well, this syaoran [the one from the whole series]turned out that he was a clone. The original had given him half of his heart to prevent him from actually being the real beast that he was. not going into full detail. I can write pages about this. anyways, when the original syaoran was going to arrive the seal on the clone broke thus making him become the beast he really was. He needed magic so he could go to the next world and Fai's source of magic was his eye. So what do you do when you need magic and the guy in front of you has it? YOU EAT HIS EYE!!! thus making your hot level even higher. XD

Note:Magnus Lensherr, i do like to see him in pain.

best screen cap i could get. =/ but i like it more when he causes pain. XD

See, yummy. XD lmao, i'm a crazy syaoran fan, aren't i?

BUT HE LOOKS SO COOL LIKE THAT!!!! eating fai's eye is the best thing he could ever do. XD how many ppl am I freaking out?

I had to do it!!! lmao I really do!!! RAWR!!!! just get at it!! NOW!!! like to horny bunnies

*nosebleed* O___O I wished he said that!!! That would be the best thing ever!!! EPIC WIN!!!! lol

anyways, I had my drive time today. Not much to say about it. -___- But the girl said something really nice today!!! [i was stuck w/ another girl on her 2nd lesson] She said that i relaxed her and was calming her down!! [except in better words. XD] Idk...it made happy to know i calmed somebody down. XD anyways, she went first...it was so weird to have the back seat all to myself. *remembers last time w/ a full car* anyways, i got so bored. Then i started thinking about what Magnus Lensherr said in her comment. "If she asks what are you thinking about, you have to say syaoran or toma" So i sat in the back w/ a silly grin on my face thinking about Toma. -___- *sigh* i can't believe i did that. XD but before that i sat in the back singing my instructor's name over and over again in my head. BILLY!!! billy-billy-billy-billy-nilly-billy. >.< i am so messed up. XD anyways that was the hour...i almost dosed off though once. Then it was my turn, blah, blah,blah. BORING!!!! but for once somebody actually told me to speed up. ^^ it was nice to hear that. XD going at 55 MPH was nice. [that's 88 KM per hour ^^] But the thing i love the most was that my mom's friend [whose also our neighbor down the street] had to take me there [mom was working] and along the way she was teaching me. XD i actually learned more from her than my mom. XD i guess 2 ppl who scare my mom w/ their driving can actually learn from each other. and she kinda knows about Toma. [i kinda indirectly told her about him. i didn't say name though. XD] >////////< she has a crush on this guy:

His name is Chayanne. he is a singer. well she also has a crush on this korean actor. O___O
so, i have my crush on a Japanese actor.

Him. btw, i use to have a crush on this guy also:

Alfonso Herrera. XD lol, but that was a long time ago. when i was like 12. XD

wow, i strayed from the topic. XD

LMAO!! COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't drink too much coffee kids.
XD i don't even like coffee. i'm more of a chocolate person. XD *stares at the top image* i could just eat you up syaoran!!! [and he can do it literally XD]

i have another story from today but i'll save it for next time. ^^
Have a great day everyone!! ^^

Yes, you are. It's not your fault Fai is so
irresistibly hot. You had to eat his eye. *nods*

8:37 PM [one hour later. XD]

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008
MUSIC: Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru
MOOD: lil tired
TIME: 9:57 PM

ZOMG!!!! I love Utada Hikaru!!!! LOVE HER!!! lmao, just wanted to let you know. I've only been listening to this song for a million times today. Gotta watch the drama....NOW!!! Last Friends...here i come. XD

I wasn't going to update but....I changed the layout so I had to update. look at the ickyness that it is!!! might fix things up later...probably won't since i'm lazy. DX btw, if you want to know how the next layout is gonna look like, look at the Guestbook. That bg is gonna be the next layout. lmao, i kinda want to make an e-card now about this layout. XD don't know why but when i saw the picture i thought of:
"b/c life is... [bitter] sweet*"
life does suck like that. DX

Gotta share the hotness that is topless Ikuta Toma. XD lmao....wow, that episode was...interesting.

I had to do it!!!! KYAAAAAH!!! I just loved this part of the whole story. XD Syaoran + blue eye = SMEX!!!! Love it!!! seriously, i watched that part over and over again. the sound effects of Syaoran eating Fai's eye was....*silent scream* great. XD

Everybody's expression when they found out I support syaoran's cannibalism. XP he should of ate the other one too!!!!

btw, I get my screen caps by using BSPlayer. I use to do the print screen thing but I can't do that when I use Windows Media Player. So I got BSPlayer, now all i have to do is press one button and it gets it for me. ^^ very convenient.

i is screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a drive time this wednesday. guess who hasn't practiced at all? ME!!! crap..... i'm so screwed.

*sigh* I only have one gift left to give on theO. T____T i need more. I'm sorry if you didn't get one. I'll give more out next month. ^^

btw, that is Fai flicking you off at the bottom. >//////////< favorite picture of him. don't you dare flick him off!!! Or you will face my wrath. -overprotective fangirl-

*sigh* I was singing this today too. XD oh my....i am so messed up. XD
gay boyfried!!! I don't really care you are queer.

*runs off to read fanfiction*
Have a great day!!! ta ta!!!

meh gay bf, yamapi is a guy...O_O

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