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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday, June 8, 2008
What's up w/ the daily updates...?
MOOD:tired (didn't you just wake up an hour ago?)
TIME: 12:30 PM
MUSIC:Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range

*sigh* I want to watch Hana Kimi again. Listening to Ikenai Taiyou always reminds me of the OP of Hana Kimi. *sigh* So many hot guys.... Ikemen Paradise...I agree. *nods*
[btw, Ikemen is a term used to describe good looking men in Japan. It's pretty much being called a hottie]
so pretty...want to watch it again. lmao i finally got done downloading all the episodes in HQ. *content sigh* makes it even better. plus it's
so you know it's good. lmao

wow, ebichu got a lot of different responses....so let's never speak of her again...

Isn't that the cutest thing ever!? lol, yes, it should be syaocest instead of syaoxsaku!!!! i mean, doing it with your clone is a whole lot better than doing it w/ her:
yes, i've lost it. XD

oh yeah...no site change [i'm really sorry for the ones who have a problem reading stuff....i'll fix it someday] b/c updates are daily now. XD better enjoy them while you can b/c soon they will end. *nods*

I was gonna say something but i forgot....

1.Favorite anime OP?
2. What is your favorite crack pairing?
3. umm....ask me anything you want....

1. tough... the xxxHOLiC OP
2. duh!! *points to picture above* SYAOCEST!!! b/c clonecest and twincest is the best. lmao

^//////////^ i love dane cook. lmao, dude, that kool-aid man is freaky...WTF is wrong w/ him!!!!

lmao, that reminds me. do you think i should change my icon to something anime related or should i leave it w/ Ikuta toma. ^///////^

ummm, long again toady. T__T
koolaid man
Have a great day!! ^^
12:56 PM

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

uhhhh.....why is all my manga staring at me...? XD
MOOD: meh...-___-
TIME: 2:30 PM

*drools* why, why CLAMP!? why must syaoran be so cute? -____- too cute... excuse me while i go to fangirl heaven. *goes into a fit of fangirly screaming*

ok, i is back
oh snaps....*drools* so beautiful.... i is in love. XD i <3 syaoran...XD
ok, no more of that....

oh yeah....i changed the site. depending on when you came to the last post, you might have already seen it. ugh....i'm sick of seeing it. i saw it way too much while doing codes. i wouldn't mind not seeing ikuta toma there right now. XD [btw, it doesn't work 100% well in IE but i came to the point were i don't really care. -__-]
oh yeah..the song. XD
lmao, my friend and i couldn't stop laughing the first time we heard it...turns out the song is deep. *sweatdrop*

oh yeah...ppl didn't seem to believe me when i said that this show:
Ebichu, was perverted. >.< Believe me it really is perverted. The whole entire time it points jokes at sex and stuff like that. It's really funny [well i liked it...i was sad when i found out there was no more] and you feel a lot of pitty for the hamster. XD so if you don't know about the birds and the bees, DON'T WATCH IT!! [or can't stand stuff about that]. i don't want somebody complaining about how i scarred them for life. XD
But for those who want to watch it, for your viewing pleasure...EPISODE 1!!

ENJOY!!! btw, all episodes are short like this.

GRRR!!! I want the drama Maou now!!! [i think maou means devil, i'm like 90% sure it means that]grrr...i think i'm going to wait till they all come out though...I'm not good w/ waiting. Nyaaah!!! I want to watch Ohno-san!!! lmao, I was going to watch this for Toma but I'm more interested in Ohno now. XD his part just seems better. and i like his personality^////^
I couldn't stop watching the theme song.
I think i might become an Arashi fan. XD

Oh yeah...I'm fine w/ my new rank...it was more of a shock than anything else...kinda want to become an Otaku legend now...^^' too bad it probably won't happen. T__T

Well gotta go. Got commenting to do [oh yeah, i uploaded a wall and e-card this time] and manga to read. O_O I've had it for weeks now and I still can't finish it. XD yay!! gotta go read v.17 of Tsubasa. -__- what a drag....

O_O *faints*
SYAOCEST!!! I think I've gone to heaven.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

omfg*blinks repeatedly* WHAAAAAAAA-T!!?
TIME:started at 10 something finished at midnight XD
MOOD: shocked....O_O

*stares at screen and little flashing text thing, you know thing that flashes when you aren't typing, right?* ok...well early today... i was very pissed w/ my mom... only the millionth time this week...will explain later. i don't want to talk about that right now...... *blinks*

what has me this shocked? well, today, on this lovely summer afternoon [ok, night...whatever XP] i happen to come to theO and was doing some commenting when i happen to look at my comment. and instead of having the cute little title of "Otakuite" i was now a *dramatic music* Senior Otaku.
*sigh* -__-
i sound like some old fag..... *gets glared at by all the seniors and higher* how the hell did that happen? -__- otakuite sounds a million times cuter than senior otaku....can i change my name now...? hehehe
CHOTTO MATTE!!! [the japanese for today]
does this mean...i'm a senpai now...!? O_O
if that's a yes....
SUGOI!!! lmao [ok...maybe a little more today]
lmao, i really am simple minded.

While I was gone, I was able to get some watching of stuff done. *nods* but first....
I GOT MY PERMIT!! on my first try...lmao, anyways.

I got done watching:
1. Zettai Kareshi [Absolute Boyfriend]
zettai kareshi
LOVED the drama!!! Hiro...i luv you!! XD

2. Oruchuban Ebichu
NOTE: Contains ADULT content. NOT recommended for young kids not a joke.

3. Clannad
Not as good as Air, i have to say.

4. a ton of ikuta toma stuff
meh love. XD
some of it really was funny. I recommend watching this one: [LINK] since most of you aren't fans.

If someone requests it, i will do a review for any of them. I really don't mind.

So now this is all the stuff I have to watch now:
Code Geass, S.A. [Special A], The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Death Note [i know, i still haven't watched it XP], Magic Knight Rayearth, Kanon

Neverland, Last Friend, Romeo & Juliet, Maou, Hana Kimi [taiwanese version], Attention Please

Just keep up w/
Ouran, Kobato., xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa RC, Hoshi wa Utau, DNAngel
I am NOT starting any new ones!!

A lot to watch...so if you have any comments for those, shoot them at me....wow, i've been writing this post for over an hour...stupid pictures, took to long to edit. XD

one more thing [b/c i'm tired of writing this thing XP] Guess what i got this weekend w/ my mom's money w/o her knowing!!
CLAMP no Kiseki volume 12!!
i was soooooooooooo happy!!!
I finally got the Syaoran figure.
so cute!!! ^/////////////////////^
will provide better image once she gets her camera

1. Did i miss anything, post or art? if yes, please tell me!!
2. What are you currently watching or reading?
3. Wanna kill me? >.< hehehe

Video....? O_O

Ok, the only thing I got out of clannad is my love for dango and Fuko-chan...!! I love her!!! she is so cute!!! XD and i am in love w/ that song now....XD

btw, ZOMG!!! there's music in english now on here. XD
first time ever...i think XD

Pizza anyone? XD
Ja ne!!!
~sparkle-chan ♥

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
TIME: 1:05 PM
MOOD: tired....

Hey ho!! [no, i'm not calling you a ho, XP] Well, I started Driver's Ed now.....O.M.G. boriiing!!! But it's keeping me away from here. Sorry. I don't have as much time anymore for the computer. The time that I spent on here is now spent over there learning about crap that isn't even important to driving!! grrr... Anyways, just a heads up, I won't be commenting nor submitting stuff daily. I don't want to apologize every time, gets tiring.....

Ok, there's a site change...kinda like the old one more....I made this so long ago....don't even remember when I did. Looks like crap....moving on.

You know what I miss? All the emoticons on dA. They sure do help when writing. I don't even like the ones on theO....they're...bleh. Not my type. *plans on stealing a ton for dA*

Oh yeah, this Otakuite has been on here for a year now. O_O wow....so long. I got 204 guestbook signings in 1 year...kinda wished i could say i got one for everyday. XD SO i think you should go thank this card
first one
for making me join. XD i wanted to share that picture so that was the only reason i joined. XD i know, cheap reason.

Oh yeah, one more thing!!!
this is my new affair *click on image for larger one*

sexy man, huh? XD oh god...this is what happens when i am stuck w/ my friend in a really boring class. Not only am I married and pregnant w/ twins w/ this guy:

I am also having an affair w/ the director of Texas Department of Public Safety. Holy frick!!!My life is great!!!! *sarcasm*

I'll comment back slowly so just be patient.

thought this was adorable

so cute. ^////////^ i'm in love w/ dango now. [darn you, CLANNAD!!!!]

have a great week!!! Hope that I pass my permit test!! *goes off to study*

WAH!! Sunohara!!! NOOOO!!!! >.< silly me....

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TIME: 9:30 PM
MOOD: nyaaah!!!

lol, I have no idea why I am updating so quickly......*shrugs* oh wells... yeah..i changed the site. sorry for the lameness of it. it was suppose to be better but the link wouldn't work so i just screwed it and went w/ something simple. YAY for my laziness!!! [oh yeah...we got a music playing thingy now. XD it's on shuffle now...so i have no idea what you are listening at...^^']

ok...so i have no idea what to say...hmmm.... I have nothing to say so...LET'S RAMBLE!!! yay for the randomness of this post....XP

well i got done w/ almost all my commenting today...just waiting for updates now. NYAAAAAAH!!! why won't anybody sub quicker!? i've grown addicted to the Absolute Boyfriend drama. i even watched the last 2 episodes in japanese b/c there are no subs...it looked like a crappy ending. why does everything have a crappy ending? i swear, everything that is good has the worst ending. is nobody able to come up w/ a good ending? >.< grrr, life sucks. so yeah, i've been checking like 10 times a day for the last 5 days or so and nothing. grrr...i'm ready to kill somebody.....

*slams head against her desk* i can't believe i told you about the ikuta toma thing..... *continues hitting head against desk* STUPID, STUPID!!! well at least i didn't tell you the story of how it happened....-__- why must i have crazy friends? *sigh* there's a whole lot of blackmail available now.....SH*T!! lmao

ok, here's something interesting i came across a while ago. YOU MUST READ IT!! XD

You know you live in 2008 when...
1.) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.
2.) You haven't played solitaire with real cards for years
3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they don't have a screenname or my space
4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV
6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job
7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.
8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.
9.) And you were too busy to notice number 5.
10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.
11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.
12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did.

most of that is true for me...-__-
I lose at life....
Hell yeah, I is cool. *pulls rainbow suspenders* XD

1. Are you as cool as me? XD
2. Do you want more random post or...would you rather read something more important?
3. Waffles or pancakes?

WARNING!! You will never think of barbie in the same way. XD

Well, bye!! This post got kinda long. XD
*hugs* have a great week!!!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

MOOD: rawr!!!
DATE: 6/22/08
TIME: 11:48 PM

ok, first off...sorry for not commenting on anybody for the past few days. i haven't been in the mood lately for several reasons that i don't feel like mentioning. and also i'm becoming a deviantART whore. -__- need to get off of it. =_= now for some shameless advertising!!!
visit me at my deviantART:
sparkle 078 at deviantART
just uploaded something new for ouran. ^///^ current manga obsession.

I'm surprised ppl actually noticied that it was Kiss Me in japanese last time. XD i like it in japanese. it was interesting to find that out. But now we have the macarena!! XD everybody do the stupid dance now!!!

ok...i think i should explain how i ended up getting married....to ikuta toma. hehehehe *sweatdrop* it's actually a boring story that happened on AIM the last week of school. My friend told me to not go insane w/ my japanese stuff b/c i missed her that much. [plz...] But then of course I had to open my mouth and say that I was in love w/ some japanese guy. Then she was like "you need to get over him, he's not real" [she was referring to syaoran, anime character]. but then i had to send her a picture of him and somehow i ended up married to him and she got married to Chace Crawford. ^^' and we are having a bunny themed wedding together. XD [inside joke, our other friend is a bunny killer. we were going to make sure he didn't ruin our weddings. he killed some bunny in photoshop by adding a million effects to it. Thus making him a murderer] see...kinda boring. Now the interesting story is how i ended up being pregnant w/ his twins and my other friend ended having an abortion of U-know's child. [member of TVXQ/DBSG] hehehe.....*sweatdrop*

gonna stop talking now. >.< i talk too much. so video since you enjoyed the last one.

so true. MONOPOLY SUCKS!!!! but i love you dane cook X3 Another video if you wish (sorry, can't get it embed) Tamaki explains L-O-V-E

No questions today....
So have a great day and stuff!!
I'm going to bed soon. BYE!!

oh yeah, the title. >.< i'm still waiting for uploads!!! HURRY UP TUESDAY!! I want ouran!!! also i want the next episode of Absolute boyfriend!!! o.o I've grown addicted to that drama. Hiro is hot cute!!! why does it take so long...-__- i read all the manga. the ending sucked. sucked bad...but the rest was ok. oh well...gotta go wait some more. do you think i can learn enough japanese in 1 day to understand a whole episode? XD lmao...NO!! BYE NOW!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I HATE WAITING!!!throws hissy fit
MOOD: nyaaah!!!!!! (is that a mood...?)
DATE: 6/18/08 (forgot this last time...-__-'
TIME: 11:15 AM (why is it this early)

Wow, a lot of ppl have been having problems w/ their sound lately. O.O who knew so many. I wished I could help you all. I've had pretty much all of those problems. -__- Like when I first got Firefox I couldn't play any videos from YouTube or anything. Luckily, I got that fixed. All I had to do was download the latest version of Flash player..or was it a plug in. XD But luckily that was an easy fix. [btw, I just got Firefox 3. it's weird. XD oh well, I'll get use to it] I also had a problem w/ my sound card on my old computer. No idea how to fix that. I ended up just getting a new one. *the one I am on right now* lol, I use to have the slow connection problem too. Got that one fixed too. Now I have broadband, not the best but still better. *wished I had Fios...-__-*

Anyways, sorry for not posting. On Sunday I got really depressed. We decided to celebrate my bro's b-day [which was yesterday] b/c we wouldn't have time on tuesday. We went out to eat and at the restaurant *chinese, XD me and my asian stuff* We met up with my mom's uncle [they are about the same age, one year older i think]. That was totally random b/c none of us had planned it. XD anyways, that led to me getting depressed. As we all know it was father's day on sunday. I got depressed seeing my great-uncle (?) being a good father w/ his daughter. -__- i know, i should be ashamed of that. But it just got me thinking about the old times. How we use to be a "happy" family and I actually celebrated that day.Then we went to one of my mom's friend's house. -__- BORING!!! anyways, at some point in time they started talking about my dad [btw, it wasn't good] whatever, fuck them. No matter what he did he is still my dad. I spent the whole time listening to my iPod at a deafening volume. But let's cheer up now. *forces herself to smile* ^^

lmao, Everybody told me to continue in my fangirling ways. XD *hugs you all* THANK YOU!! my friend thinks that I over do it sometimes. Somehow I ended up getting married to him and ummmm.... *blush* (doesn't want to say it) to the guy in my bg (Ikuta Toma), thanks to my 2 friends. WTF!? Anyways, I need to start watching anime again. I've only watched 5cm per second lately [sad movie but beautiful animation]. NYAAH!!! I hate waiting. I want the next episode to my drama. I started watching Absolute Boyfriend lately. Is the manga any good? I WANT MORE!!!!NOW!! also the next chapter to Ouran, PLEASE!! I really hate waiting.

o.O Getting kinda long...my bad. I think I should end it now.


lmao, love Dane Cook. ^///^ I want to name my child Rrrrrr.

1. Any crazy names for your children?
2. How was your weekend?

Leaving you now, you must be so bored. XD Anyways, I gotta go eat. I have some cake calling me. XD
See you next post!!!

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Friday, June 13, 2008


MOOD: tired...this was hard work -__-
TIME: 11:03 PM
Press F11 for much better view, trust me. This layout was tested out in 3 different browsers and worked well in 2. NOTE: DO NOT VIEW IN THE BROWSER OPERA. There is no commenting link but besides that it works well. It looks best in Internet Explorer. Now for commenting...it's a mess. It will be located in the most bottom left corner OUTSIDE of the post box. Sorry for the confusion. If i knew how, I would fix it, but I don't. -___-[b/c i'm stupid]

Well we have a YouTube video playing automatically now [it's Perfume. i thought some techno/trance would be ok -__- introduce you to some new music] unfortunately there's this weird box around the boxes. *pokes it* GO AWAY!!! anyways...I'll fix that later. I'm sick of codes. Things are still going to be changing slowly.


well i just keep on fangirling, don't I? yup, i love that man in the bg. that's why i wasted forever making that bg. XD it's not great but still. I wanted something like that. [it turned out nothing like it was in my mind -__-'] I LOVE HIM!!! btw, if you don't know. He is Ikuta Toma, a pretty big Japanese Actor. He was in Hana Kimi Japan. Loved him there. love him lots. If you ever get a chance watch it!!!

1. What are your obsessions?
2. Ever wished that your weren't obsessed? [yes]
3. What do you think of my obsessions? XD

LMAO, I haven't show this obsession in a while. XD
so sexy!

Have a great day!!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TIME: 4:25 PM
MOOD: bored....

love this song. ^////^ CANDY POP!!!

Sorry for the bad layout. -__- one of my friends couldn't comment w/ the old layout so I decided to help out by changing it. ^^' I'll make a good layout eventually...don't know when but hopefully soon. Also one of you [you know who you are] wanted a longer post. XD Don't worry I still love you. *huggles* AND guess what? It's a daily update! Ha, satisfied 3 ppl w/ this post. ^__^

Well...let's see what to write. Idk, i haven't blogged in a long time....well today i was woken up really early. I think 8:30...idk, but it was early, just so I could go help clean the yawn [mowing and stuff]but that's not the point. When i saw sweeping the front yard this random guy was walking down the street. Now there is nothing weird about that since there's constantly ppl jogging by or taking a morning walk. *looks out the window* yep, there goes another. -__- so yeah, he was walking w/ his dog while playing a guitar. Yes, GUITAR! WTF!? And it wasn't even a real guitar [well from what I saw, I wasn't going to stare at him....who knows, he could be a rapist or something XD] it was smaller than a normal one...and he had headphones on [to listen to the guitar...?] Who the hell takes walks like that!? He was like mid-aged to add to it....kinda creepy......... o.o why...?

Anyways, GUESS WHAT!! I'm taking driving lessons. For all of those who are thinking "Didn't you turn 16 a couple of months ago...shouldn't you already have a license?" -___- RAWR!!! No, I don't. T__T My parents were going through divorce and stuff when i turned 15 go they completely ignored me completely. -__- yeah...stupid parents. So, I'm taking it w/ one of my friends...every day. I don't know if that will mean there will be daily updates or what. The class is pretty late. But it does give me 2 stupid things to talk about. My stupidity at driving and my stupidity w/ my friend. o.o that is too much!! but.....I'M BECOMING STREET LEGAL THIS SUMMER!! now, how much longer till i become 21....then I'm at the drinking legal age. XD WATCH OUT CLUBS, HERE I COME!! ^^'

well some ppl enjoyed the AMV from last time, so here's another. ^^ btw, i don't make these. I'm working on my own right now. Love this one.

It's really well done. LOVE IT!!!
Love you people too!!
See you soon!!
btw, I added some e-cards.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


TIME: 12:15 AM
MOOD: meh.... a little tired, is all

So yeah....I'm not gonna do a daily update. Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and here. Not dead yet....yet. So yeah....idk but i randomly decided to update this late....don't know what to say so.......

lmao....ummm, gay theme today....idk. i was watching this when i randomly thought..."Let's update MyOtaku." XD oh wells.

See you ppl later.

btw, I still haven't changed the theme yet -__-

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