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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2008
life sucks so much

music: Deja Vu by SS501
time: 6:46 PM

SHINee is love.

My Valentinr - kobato
Get your own valentinr

*sob* my other love died this week too. T___________T why must i be cursed w/ such luck? why? *sigh* my life really sucks. -___- this time time, toma died. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not the real guy!!! Not this guy!!

O_________O *drools* OMG!!! People, I'm falling for him again. LIKE- GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! His smile, I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T I'm in love w/ him again!!!!!!!! in his new drama he's just, GAH!!! what do i have to do to marry him? TELL ME!!! i love him. -__-

Anyways, just got sidetracked. ^^; so yeah.... my computer [who is named toma thanks to someone... *coughStixxcough*] got infected w/ a virus early sunday, like at midnight. O.M.G.
i hate him so much for messing my computer like that. T___T why can't i hate him for more than 10 minutes? I LOVE THIS MAN TOO MUCH!!! IT"S JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!!!! i was going to download episode 2 of Uta no Onii-san (his drama.... it's weird....but i like it.... then again, i am an obsessive ohno fan and will pretty much like anything w/ him ^^;) but when i went to the website. BAM!! i get attacked by like 3 different things and end up getting a virus. T____T my computer is back to "normal". Yes, "normal". I lost everything on my computer. We had to restore everything b/c the stupid virus would just NOT go away. T^T it was so freaky!!! so yeah, everything is gone. all images [T_____T i had over a 1000 images of Arashi, Toma and other JE boys and over 1500 pictures of anime/manga], all videos [about 30GB of arashi alone. T___T then there was dramas], all music, all programs [i have to download so many again]. i have absolutely nothing. Years [well months for JE stuff] of saving images were lost. T^T i was making presents for people and lost them too. i can't even start over b/c i don't have the image anymore. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's all stupid ohno's fault!!! if he wasn't so damn adorable i wouldn't of cared about the drama!! GAH!! it's so boring w/o my music. it's all on my ipod but i can't even take music off of it. SUCKS!! i either erase it all or leave it all. I HATE IPODS!!!!!! it's like my computer's soul got stolen...T^T it's like it's not itself anymore..... so normal... so asian-less. [note: my wallpaper has been changed to SHINee. :3 my lovelies.]

so yeah....computer sucks!!!!!! i can't make anything b/c i don't have anything! i need to re-install photoshop. and THEN i need to go download brushes and textures. PAIN!! and THEN actually get images to suffer. -__- nothing new is coming from me soon.

theO is changing and adding way too much. @___@ overboard. angel things and member introduction plus who knows what. o__o too much. [i've looked at the member introductions. O_________O' so many of them say they are yaoi fans.... that scares me a little. i'm NOT a yaoi fan *ignores chibilala and kelsey* kinda scared. why nobody say they are JE fans? HUH?]

well we had an ice day on wednesday. we had some really bad weather on tuesday and got let out early that day [half day!!! \^o^/ loved it] so a day and half off during the week. amazing except for the fact that i spent the whole time fixing this computer and reading!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKED!!!!!!!! so much reading, i had to read 155 pages of In Cold Blood. a pain

time to answer the thing from last time [btw, i stole it from livejournal]
real answer // fangirl answer

(2 Points) My name: Jessica
(1 Point) My last name: not for you to now
(5 Points) Take a stab at my middle name: don't have one
(3 Points) Who am I in love with: at the moment nobody really -__- // JOHNNY'S ENTERTAINMENT AND SM (minus Super Junior), yes, all of them
(2 Points) Where did we meet: school // IN LOVEY DOVEY LAND ♥
(2 Points) What kind of car do I drive: none
(2 Points) Where do I work: i don't have a fixed job
(3 Points) What am I afraid of: spiders, heights // chibilala stealing my men my loves dying
(2 Points) Do I smoke: HELLZ NO!!
(3 Points) Do I drink: only on special occasions (like family things)
(2 Points) Do I have any siblings: yes
(2 Points) How many: 1
(1 Point) Do I like 'em: only when he dances to A.Ra.Shi. not kidding, he likes that song
(4 Points) What's one of my favorite things to do: sleep and fangirl // watch ohmiya snuggle
(2 Points) How many piercings do I have: 2, earrings
(3 Points) What's my favorite type of music: j-pop, k-pop, techno pop
(4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing: both. ^^; it depends w/ who i am with
(3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: ehhh.... both... it depends
(2 Points) Whatís my favorite color: black and blue
(3 Points) Name something I hate: tamaki from Ouran TamaHaru ohno life ^^;
(4 Points) Name a talent I have: uhh.... muffins... being stupid
(4 Points) What kind of sneakers do I wear: i wear flats ^0^
(4 Points) Do I have any pets: NOPE!! ^__^
(2 Points) Who am I dating right now: no one // TOMA!!!!! BAKAS!! i'm married to ohno!
(5 Points) How long have I been dating them: uh never? // *thinks* since late march last year. :3
(5 Points) What is the color of my room: white // JE & SM poster covered...that's not a color ^^;
(5 Points) What is my worst habit: procrastination
(5 Points on creativeness) If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring: YOU!!! and my boy band babies. >_< then we can start dancing to a.ra.shi. XD YES!! WE MUST!!

there you go, more than you need to know about me.

♥_________♥ i love this boy. i can't believe he is older than me. wah... T^T chibilala, i really didn't need what you gave me!! i can't stop staring at his face!!! WAH!!!

hahaha, last time was the first time in a long time someone said i looked young. ^^; i have bags under my eyes now from not sleeping well for the past 3 years. ^^; yeah, i know bad.

i got bored today and wrote on my foot w/ my hello kitty gel pens. i have purple writing on my foot now.

my eyes hurt. hurt a lot. is that bad?

my friend drew me count chocula... not it's in my binder.

you want to know who i think is hot? huh? homer simpson

that's my man cooking for me.

i wrote on my hands w/ my gel pens. i was bored in pre-calc.

T___________T i signed up for Calculus AP BC, Chemistry II AP, and English IV AP for next year.... T__________T it's gonna be hell!! i need to quit some.

i can't stop listening to deja vu by SS501

at 0:13 >///////////< that's my new love!! so gorgeous. ♥_♥ why do i keep falling for korean men.

i can't stop listening to lady gaga either. poker face is ... good. why am i listening to english music now?

ohmiya is amazing. ♥

i still watch strong baby by seungri (big bang) non-stop.... the live is hot!!!!!!

ahfklasjgkasj;ldka;slkas as;laskg;lkas OMG!!! 8'D YES!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! OMG!!! HIS DANCING WAS jg;kaaksg;lakg;lsa~!!!! JUST akj;klajg;lakf;las like ajhklgj;lagkas and ajh;kgja; and he make...GAH!! LOVE!!!!! LOVE!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agk;l;lsa gak;lfas i can't even talk about it!!!
i can't stop doing the hand moves for it!! T^T i love this!!!!!!! this is my obsession!! i've watched this 5 times non-stop then watched a different live and came back to this and watched it another million times!!!! GAH!! dance break is hot!!

arashi's new single, believe.... ♥_♥

finally watched live performance of Yamapi's solo, Mola. tsk, tsk. I am ashamed!! NOT HOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! if you are doing a song about smexin then you have to be hot!! LIKE SEUNGRI WAS!!!

i've been jumping to too many topics.

i'm watching Strong Baby again. [crack, crack, crack!!] i want to be one of those chicks. i want him to grab my ass

i am such a pervert.











O________O sorry for the random blast of lyrics. let's play a game. if you can guess the song and artist of each song i'll make you something. [every song is on the playlist :P]

dance boys!! DANCE!!!!!!!




O_______________O *gulp*

o_____o oh my....... gosh

sexy dancing will be continue next post. ^__^ enjoy watching yamapi touching himself like that in the last one. XD

i'm falling for this guy..... help me. massu... why you so cute? T^T

i still love him the most. XD what's wrong w/ me? lol

*hugs* long post. sorry. i got carried away. at least you have a whole week to comment, so yeah.... *hugs* i'm off to do some commenting, answer emails, and write a letter 8D [i'm so looking forward to that. lol] i have less HW than usual so i might get to a lot. YAY!!! *huggles*

preview for arashi's new PV for believe. IT'S ANIMATED THIS TIME!!! ARASHI + ANIME = DEAD SPARKLE-CHAN!!!

0:19 = ♥ anime ohno. :3 he is time bokan. lol

now i am done. love you all!!!!


8:12 PM

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

music: Stylish(The FILA) by Big Bang
time: 6:59 PM

*le sob*
*sob* dead. T_____________________T WAH!!!!!!!!!
Why did he have to die!?!?!?! I HATE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY THE 21ST!!!!!!!!!! HATE!!!!!!!!!! Why did he have to die? T________________________T
Before you freak out and think that one of my asian hubbies died, no. Far from that. My manga/anime hubby died in the latest chapter of Tsubasa. T__________T This guy

Syaoran (the one w/ the blue eye.....not explaining that part *sob* it hurts just to remember). WAH!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!! I HATE YOU CLAMP!!!!!!!!!! -___- really.... he was the only reason I was still reading this. T^T Now he is gone!! T____T I WANT HIM BACK!!!!!!!!! WHY WASN'T IT THE OTHER ONE!!! Why did he have to look so beautiful before dying? -___- After reading that my tension went down ↓ . [maybe the fact that I also watched the extra mini episode of Maou were I had to relive the death of one of my loves again also helped to bring my mood down. So sad that night, so sad T^T]

LET'S MOVE ON!!!!!!!! I'll always love you!!

This post is going to look very long but that is only b/c there are a million images. [I put a playlist on here now!! YAY!! XD 100 songs. O___O I wanted to put more but I had to stop myself]

So I said I was going to put a picture of me when I got my new hair cut. ^^; Never got to it but I took some today. [sorry for bad quality....of me and the picture. XD but really...sorry]. I'm not really pretty. The most I get is "cute". T____T

>_< Sorry!!! I wanted to play w/ the camera. And the other day my friend said that I open my eyes really big like an anime character. ^^; I don't know about that......

I'm an idiot.....I have to put a stupid picture of me. T^T Just be happy you don't live w/ me. DX

Normal-ish picture of me. ^^; I didn't know what to do. DX Ok, so now that you know how I look like.....do I really look asian!?!?!?!?!? OMG!! I'm mexican, people!!! Why do people say that I look asian!?!?! [some of class mates where confused if I was mexican or asian.] T_________T I'm not asian...I'm mexican. T^T


Kancho. :3 I had some the other day, I love these little things. [the picture is the bg on my cellphone XD] Best little korean cookies. THEY ARE YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it so cute!!!!!!!!!!? >_< I love it!!!!!!!!!! And this is why people think you are Asian.

School is getting better. But I think it is just me getting use to it. I've been skipping hw a lot lately. Choosing to read the latest translation for Arashi over reading the APUSH book. T___T Bad decision. The only reason I'm passing that class is b/c of me cheating on every quiz. ^^; I'm not the only one cheating. More than half the class cheats. You gotta do what you gotta do. I need to cheat to pass. ^^; Kinda sad.

OH YES!!!!!! I need your help!!! So our physics project this time is to build a guitar and play a diatonic scale and simple melody. The thing is....there has to be a theme. T___T Can any of you recommend songs to me? It has to be a song that everyone knows [no Twinkle, Twinkle little star.....WAH!! NO K-POP!!!!!! I WANTED TO DO HARU HARU!!!!!!!!].... and I can build a guitar decorated to match the song. I was thinking about doing the Entertainer [the ice cream song] and building an ice cream guitar and giving everybody a popsicle while I play. T^T But I don't know if I can learn how to play the song. I play the flute, not the guitar!!! Any suggestions? PLEASE!!!

Ok, I made wallpapers but I don't know if I should submit on here. ^^; So I'll share here. [click for larger]

It's FT Island. They are so cute!! I need to listen to them more.

Arashi's 10th anniversary is coming soon. So I am practicing making walls of them so I can have a really good one for their anniversary. Please give suggestions on making better.

I've been wanting to share this bloody image for so long. T__________T FINALLY!!!! Sorry it's small. Only 1024x768.

I also started working on making icons. O__________O I need major help on them. I didn't use any textures or brushes. I only worked w/ color this time. Here they are:


Icons include: Irie Jingi, Chinen Yuuri, Narumi Riko, Jaejoong, Jonghyun, Taguchi Junnosuke, Kashimashi, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ryo Nishikido, Ohno Satoshi, Onew, Syaoran Li, Tegoshi Yuya, Massuda Takahisa, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Taiwanese Art pictures
^^; Sorry, they aren't that good.....and I didn't make almost any of anime. I tried but....I got bored of them and went back to people. ^^; Only 5 of anime. 2 or Tomapi love. :3 Rabu!!! Feel free to use them or use them as a base. No credit needed. I'll be happy to see them used. ^^;

There's been so many changes on theO. Now Senior Otaku status has 3 levels. O_________O I wanted to be an Otaku Lengend, it seems it's going to take really long. T_____T I'm only a Senior Otaku+. And the trophy thing....WHAT? How can you tell if they really do deserve a ruby trophy? Just by the number? I can submit a million crappy wallpapers but that still should not be as good as 1 really good wallpaper. -__- I don't see the point. Are they just trying to get us more active? I only submit when I have something worthy, not for numbers. -___- I only have 3 trophies. Commenting, wallpapers, and e-cards. -__- I got a ruby one for cards....why?

OH!!! I have something I would like you to do!!! You don't have to comment about any of the other stuff but this. [I feel this post is really long, is it?]

Just answer the questions:
(2 Points) My name:
(1 Point) My last name:
(5 Points) Take a stab at my middle name:
(3 Points) Who am I in love with:
(2 Points) Where did we meet:
(2 Points) What kind of car do I drive:
(2 Points) Where do I work:
(3 Points) What am I afraid of:
(2 Points) Do I smoke:
(3 Points) Do I drink:
(2 Points) Do I have any siblings:
(2 Points) How many:
(1 Point) Do I like 'em:
(4 Points) What's one of my favorite things to do:
(2 Points) How many piercings do I have:
(3 Points) What's my favorite type of music:
(4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing:
(3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
(2 Points) Whatís my favorite color:
(3 Points) Name something I hate:
(4 Points) Name a talent I have:
(4 Points) What kind of sneakers do I wear:
(4 Points) Do I have any pets:
(2 Points) Who am I dating right now:
(5 Points) How long have I been dating them:
(5 Points) What is the color of my room:
(5 Points) What is my worst habit:
(5 Points on creativeness) If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring:

80-85 Points; Stalker Extraordinaire!
70-79 Points; Hard-Working Stalker
40-69 Points; Decent Stalker
20-39 Points; Stalker-In-Training
00-19 Points; Crappy Stalker or New Stalker

I'll do the math for you!!! I'll give partial credit....maybe. Good luck on being my stalker!!!!!!!! Do you want me to post answers next week?

B/c pictures are better than a million words. I give you what made me scream like an idiot at 7:45 AM [aka, in the morning before school] when I got on Livejournal

:3 I wuv this so much!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!! I don't care if you aren't sexy!!! Cute is enough for me!!!! *drools*

You know what I love about Uta no Onii-san? All the cute photoshoots Ohno does. ♥___♥ Love them.

Oh yeah, I started listening to a new girl band, After School.

8D YAY!!! New sluts!!!!!!!!!! XD They just debuted this month. O__O I'm addicted to Ah. So addicted.

Love it. :3 Is there something wrong w/ me?

I'll stop now....I want to share a video...but which?
My loves. ♥ Big Bang and Ice Cream

I WANT THAT PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies at 1:18* GD!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! o__O

*hugs* How are all of you!! TELL!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!! I'm gonna be busy w/ hw. Luckily I don't have SATs like some of my friends. I need to sign up for that.

Oh yes, last time someone *coughKelsey* said that the gay pron wasn't ... gay enough? Here!!! It's fan made.

That's the gayest I have. Seriously....or maybe this one

2 KAT-TUN guys undressing....kinda gay....right? -__-
I really need to do something with all these GIFS I have over a 150 on my photobucket [it's private, sorry. i have the same username but it's private. The password is easy to guess though. Really obvious.]

Now I am stopping. I need to go do stuff and I wrote too much. Sorry!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* I love you all!!!!!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2008

music: We can make it! by Arashi
time: 8:22 PM
mood: tired

[NOTE:] Do NOT watch video if you can't handle explicit scenes.

Warning was only for the people who can't handle a guy topless kissing a girl. Seriously, I don't think it's that bad but then I don't some person crying about how I ruined their innocence. Pfffft. Innocence? I swear, there is no innocent teenager out there.

Ok, little.... rant (?) is over.

I love this song so much!!! >///////< Oh yes, I will dance w/ you. *gets shot* T^T I am falling in love w/ Big Bang so much. All I listen to is Big Bang. OOOH!! Picture!!!

XD My favorite is GDragon [the one in orange]

^/////////////////^ He's so cute in that video!!!! [NO!!! I am not abandoning Ohno for him!!! OHNO IS CUTER!!!!!!!!] Why do I always fall for the leaders? lol In every band I listen to I end up loving/liking the leader. Seriously....I'm kinda creeped out. O___O WHY!?!?! Seeeeee
Arashi - Ohno
SHINee - Onew
Big Bang - GDragon
DBSK - Yunho
Hey!Say!JUMP - Yabu...I like him but not my fav
News - Yamapi... like him but not love
T______________T Makes me sad.....really sad.T_T

Ok, Long enough intro, ne? So how long has it been since I updated? I really have no idea. ^^; So yeah, a million things have happened. T___T It's so sad. I don't have time to come on here at all. I'm only updating b/c I have a 3 day weekend. If it weren't for that I wouldn't update. So yeah....school has been keeping me really busy. I've already had a ton of quizzes and tests and it's only been 2 weeks. I have a test over Huck Finn next week [I had a quiz on it after only being at school for 3 days] So things are moving really quickly. I'm pretty sure I will have to leave this place. The little free time I have is almost non-existent. T____T I'm too tired to read long posts [to be honest, long posts scare me right now] T____T You have no idea how much sleep I've lost. I couldn't keep my eyes open on Thursday. DX Even my teachers noticed a change in me. [Normally I talk to much, after a week at school I was sulking the whole time] T____T So have some of my friends. GAH!!! School is going to kill me!!! I'm 100% sure I will fail Pre-Calc. I can't wait until next year when I only have 5 classes. It'll be like heaven. [Btw, in the month of May I will NOT be on AT ALL. I have to study for 3 AP exams. I'll probably come back mid-June T^T (I have to catch on sleep and fandom before coming back)]

lol, How could I forget? I promised you gay pron last time. XD [No, I wasn't kidding when I said I would give it you] CHEERS!!!

OH SHAT!!! I wasn't kidding. XD Seriously, b/c of this GIF I had to go watch this DBSK mini drama. It was so cute. XD [I SWEAR I AM NOT A YAOI FAN!]

Oh yes! Jaejoong likes it rough!!

*stops herself* NOOOOOOOO!!! I am not letting myself go out of control again and tell a whole story in GIFS again. [BUT I WANT TO!!! T^T can i?]

Hmmmm.....I guess I can tell you the ways I failed since last post. K? LET'S DO THIS!

- I was about to call my brother, Nino. ^^; (They have the same b-day. That's the only connection I could find)
- While reading Huckleberry Finn, I saw the word "Oono" and started giggling. -__- I highlighted it and wrote: "Ohno ♥"
- Same thing happened when I saw the word "Ohio".... I will never think of that state the same way.
- I was tackled to by a friend to the ground. I could only laugh. [Seriously, everybody was around me asking if I was right....all I did was laugh]
- My manga hubby is about to die...... it makes me sad.
- I haven't watched Toma's new drama
- This new layout did not work at all how I wanted it to. I gave up.
- I had to bite my hand to stop myself from screaming after watching an Ohmiya SK video at 1 AM. [the part at 4:50]
- It's past 9 PM and I still haven't had dinner.
- 3 friends and I started doing the chin dance from Mirotic by DBSK outside in public....^^;
This thing:

CHIN DANCE!!!!!!!!

*sigh* I have so many dramas to watch. T____T I"M TOO BUSY!!! Seriously......I have to watch Boys over Flowers [Korean version of Hana Yori dango. HEY!! The guy is cute!!!

CUTE.] WHICH IS 2 EPISODES WEEKLY!!!! T____T Then there's Uta no Oniisan [Ohno drama] and Voice [Toma drama]. And then I might watch Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Mizushima Hiro drama] and RESCUE [Massu (News member) and Yusuke Yamamoto drama] TOO MUCH!!!! *cries a little*

OH YES!!! Happy early b-day Yamamoto Yusuke!!!

I WUV YOU!!!!!!! :3 His b-day is the 19th.

I'm stopping now!!! But I have to share this funny video, k?

LMAO!!!!!!! I love this video!!! OK, I have to comment about some parts. *nods*
Intro- NINO IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
NINO + BASEBALL = CUTE!!!! no NINO + ANYTHING = CUTE!!!! [his face is so cute. I have to watch this now just for him. XD]
Ninja rap - I like this song. O__O
Sugar Baby - OMG!!! MASSU!!!!!!!!! hlajgkla'jga'jfla'jsf I'm falling for him, people...help me!!! T__T
Lucky Star OP - PURE WIN.
I Kissed a Girl - Is it bad that I've seen every single one of these clips? And yes, Nino your bf will mind it. Don't worry Oh-chan, you can get revenge w/ me. *gets shot*
I Like a Boy in Uniform - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hugs* I hope things aren't going to bad w/ any of you. TELL ME!!!!! *hugs* I'm gonna have a quick dinner and then get to commenting. I'll try my best to get to you all. *nods* I'm sorry if I'm no longer active. I love you all!!!!

.....oh my....
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

music: Strong Baby by Big Bang [hey sexy :3]
time: 6:14 PM

..and proud of it!

*glomps* I've missed you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T I've been so busy lately and it might turn out I have a small weekend job now. WAH!! Why must I grown up!?!?! WAH!!!!!! grrrr.....

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!! We can make it though!!! *sings along* Everybody looks so pretty in this PV. :3 Oh-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!! ♥ Look at me, I barely started this post and I'm already flailing over him. >_< My bad. But I thought I would end things BIG- with my favorite J-pop band.

The icon is exactly how I feel right now.....O____O HOLY SHAT!!!! My break is almost over!!! I start school up again on Tuesday. *cries* I don't want to go back. WAH!!! I'm going back to the hardest semester of school EVER. EVER!!!!!!!!! Seriously, my APUSH teacher said we are going to have a quiz or test every other day. *cries* I barely even read that book. And there's physics!! WOE IS ME!!! *cries* I don't even get the stuff we did last semester!! How am I suppose to go learn all of Einstein's crap!?!?! T_____________T And don't get me started w/ English AP. It's gonna be hell. So if I don't update anymore it's b/c school is killing me ... or I had an emotional breakdown. ^^; One of the two. So I'm sorry if I just end up disappearing completely again. T^T

Happy 2009!!! ♥
So how did all of your New Year's celebrations go? Me? I wasn't all emo for once. ^^; But lately anti-social me has kicked in so I decided to skip ... like 2 parties I was invited to. ^^; Lately...I've been choosing my computer more. -__-' Not good. I'll tell you all the wonders of my fangirliness later. *nods* You know what? This music is so distracting!!! I have music playing while I'm typing but... I'm distracted. [>////////////< SHINee!!!!!!!! ♥ They are always playing lol] So my first dream of the year was... a bunch of crack. I'm not going into details but all of my friends at school were there. ALL OF THEM!! Like the ones I was friends w/ years ago were there. O__O I walked in w/ some and left w/ others. To be honest...I had no idea where we were. At first it seemed like a gym locker...but then my friend [he's a sophomore so that means he's not at my school, he will be next year. ^__^] was there all of a sudden. BUT HE'S A HE!! I don't care if he is gay!! Then we were in the classroom....and he Fruits Basket volume 20-something.... w/ all the pages in color. o.o And I opened up to a page w/ the monkey guy was on there [can't remember his name ^^;]... idk... the rest of dream was a bunch of crack. I'm not going into details... *sigh* My life is crack. :3 And I love it.

So what are your resolutions? TELL ME!!! [lmao!! I'm listening to Tell Me by the Wonder Girls right now. Tell me, tell me , tell me, t-t-t-t-t-tell me!! ♥] I have so many resolutions...I should right them. ^^;
1. ACTUALLY WORK ON SCHOOL WORK!!!! You have no idea how many times I've been distracted by this computer and end up doing nothing over the weekend. T__T Then I start failing.
2. Control fangirl me. T^T She needs to calm down when I have school work.
3. BRING ANIME BACK INTO MY LIFE!!! T___T Seriously, that's a resolution. It completely left my life. *cries a little*
4. Memorize all the stupid streets in this city. Seriously, I'm getting a car sometime this year... and I don't know any streets. T__T And I'm getting a license this month.
5. Work on my photoshopping skills. Seriously, their crap. DX
6. Memorize all the names of the guys in Hey!Say!JUMP, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, and what ever other band I find out. T__T All I know is Arashi, DBSK, SHINee, and News. T______T
7. WRITE SHORTER POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Marry Ohno Satoshi. uhhh.... *cough,cough*
9. Learn Japanese...maybe. Yes? No? I'm still debating over this.
10. Be a better friend...seriously... I fail.

*cries a little* One of my resolutions was to not cheat on Oh-chan. T___T WAH!!! Broke that right away... I started fangirling over Toma again. *cries* Horrible.

OH YES!! I couldn't watch the Johnny's Countdown live [yes, I WAS devasted]. But not b/c I overslept... I actually left the house waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before it even started. I left around 7:30 AM. T___T So yeah, I just watched it stream. One complain about it though.... THERE WAS TOO MUCH FREKING YAMAPI!!!!!

YES!! It's like the thing was Yamapi approved!! WTH!?!? Seriously, first thing I see is a Yamapi uchiwa [an uchiwa is basically a fan w/ your idol's face on one side and their name on the other. You buy them at concerts to show your support towards them. This is what I basically saw.] Exactly what I wanted to see - NOT!! Then I'm grazed w/ 2 Yamapi commercials. -__- A lot of Yamapi screen time.... and of course Yamapi uchiwas and uchiwas w/ the Yama kanji (?) [AKA this 山]. *cries* Ohno barely got any screen time and he was MC!! Oh well, the boy doesn't talk, I'm glad MatsuJun did most of the talking.

Anyways my poor [PFFFFT!!! POOR!?! She'll be poor when Arashi's done w/ her!] fangirl side has been getting so much stuff lately. >////< Arashi's next 2 singles have already been announced. KYAAAH!! Believe comes out Feb. 25 and they are also doing the theme song for Ohno's drama [Uta no Oniisan] which will be called *thinks* Away.
New "promo" for his drama

Ummm, does he not look different to you? Idk, maybe it's just me worrying but... he looks different to me. ^^; Like...older... I think he's overworking himself. [LOL at 0:24 XD Look at the left corner. lmao He looks so heroic in that. lmao]
For the wants to want to know, here's what the drama is about : "The story revolves around an unconventional children's show called "Minna de Utao!" Kenta[played by Oh-chan] is a young musician whose band breaks up and who gets dumped by his girlfriend. To top it off, his own family labels him as useless. Unexpectedly, he becomes an "uta no oniisan," a singing character on the children's show."
LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing at how crack-ful this is gonna be. XD

And since I know there's Toma fans lurking here [*glares* Mrs. Chun!! Cheating again, eh?]
CM for Toma's drama, Voice

No pun intended but.... TOMA'S VOICE!! ^//////^ I love hearing it. XD And Eita...YESH!! lol

Done w/ that.

Ok...I've talked to much but I must get it out. 1st sharing music:

I can't stop listening to this song. :3 I'm falling for Big Bang. [Sorry, it's a different style from normal but... I LOVE IT!!! Did I ever tell you I'm a music whore? I'll listen to pretty much anything. >.< YES, I"M A WHORE!!! lol] ♪Hey sexy~!! ♥ Tonight, you know.... I'm strong baby.♫ >////////////////< It actually made me blush. WTF!?! Ohno!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!! *bows*

You people freak me out w/ your addiction to Japanese music. You all voted for Japanese music only. I still love the Wonder Girls more than Morning Musume. [I don't really like Japanese girl bands...except for techno-pop ones like Perfume]

Key.... we get it, your name is Key.

Tegoshi.... Massu... what does that mean? You 2 want to do something kinky w/ each other tonight?

O___________O You want to do something kinky w/ pandas!!?! And you think it's funny!?! Your sick.

EWWW!! Gross!!! You already thinking about it!?!?!? Why!?!? DON"T TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!

YOU 2 GOT THESE TWO INTO THOSE TYPE OF THINGS, HUH!?!?! Ryo? Yamapi? Drinking buddies? Whatever happened to chibilala and Kelsey?

Or was it their senpais who thought them this? Jun? Ohno? WHY!?!?! T___T [Actually... I kinda like it]

Or maybe it was just Ohno... you whore. SEEE!! We belong together!! He's a whore, I'm a whore. It's all good. :3

Now, boys. There's really no need to fight for Ohno. He's mine already You can both share. ^__^ Ne?

Chinen will just sweep in and steal him from both or you [sorry no GIF...too lazy to find one ^^;] or ....

Aiba might decide he wants of piece of the magic too.

Sorry Sho, it looks like Ohno wants none for you. :3

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! TOMA!!! Don't worry!!! He'll turn to you some day!!! DON"T BE SAD!!

After all you have Yamapi. ^__^ Wasn't he cheating on you w/ Ryo? And Kelsey?

O____________O OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So you only let him believe that's he's w/ them but in reality he is all yours.....CLEVER!!!

Random but.... it's hot. ♥___♥

O_______O Somebody shoot me now!!!!!!!!! [I'm killing you, aren't I? Btw, I'm drinking now. XD Yes, like alcohol!!! lmao My mom just brought me some champagne and my alcohol tolerance isn't great. >_< I wonder if I can type when I'm drunk. lol]

OH YES!!!!!!!! That's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAKE IT OH-CHAN!!!!!!!~♥

U-know: "MICKY!!! There's porn on the computer screen!"
Micky: "PRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMME!!! GIMME!!!!!!! GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!" *falls crashes into chair*

Ryo? You love the Ohmiya pron too? ^___^ Good, you are good boy now. No more evil Sousuke from Last Friends, k?

Follow the red string!!! It leads to good porn. *nods*

Seee!!!!! Nothing hotter than Sho x Aiba porn. *cough cough*

How about Aiba porn? XD *click for larger image*

Oh no!!! Did I catch you indecent? fufufufufuf, My bad. XD [Seriously, I stopped drinking. It gave me a headache....are you ppl still reading?

Jonghyun: "NO!!! I like it like that. ^___^ Good job!! ^__^b"

I try to have fun too. ^________^

O__________________O '' Seriously... I have no idea how that just started.... I only wanted to show you that Key picture...and I got distracted for over an hour!! T_______________T

Now what I wanted to talk about. NEW CHALLENGE!!! Do it in 5 sentences or less. YOSH!!! AYE AYE CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!! [I'm really not drunk!!! Or am I? >_<]

TOMAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [not a sentence. IT'S A FRAGMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!] Ok so Jun and Toma went to a News concert on 12/30 and there's was so much Tomapi love!!!!!!! Toma kept touching Yamapi's arms and saying they were nice. XD Yamapi pretty much said that Toma was his and in his web blog he said he wants to do something w/ him this year!!!!!!! PLEASE JOHNNY-SAN, LET THEM DO SOMETHING TOGETHER, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE YAMAPI OUT OF NEWS AND MAKE HIM FOR A DUET W/ TOMA THAT WILL BE NOTHING BUT A HOT SEXY EYE ORGY FOR THE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *counts sentences* And Ohno told Ryo (Nishikido from news and Kanjani8 AKA guy drinking w/ yamapi *points above*) to not take Nino from him :3 and Ohmiya pair where cooking together in a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!

end of sentences


Seriously... .I need to stop. lol OH YES!! I changed the layout b/c.... all you ppl could see was the dorky cute...time to show Oh-chan's dark side. YOSH!!!!!

No video b/c....really? Do you need more of me? OH!!!!!!!

My gift to you for New Year. Hope this year is one of the best in your lives!!!!! B/c the world ends in 2012. XD
I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ ♥♥ You all made me so happy this year. T___T Thank you!!!!

You're the kid and I'm the snowman. :3 Yes, I'm gonna glomp all over you. MWAH!!! lmao

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* Have a great week!!! We're back to the normal set up of weekly posts!!! [Unless you really want another from me] Bye-bye!!!]

When I say lucky you say man! LUCKY! MAN!!!

I'll give it to you next time. ♥
AKA crack whore
8:28 PM
That took a while. ^^;

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

music: Your Seed by Hey!Say!JUMP
time: 12:51 PM

Rokkugo!! Rokkugo!! Rokkugo!!
>_< Sorry, this song has just been stuck in my head for the past few days. ROKKUGO!!! ^^; If you want to listen to the Japanese version listen here. This song is just insane!!!!! lol btw, It's Rokkugo by Super Junior T. *sigh* This group is insane w/ the sub units. TOO MANY!!!!!!!!

Ok, I kinda disappeared for a few days. -__- I'm sorry. I got into a depression, I guess you can call it that... So yeah.... Oh Christmas I got really depressed after posting. My mood totally just flipped. So yeah...I just got totally depressed. I've been depressed pretty much everyday until yesterday when I started to feel better. I felt like crying a ton of times. But enough about that!! It brings my mood down again. ^^; *sigh* My godmother [who is also my aunt] called on X-mas eve. -__- She wants me to go to Mexico for the summer. T___T NOOOOO!!! I don't want too!!! It's such a pain to go over there. I get separated from everybody. Plus there's the thing w/ my dad. He lives right in front of her. ^^; Like cross the street and you are there. ^^; And I don't think he really wants to speak w/ me. Plus, knowing myself, I'll just end up crying. -__-' So if I do go, I'm just staying there a day or 2 then heading south to were my grandma lives. *giggles* I kinda want to see what they'll do when they see my obsession w/ asian boy bands. XD They never knew about the anime/manga obsession. It'll be interesting.

So yeah, w/ me being all "emo" on X-mas eve, I totally skipped the party my mom's uncle was having. Oh well, I never did like going. ^^; I kinda miss the parties we use to have at my grandma's house for x-mas eve. I wonder if they still do them? -__- I haven't talked to my dad's side of the family for years. Since I was like...13 or 14. ^^; Yeah, it's been a while. Maybe I'll go down there for next X-mas, ne? You can do 2 weeks without me, ne? [Oh yeah!! I got some money and clothes for x-mas. Boring, ne?]

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so the day my aunt left [yes, she left already] I showed her my asian loves, SHINee, >///////< She said they were cute. ^///////////^ YES!! My mom still doesn't like any of the asian bands I listen to. Sorry mom, but they aren't going anywhere. So it's out. My mom and aunt now know that I want to marry an asian boy. ^^; No, nobody knew about this. LMAO!! My mom just avoided looking at me completely when I said that. XD And then my aunt was like "You are just like my daughter...except she likes black guys." >_< So yeah, it's out. And since my aunt loves to gossip everybody else will know about it soon. ^^; But I can't help it!! Even all the crushes I have at school are for asian guys [except for a few] Oh boy....LMAO!! I told my mom I wanted to marry a japanese guy and move to Japan. XD I want that to happen so badly. Go interracial marriage!! >.< A mexican married to a japanese boy, who ever heard of that. Oh well, our babies will be cute. XD

Ok, so to cheer me up I've been fangirling non-stop. >.< I saw this best video ever on x-mas eve. I was laughing non-stop. So Aiba had to go do this Hula dance thing w/ a bunch of guys and Taichi from TOKIO. XD OH GOSH!!!!!!!!! It was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. I'm putting this on my ipod. It was so worth the download. Anywas....OMG!! O________O Aiba's solo dance was AMAZING!!!!! NO!! HOT!!! WATCH!! WATCH!!!!

O___________O Did you see his moves. o.o When did this boy become so hot? WHEN!!?!?!?!?!?! I also saw this picspam of him for his birthday [LOOK AT IT!!] When did this boy become so hot? O__O It's like....BAM!! I'm hot!!!

O_________O Seriously, when did he become hot? I'm staring at him and wondering....why is he not my #1? WHY!?!?! T___T Why is it Ohno!?!?! Seriously.....I can't see the hot in Ohno anymore. All I see is dorky cute. How can I not see the hot in a man who looks like this

[Click at your own discretion for larger image. It might be the death of you either by A)a nosebleed or B) sparkle-chan finding out you are crushing on her guy]
T__T All I can see is dorky cute!! WAH!! I need a picspam of Ohno to see his hotness again!!

DORKY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been listening to News way too much lately!! T^T I can't stop listening to this song

ムラリストMurarisuto - NEWS
I think it's so cute!!!!!!! -__- I've been listening to their CD Color all the time. I have my ipod on shuffle and it's always playing them!! I was at the store yesterday and I found this purse that you can plug a ipod into it and it'll play it aloud...-__- I played weeeek by News out load. T^T I was so embarrassed. I started blushing. ^^; WAH!!!!!!

I've also been listeing to Hey!Say!JUMP a lot lately. -__- I had Your Seed stuck in my head for a whole day!!

Your Seed(映画「カンフー・パンダ」イメージソング) - Hey!Say!JUMP
I stayed up last night watching videos of them. T^T WHY!?!?!?! WAH!!!! It's insane!! They are so young. Darn you Chinen!! You just had to love Ohno Satoshi and catch my attention. -__-

I've also been listening to Perfume insane amount again. They are just so cute!!!! :3I love their music.

Sweet Doughnut - Perfume
Sweet Donuts is LOVE!! I've listened to this song non-stop while typing this. I love it!! You can skip this next part about them. Ok, this is the first dream about any asian thing I love. I had a weird dream about the Perfume girls.

Ok, so in my dream the one in the right and left [not middle one, their names are Kashiyuka, A-chan, Nocchi] were outside my house, like on the street, waiting for someone. So yeah, I went outside to go get something but then all of the sudden it started snowing. Like real snowing. I live in Texas so that never happens. So I was going to run in but then I was like "What the heck!! It never snow I'm gonna go enjoy it! ♥" So I ran out but then I saw them sitting out there still. I freaked out and asked them to go into the house. Of course I used the old "retarded" english b/c I thought they didn't know any. What my luck, they were fluent. So yeah, they wait in my house [they went and cleaned themselves up, freak thing. The capsule girl appeared out of no where. This chick
O________O Was this a reunion of all the techno groups?] So yeah, A-chan and some guy appear to take them back. Kashiyuka stays while the rest of them go get something ready. [Me: WTH!?!?!?!] So her and I start talking and got along really well [She sang me a song. XD] Then somehow my mom got back and told me they were waiting for Kashiyuka outside. She told me that she overheard that they were planning on killing her. O________O WTH!?! If anyone deserves to die in that group it is A-chan!! So yeah, I tried my best to keep her in. [For some odd reason she became my fav. o__o] Yeah, I don't remember any more. First dream I have of a j-pop love and it ends they are going to get killed. Note to self: No more listening to non-stop perfume before sleeping. ^^;

I was going to show you something really cute of Toma but I'll save it for next time.

WAH!! I can't finish Code Blue!! I don't care how hot Yamapi is in scrubs, I can't finish it!!

[Kelsey, you better enjoy that picture!!!]
I can't finish this drama!! WAH!! It was voted # 2 for top dramas this year. -__- [Ryusei no Kizuna was voted #3. WTF!?! It was NOT that great. I didn't like the ending. The only reason I paid attention was b/c Nino was in a suit. -__- Maou was #6 and my favorite drama from this year wasn't on there!!! Where's my Zettai Kareshi love!! Oh yeah, Kelsey, your man won #1 actor. T___T Nino got #2, Ohno got #4. WAH!!!!! Ikuta Toma got #4 for supporting actor!!! STUPID!!! Chibilala, Ryo got #1 for supporting actor. -__- More info.]

I really need to stop!!! I don't know when I will update again so HAPPY New Year!!!! CRAP!! I forgot!!!
Happy late birthday to

Kashiyuka ♥ Her b-day was on the 23rd.

Shun Oguri. His b-day was the 26th. WAH!! Mrs. Chun, I forgot about our love's b-day!!! At least I had cake to celebrate. [Yes, I even sang for him. XP]

Ok, I just want to know your opinions, k? So tell me which out of the bands you like. K? All you have to type is their country, you don't have to bother w / the band name.

For me:
1. JAPAN!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
2. Japan
4. South Korea ♥
Just want to know your opinions.

Any problems w/ the layout, TELL ME!!!
*hugs* Have a great day!! Also if you could, please leave me a list of what I missed from you. I've been gone since x-mas so yeah... missed a lot. ^^; *hugs* Hope your New Years goes well!!! ^___^

sucks to be you XP
2:10 PM

EDIT: please ignore

adj. overly fond of crack cocaine.
"Careful, Mom, she's fangirl."

Taken from the randomly generated Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary.
Look up another word:-

You Scored as Sakurai Sho

You're most compatible with Sho! You have a good head on your shoulders and have a broad outlook on life. Sho seems to prefer someone who is able to perceive the world and take it in stride - with him, you get a traveling companion.

Results based on a 2006 translated interview about ideal marriages - therefore, you may want to take everything with a grain of salt. ;)

Sakurai Sho


Matsumoto Jun


Ninomiya Kazunari


Aiba Masaki


Ohno Satoshi


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

music: Step and Go by Arashi
time: 1:37 PM

AH!!! I need to change the song!! *runs to you tube* >///////////////< I think this is my fav Christmas song now just b/c it's Toma singing it. ^//////^ Silly Toma, my days are always merry when you're around. ^__^

Oh yesh, it's not the holiday season, it's the monkey season b*tch. *snaps fingers*

Since that song is probably over now [it's really short. T^T Here's another one.

:3 I just started listening to Exile. They are good.

Well I decided to update early before all of you head of to your Christmas Eve parties. Aren't I nice person. If it weren't for the fact that A)It's someone's b-day today and B) I didn't wish you happy holidays last time, I wouldn't have updated today.

Happy Holidays, fools.
Oh yesh, that's Toma in the middle. :3 I completely forgot that I had all these Toma holiday pictures. Here I was trying to find Arashi ones when I already had some adorable Toma ones. :3 [For the ones who don't know who Toma is; he is a Japanese Actor that sparkle-chan is/was in love with. He's the one in the middle for those that forgot how he looks like!]
Hope that your holidays are filled w/ fun!! Now go stuff yourself w/ a ton of food!!!

What am I doing for X-mas? To be honest I don't know and it's already X-mas eve. ^^; Don't know if we are going out or doing something at home w/ my aunt. Last year I went to my friend's house [the one that was over last time I posted]. She said I could come again but...idk, don't feel like spending my x-mas eve surrounded by vietnamese people. lol

*glomps* You ish so cute. :3 I wuv you!!!

Ok, so Kelsey was saying that I should just stick to one asian "love". What's wrong w/ having more than one? It just means that I have a big enough heart for more than one. XP Ok, ok, ok. *copies Aiba* JUST A MOMENT!![LMAO!! I'm the only one who gets that joke!! DX] Fine, I'll tell you who my fav is. It really shouldn't surprise you that my fav is Ohno Satoshi [although it took me forever to learn his 1st name] ahhhh, his voice sounds so nice in the long I'm listening to right now. >///////< [Oh yes, I'm listening to Arashi. Screw Christmas music. Why should I follow the trend? I'll listen to Christmas music when I feel like it!!! Whether it be on Christmas or St. Patrick's Day. I'll listen to it when I want too. YAH!!! ARASHI!! ARASHI!!!] O____O Ummm..... So yeah. Oh-chan is my fav!! B/c no matter how many times I "cheat" on him, I always go back to him. [Right now I just have a MAJOR crush on Nino

Isn't he adorable? :3 I swear, if you EVER think about taking him...I'll cry...then kill you. *glares* You'll be dead to me. *nods* I don't mind Toma anymore b/c seriously, after making him have fans on here....he got stolen too many times. T___T Ohno? Why would you want him? Do you really want to hurt me like that? *pouts* Do you?]

I got a haircut today. -___- The bangs are back.

I wanted to have my hair like the one in the far left but my face doesn't go well w/ that. T__T So the bangs are back. It's so weird!!! I'm having a hard time adjusting again. Does anyone want to see it? T^T And I was just starting to like my old hair. WAH!!

You know what I think is funny? How all of you were defending j-pop when pretty much all of you were saying that the songs I put on here where good. I hadn't put any j-pop on here till today. >_< It's all been k-pop. I <3 K-pop. K-pop is just amazing!!! It really is good, possibly even better than J-pop. Ok, I take that back. It is better than J-pop. J-pop is good but it's just.. idk, weird to adjust to if you are into american music. ^^; Since animes usually have j-pop OP you are use to j-pop but non-anime OP songs are really different. *nods* Just like Taiwanese music is different from J-pop or K-pop. [It was also weird how the japanese bands were called cute more than the korean ones. Are you girls only into Japanese boys? XD lol]

OH YES!! I forgot to do this last time. Key Hole TV is a program that you download off the internet onto your computer. It lets you play Japanese tv stations on your computer. The quality isn't the best but it does give you a live feed. I use to watch dramas live off it but now I can't. [I'm not home. ^^;] So yeah, if you want it, just google it and download it. I'm watching the Johnny's Countdown [New Years] this year. >///////////////< I'm so happy!!! At first there was a rumor that the MC was going to be NewS but, KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!, it's gonna be Arashi instead. YESH!!! *jumps for joy* Let's just hope I wake up in time. [I've been waking up at 11 everyday lately. I need to get up at 8 for it. T^T I'm scared I'll oversleep. WAH!!]

OH YES!! I need to stop this now!!!

:3 Happy 26 th B-day Aiba!!!! [He's a member of Arashi]

Oh yes, I counted last time. I mentioned 9 differents bands in that post. T^T One short from 10.

OH!!! And Kelsey!!! *hugs* Remember

So cheer up, for Christmas, please. *hugs*

Have a wonderful Christmas or whatever other holiday you celebrate!!! Toma's orders!!!

OH!! I found the video of the part of the Arashi movie that I really wanted to show you. XD It's hilarious!!!!

Since most of you don't know Japanese or Spanish, I'll translate the spanish subs to English. [I'm using the real names not their movie names]
Nino: There!
Everyone: "Welcome to the secret room of the erotic girl. Come in, come in. " Wooooooow!
Nino: I had to ask for my paycheck of March to be able to get these tapes.
MatsuJun: It's rare, I feel like I'm feeling less guilty [O__O I have no idea how to translate that line. ^^; And I'm NOT asking my mom]
Nino: Oh yeah, pay up, pay up!
Sho: WAIT!! Prove it first!
Nino: Sh*t.
Ohno: It's nothing! There's nothing...
Nino: Ok, let's go. When you feel something, raise your hand.
Everyone: Yes.
Nino: In you goooooooo.... [loose translation ^^;]
Everyone: Fast!
Video Girl: It's ok, it's ok.
Man: How is that possible?
Girl: Everything is alright.
Girl: There, yes.
Man: How is that possible? [Me: why are you asking that!!!? WTH NINO!!!!!!]
Girl: There, yes.....
Man: Ah, yes.......
Girl: And now, how do you feel? [EWWWWW!! Icky face!!]
Matsu Jun: It's english, do I really need to translate that?
Oh yeah

lmao!! I loved that since in the movie. XD

*hugs* I hope you all have a great day!! And you get what you wanted for Christmas. Since this post was long I won't post till after Christmas, k? My internet is being very crappy today but I'll try my best!! *nods*

That would be a dream come true. XD

2:45 PM

Sweet Doughnut - Perfume

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You're my SHUPER star. :3

music: Lucky Man by Arashi
time: 11:39 PM

*glomps Ohno icon* Ish so cute. X3 Why do I even love this man? Even I don't know.

Oh yes, another update and yet another band. Yes, another Korean one. HEY!!! I can't help it!! Those Korean boys sure know how to dance and make catchy songs.
You're my
LMAO!!!!!They can't say super. XD Ok, today's song isn't as catchy but....I love the way they say super. >_< Yes, that's the only reason it's on here. [btw, those are the real lyrics]
Oh yeah, it's Superstar by Supernova... another random band I'm not a fan of. XD
I think I might put on a new band w/ every single update. Don't worry, I won't run out of them. I mean I have Korean and Japanese and if I run out of those I can just go to Taiwanese. >.< lol

hieiartemis, you can totally have that guy in the vest. I'm not claiming them.

I think their company is DSP. *sigh* I feel so sorry for them. They thought they could out shine Super Junior. Sorry boys but they are SM, you can't beat SM. Nuh huh. -__- Feel bad that I'm not their fan.
YES YOU READ RIGHT!!!!!! I'm not being a whore and claiming them. SHINee is enough for me. X3

*huggles them* I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And no!!!!!! I'm not cheating on my precious Arashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are still my number one love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T____T You are getting so old. WAH!!! You're gonna get replaced by News

Or.... *cries* Hey!Say!JUMP

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I don't want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arashi, don't die!!!!!!!!! Don't let Hey!Say!JUMP take over you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [While searching for a Hey!Say!JUMP picture....I saw the grossest thing ever....all of them topless. T______T WHY!?!?!?! Why do they do that to poor kids like that!!!!!!! I mean one of them is only 14!! GAH!! Johnny's ... you make me sick sometimes. If you want to make a group be topless go make KAT-TUN do it! GAH!!]

Ok, so today my friend came over. [the one who's in love w/ k-pop] -__- I got introduced to too many bands today. WTH!? Leave me alone w/ the ones I have already!! I don't need more. [XD You are my shuper star lol] Of course....my j-pop was talked bad about again. T___T Why does she always have to hate on J-pop? *sigh* Sure it isn't as good as k-pop but...i still like it. Not even NewS met her taste [yet she showed my all this k-pop that I didn't like, I just said I didn't like it but didn't trash] Oh well, it can't be helped. Especially after I trashed her fav band Girls Generation [SNSD]

I don't like them. Their music gets on my nerves so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the first time she brought them up...I didn't like them. There's too many!!!!!!! So anyways, she found out that my love was Arashi and when I told her they were the top artist this year, I decided to show her the top song

[Truth by Arashi]
For those who don't know it was the one above [it was a double single, so here is the other song] She said if this was the best then Japan really does have bad music. T^T I loved that song. Why is Arashi being trashed so much by my friends lately. First my other friend calls them old [Oh yes, Mrs. Chun. I had to hold myself back so I wouldn't scream at her. -__-] and now this friend says that it's sad they are the best. WAH!!!!!!!!!!! *pouts* Why does Arashi have to a group you either hate or like? -__- Why is it getting so much hate lately?
Oh yeah!!! #2 was Arashi too
#1 - Truth/Kaze no mukou e
#2 - One Love
#10 - Beautiful Days
#12 - Step and Go
I'm too lazy to do all the bands I like. -___- So yeah.....WAH!!! Why must all the hate continue!!!

*giggles* But Arashi did get one good compliment. Ok, so my friend knew about the whole "TOMA IS AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!" thing. Thing is...she didn't know I like another one. So yeah, she sees my wallpaper...it's Nino. :3 LOVE IT!!! Then goes accusing me of cheating. *rolls eyes* You can't accuse me of cheating if you can't even remember the name of the guy I'm cheating on!!! She said Nino looked young!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

She wouldn't believe me when I said he was 25. XD She said he looked 17. >/////////////< *sigh* I love him!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got a new hair cute!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>_< maybe I should show it to you. hehehehe

OMG. ♥ I love it. I swear that boy is lying to us and really is 18. *nods*
But then why does he look the same in this picture

that was taken in 2000? -__- Why don't you age!!!!!!!!!!!!?

^_______________^ I love his new hair!!!

I'll end this soon!!! I promise!!!
Anyways today I found out something that made me lose some respect for K-pop. *sigh* They're allowed to lip sync. -__- I think that's stupid!!!!! I don't care if they have a hard dance routine or anything. I mean JE makes them sing live and dance. [Trust me you can tell.] I think it's stupid. And how idols over there only have to do one thing and while JE idols have to sing and act. -__- Makes me love my Johnny's even more.

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!! I finished Ryusei no Kizuna today.

So happy!!! That means Nino could get rid of that hair. XD lol, It was a good drama but not my fav. Oh well, it gave me some Nino. [what is wrong w/ me!?!?! All I've talked about is him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -___-']

Oh, Kelsey!! Don't worry about Yamapi!!!!! I'll make sure I don't fall for him again!! [I've been feeding myself non-stop Nino to prevent that. lol, Idk, I think he is cuter.] OH!!! And Yamapi isn't a doctor, he's just an intern. I'll talk more about that drama next time.

Meagan....*glomps* Heck yeah!!! We'll be the hell duo!!!!!!!!!!! B/c Goz and Mez sure are hot. XD [What are you talking about!!!!! Mez has the sexy glasses and you know it!] lol They'll be our stage names while we tour the world spreading the perfume love in our snazzy outfits. :3 [btw, I'll watch the vid soon!!! After posting, k?]

^^; To anyone who is lost right now....Sorry.

Oh yeah!!!!! And thank you for thinking my post are interesting!!!!!!!! Fangirly me is back today. You can thank Nino's new hair for triggering her back. lol [Really, yesterday was just a slow day. DX]

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!! You must see the awesome fan art Meagan did!!! X3 I is in love w/ it.

It's the Uta no Oniisan outfits!!!!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!! lmao I can not stop watching that CM. It's so funny!!!!!
*huggles Ohno* You have to be the cutest 28 year old ever.

>//////////< I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
^^; lol

B/c crack subs are delicious, have some more

Oh yes....I slightly wanted to kill this video for the Arashi comment but...it's true. T___T
[I'd show you an image of him but Photobucket isn't working. -___-]

Ok, this is long so I probably won't update in a day. Ok? So yeah..... I'll catch up w/ comments tonight or in the morning!!! My friend coming over ruined my plans. -__-

How many bands did I mention in this post?

Photobucket site maintenance sucks!!!!!!

*hugs* Have a great day!!!!!!!!! Bye-bye!!!!

1:09 AM

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

1 2 3 4 BACK!!!

music: 1234 Back by A'st1
time: 6:00 PM

I still can't believe you want me to update more often. Do I really bring you people joy? o_O I mean, I spend most of the time fangirling over fandoms you could care less about. *shrugs* Well since you want the updates.... here you go. XP If my updates are more often they tend to be shorter.

Btw, oh yes....this is my x-mas theme. XD

I don't even know the band that is playing right now. >_> The song is just stuck in my head...so why not share, ne?
1 2 3 4 BACK!!!
♪You're some random Korean band....that I don't really care about ♫
*insert music*
That's my remake of the lyrics. XD
Btw, the subs on that the video are totally fake.

Well my aunt is here now....whoo. -__-

There's really nothing to talk about to be honest... not even fangirl me has done much today... just kinda hungry. ^^;

All I've done today is watch a million and one crack sub videos for all the bands I like. XD They are hilarious. I would share them w/ you but... would any of you even care that much? Since none of you are into JE, SM, or JYP. [Do any of you even know what those are?] Oh yeah!!! And I watch the drama Code Blue.

Oh yes, even more Yamapi. -__- My crush on him is coming back.....and I don't want it!!! Go away!!! [Kelsey...I don't think you want Hero. *shakes head* Chibilala wants him and you know my friend who just fell for Yamapi....yeah, she loves Hero. Like a lot, lot, lot.]

My mood is kinda down today.... guess b/c it's a slow fangirl day. ^^; Nothing much happened today.

Oh wow... I really don't know what to say. ^^; I'm not use to updating so often...... SORRY!!!
*thinks* Gotta make this interesting somehow!!!

Got nothing.....Well let's see. Today I decided that i am MOST DEFINITELY watching this year's Johnny's Countdown life this year. *nods* Waking up at 8 AM on Dec 31st and watching it on Key Hole TV. Oh yes. >////////< But stupid time differences make it so I have to wake up early. Why is it 8 here but 11 PM over there!?!?!?! -__-

I'm hungry.

So you know what I've been watching this whole day. Crack subs

Oh yes, Noona is so pretty again. XD Didn't I tell you I'm obsessed? lol
What would I give for me to be Noona. Wasn't I married to Ohno? >////< This one is so perverted. lmao

Ummm...I'm just gonna stop. There's no point to this post. Sorry for wasting your time. T^T Have a great day!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the comments and whoever comments today too.
Love ya. ^_^b

It's true. ^^;

6:26 PM

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunkist. ♥

music: Rising Sun by DBSK
time: 6:44 PM

Wait up, you need to listen/watch this. I've been SUPER obsessed w/ this song lately. *le happy sigh* It makes me go "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥"
*puts vid on Autoplay*

Now you have to watch it. :3
I can't stop listening to it!! I have to watch the video on a daily basis. *sigh* Onew, take me now. o_O I really didn't expect to become a fan but...their cuteness got to me. >///////< I love them!!! I just wished their name wasn't so gay. -__- SHINeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! -__-'

*stops post at 7:00 to go get Aunt who just arrived from Mexico*

*back at 9:27 PM*
O________________O GAH!!! The highways are so crowded downtown!! So many cars....and then a stupid mom who doesn't know how to use the highways [part of me just wanted to take the wheel but then again...driving at night...idk about that. ^^;] Aunt's w/ mom in the kitchen. Yay. *sarcasm* My cousins are coming too. *rolls eyes* Guess who's locking her self in her room? MEH!! Oh yes, I so did take my iPod w/ me on the car ride over there to pick her up. And oh yes, I watched Noona is so pretty (replay) over and over again. *_* I is in love.

Where was I before I left? Oh yeah video I'm forcing you to watch is Noona is so pretty(replay)by SHINee. *stares* Their dancing is love. :3
At 3:25 tee hee...that move is just ummm.... so perverted [and it's Taemin, the youngest one at the front. XD I wuv him!!!!]

Enough about that. *puts on Noona is so pretty (Replay/Boomtrack)* Oh yeah, did I tell you I'm obsessed w/ this song and it's "remix".

Let's see exams are over [btw this might be a lengthy post b/c I'm covering a week of finals and a week of fangirly Arashi love. ♥ NewS too.] and grades are done. This is how they turned out:

Somebody care to explain to me how I pass the Physics exam w/ an 80 and fail Pre-Calc w/ a 67? Hmmm? I thought the Pre-Calc exam was so easy!!! I was sure I got a B but NO. I go fail the stupid thing. T____T I don't want colleges to see that!!! A 67!!!!!! Couldn't I have at least gotten 1 more right to pass the thing!!!? GAH!!! I hate you!!! And then physics I pass!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! O________O Yeah I studied but when I was taking my face was like this the whole time " o.o EH!????!?!?!?!?!" I was cursing in 3 different languages the whole time!!! That's how horrible it was. First page and I was slamming my head against the desk, literally. -__- The Physics exam was a b*tch.

Time to sum up the week quickly!!!
Last day of normal classes. WOOT! So yeah, during PE I was watching Korean Music Videos on my iPod and one of my "friends" started staring at me and had to watch. o____o She called SHINee cute. Cute. o.O She called DBSK cute. [EXCUSE ME!! They are NOT cute!! They are sexy!! SEXY!!! S-E-X-Y!! *coughcough*] I was happy.

Ok, school was supposed to be canceled today but uh NO. Roads were iced and I was still at school. [Since I thought school was going to be canceled I totally blew studying that night. That explains the Computer Science grade] We only had one exam that day so I didn't have to be there till 11, I was there before 9 [didn't have a ride ^^;] so my friend and I....got lost in fangirl world. >/////< Idk...at first it was DBSK but then I asked her if she knew about SHINee. She said no. Then we started watching all their videos which lead to me showing her NewS. ^^; We got lost in fangirl world for an hour!! We lost track of were everyone was, what time it was. Everything. *sigh* Unfortunately....I created another NewS fan. -__-'[She doesn't like Arashi!! They are safe!!! When I told her the oldest member was 28 she kinda felt disgusted. *hugs Ohno* It's OK!! I still love you!! She said Arashi was ok but the age turned her off. Pffffft. Whatever] Yeah...the girl said they look like DBSK. She said Yamapi looked like Hero.

Yamapi looks like

Hero [AKA Jae Joong]
*le sigh* So pretty. Anyways...now she is a Yamapi fan. *glares* She barges into the NewS fandom and plans to just take Yamapi like that!? NO!! Either she gives me U-know

[U-know AKA Yunho]
Or no happy ending for her!!! [Sorry Kelsey, he's just a popular guy. Hey! Even I had a crush on him a long time ago. ^^; You got the biggest whore from the group] I don't want Xiah!!!
*sigh* But Yamapi is Kelsey's man ... what to do. She liked Ryo to but dumped him for Yamapi [>///< She accepted Tegoshi as mine. XD lmao!! Still love my Ohno more]
Computer Science exam was BLEH!! I totally forgot about how to write coding for arrays so I didn't do our free response of java coding. ^^;

2 easiest exams EVER!! PE and Art. HA. So easy.

English was so looooooooooooong and boring. -__- But there was this interesting Mark Twain story. Made me laugh.
Physics exam was a b*tch. I can't stop saying that.

PEOPLE NEED TO STOP STEALING MY IPOD!!! Back to Tuesday. After getting my friend hooked to News *coughmorelikeYamapicough* she stole my ipod in the after school to watch weeeek again. My friend [super obsessive w/ manga. Has over 800 manga books] went all "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Boy bands!!" *glares* Girl, NO!!! It's: "YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! BOY BANDS!!!!~♥" *sigh* That day made me realize that I can't come out of the JE closet yet. -__-' I told my friend I don't find much interest in manga anymore....I got yelled at. =__= Anyways, manga obsessive friend keeps stealing my iPod now. T^T WAH!!!
APUSH and Pre-Calc exams were BLEH! I didn't study.

And now we are here......kinda. I left out a lot of details. ^^; Forgot where I was going w/ this. hehehehehe

Le fangirling part....^^; [welcomed to skip it!]
So I got to see the preview for Ohno's new drama. *spazzes out* OMG!!!! WATCH!!!

>////////////////////< I want this drama so badly now!!! I want an icon for this too!!! I want it!!! I want to be one of those kids too!!! Just lunge myself on them. YESH!! Meagan [innocent heart], we so need to get ourselves this costume. XD I can't stop watching it. He goes from shiny pants to bright yellow pants. Oh, this is so gonna be crack. LMAO!!

OH!!! And I got the preview for Arashi's new single, Believe. ^//////////^ I LOVE IT!!!

All I hear is Ohno's voice. OH YESH!! This is gonna be good. The song is for the upcoming movie starring Arashi's member, Sho Sakurai, in Yatterman, based of the popular anime.
I want this MOVIE!!!

Sho never had you looked so hot. :3 lol

OH!!! I finally finished another drama. FINALLY. Took forever, the last full drama I watched was Maou...I think.....No that has Hana Yori Dango.
I watched Stand Up!

Starring Nino, Yamapi, Shun Oguri, and some other guy. XD It was kinda a three in one deal. lol 3 actors I like in one drama. *sigh* So much eye candy. lol The drama was a bit perverted. It was about a group of 4 teenagers who are the last virgins at their school and are trying to desperately get rid of it. lol But there's a ton of obstacles and of their old friends come back for the summer. XD KenKen [played by Yamapi] was so adorable!! >////////< The boy was obsessed w/ trains!! Everytime one went bye, he'd start shouting everything about it. It was so cute when he was in the bathtub screaming that he wasn't crazy. XD So funny!! I loved when Sho-chan[played by Nino] was screaming that the fridge was eating him. :3 Nino, I love you!!! He was so cute. So yeah...if you want to watch Nino, Yamapi, Shun, and the other guy topless....go watch it. Or watch it for the good story behind it. Ahh, to be young again. lmao

I think I'm gonna stop hear...even though I didn't tell you about Ohno's stupid attempt to break a world record or how 3 of the Arashi guys got "molested" by some old man in Shanghai. lmao

HOLY CRAP!!! I totally forgot!!
Arashi got the 2 top singles in Japan!! WOOT!!! You know how in america there's the top song chart thing [forgot what it's called] Well yeah, Arashi monopolized that this year. In the top 10 they have 3 songs. Number 1 and 2 are Truth/Kaze no mukou e and One Love by Arashi. ^___^ This hasn't happened since 19 years ago. [Made me laugh when I saw KAT-TUN beat News so badly. XD News isn't even in the top 20. lol] It's your time Arashi. :3

Btw, are there any Exile fans here? I need help finding out what one of the songs is. Nvm, I paid more attention and fought what it was. It was I Believe by Exile. It sounded good. XD

OH!!!! I have a few questions. Do you want me to update daily or not? I have a lot of time during the break to update. All I have to do is study for the SAT and watch dramas. ^^; See really lazy. So yeah, you choose. ^__^ OH!!! And should I do a x-mas theme? Yes? No? Should it be anime or non-anime [aka, asian boy bands. XD]? Hmmm?

Random Video [yes, EVEN MORE!!!]
I know I showed this to you before but I still find it hilarious. XD

Too much funny. XD

If you have time [or are bored] I made a new e-card. You can go look at it if you feel like it. -__- [My internet stopped working!! WAH!! I can't add the post!! WORK DARN IT!! WORK!!!]

The quality isn't as good as before. T^T I fail at making cards now. T__T

*hugs* Have a great day!!! TheO is loading really slowly for me today so I might get to much commenting over there. Sorry. T___T

Sorry about the long post too. T___T

Say no to scrunchies. ♥


JE = ♥
10:55 PM

[EDIT: myO and theO are loading UNBELIEVABLY slow today (is it just me? Or is it the server?) but all other sites are fine. -__- Sorry if I can't get to you. T^T]

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Friday, December 12, 2008

HOLY JEBUS!!! save me!!

Music: Niji by Ninomiya Kazunari ♥
time: 7:25 PM

This has to be the LONGEST week ever!!! So long.... I felt like crying in the middle of it... but had to suck it up or I wouldn't pass this class. T___T Hey....I should go look at my grades.
Be right back.
*runs off*
..... *teardrop* My grades aren't that great... I am scared of failing physics so badly. I DON'T GET IT!!! We just did a mini-quiz review thing for chemistry today. T____T My friend had to help me w/ half of it. WAH!!! DIE!! DIE!!!! I HATE PHYSICS!!!
For the ones who want to know my grades.

WAH!!!! T^T

Funny thing.....I totally left this post for 15 minutes....I really need to stop being on a million sites at once.

I want NOBODY, nobody but YOU!!
I want NOBODY, nobody but YOU!!
*sweatdrop* Listening to Nobody by the Wonder Girls.... hehehehe...it's stuck in my head.

Ok....ummm....last Sunday I had community service. O___O Met 2 of the cutest guys EVER!!! *sigh* So cute....... but....I did some "research" [ok, I asked a girl he was talking to earlier what school she went to] and found out he is still in high school. T^T Sparkle-chan is in senior high school. T___T But then I thought "HEY!! He'll be at my school next year!!! We can at least be friends." Woe is me. It took me all night to realize that his high school doesn't feed into my senior high school. T___T It's over....and he was such a cute asian boy. *pouts* But on the bright side...I made myself a Ohmiya SK bracelet there while I was bored. >_< I was stuck at the crafts section.

Yeah....I ship that. >_<
part of my wants to be in there too. XD

So yeah......it's been a really long week. So looooooooooooooooooooooong, I thought it was never gonna end. All our teachers were cramming in the last lessons before the semester is over. A test in every class. Isn't the week before finals suppose to be Review/Dead Week? T___T We only have one day of review...then it's finals. T___T
Next WEEK is gonna be HELL.

But the weekend before that was good!!! >/////////////< I found this one picture that had me screaming. lol [don't be pervs XP]

LMAO!!! I don't know how many of you know but my real name is Jessica. So when I saw that "J" there.... o___o I screamed. My secret love affair having a J on him. >////////////////< AND Ohno was hot in that shoot. I <3 men in SUITS. So much love. I even got some Ohmiya in that shoot. Oh.mi.gosh. I was happy.

I got the best news ever on Monday!! ^//////^
So I was complaining on Monday how Ohno rarely did dramas and how it'd be YEARS before he got another drama. [b/c even he said he doesn't like acting in them] Oh.mi.gosh.....there is a God. *nods* HE GOT HIMSELF IN A NEW DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! I thought it's take years but....it only took months. o__o But the drama he is gonna be in.... is comedy.
[short video]

Did you see his outfit? Did you SEE his outfit?....I love it. >_< LMAO!!!! Idk...I find it cute!! ^___^ And maybe this means he'll keep the black hair. lol Filming starts the 18th. Good luck!!!!

Toma drama.....I have no clue what's happening there. All I know is a summary and that's it.

*sigh* You know what.....I'm just gonna say it [since 2 of my friends forced it out of me DX] You know how at the beginning of the summer I was obsessed w/ this guy

Ikuta Toma
Pretty much everybody married me off to him [Yeah, you read right!! I didn't marry myself to him. All of YOU did.] One of my friends even said I was pregnant w/ his child [insane story...I'm also running away from the law]. Well yeah....I'm sure most of you have noticed....another guy got into this. AKA this guy ↓

Well yeah....Stixx and chibilala have forced me to say it so...I'm just gonna share it w/ everyone now.
I love Ohno more than Toma.
-____- So sad........ so sad. Krystal [Stixx] already married me off [pretty much] to him. *sigh* When did I get divorced? >_< BUT!!! Thanks to chibilala [love you, unbiological twin-chan!!!] I decided that Ohno is my husband while Toma is my adorable boyfriend [b/c we always love the boyfriend more. XP] and Nino is my secret love affair. So yeah.....I wonder whose drama will get most of my attention. XD Who wants to bet that I will still cry in Ohno's drama even though it's comedy? lmao

I want gum....and a muffin.

Well a downloaded a TON of videos to my ipod [my friend saw some of them. He liked Nice no kokoroiki by Arashi. WTF!? They're the gheist of the ghei!! But he said SHINee screamed "Backstreet Boys". Uh, no...that's Arashi...no... they're more of N'SYNC...well their old songs were... a mix of both? Anyways...of topic] ^___^ I like it. XD I've been listening to Tegomass so much lately.

*gets stared at* What...I like the music. Massuda's voice is...nice....so is Tegoshi's. *gets stared at* o___o Two pretty asian boys who make love songs are NOT going to replace my two pretty asian boys who make love. >_< Ohmiya forever!!!!

I talked too much. Oh well....if you didn't read it all, I still wuv you. :3 *glomps* So yeah...exams next week. Who's gonna fail!? I AM!!!! *sobs* I'll be having half days next week so I'll be on more.

OH YEAH!! I said the b-days don't end last time!! Well they don't. My asian loves just keep on gettin older. On the 14th is Onew's b-day.

*glomps* 19!!!!! He's the leader of SHINee [korean boy band]. I wuv him. ^w^

B/c I love the song on here to death [my favorite solo by ANY Johnny's member] and I love Hana Yori Dango [fav drama EVER!!]

I loved it combined. ♥
I love the lyrics to death. Nino...why do you write such pretty lyrics. *teardrop*

*hugs* I'll try to visit you all. I'll be doing it between cramming and watching dramas [My Boss My Hero, Ryusei no Kizuna, Code Blue] I'll try my best!!! ^_^b


pffft, I wished I was a genius.

8:36 PM

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