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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008
MUSIC: Baby Cruising Love by Perfume
MOOD: freaked out!!
TIME: 2:13 PM

Tadaima!!! ^____^ [waits for somebody to say Okaeri nasai] Hello!!! How are you all doing today!!! ^^ Why am i writing as if i were unbelievably happy? HAPPY!!! idk....hmmm, I'm really not. lol. btw, the japanese text at the top says, konnichiwa. ^^ yes, i was listening to perfume at that time....now Maaya Sakamoto. lol, time went by quickly. XD

anyways, on Friday I died and went to fangirl heaven. ^///////////////^ Guess what i watched? Maou!! Which meant getting to see my Ikuta Toma and Ohno [wth is the rest of his name? any arashi fans out there?] kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! i freakin' loved it!!! I want the ending so badly right now. NOW!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* That's gonna be a while from now though... episode 4 just aired in Japan on Friday and the # of episodes hasn't been announced yet. =/ I hope it's more than 10. *nods* 11, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!! 2nd season?! Well, I got some screencaps for you today. ^^ Now you are able to feast on the smexiness that is Toma and Ohno. XP is anybody interested in watching this drama?
click on the image for a larger one ^^ *sigh* this took forever to do. it's 3:00 PM already

>////////////< kyaaaaa!!! can i say one thing? I love you!!!!!!!!! *hides from all arashi fans* btw, this is from the OP

Of course, my love. XD the only reason i started watching this...sadly he isn't the reason i am watching this anymore. >.< i find that amusing. His face looks weird.....mean-ish. XD

nyaaah, he looks evil. Is it bad that i actually what him to get his revenge? That i want to see him kill Ikuta Toma....and i want his fangirls to suffer? XD hehehe...my sadistic side is showing.

lol, he looks so defenseless and lost. Baka, he is a horrible detective. XD I can't believe he doesn't get any of the clues Naruse is throwing at him. XD [btw, Ikuta Toma plays a detective named Naoto Serizawa and Ohno plays an angelic lawyer w/ a traumatic past named Ryou Naruse. ^^]

My brother [he's 5] claims that this is his girlfriend. *sigh* He claims about everybody to be his girlfriend. WTF!? anyways, now he calls Ikuta Toma, "my man". o_O He freaking kissed my ipod when that girl came on the screen!!!! his lip print was stuck on there for days. -___-

awwwww, he looks so sad!!!! *hugs him* seee, he isn't all bad. T___T

Just wanted to say, that woman is a whore. XD

Wanted to say that he is a man-whore. *nods*

awwwww, he was crying b/c his friend died. *huggles him* but...he didn't make me cry this time. -___- last time i saw him cry, i was crying w/ him. =/ i'll show you later in the post. ^^

Anyways, my brother's gf, Shiori [?] was consoling him and telling him it wasn't his fault. I'm sorry Naoto but it is your fault. You shouldn't have been such an ass in middle school. XD

just showing his yumminess. XP

Naruse-san is planning revenge..still. XD Evil...just how i like them DX

Now he's just cute. ^///////////////^ his bi-polarness is awesome.

-insert evil laugh- hehehe, evil ohno is good. me like. did i forget to say, i love naruse-san? b/c i sure do now. XD

idk, i thought it was funny i got this screen shot. XD No toma, i'm not going to follow you to the depths of hell. nuh huh. even though i probably will end up going there. T____T also, the little this drama is fiction made me laugh. XD is it really needed?

anyways, there was some blood and stuff...but i didn't really want to show it to you. XD you still have no idea what happened. XD

anyways, this is the ikuta toma that made me cry. T_____T wah!!! Why can't nakatsu get the girl in Hana kimi!!!!!?

but he still has a great smile. *sigh* kawaii....^-^

kyaaaah!!! it's a heart!!! lmao.

anyways, yesterday i was going to update but my computer was being a tard. Windows media player wasn't letting me play half of my videos. The audio would go perfectly well but then the video would only play a frame every minute. It was a piece of crap. -____- I got that fixed after i downloaded the latest version of DivX player...thing. DX anyways, that's working now but before it got fixed i downloaded BS Player. it's pretty good, the only reason i got it was b/c you can do screen shots really easy. *nods* but, me being the retard that i was couldn't figure out where the pictures went too. T___T I tired googling to find out. apparently i'm the only one who didn't know where b/c i couldn't find it. *sighs* so, i got incredibly pissed w/ it. really mad. normally i'm not this computer challenged. anyways, i found out were they go now. I did a file search to find out where one of the screen caps when to by using its name and tracked down the file source. Now i know where they go. ^^ then i was really happy. lol, i'm so simple minded. now i am taking screenshots like crazy. XD very convenient player. ^^

Oh yeah, the twin at the top isn't Hikaru. lol, it's Kaoru. Yes, I memorized how to tell them apart from their hair since the 1st book. ^^ by the time they mentioned to tell them apart that way i was way past them.
Kaoru is to the right.
Hikaru is to the left. ^^
Reader's point of view of course. XD
but i never talked about the image at the bottom that is the footer. That is Hikaru. I wasn't expecting anyone to know that one. *sigh* I really like how his eyes came out on that one. ^^ Yes, i quickly colored both of the images....i like to believe i can do better. XP btw, he has new hair color at the bottom. ^^

btw, i am not into twincest. Well at least not between Hikaru and Kaoru. XD the only twincest I like is this one:
yes, good old, syaoran x syaoron love. XD only twincest i will ever support. XD *sigh* i need more fanart of this. T____T MORE!!!!

oh yeah, ppl. we got a new camera this weekend. So i can actually show how i look like now. Where's the pic? not taken yet. XD and won't be today....X{P

i was gonna say something else but....i forgot. XD
oh yeah!!!!! the song, over the rainbow. that's thanks to Maou. they were singing it....and i wanted it on here. WAH!!! I couldn't find the same version though....T___T

oh yeah....i realized that this layout is messed up in Internet Explorer. My bad, sorry to whoever uses it. It worked in Firefox and Opera...so i'm not going to fix it. XP

The internet is really great.....FOR PORN!!! lmao, avenue Q is funny. I want to watch it now!!!!
Ready normal people!?

no....i don't watch porn. XP not now....not never. XD oh yeah...i remember what i was going to say. XD save it for next time.

just blink and all the typos are gone. ^^

Have a great day!!!

*smiles at you*
4:08 PM [almost 2 hours to type this....T___T]

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008
Too many topics this time....
MUSIC: Damaged by Danity Kane
MOOD: ick...i is hot....

ZOMG!!! the ice cream man just drove by!!!! stupid idiot!!! why didn't he wait for me. T___T WAH!!!!! note, i'm not joking. He just drove by!!! I heard the music. WAH!!! *pouts* I want ice cream now!!!! *puts music louder and runs off to get it*
Left at 3:34 PM

Returned at 3:38 PM
Got my ice cream. ^^ Strawberry...*sigh* I don't want strawberry....and i should really get on a diet. T___T *stares at the pink goodness* WAH!! no dinner today....? *looks at clock* O___O that's a long time.....

silly me, i forgot the traditional icon at the beginning of every post.
I can't believe Syaoran tied w/ Tamaki. lmao. *stares at the icon* i is as shocked as you, syaoran. *nods*

anyways, little gift for you all....
Can i submit this on theO? O___O kinda....mature. lmao. I guess I can risk it...what's the worse that can happen? It being deleted....or me put on probation. XD But you doesn't want to have sex w/ the twins?

anyways, i'm in love w/ my new icon!!! [*le gasp* Ikuta Toma just started playing right now. lol, weird song....yes, he was a singer]

♥__♥ LOVE IT!!! a little something i stole from LJ. love that place....should use it more.

I made a short list of places you can find me other than this place. ^^ like: dA, LJ, Gaia, youtube, etc.
feel free to add me there. ^^

back to the topic.....
oh yeah....i'm kinda disgusted w/ Ouran right now. I read the latest chapter and let me tell you something.....I HATE THE WAY IT IS GOING!!! i might just drop this manga....hate it!!!Haruhi gets kidnapped at the end...well, you know what i say? I say: KEEP HER!!! BURN HER!!! RAWR!!! so yeah....I'm going to continue reading HikaHaru fanfic. I LOVE IT!!!! So good. I really want to go read it right now. NOW!!!

Seee, they are cute. XD my hikaru. lol

Magnus Lensherr.... I LOVE YOU!!! you would really draw that for me? awww, you are so sweet. sadly i don't have any pictures of me available to put on the internet. T____T we are trying to get a new camera...which will be soon. XD but if i were to be drawn in anime style....I would look a lot like this:
yes, ppl i look a little like that b/c of my hair. XD
except longer hair...and fatter. T___T...i need a diet....
I'll show you ppl how i really look like one day...if you are good to me. XD

Mom's still scared about driving w/ me. *sigh*

1. If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?
2. Is it ok to use the AM radio after noon?
3. What do you call a male lady bug?
4. When a dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it?
5. Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive?
6. Why there are flotation devices in the seats of planes instead of parachutes?
7. Have you ever imagined the world without hypothetical situations?

lmao, i saw them on some website and started LMAO. XD

Love this video. XD
If you were gay, That'd be ok. i mean cuz, hey,
i like you anyway.
b/c you see if it were me, i would feel free to say i was gay, but i'm not gay.

love that song. XD

sorry for the length...i'll work on making it shorter!!!! *nods* have a great day!!

yes, it is.
4:10 PM

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
I need a break, ne?
MUSIC: Perfect Star Perfect Style by Perfume
MOOD: tired *yawn*
TIME: 10:40 PM

Well, I'm in the middle of commenting on MyO [only gotten to Stixx, MissMickey112, and Magnus Lensherr] *sigh* Lots to go. But i'll get to it today or tomorrow for sure. ^^

Darn you Innocent Heart-chan!!! You got me addicted to Perfect Star Perfect Style. T___T You are making me into a Perfume fan again. XD *hugs* Still love you though. XD Can't wait to go crushing cars w/ our monster trucks. ROFL

btw, I won't be writing a long post for every driving lesson...only the funny parts....or really stupid ones. XD like me running into a mailbox. DX but thank you all for the help you offered. I will think about it next time i drive...which won't be soon. I told my mom i need to practice but she's too scared. T____T i'm not that bad..... XD

Oh yeah, the guy from Metro Station is Miley Cyrus' brother...which makes me go...WTF!? they don't look like they are from the same family. but i think they are half siblings [same mom] so the evil genes come from Billy Ray Cyrus. *death glare*

anyways....I haven't done this in a while so.....COMMENT REPLIES!!! it's been a year since i have done this -___-

I'm sure you will be great HTML since you are willing to learn. Me on the other hand...hehehe, not so much. too lazy. XP but thanks for all the help in driving. i think my nerves were messing me up on turning. seriously, 5 people!!! WTF!? but i will work hard on my braking!!! She said that i should apply more brake at the beginning so i don't slam the brake at the end. *hugs you* you poor soul, having to learn in a mini-van. at least you learned though. ^^ i have to practice in a pick-up truck if that makes you feel any better. and about that duck!!! jk. But i think i confused you a little [gomen] I didn't get on the highway yet, the other guy did. thank you so much for your comment, it gave me hope again!!! ^___^

Sorry for the long post. XD I lost control. I'll try to make it shorter. For your sake...and mine. lmao, i had the same reaction when i found that out. XD my face was like: "O_O.... WTF!?" *dead* it's so weird they are related. metro staion and miley cyrus shouldn't mix. nuh huh.

Thank you, i really do hope i improve...a lot. I want my speed back. lmao. But i am interested in your traumatic experience. XD no handed driving on a freeway? O_O

ZOMG!!!! You came back. *glomps* lol. ^^' but i can't believe you love html. lol. there's only one thing i want to learn right now, badly. how to get an image to be under my comments link. lol, i'll have to do some hunting for that code. good advice, i'm sure i will get better. it was the 1st time i was exposed to so much driving before. *sigh* i always forgot about letting the steering wheel just slide back. XD but i got it down now. *nods* but that lady really wasn't thinking well....lol, but the thing i am most upset about 5 ppl in a car is...i was shoved in the middle at the back. lmao. and...YES!!! i need your instructor!!! mine made me go lower than the limit the whole time....T__T wanna trade instructors? lol

YOU ARE MY HERO FOR TODAY!!! lol. you are the only one who gave me a cookie. *hands you a cupcake* enjoy. ^^
it came back just for you. XD but i really hope you get your permit soon. ^^ i'm rooting for you. and i won't forget them...stupid mailboxes....we should just burn them all. O_O

Sorry about the bad fangirl day. *sigh* for that bad day you get this:

Hope that woke you up. XD *hugs you* OMG!!! it's like we are twins. lmao. you have the same problems i do. XD kinda scary when you think about it....O_O lol. and i made it back to gaia!! thank you for the reminder. ^^ *glomps you* good job on that. XD

innocent heart
*huggles you back* getting the text over there is a simple code. ^^ here's the code:
<DIV style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; width:600px;">It'll make whatever is after this code go up to the upper left corner. Just adjust the width and how far from the top and left you want it to be. ^^ have fun w/ the code.
*stares at you* wow....we really are weird. XD you think knowledge is a weird word? lmao. it's a weird word to apply to me. XD but i like your site changes a lot!! they are so cute. XD OMG!!! thank you, that is the best adjective to describe the first lesson: GAY. so gay. but at least you were driving w/ ppl you knew.... i was stuck w/ strangers. T___T...well nice strangers. XD thanks for the advice but...lmao, i suck at telling distances, but i've been watching and i think i have a better idea now. XD i'm not really scared of the highway....just getting onto it. O_O doesn't seem like fun. nuh huh. ROFL!!! i can't wait to see the look on her face when you run over her car!!! XD i want to see it now.... but i kinda hope i don't get her again....Beverly...she ruined the name of one of my closest friends. -___-

Magnus Lensherr
Thank you!!! the more i look at the top pic...the more i like it. lol...kinda don't want to finish it now. DX i wished i could be haruhi....she's taking my kaoru away from me. XD but i have no idea what that would be called....manga shot? o_O
*glomps you* woot for the ppl who love to write and waste ppl's time. jk, jk. XD but i'm glad i am not the only one nervous to be watched. heck, i don't blame you for not wanting to get in the car. if i could i would of ran away from it. XD new driver....uhhhhh, less ppl please? XD lol, you can write w/ both hands!? i am amazed...i wished i could do that but lmao. i love how we both mess up our directions. XD oh god....
Instructor:"what are you thinking about?"
me: "uhhhhhhhhhhh.....Ikuta Toma!!"
instructor: O_O "wtf!?" *slaps me* "what the hell is that!?"
*sparkle-chan loses all consciousness*
that's how it would of gone...lol, now that i think about it....i never thought of him while driving. lmao. btw, thanks for the comment!! you gave me hope too!!! *hug* lol, i was going to fast the whole time...idk...i like speed....but everybody likes to take it away from me. T___T and i think mailboxes should be burned. *nods* all they are is a big rectangular burdensome. lol, a murder on the streets? hey, i'm going to be screaming japanese into my phone while speeding....i guess i'll be one w/ you. ^___^ oh yeah, you are calling him by first name. Ikuta Toma is his name in the traditional japanese man. i don't care what you call him....as long as you don't call him "male geisha" like my friend did once. XD *sigh* but i really hope things get better for you. *huggles you* and don't worry about summer school for me. it's online so it isn't that bad.

yup, that was long...and this one is too. *sigh* at least you don't have to read it all. ^^
yup!! and now you know how to say "i'm not a homo" in japanese [don't know why you will need that XD] ORE WA HOMO JA NAI!!!!

Done w/ replies. *sigh* I'm sick of typing. too much. XD

just one more thing.......
I wished I was Haruhi Fujioka.
she has it so lucky....looks at the top image. -___- my kaoru is asking for hand. why can't i be her? T____T or as lucky as her
lucky biatch. XD

that's what she deserves. >.< lmao....i can't stop watching this video. i want to make my own. XD

i might make a wall for this layout [top image]. we'll see. i'll already working on a hikaru one. ^^

I had more to say but i'm tired. *yawns* update later this week...friday or saturday. -___-

Have a great day!!! *hugs*
12:02 AM [made it till the next day typing this pathetic]

does it work?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
I drove....O_O
MUSIC: Shake It by Metro Station
MOOD: ummm...meh
TIME: 4:02 PM

lol, that's what that song made me do. XP SHAKE IT!! don't know why i like that song. DX i can't believe that one of the guys is Miley Cyrus' brother. O_O i was shocked to know that.

anyways...lame site change. DX i really need to learn more HTML....grrr, how i loathe html. stupid thing...why were you created....grrrr -insert mad face- But i don't know how to code in CCS so oh well. [not that this site accepts CCS] I might finish the coloring some day. It looks kinda cheap the way i left it. XP but that's what you get when I use GIMP and spend 10-15 minutes on it. lol. might color it in photoshop someday.....*shrugs* but i love the song. ^////////^ if only i could say that was about me. XD [song is Happy Together by The Turtles for those who don't have sound.]

Ok, i had my first drive time today. *sigh* It wasn't good but it wasn't the best. -___- There were 5 of us in the car. Yes, 5, when there is only suppose to be 3. -___- They messed up canceling ppl, so a girl came when she wasn't suppose to [it's their fault not her's...stupid idiots]. So that led to her just observing instead [another guy came to observe too, he has done w/ all his driving hours]...which meant: let's have 5 ppl in a car!! with a new driver who has never driven on the main road, only in parking lots. *sigh* [btw, sorry, i think this is going to be long. T___T but i haven't updated in a while so.....] so that led to me getting a little nervous. (i don't like ppl watching me....>_> not at all) Unfortunately for him, he had to go first...that was a good thing for me. XD He was on his 5th lesson so he was pretty good. He wasn't perfect but he was still better than me. [i hope he does well on his test next lesson] 5th lesson was Expressway/Highway Driving. I think he did fairly well...i'm not looking forward to that. After an hour of being shoved in the middle at the backseat [b/c the other girl wanted a window and the other guy pretty much just took the window. T____T no window for sparkle-chan *pouts*] It was my turn. T____T *sniffles* I started to freak out. [why did his hour seem so short compared to mine? T__T] lol, Luckily that sort of left after I started. [lmao, everybody in the car was asking if i had ever driven. >////////< I guess they were nervous that i would kill them. lmao] I was doing well-ish...except for the fact that i kept on messing up which was left and which was right. XD she had to pull me over and ask me which was which. T__T BAKA!!! At one point she asked me what I was thinking...which i answered: "ummmm...nothing...." *sigh* not the best answer in the world...she kinda told me I shouldn't be in a car then. XD ok..not kinda. she was very blunt the whole time. T___T so anyways, we spent forever just driving in the stupid little neighborhood...just turning and turning...which i suck at, don't you forget that. DX i suck at turning and stopping. WTF!? what kind of person sucks at braking? answer: ME. I have very...ummm.... violent-ish stopping. lol. you get kinda lunged forward every time. XD just a little though...and i can never guess my distance. i have no idea when to start applying my brake. T___T i need practice now!!!!!! the next one is on the 30th. But i do have very good tracking!! lmao, that's about all i'm good at...going in a straight line and driving in the curves. XD yay!! It's not all bad... but most of it is. DX No, i didn't run over anybody. [or mailboxes!!! for some reason my mom always tells me not to hit those...not ppl. XD we have brick mailboxes (the big ones) so i guess a mailbox would cause more damage to the car than a person. XP]*chuckles* but there was this dead duck on the road. ROFL!! No i didn't run over it anymore...my instructor was already mad that i missed the turn. DX how was i suppose to know that the street was right during the curve!? T___T anyways...i had to go drop that girl off at her house since we were driving near her house. [WTF!? why can't i be dropped off...ok i like about 15 mins driving from there...] which meant that i had to drive on the major streets. T___T i was not ready for that. ME + Major Roads + Major Intersections + Highish speeds + my inexperience = FAILURE. lol, i did do it...but i had no idea how to change lanes in traffic so...I gotta sort of yelled at for not doing it "smoothly". BLEH!! her stupid fault, how can she expect to just shove me into traffic and do exceedingly well? grrr, she should be satisfied that i did it. But i was able to do one well....but she took my speed away from me. T__T I was only allowed to go at 30 MPH [i still went at 35. XP] when you were suppose to go at 40. [btw, for those who don't know miles and stuff like that, 30 MPH is pretty slow. highway is 60-65 here] Well i was able to get back...alive and i did pretty good parking. XP The guys told me i was doing pretty well, her...not so much. DX
*sigh* Sparkle-chan has a lot to work on.

grrr, wrote too much. ToT I was going to say something else but I forgot. XP btw, I did finish Driver's ED but now i have summer school. [that was it!!!] So if i am slow on everything...that will be the reason. DX
i think this site needs color...and the fishies back. XD

b/c I love Hana Kimi and Nakatsu i thought i would show you this video. Might get you interested in watching that drama.

WHAT!? You thought that Ikuta Toma would just leave and never be spoken of again? lol, NO!
let's do the "Ore wa Homa ja nai" dance"
XD lmao
i was saying that for days after watching it. XD

Love you, Nakatsu!! *huggles him* soooo much

Anyways b/c i talked too much, it's your time now. ^-^
tell me everything that has happened lately that you want to share...and if you have anything related to driving [you or someone else] go ahead and tell. ^^

Have a great week. Will update in a few days. ^^

I want you

to give me a cookie. XP
4:58 PM that took forever to type

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hidely ho, neighborinos!!
TIME: 2:25PM
MOOD: tired...-__-
MUSIC: Hana Kimi OST

Hey ppl, sorry for the sudden leave. Idk...i just wasn't really in the mood. -__- not a good excuse but oh well...one day i had a headache and the next i just felt like bleh. so yeah....

I left the song the same b/c it inspired a fanfic idea. XD Might share w/ you all after i am done. I'm going to go write as soon as i am done w/ this. *nods* btw.... FEED THE FISHIES!!! they are there for your entertainment. ^^ hope you enjoy them.

Well nothing much has happened lately. Driver's ED is done on saturday. I have a drive time on tuesday...I'll talk about that more later. hmmm..... Well i got news about the new Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC OAD's. ^^ happy to hear that. hopefuly i will finally get to see my sexy fai in his hot infinty clothes all beat up!! O_O
click for larger
SEXY!!! *A*

lol, oh yeah...let's celebrate, k? I forgot about my marriage...so let's celebrate today!! *hands out the champagne* what kind of wife am i?
Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Clone Syaoran
were married on
July 11, 2007
Marry Your Favorite Character

Good year, good year. he actually came back. XD

The third part:

Enjoy, it just keeps on getting cuter. Sadly the next part isn't out yet. T__T

Well i'm sick of writing [as you are reading] so bye!!! *runs off to write and eat lunch*

awwww, poor syaoran. *huggles him*
2:38 PM

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TIME: 12:00 AM ~midnight
MOOD: content
MUSIC: I like a boy in uniform by the Pipettes

Ok, that icon was me after today.[erk, meant yesterday. i was writing this thinking it was still monday XD i fail] ^/////////^ got so much fanservice today. ah, i was in cloud nine for a moment. XD yes, today was good.... more details coming up next.

*sigh* How could i forget the most important part yesterday. *shakes head* shame on me. now, it's out of it's moment. *sigh* oh well, here it goes.
has decided
*drum roll*
what type of driver she wants to be. XD
*everybody falls anime style*
lmao, but yes i decided which type of driver i want to be. I want to be just like TOMA!!!!!!! lmao. [this is going to be in reference to Maou's episode 2, k? try to remember] lol, yes. i'm going to drive just like him. Going to take out my big red siren on the top of my car and go speeding in my car in the middle of the night while screaming Japanese into my phone. Might I add, as an idiot, to all that. Then when i get stuck in the middle of traffic, oh no, i won't wait in my car till i get out of the traffic. HELL TO THE NO!!! I'm just gonna ditch my car and go running like a maniac to where i'm going. Forget the car. pfffft. And then when the policeman stops me, i'll just tell him i saw it in a JDrama and then go crush cars w/ a monster truck w/ Innocent heart. XD [seriously...wth?]
And all the world will be well again.
Note i'm not really planning on doing that *sweatdrop*...maybe...


O_O i still can't believe Toma's and L's hair where similar...*blinks* I want my husband to have hair like that....lmao *images her husband w/ hair like this
wow....but i'm glad that some of you are interested in Maou. I'm gonna go watch Death Note now to see if they are similar. Just wait for a report. lol. and wow....Stixx, you are very possessive over L. lmao. looking forward to all those babies. XD
Oh yeah, i think i know why he doesn't smoke when he is a smoker. lol. I think that Ikuta Toma is a non-smoker. I've never seen him smoke before [and i've watched a ton of stuff] so they probably don't want to "endanger" his life and just make him hold it. [b/c the second-hand smoke sure won't do anything to his lungs XD]

lol, changed the song to match us a little better. XD since we all like a guy in a suit. [what do guys like.....sluts? lmao] but there's something i want to clarify.
"I want to kiss everyone all the guys in uniform."
lmao, i am so not becoming bi.

ugh, when am i ever going to get to the topic of this post. T__T no!!! we are not there yet!!!!
i'm going to make it the shortest possible, k?
well today was an awesome day for my fangirl side, all the other sides...not so much. XD I got great news that made me go like this:
oh so very happy. ^^ There's gonna be an xxxHOLiC OAD!!!!!!!!! *jumps* w00t!!! omg, so happy. maybe they might finish subbing the xxxHOLiC Kei anime. [it got licensed so most have stopped subbing T_T]
and then i got a whole lot of this:
Syaocest lovin!!!! Oh god, so much giggling and blushing happened today. I still have some more to go read and see. Thank the lord for Livejournal [and the syaorancest community, became a member today. ^///////////^]. Some of it was WOAH!!! hot!!! lmao, think i might read it again....hehehe [oh yeah, i got some ouran stuff too, good day]

b/c ppl thought the other one was cute, here is the second one

i'll show the next part next post.

this is the last thing, k? then i will end it b/c it's too long. *sweatdrop* as you can see...i have no control. lmao. ok, i need help writing a fanfic. you see, there's this kissing scene *cough* and yeah...not very good w/ writing that. XD lol. and it's the major point in it [there's no leaving it out, need my fanservice]. SO yeah... I need help w/ that. [plus it's my first fanfic but i'm sort of confident in my writing] lol, before i get comments about how to make the girl shy or stuff like that....uh, there's no girl. XD it's between two guys. [note, they have been mentioned in this post already...guess who?] so yeah, any advice shoot it my way.

Btw, thanks for all the wonderful comments. You guys are so great. *hug* Love you all. ^^

love you all, btw i changed my icon. do you like?
12:45 AM

Have wonderful days everybody!!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

I <3 Maou!!
MOOD: sleepy but...pleased
TIME: 1:55 AM
MUSIC: Happy B-day to me by Bulldog Mansion

Hello. Well it's kinda early here. *sigh* That's what i get for wanting to watch Maou. Yup, just watched episode 2 in raw. *sigh* No hopes of subs anytime soon. grrrr. anyways, i'm loving it right now. It's really good. But i really need to learn some Japanese. I so don't know enough. I barely understood any of it. [but i got the over all gist of the episode...also thanks to a summary]SO far i am loving Ohno's part. Toma is way too hot headed. XD he needs some loving!!! lmao. but i don't want him w/ the girl. I want the girl to be w/ Ohno. XD first time i ever say that. XD

Well this drama is starting to be compared to Death Note. Is Death Note really that dark? lol. But still Maou wins in my heart. I mean between Ikuta toma and L.
Photobucket or L icon
Ikuta Toma wins for me. Toma FTW!!! XD
[EDIT: O_O their hair looks similar....is that bad?]

But really the 2 characters that are supposedly similar are Ohno's and L. lol
L Avatar Icon or Photobucket
Maou is still wining in my heart. lol.
anyways, I did some major fangirling over that ep. b/c TOMA WAS WEARING A SUIT!!!! kyaaaaaah!!! *passes out*
time for some sparkle-chan math
hot guy + suit [or uniform]=ghjds;hg;shgshsd <-sparkle spazzing out.
lol, but really, men in suits are hot. lmao
but...WTH!? Naoto [played by toma ikuta] is a smoker yet...they never show him smoke....XD he always just has a lit cigarette in his hand and when he is about to put it in his mouth the camera moves. XD and then when he has an un-lit one in his mouth somebody always stops him from lighting it. WTF!? do they really not want him to smoke. XD

Ok, quick note here. My sunday....SUCKED!!!! grrrr, even if it was syao's b-day. T__T I got major cramps that hurt like hell. T__T and then when i went out my stupid flip-flop broke on me. All of this equaled a very pissy sparkle-chan. very pissy.

But i went driving today!!! well yesterday...hehehe. Guess who got better!!! We went to the stadium near my house [it's owned by the school] and there i drove in the parking lot and then i got to drive in the little streets there. lol, sounds pathetic but...I DON"T CARE. lol. I did it, and well. So i'm starting drive times soon now.

Oh yeah. About the little icon at the beginning of the post. One of my friends on dA pointed this out:
lmao, he is the new princess peach. lol. now we need a mario. XD i vote eriol to be mario!!! lmao

Hope you are enjoying the Korean music. lmao. Love this song!!! one of the best. oh god, i love doing the screaming part. XD My friend and I did that at a party, lmao, everybody turned around and look at us like we were crazy. XD we are....

Omg, this is the best FLASH made video thingy ever!!!!

SO adorable!!! i'm waiting for the 4th one. XD they are so cute but i can't help but feel sorry for them. XD

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?
Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault.
They won't take you to the vet.
You're obviously not their favorite pet.
It may not be a bed of roses.
And you're no friend to those with noses.

B/c her songs are pwnage. lmao

Ok getting kinda long again...and i need some sleep. so bye!!!
I want you too. XD
~sparkle-chan ■
2:28 AM

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

TIME: 12:25 AM it's the morning!! yay!!
MOOD: exicted
MUSIC: Yattarouze! by Ongaku Gatas

KYAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I can't believe I forgot about this day until yesterday. *slams head against her desk* If you read the title, then you know what i'm talking about. *jumps for joy* w00t!!!! It's syaoran's b-day!!! Yup, he's another year older. *sigh* That explains the site change. I wanted something simple. And i kept it to CCS syaoran only b/c TRC syaoran is screwed up. *sees all tsubasa fans nod*

Only, Syaoran fangirling today. *huggles her syaoran figure* Wished i had something of Cardcaptor sakura so i could hug CCS Syaoran. T___T.... WAIT!!!! *runs off to go get her CCS movies* The only anime i own. [b/c it's too expensive to buy so i download. *nods*] Wonder if i could hug all my Tsubasa manga at the same time... *stares at her 17 volumes plus the character guide* Nevermind.....

I did make a present for him. A coloring!!
Wished I had something to submit on theO but i don't think the wallpaper in the bg is good enough. T__T
oh well... yes, he's crossdressing in that picture. If you love em enough you can willingly make them gay

Didn't go driving today b/c i was too lazy. XP Today was weird...I woke up today [surprisingly late] and instead of getting up and getting on the computer; I got up, got my ipod, went back to bed and started listening to it while reading Ouran v.8. XD wow, great way to start the day....well afternoon.

*looks at the site and laughs* How many cultures do i have here? lol. The song on here is korean....[did anyone notice....?i sure did] otanjyoubi omedetou gozaimasu is japanese, the anime was japanese but syaoran is Chinese. O_O *blinks* 3? let's add another one!!!
¡¡Feliz cumpleaños Syaoran!!
lol, just added my culture. XD

Ok...video time. I loved this ouran crack video. [I thought this was all gonna be about syaoran shaddup!! stupid conscious] I didn't make it so yeah....

What's your favorite love song?
*nervous chuckle* well, it's kinda corny
Awwww, come on
....I'll take you to the candy shop.....
I'll let you lick the lollipop
Go ahead girl and don't you stop
Keep going till you hit the spot
[both] woah...
*sparkle-chan pauses and thinks*
THAT'S NOT ROMANTIC!!! 50 CENT IS SO NOT ROMANTIC!! but i got my hikaharu moment so i'll shut up. ^^

Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo,
Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo.
Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up,
And that's how we get hamburgers.

I love that song. XD

I made an icon today too:
If anybody wants it go ahead. I also made the base.
Can anybody thing of better text? hmmm?
I guess that's the question for today.
Feel free to use any of them.

Well that's it for today.
*runs off to celebrate Syaoran's b-day by sleeping first*
ta ta~!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

TIME: 11:16 AM
MOOD: tired...-__-
MUSIC: Peach by Otsuka Ai

lmao....That icon is so true...I am so insane... I think it isn't even safe anymore. XD hehehehehe...>_>

Ppl are probably thinking "it says sparkle 078 but....it doesn't look like it...." lmao, i got sick of the old layout...and i'm too lazy to work w/ codes right now. [plus i have no ideas XP] This is the first time in a long time i can have something in my profile. XD i had no idea what to do w/ it......so put i Truth w/ subs!!! I fail!! *stares at the layout* This is so weird...i have little to no customization. XD feels weird...*looks at her icon* rofl, wow.....O_O how old is that text underneath it? XD that was suppose to be for syaoran......

anyways...I watched MAOU!! *sigh* I'm so happy but...it doesn't seem like the thing i would normally watch. o_O It's kinda dark. [i heard ppl had to stop watching the korean version b/c it got too dark for them...O_O] Oh well *smiles* gotta watch it for Ohno!!!! weren't you watching this for ikuta toma? shaddup!! I love his role. ^///^ [toma's role is kinda...bleh] *dances like a fool* don't know if i should watch ep.2 raws.....*shrugs*

Going driving on the weekend....-__- Hope i don't die.....

Anyways...I got more questions. O_O So..I guess i'll ask you the same questions. ^^

1) Who is your favorite host from Ouran High School Host Club, and why?
dang it!!! hard question.... Hikaru b/c even though he could take advantage of some of the situations and keep Haruhi all to himself, he still wants to keep it fair-ish w/ tamaki. Plus he's willing to change and is just 15 million times better than Tamaki. Plus he's cute and funny.

2) If you could live in one anime, what would it be?
umm.... Fruits Basket... Then i can jump in and keep Momiji all to myself. *insert evil laugh* or Cardcaptor Sakura. *plans to steal Syaoran*

3) Do you make anime facial expressions or gestures in real life?
Yes, way too many. The list would be so long if i listed them all. -___- [i found myself mimicking Tamaki once....]

4) If you had a pet tree, what would you call it?
ummm.... Occidental..... *got it off the letter i got from that college that is on my desk*

5) Would you ever live up a tree?
NO!!!! I'm way too attached to technology. XD

6) How often do you hug trees?
daily. lmao, no ....ummm, i use to when i was younger...idk why....

lmao, only one person got the random reference to Shoes. XD it was stuck in my head.

b/c it never get's old.
I think you have to many shoes

Ok...i'm tired of this.....
btw, i'm not going over to theO side today. Too much to do. -___- why do so many things have to change *trying to adjust to the new dA* So weird... Oh well

This is one of the collabs:

Welcome_to_Fans_ by ~sparkle-078 on deviantART
visit it if you want. ^^ I gotta go work on more and start writing my fanfic. T__T too much.

Have a great day!! ^^
11:48 AM

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
I've hit rock bottom
TIME: 2:36 PM
MOOD: uhh....not happy..?
MUSIC: Truth by Arashi

lmao, yep....I'm having another one of those moments....which brings me to the title. lmao. Yup, i've hit "rock bottom"...3 times today. XD oh boy [i think i'll make it short]

I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG!!! nyaaaah!!!! I can't stop!!! The song is on my ipod, THE VIDEO is on my ipod, i'm the one who ripped the MP3 from the video on youtube, i'm the one who uploaded it to imeem. See, OBSESSED!! Now, most of you are thinking the song isn't that great. I know. -__- but...IT'S THE THEME SONG FOR MAOU!!! and since i can't watch the drama...i have to settle for the song. I can't even find raws!! T__T i think it's a sign...i should wait till it's done...in August(?). i really need to stop...but, I need my feed of Toma-kun...he looks good w/ his hair like that. XD

I have lost all inspiration. T__T yup, making so many e-cards and stuff has made me lose inspiration. So...i'm gonna take a break and finish colabs instead. eeek, I still haven't even started them. Oh yeah, and no more posts until I finish one. [there's 2 colorings and one fanfic...and then there's a fanfic challenge, tsubasa fans will enjoy it (well syaoran fans will)]

It turns out I fail at driving. T__T I went out to drive today w/ my mom before doing a drive time...hehehehehe *looks down* Turns out...I suck. XD But i got going in a straight line down today...I'm going out again later. I'll tell you more about it later.

*dramatic drumroll*
lmao, I gave it a quick coloring. 10 minutes top in GIMP [now, i usually don't color in this program so i'm not very good w/ it]I wasn't coloring in the lines, wanted a softer look. so cute. [ignores all syaoxsaku fans although she is one]oh yeah, plz don't share this anywhere on the internet. The art is not mine...So no sharing!!! you can share the one from yesterday though.

I'll do your questions now. ^^
1.What is your favorite color?

2. How often do you eat oranges?
lmao, very random but...I like it. lmao...hmmm, whenever we have them which is...we actually have them all the time. XD but i never eat them...so i guess never. XD

3. Do you prefer hot or cold weather.
COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i live where the weather is hot. T__T we never have snow....

4. Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?
O_O....ROFL!!! wow, are you trying to get back at me for my random question. well....hmmm, the easter bunny. I never believed in Santa Clause [but somehow i believed there was an easter bunny...WTH] besides, the easter bunny left me money in my eggs. XD w00t!!!

5.Uh....What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
ummm....do i have one? i mostly do stupid stuff...I almost jumped out of moving car before... i almost got run over ...several times. XD once by a bus. >_> i went driving today...when i'm a idiot. XD

6. DEAL?....or....NO DEAL?
.....how much money do i have? XD don't answer a question w/ a question, baka....DEAL!!!

7. Why Ikuta Toma?
Magnus Lensherr, you asked for it. Be prepared for the long answer. XD It's kinda complicated. B/c at first i didn't fall in love w/ him. I fell in love w/ the character that he played in hana kimi. I really wanted him to get the girl [even though i knew he wouldn't. read the ending of the manga...]. So i fell in love w/ that character. When it was over I wanted to see (after researching what his name was) the actor, Ikuta Toma, in a role where he got the girl. yet to see that, but I started to really like the way he acted. He's funny and has very funny expressions. It's a joy to see him act. And i thought that i should end the little obsession of him:
by adding another obsession. Plus, he's CUTE!!!
btw, your question is:
b/c it's about him. lmao.

Now, xxCherryStarxx, if you are gonna bust into my house in a kool-aid man costume...you better fix up my house before my dad comes back and beats me!!!

b/c dane cook is pwnage. XD lmao

and ouran is awesome too.
Thanks for the candy... ^-^

It got long again...I really need to learn to shut up. lmao. see you in 2 or 3 days, don't worry i will still comment. ^^

shoes, OMG shoes....let's get some shoes
3:31 PM

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