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Friday, June 6, 2008


Two ofa kind
Time: 7:45 PM

Hey, you all must be wondering why I am pissed this time, huh? Well for once it's not about something happening in my life. I know, shocking. -__- I'm pissed at this site. It's not working out at all. the music won't play!!! I had a whole playlist for it but NO!! It just won't play. And then i put one song and it won't play unless you scroll over it. WTF!? I wanted it to be in my intro but i don't have enough space. -__- This place looks like crap...needs to be done again. T__T

searching for the light...
Well, I'm hoping that I can come back here now since it's the summer. I"M A JUNIOR!!! graduated from being a sophomore. *sigh* Now that's over with. Gotta learn how to drive. I'll come here a lot. I promise. I haven't even used theOtaku. I don't really like it.

my baby X3
Gotta talk about the layout b/c....I'M IN LOVE WITH IKUTA TOMA!!! Fell in love with in Hana Kimi Japan. So good. All of you must watch it when you get a chance. LOVE HIM!!!!♥

Thankies for the lovely comments. X3 mwah.missed you.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

   HOLY SH-T...update-------TIME:12:07 PM

Hey peoples. How are all of you doing? WOW. o.O I got more comments than i expected. I got 5, yeah!!! lmao. I don't think i can get as many this time. It's been what 2 weeks? Oh well. I changed the site a little. Don't like it except for the fact that it has Syaoran and Syaoran on there!!! kyaaaa!!! i've become such a clonecest/syaocest/twincest fan. lol, it doesn't seem right in real life but who cares?-------LIFE OF A CRAZED FANGIRL

Well, I had my surgery and let me tell you-I HATED IT!!! The pain is gone (this is the 3rd day) but i 'm starting to swell up. WTF!? And the stupid lady messed up on my IV, i have a blood clot-thing on my arm. Not pretty. oh well...school on monday....

I'm sorry for not being here as much. I've been pretty caught up with my deviantART lately...gomen!! if you want to find me somewhere else, here are some places:
Or you can find me on AIM. My screen name is kobato16

Well i hope to see you soon. Now off to do hw and commenting...everywhere. -___-'
My fangirl side is showing. XD I love this song btw. lmao. ttyl!!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Holy crap....UPDATE!!!

hoshi wa utau
lol. There really is no way I'd have friends after leaving for such a long time. Gomen. I was really busy. It's been what...2 months? o.o Kinda of a surprise to see me update, huh? I really am sorry. I've been really busy with school and now I have college to worry about. I am only a sophmore but I still have been getting a ton of mail for that crap. WTF!? leave me alone!!! *hides in corner*
Well a lot of things have happened. Yes i opened up a world but that thing is barely even being used. I find the myO more convenient. Also a lot of things have happened in my life. Our school caught on fire, it snowed twice in March [o.O i live in Texas. Texas=no snow], and a ton of other crap I can't even remember. lmao. I have such a horrible memory. Also I'm getting surgery...yay...? It's oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. April the 8th is the day. -___- i really don't want to do this.
Also while beeing gone I grew into an obsession with Ouran, Fruits basket and Hoshi wa utau [where the icon came from]. I'm not really that big of a fan of Tsubasa anymore. oh well...it's time to move on.
No more writing!!! i have a feeling i wrote too much. I need to change this site. I haven't changed it in over two months!!! I need to add more fanlistings. boo....well i think i should stop...ja ne!!
i like these things...

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

   TIME12:05 AM~sorry...

That is a total lie!!! XP Life sucks so much. I hate it. Grrr!!! Well this is a "I'm sorry" post. -___- Yeah updates are going to become like none. [If I'm lucky I might do one a week] I have too much school work. Also next year I signed up for 4 AP classes and I am doing CO-OP which means I am going to work. [Also I have to learn how to drive] So in advance I am apologizing if you go a month without a visit from me or if I take more than a day to answer your PM. Sorry, but school is more important. Also sorry for not commenting either even if I updated. GOMEN-NASAI!!!

I changed the site hope you enjoy it. It shows most of my fanlistings and one of my favorite female characters [Himawari Kunogi] I colored it myself like always. Btw, I submitted 2 Valentine's day e-cards just now. So yeah...I have to go sleep. T___T Until next time!!!

My favorite crack pairing from Tsubasa. Syaoran and Syaoran. If only there were no Sakura. XD Coloring by me.
[Isn't the one with the blue eye the best?]

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

   TIME 12:01 AM ~the return of the Sparkles...lmao

LMAO, that is exactly what CLAMP is doing to my brain right now. BUT I LOVE THE STORY TOO MUCH TO LEAVE IT! lol. it's so good but confusing...and sad. poor sakura...-___- Anyways, I'm back!!! temporarily...lol. I wonder if anyone missed me? lol. Of course not. Well, final exams are finally done. My lowest grade was a 85 in english and history and my highest was a 98 in chemistry. GRRR!!! i am so mad at myself for only missing one! MY teacher is so going to yell at me now. WHY!? T___T On Tuesday I am running to the registar's office to find out about my class rank. So be expecting a post with me either: a)unbelievably happy, b) pissed beyond belief, c) sad T___T or d) a combination of all the three. XD

OK, on thursday we [two friends and me]went out to eat at this chinese restaurant close to my school. I totally pwned those stupid chop sticks. i'm getting better at it! I got this really weird fortune. I don't really get it. it was:

"Don't fret. All your
friends will be able
to zig whenever you zag."

WTF!? Seriously where do they get these from. Of course you have to add "in bed" at the end. XD

So we ended up walking all the way to downtown. [about 15 minutes] to go visit "a pretty little french cafe" and i quote this directly from my friend. There was none. [yes!!!! XD] But we ended up calling my mom to take us to the mall and [after a lot of begging] she took us there. I bought a 6 dollar pencil of Chococat. SIX DOLLARS!!! And the lady there told us to not think of the money but to think about the collection. She pretty much told us to screw the cost and just do it. WTH!!! Does she think we are rich? But I do love the pencil. [it's a pencil and 3 pens in one]

I was suppose to watch Cloverfield on friday but it didn't happen. T___T lol, i still haven't changed my theme and i have no idea when I will. too lazy to mess with codes. Another coloring!!! [I gave up on the big one i was doing temporarily] Click the link!!!

It's Chiho and Chise from Kobato. They are the crossovers of Chii and Elda from Chobits. -__- I so need help with colors. I started putting my name in them now. I might put them in deviant art. Do you think I should do that? Please tell me!!!

I missed all of you!!!! I hope things have been great for you lately. Tell me all about it[if you want] in your comment or pm. Ja ne!!

Fan of:

CLAMP fan Tsubasa fan Cardcaptor Sakura fan xxxHOLiC fan Syaoran Li fan Tomoyo fan Eriol fan Doumeki fan Watanuki fan WataxYuuko fan 19-sai fan Fujimoto fan Kobato fan Ioryogi fan Chii fan Freya fan SakuraxSyaoran fan Soel&Larg fan KuroxTomo fan Nekoi fan Kyo Sohma fan Daisuke fan Yukiru Sugisaki fan

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Friday, January 4, 2008

   TIME 12:00 AM ~seems long but isn't...

nobody's home...
Hey!!! How are you. Sorry I have been super lazy this year so far and that's why there has been no update nor commenting. Gomenasai!! I've just been super lazy. Well, my break is now over. I don't even feel like updating but if I don't do so now I won't be able to until a while from now. I have to go back for non-stop review next week and then exams after that. I think there will be no update. But thank you for all the beautiful comments!! I have 2 days off after exams but I already have them planned [sort of] so I have no clue when I will update again but I will answer PMs.

BTW, I am cleaning out my friends list. Is has gotten way too long so I am going to start deleting them. If you visit once in a while you will remain there.

So your visit here won't be pointless. I have a game for you. [well meme] I was in livejournal one day and found this cute meme. Here it is:

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Name: United Nations Security Council Resolution 233

Album: Nova (comics)

1. Xalapa, Veracruz
2. Markus Wüst
3.Arrondissement of Chambéry
4.Lehel (Munich U-Bahn)
5.Samaritan Girl
6.Grammodes geometrica [moth]
7.Fionn Regan
8.13th Hussars
9.The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (video game)
10.The Flood (Stravinsky)
11. Green Violet-ear
13.Patt Morrison
15.Taddasa Liban

lol. Doesn't my band sound awesome? I actually think song 5 would be good b/c it is this korean movie already. XD If you do it, tell me your results please!! Hugs for whoever did it!!hug

I'll go comment over the next few days. GOMEN if i don't make it!!
btw, the theme is Yuuko from xxxHOLiC and the song is 19-sai by Suga Shikao [it is the openning of xxxHOLiC] ^___^

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   TIME 3:30AM ~Happy 2008!!!!

Hello!!! lol. Perfect way to start the year; showing of my fangirl side. lol. I'm sorry but i love him and i just had to start the year like that. So happy new year!!! I made sure i updated today b/c it is the first day of the year and it is my 6 month anniversary. YUP!! I've been here for 6 months now. Thank you so much for all the support. You people have been wonderful. I've been able to get over a 160 guestbook signings, [somehow i feel like that isn't enough XD] and i have gotten my ecards sent over 1200 times. Thank you!! Now lets just hope I will make it a year. lmao.

Ok, let's talk about new year. I was suppose to go to a party with my mom but i decided not to go. I was so lazy today, it's not even funny. I was offered a trip to the mall with even i ride for my friend but i declined. Too lazy to change and call. Hey!! I still got my japanese cherry blossom lotion so it is all good. XD Back to the night. MY friend ended up calling me [the one i spent x-mas with] asking if i wasn't doing anything. Of course i wasn't so she wanted me to go to her church with her. I said no b/c...i was too lazy. So we spent forever on the phone [she even called me from her church. lol. she was that lonely] We spent the whole night listening to the radio b/c they were doing a countdown of the top 106 songs. lol. We were sure that party like a rockstar and crank dat soulja boy were going to be in the top 20 but they weren't. WTF!! I can't believe number one was Big girls don't cry. I don't even like that song. T__T The songs i liked were pretty low but apologize wasn't. Anyways, we spent the whole night trying to sing along with the songs but unfortunately we couldn't. -___- We are way too into asian stuff. So my new year's resolution is to learn all of the top songs for 2008 so we can sing along next year. XD
HAppy 2008!!
My gift to you all. I really do hope it is a good one.

Questions about 2007 XD:
1.What song do you think is the best this year?
2.Best movie?
3.Most important MyOtaku moment?
4.Anything special from this year?

My answers:
1. ummm....tough one... Please don't stop the music by Rihanna probably
2.THE SIMPSONS MOVIE!!! lol. I'm sorry, I'm a big fan. lmao
3. I guess joining. XD
4.can't think of anything...lol

OH!!! I forgot!! I didn't get drunk. T__T I had two glasses of champagne and it wasn't enough. lol. Oh well, better luck next year. [they wouldn't let me drink the hard liquor. XD] Another coloring:[not as good as last T__T]
BE a man, a manly man!!
The last one for a while. i just started this huge one and I am going full out on this one. I hope you like the site change. Kind of dark for the beginning of the year huh?

HAPPY 2008!!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

   Time: 10:50 PM ~sorry, kind of long

Kyaaa!!! Cute picture!!! Anyways, how are all of you doing? Wow, I really thought that with our break I would have become more of an active member but…that didn’t happen. T___T I don’t think I will ever be as active as I was in the summer. When the break is over I have to go back to take exams so that will consume a lot of my time. Then over the summer I am planning on getting a full time job, get my driver’s license, and get ready for the SATs. T___T No more fun time. And then next year is my junior year [yes I am this old even though I don’t sound like it sometimes XD] which means even more work. Applying for scholarships and colleges [grrr!!! I don’t want to write all those essays!!!] and b/c I am a retard , I am taking senior classes on my junior year. -___- I really hate being ahead…why couldn’t I be normal? lmao. If I were normal then I would be wishing I were smart, right? But enough of me complaining; lets get to the real post…!

Ok, on Christmas Eve [do any of you actually celebrate this day? I dunno maybe it is just my religion…]I went to my friends house to celebrate with her. weird. She is Vietnamese and I am not so through the whole thing I was like “WTH are they saying!!!!” XD but it was still fun. We were celebrating her b-day [on x-mas] and x-mas. It was kind of strange. Every year we go out of the country to celebrate with my family but with my parents divorce and all we have been staying home for the past 2 years. T___T it was so much fun over there. Oh well. My friend and I were about to fall asleep that night. I stayed at her house until after 1 AM. Lol. My mom was so tired when she picked me up. Then I got home opened more presents [all I got was money, gift cards, and a few other things] and I didn’t go to bed till 3 AM. Not too bad. I’ve gone to bed at 4 AM on a school night morning. XD Then on x-mas night we went to the movies. We went to watch Alvin and the chipmunks b/c somebody said that they were going to do soulja boy. -___- they lied to us. There was no soulja boy…but I still go to here the song sang by chipmunks. Lol. It was so cute. [I heard of the internet] kawaii!!!! Ok, since it was her b-day we had to be bad so we ended up sneaking into the movie I am Legend without paying [ok, we walked in there and nobody cared…or noticed by that matter] OMG!!! Love the movie!! My friend got all pissed when she saw will smith w/o a shirt [she has this weird thing were she doesn’t like to see guys w/o shirts XD] it was a good movie but it freaked us out a little. [my friend actually cried. WTF!!!]

Ok…I think this might be the last post this year. T__T I hope you are enjoying the fish. Lol. They will be gone by next year. And yes this is the new year’s theme. Oh!!!! That reminds me!! I have a new color pic for you. I like the colors on this one. Plz click on the thumb to see larger. [the full size one is to large for post box] I finally like Syaoran’s hair. He finally turned out well.
Questions: [yes they have returned after a long absence XD]
1. Any New Year’s resolutions?
2. Anything happen for x-mas?
3. Any ideas for what I should color or tips?
4. Watched any good movies?
5. Any plans for New Year’s?
6. Do you have a problem with guys not wearing their shirts?

1. To stop being addicted to the internet…lmao, I don’t think it will happen
2. in the post silly…XP
3. ….no comment lol
4. ….I am legend…
5. my mom gave me permission to get drunk at our house XD. I am going to have fun with that/ [I have a low alcohol tolerance]
6. NO!!! lol…*sweatdrop*

I would like to wish you a happy new year and may all wishes come true in the upcoming year.
Your friend,

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   TIME: 12:35 AM ~pictures and more

I absolutely love this icon. So pretty. Makes me want to make my own. [seriously i need to stop the whole photoshopping thing.lol] I am starting to grow addicted to this series again. Like today when we were at the mall i was able to get my hands on a computer and the first thing i did was go check on tsubasa spoilers. lol. I didn't even bother coming on here to check on all of you. sorry, it was calling me to the dark side.XDAnd then when i got the spoilers that i didn't want i got all depressed/pissed and my friend kept telling me to get over it;that they weren't real. lmao. I'm serious I got all depressed. to tell the truth I'm still hot happy with it. Ok, so at the mall today it got kind of boring but we were able to find this great store! IT was like this maze and so cool. It had this japanese room and this room with a couch. We sat there for half an hour just talking and taking pictures. We also saw this show were santa clause was ice skating and did all these flips. it was pretty cool. There were a ton of other stuff that happened but i think i am going to save that for later. OK? Once again i don't want to make this long...I guess of not having to read much is my gift to you.XD

ok, here are the backgrounds i made for x-mas [sorry if you don't celebrate x-mas] If you wish for me to make you a post box just ask. it gives me another excuse to photoshop.lmao. If you use them you don't have to credit but if you want to it will be greatly appreciated. ^__^ [click thumb to see larger]
Sakura bg Kobato bg
Angel Sakura bg Chii bg
Sakura and Syaoran bg
I hope you like them.

another coloring by me!!! Thanks for the compliments. I am trying to get better [i'm starting to do the eyes now.yay!!] I'll try to show you more. For now it is my favorite character from tsubasa: Syaoran. I hope you can tell the difference between the eyes. [one is blue and one is brown.]
~*Have a great week and a Merry Christmas*~

Which CLAMP stereotype are you?

You are the Grumpy Man with a Heart of Gold!You're silent. You're cold. You're practically immune to any kind of flirting. A person with strong demands on both yourself and others, you're a lone wolf of great determination and scary death glares (not to mention ridicoulously broad shoulders), but boy! are you a total teddy bear on the inside, or what? Although it may take you some time to get close to people, once you start caring for someone you will protect them with your life. In other words, a total sweetie is what you are. ^^Examples: Kurogane (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), Syaoran (Cardcaptor Sakura), Yasha (RG Veda)... and pretty much all of CLAMP's males.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

TIME 1:25 AM ~It all good....


Hello!!!!! The break has finally started which hopefully means more commenting and updating. YAY!!! I hope. I already have this weekend planned. Saturday I am going to the mall and then Sunday I am going to go to my friend's church for a "party" lol. Let's see how that turns out.

Well on Friday [hey that was yesterday. sorry i am updating like at 1 in the morning in otaku time. lol. otaku time. that sounds funny]I had to go to school with a ton of presents for people. My mom was like "WTF is wrong with you!?" o.O I had two big bags, another present and another bag. I ran out of presents!! T___T It happens every year. I think i am not buying anything next year. lol. That is what I always say. Then when my mom picked us up [a friend and i went to the mall on friday. we are going to another one today. lol. Why are there so many malls around here?] She saw me with this huge bag filled with presents. Her face went like this O.O I laughed when I saw her.

Guess what!? My friend forced me to eat with chopsticks. It was so akward. I couldn't do it. T___T OMG!!! we were acting like idiots. We told the lady arigatou to her when she gave us the food.

This is getting long. [I don't want to make you read much] So I will continue this in the next post. Now if you excuse me I have to go finish reading Ouran before I go commenting. Btw, I made like 5 different layouts for x-mas. -___- Now I don't have enough time to use them all. Would anybody like to see them or use them?

Yay, Kobato layout!!! XD [another coloring by me. XD santa is smoking lmao]

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