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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And BINGO was his name-o
music - Don't Don - Super Junior
time- 11:47 AM


I'm sleepy. ;____; really sleepy. I went to sleep around 2-ish (don't ask what i was doing....even i don't remember......what was i doing?) and i woke up aroun 9:30ish..........7hours of sleep. ;__; sleeeeeeeeeepy.

time to explain my inactiveness. real life is keeping me busy. i'm going out later today (o.o.....crap, in 2 hours.) but i'll comment like crazy until i have to leave...or i'll try at least. i'm so sorry.

also fandom is keeping me busy. I'm trying to get into 3 different bands (Super Junior, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, LINK ME!! i need their love) and my other fandoms are keeping me busy. so yeah.......busy. and drama watching is keeping me busy too. I started another one already. wtf? i have little time for anything anymore. ;___; sorry.........asian boy bands have taken over.

but if you want to talk to me you can try chat (i'm usually on midday-ish and late at night...usually.) or Livejournal. ^__^ I'm a little more active there.

uhhhhhhhhhhh...................I want to have a pajama party......NOW.

oh yeah, 4th of July was fun. Being the only non-asian there.............is like so normal now. ^^;


Give me as many things/people/places as you want. (i.e my job, my family, my room, my computer, my coffee cup etc), then I will try my best to take a picture of it!

So name what you want. Go crazy if you want. (but if you ask something i can't show you please don't be mad. ;___;) Anime, manga, asian boys, anything you want. Go crazy. ^__^

That's it from me. NOW tell me about you!! I want to hear everything!! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

best proposal ever. EVER

skip to 1:14 please. seriously girls........doesn't that just steal your heart? LIKE "OMFG!! YES!! YES~!! I'LL MARRY YOU!!!" girls, please show it to all your male friends so they can learn something.xD guys.........memorize this. lmao. seriously.........this 15 year old.....;A;

Have a great week, month...life!! Don't know when I will update again. ^^;

12:05 PM

EDIT: oh yeah......i've been on here for 2 years......yay. :D

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Friday, July 3, 2009

music - night flight - perfume
time - 10:27 PM

Happy basuday love MASSU!!

sorry ppl for not commenting but.....idk. I haven't been in the mood to be at this place sorry. [o.o I hear firewords....wtf!?!?! it's the 3rd!!!!!!] so yeah.......i'll make up for it soon..........just let me make this one post. T^T i'll kill myself if i don't. D:

So it's massu b-day the 4th!!! he'll be 23 so it's time to spam w/ him!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! but i have a new computer so.......I have no pictures yet. D: photobucket time........





TO TURN 23!!!!!

Isn't he so cute!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

YO WHAT"S FOR DINNER TONIGHT!?! I WANT A PUMPKIN!!! ^///////^ I've been singing this non-stop today.

I had to post the 3rd b/c i'll be out all the 4th. Going to a friend's house.......I'll be the only non-asian. She's vietnamese. ;___;

And I can't wait until midnight b/c......I"M REALLY TIRED!!! Blame Lala....D: ASK HER!! NOT ME!! T______T

I love you all!!!!!!!!!

OH!!! It's Jin's b-day too!!!!

Happy b-day to him too..........I love Massu more...obviously.

and happy b-day to america too. xD

T___________T I have to out do this for Ohno's b-day. WTF!?!?!?!?! It's gonna be hard........ HARD!!!!!!!!! especially since I have school going on at that time....and my own b-day. D: help me!!!!!!!

You don't have to comment!!! This is more for my own good and conscious. ^^; Now I'm really tired. I've been up since 5:45 AM. T______T

I'll get to you all on sunday!!!!!

10:53 PM

EDIT: I forgot. Have a great 4th of July!!!!!!!!!! And a good Massu day too!! Eat lots of pork. ^__^

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

just want to replace old entry
music: Everything - Arashi ♥
time: 7:50 PM

so the last entry was really long....so I just wanted to replace it w/ a shorter one. ^^; if you didn't read the last one, i'll sum it up - JESSICA AND HER FRIEND ARE REALLY STUPID. There we go, done. ^__^

ok, now the thing I'm spazzing over. please at least listen to a little of it. ;____;

Legit, I can't stop staring at him. D: he was the first thing I noticed.......I forgot about Ohno until he was walking by Nino. NINO IS JUST TOO PURDY!!! I want Nino's geeky shoes. WANTS. I already have a pair similar to them but they are gray. Is it bad that I have Nino's pants? I just need the plaid shirt and I can be Nino....^^; I was about to buy one the other day. D: Nino, Nino........I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!, you make me be a bad girl. ;_____;

Mandatory Ohno fangirling - I LOVE HIS BRIDGE AT 2:45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well jun is singing to but...whatever to him. This song lacked Ohno solo........:D YAY!!! They finally stopped depending on Ohno for ALL vocal. :D

I didn't buy it this time........now I effing want it. ;______;

OH!! Must show Arashi's competition this time. The infamous Tohoshinki AKA DBSK.

to be honest......if it wasn't for this song I wouldn't like the Arashi one at all. I heard Arashi and was "ICK!! THIS SUCKS!!" but then I heard Stand by You [crap, Arashi's song is Everything] and realized how much i love Arashi's song. This PV gets me dizzy/screwed up on the spinning part. gah, I hate that there are multiple copies of them.

IN CONCLUSION: Both songs are too slow and ..... they have better. ;___; Arashi needs to go back to dorky soon and Tohoshinki needs to GTFO of Japan and go back to Korea. I want DONG BANG SHIN KI not Tohoshinki!!

EDIT: Forgot to ask, which do you like better?
I won't hurt you if you say Tohoshinki......I'm expecting it already.

I'm done... a whole post about 2 songs. D: btw, i'm buying the Arashi album. None of you convinced me not to. 1) I can't sing so I can't make my own CDs, 2)I NEED IT, 3)PHOTOBOOK not just songs, 4)I have my mama to feed me 8D, 5)lala, you are allowed to slap me w/ the album if I go complaining that I need $50, got it? . But thank you.......... arashi, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!! LET ME HAVE YOUR BABIES! hell no...that's creepy

I'll comment after watching VS Arashi w/ Ikuta Toma [omfg!! finally!! ♥♥♥], Cartoon KAT-TUN, and read manga. I'm in the mood for it. xD

*hugs* Love you all!!! This was still too long. ;___;

oh yeah, I got a new computer too. :D I'm setting it up tomorrow. 640 GB to waste on Arashi. 8D

8:10 PM

EDIT: Watched VS Arashi.....omg, could you be any cuter ohno? ;___; stupid toma. D:
EDIT 2: I think I'm gonna quit w/ graphics making. I just don't want it anymore. I might move any graphics I make to LJ or dA.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

time: 10:49 PM
music: Dynamite - Ast'1

Hello people!!! How are you all? ummmmmmm..... long time no see. ^^; Sorry I've been busy the whole time. yeah.......pretty much just excuses. oh well... and I don't really feel like commenting at all. idk........ BUT THANK YOU FOR THE B-DAY WISHES!!! For both my brother and Nino. :D gah, I hate knowing 3 people w/ this b-day. ;___; why can't I share a b-day w/ Nino? STUPID MAMA!! You couldn't of kept in your womb for another 10 days. ;____; Then I could of had Ohno's b-day. ;______; BUT thank you to all of you!!! *hugs*

So you are all probably wondering what I did. On the 17th I had a headache. D: I had to wake up too early to go out and do stuff. Then I was stupid and hurt myself. ;____; So yeah......didn't really celebrate anybody's b-day.

But I did read that Nino went out w/ Arashi (except Sho) to eat yakiniku. ^//////^ AH!! He said thank you for the b-day wishes. So I guess that goes for you too even though you are not fans. ....... D: I want yakiniku now!!!!

wait...........was it here or on the wallpaper? idk. but you people thought Nino was hot? o.o

So yeah, we didn't really celebrate by brother's b-day until sunday, the 21st. On saturday we went furniture shopping. so while my mom was looking i spent time w/ my ipod. (i have an ipod nano 2nd generation. you know, the really tiny ones that play video) when I started thinking about the recent Ohno x Chinen interview that happened. Don't ask why..... I think I was listening to Hey!Say!JUMP's Your Seed...idk. So yeah, I started thinking about how Chinen was saying that Top Secret was Ohno's best solo. Uh, NOOOO!!! Song for Me is the best. So I started thinking how much fun it would be to have a fanning (?) war w/ him. xD of course i would lose but...i want it. [can't compete w/ his biggest fan. he joined the company b/c of him!!!] then I could teach him spanish. 8D oh, btw this is TOP SECRET

Chinen's favorite. Is it weird that he has a fav? Is it weird that I know it?
And this is my favorite, Song for me

Ok, I don't want to talk about the interview b/c...... then it will be just me spazzing over Chinen. ^^; Anyways.....that just led to me watching all of Ohno's solos that are on my ipod (5...^^;) to compare. ......... Dang it, Chinen was right. D: Anyways, I kinda spent the whole time watching videos while my mom browsed. ;______; Now we have chairs I don't like. I tried to fight at the last minute but......didn't work out. Ended up w/ me just yelling that I'll buy whatever I want when I move out. ;________; I shouldn't of watched that Lucky Man video so many times. but Aiba was so beautiful!!

Sunday came and party did too. ;_______; I had to wake up so early to make tamales!! I HATE THAT!! ;___; So yeah, we celebrated for my bro. He got toys and money. HE'S RICHER THAN ME!!! D: I was too busy to really remember Nino. ;___; But I did get a slice of cake and I wished him a happy b-day when I was alone. ^^; It was a rainbow cake. He has a solo called Niji which means rainbow. So I thought it fit. [btw, i didn't order it. my mom did. :P]

Oh yeah........and my internet broke on Sunday. ;___; It was so painful not having internet for a day. i'm way too addicted to it. I can't sleep right if I haven't watched some asian boy band thing. ^^;

Internet got fixed midday on monday.... i missed my senior picture. ;___; gotta reschedule. Dx

then tuesday my friend had her senior picture. she then decided to stop by at my house. we spent the whole day doing crap related to k-pop. and we found out about a japanese shop close to here. i had no internet time that day. [she came at 3 and left almost at 9. then i had to welcome my twin-chan back! D: I'M SORRY I WASN'T ON CHAT RIGHT AWAY!!]

wednesday we actually went to the japanese shop. i was suppose to buy magazines but i didn't like the ones they had. [too many girls, not enough guys! rawr] So I might go back at the beginning of the month to check if they restocked or something. ^^; I can't believe we actually went. We found out about it randomly on livejournal. Seriously, I decided to check it while she was there and BAM! Some person posted about it on the Arashi community. wtf? and then we decided to go the next day no matter what? STUPID. anyways, we went and spazzed over all the cute stuff. ^////^ we want to go back to buy our school supplies there. [lala......how can I save money this way? D:] So yeah, we spent forever trying to choose which bento box to buy. She got pink and I got blue matching ones. ^^; It was fun. We bought some snacks too. [o.o they actually spoke japanese to us!! ;__; i didn't know if I should respond in japanese or what. D: so when i came in i kinda just bowed and said hi. ;___; one lady didn't know english. it was so awkward asking her for help. ;___; i wanted a blue one (ended up getting a pink bento bag-thingy for my BLUE bento box) but my friend went to ask. ;___; it was awkward!! yes, i know the word for blue in case you are wondering. :P] Anyways, we want to run away to California now. ;___; we want to go to korean/japanese places more often. but there's one in austin supposedly. Road trip anyone?

Anyways we came back to my house to make onigiri (rice balls) for our bento boxes. o_____o took forever to figure how to cook the rice w/o a rice cooker. you see, i'm mexican so we make mexican rice. it's done a whole different way. so we called mom and everything. [my mom loves my friend so she doesn't care when she comes over unannounced] WE NEVER COOK!!! so now we are cooking and all this. wtf? anyways we made onigiri but she forgot to put salt in the stuffing. wtf? so they were kinda plain. ;___; AH!! I got her to start watching Hana Yori Dango!! JUN♥~!!!!! We ate them while watching korean MV's and performances.

And I got a new korean hubby. xD this all started as a joke. actually.... it still is a joke. We were watching I hate you by 2PM live performance when Junsu did this move........and we busted out laughing. AH!! MUST SHOW!!

at 0:50........... LMAO!! So we busted out laughing..and watched it a million times. OMG!! LAUGHING!! So i kinda ended up saying "I think I have a favorite now".....and I ended up calling him my hubby. We watched it again.....this time I did the fangirl scream. o.o it didn't hurt at all to scream that loud....wow. So yeah, according to ...us, Junsu is my hubby and Onew and Yunho are my men. ^////^

Btw, my friend hates j-pop. So that's why this all k-pop related stuff only.

We were suppose to got out today but...i guess not. Oh well, I need to catch up w/ the internet. After she left I had to do some chores. Then I got on chat w/ Lala. Then I stayed up until almost 2 just listening to music!! D:

this song...over and over no, again and again. ;_____; i feel bad for them. nobody likes them. oh, then i woke up at 6:30 AM b/c my mom made me take my brother to summer school today. D: i've been up since 6:30AM!!!

AH!! I got my SAT score today. 1664.......is that bad? IS IT!?!?! T_____________T do i have to take it again? i should of practied....or wrote about something better. my highest was math. :D 634, is that good?

I talked too much. sorry. ;_______; Btw, can somebody convince me NOT to buy the Arashi album? OMG I WANT IT!!! But I'm broke. D: It's their "best" CD...........I LOVE pretty much every song on it. 3 CD's . 8D OMG I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I really need to save money for something important!! Somebody convince me not to buy it. ;___; It's so expensive. Almost $50. I might sell some of my stuff to get it. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Convince me not to buy it, please!! I'll love you forever. D: [EDIT: Everyone is failing in convincing me NOT to buy it. TRY HARDER!!! I only need $10 now. ;____;]

No video today. *hugs* Love you all!! Have a great week!!! :3

11:50 AM

EDIT: RIP Michael Jackson. ;___; *still can't believe it*

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 26th B-day
Nino ♥!!

music: Niji - Ninomiya Kazunari
time: 11:00 PM

Omg, I love this song. I don't care what you think about it.........I LOVE this song. My fav JE solo ever. ;___; This song made me cry today. CRY. Not joking, I got all teared up. D: Nino, why so beautiful? I wanna marry you!! No wait... I do. ;___; My love for this guy has grown so much since I found out about him. Him going around groping Ohno. D: Now I love him as much as Nino if not more.

Anyways my bb is turning 26!! Yay!!! Happy b-day Ninomiya Kazunari!!! D: There's too many things I want to say.....too many things to love....;___; So I'll tell it in a rap, yo!! .... No. No, I am not doing that. No. Happy b-day to

Cutest baby ever!! :3 sparkle doesn't care about your opinion at this moment

^///////^ The loveliest (?) emo-ish boy sparkle doesn't care for your opinion again. :P

OMG, OK HE'S JUST CUTE. ;___; sparkle REALLY doesn't care for your opinion this time. nino is lovely!!

nino is amazing !!

bestest otaku ever. :3 ... he's bigger than me. all he does is game. D:

Maye he have a wonderful b-day and life!!!

And continue being a dork and b*tchy brat. 8D It makes sparkle-chan's heart burst w/ joy. *nods*

And thank you for taking care of the hubby!! ^__^ OHMIYA SK FOREVER!! ... And please don't marry Masami ;___; No, he should be able to marry whoever he wants. D: gah, why did he have to date her!?!?! ;____;

wow, a birthday post and GIF spam... I am nice today.
oh yeah, and happy 6th b-day to my bro. stupid brat. he ain't cute. :P

short update on me: ummmmmm, i keep coming in and out of depressive moods lately. The only way to get rid of them is if I keep myself busy. ;___; ... i tend to get bored then i stop.. then i get depressed. D: not fun. also cleaning a lot for my bro's b-day party on sunday. i'm singing nino's name. :P i don't care. OH!! and I watching Letters from Iwo Jima right now. :D Nino's hollywood movie. xD I screamed when Nino came on the screen. SCREAMED DURING A WWII MOVIE OVER A BOY BAND MEMBER!!! xD wtf!?! other than that me is boring me. D: Too much SHINee in her life, not enough Arashi. Oh well. :P

My fav Nino video. Two girls from a comedy duo fight for a fake date w/ Nino. Who will win?

I love he tries to hide. xD And what he did a the end to the girl..........OMG, NINO I LOVE YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE B/C OF THIS!! :3

Have a great day everyone!!! :3 *hands some cake*
Oh yes, I made a wallpaper too. If you want to look here's a link. If not, oh well.

11:43 PM (darn... i got done early...now i have to wait. D:)
submitted: 12:01 AM (i'm sleepy! I can't stay up. D: mowing law is hard work)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey, listen Mr. Boy!!
music: Hey Mr. Big - Lee Hyori
time: 1:14 PM

Thank you for the comments!! *hugs* Idk, I think i'm just going to stick w/ all the AP classes. Idk... it's just hard going down to regular classes for me. I've been in advanced classes since 4th grade so.........it's weird to be in a regulars class. O_____O like mega ultra weird. i have one every year....such a blow off class. Anyways, I'm waiting for the 25th............day I get SATs results. So be ready for a crying or stunned sparkle that day. K? OH!! I got my report card today.........I HATE THIS YEAR!! LIKE!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst year ever. And I got state testing results. o___o The most questions I got wrong was 5. THIS SH*T WAS EAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only got 2 wrong on one. How the hell do people fail this? HOW!?!?! Anyways, I don't have to take it again!!! YES!!!!!!!!! It's so boring. You get done in an hour then sit there for 2 waiting for people to finish. WTF!?!? Stop daydreaming and finish the test!! T______T I'm a quick test taker.

Crap........forgot. No more ranting this summer. D:

Anyways, I was bored one day and started looking at my old entries. O_________O I saw one that was almost 2 years old. HOLY CRAP!!! So much has changed!! Even a one year old post is so different. PROOF A post over a Gay Bar Ouran fanvid? wth!?!? Now it's this:

No, I'm not kidding. It's an arashi video. D:

Wow, it's almost been a year since I found out about Ohno and Arashi........wow, things have changed.

Tell me if things have changed for you. NOWZ!!! (i want to spend all your money. at the gay bar, gay bar!!)

Anyways, I did some photoshopping today. I tried to make e-cards but it didn't work out. D:

It's Onew from SHINee. Idk.......I just don't think I should submit it.

I need help finding an image. Anybody got any anime pic they want to share? I HAVE NONE. Anyways, it's Yusuke, MY LOVE. Song is Summer Time by NewS. Not submitting b/c the text looks bad (i gave up after i realized the pic isn't great) and picture.....nobody would like it. D:

And Nino's b-day is coming up so I want to make a wallie but......I CAN'T THINK OF AN IDEA!! ;___; help.................

...........yesterday..............I organized all my pictures of Arashi........all 1000something of them. WHERE THE HECK DID I GET THAT MANY!?!? I still have more to organize.

You'd think since I am an Ohno fan he would have the most pictures, umm.................Nino only has 5 less. o.o

Before you freak out........I organize everything.

My pictures................(anime and manga are in a different folder) the thumbnails...gjsklgd

yes.......even music. ^^; isn't it pretty?

I forgot where I was going w/ this. Oh yeah...that's what I did yesterday. xD

OH YEAH!! I got the sims 3!! But I can't play it b/c my computer has the wrong video card (wtf?) so it runs extremely slowly. I'm bugging my mom for a new computer. *cries* Toma, it's almost time to say goodbye. DDDDD: (this computer goes to my brother........D: new one for me. :D)

I have no idea what I was going to say........So i'm gonna go walk the dog instead. D: stupid dog-sitting. ;______;

I love this song.
HEY GIRL!!!!!!!! She's so pretty. :3

Have a great day!! I love some of you!!
1:55 PM

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

music: Mola - Yamapi
time: 6:19 PM

THIS IS THE SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't remember the rest of the lyrics.....*puts it on* -__- I've been listening to summer time by NewS non-stop since.....friday-ish. My summer started. yay.....

IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! IT DOESN'T!!! It feels like a three day weekend more than a summer. Idk, I've been working my butt off for the past 2 months non-stop, it's kinda hard to believe it's over. I was working all the way to the end. NOO!! I even worked the day after. stupid SATs...;____;

Ok....grades. Dx OMG!! Stixx's comment almost made me cry!! How could you say : "If you don't pass, Ohno will never forgive you!!!"!?!?!?! T___________T I DIDN'T PASS THE EXAM!! I WANTED TO CRY WHEN I READ THAT!! ;____; But then I remembered Ohno dropped out of high school after the 3rd day and thought "SCREW HIM!! THIS IS HARD SH*T!!! ;________; PRE-CALC IS NOT MY THING!!" So yeah, I passed the physics exam w/ a 72 but failed pre-calc exam w/ a 65. ;____; Both classes final grade was an 80 so I did pass the grade level. ;___; I FAILED PRE-CALC AGAIN!!! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!?!?! So yeah......I'm e-mailing my counselor and telling her to drop me down from AP Calculus BC to AP Calculus AB. It'll save me some tears.

ok........NEXT YEAR IS GONNA SUCK!! I've been thinking about it for a while. My friend keeps on going on and on about how senior year is gonna be great but.......my sure isn't!!! Everybody keeps telling me to drop stuff. NOOOOOO!! You see, if you take 3 AP classes or more you only need to take 5 periods. AKA Leave early!! So if I drop an AP that means i'm stuck there the whole day. Pointless ----especially since I only need 2 credits to graduate. DUH. But yeah......IT'S GONNA SUCK!! I don't think I can handle it. Why!?! Ok, I have 3 AP classes : English, Calculus and Chemistry 2. NO EASY AP CLASSES THIS YEAR!! I had one easy one this year. NONE next. I suck at ready plays and Shakespeare. I can't understand it. ;______; Then I'm probably going to be working also. And I'm planning on starting Japanese classes too. ;____; TOO MUCH CRAP!! I'm gonna be stressed to the max next year. I can't quit the job b/c I need to money to pay for the car that I need for school AND japanese classes. And I need money to pay for the classes too. I told my mom I would pay for them and I'm planning on keeping that true........maybe she can help a little. Yeah....and then there's college applications. THANK THE LORD I GET AUTOMATIC ADMISSION!! ;___; Seriously, I'm using the top 10% thing. Screw going out of state, unless some college offers me A LOT of money I'm staying here. Thank you Texas for still doing top 10%. OTL

TOO MUCH RANTING!! No more ranting for the whole summer, ok? I'll worry about all that stuff when it happens. T^T Now all I have to worry about is finding that job. ;___;

Sorry not commenting much lately......I've just been lazy. ;___; I was really tired yesterday after the SATs. THAT TEST IS TOO LONG!! My head started hurting at part 7. STUPID!! I think I screwed up on grammar. You know how they give you a sentence and you have to find what's wrong w/ it? How come the last 10 I just couldn't find anything wrong!? T_______T I SHOULD OF STUDIED!!! My friend came over the day before.....yeah....not that smart of an idea. But it's over. Omg, I fell hardcore asleep as soon as I went to bed that night. Like BAM---asleep. I'm still kinda tired.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my CDs on thursday. O_______O I completely forgot about the Arashi one. I rushed to see my SHINee cd that i completely forgot arashi. No joke. I saw some blue thing and was like "WTH IS THIS!?!? *turns over* OHMY..........GAWD!!!!! ARASHI!?!?!?! o_o" Yeah.......I WANTED TO SEE THE BACK OF MY SHINEE CD!!! Pic:

It's Minho!! T______T I WANTED ONEW OR KEY!! You see, every member got a back cover and the cd was shipped randomly at you so you had no idea who you got. MINHO IS NOT MY ROMEO!!!!! But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangggggggggg, he looked the best in the book. The concept was so stupid!! I felt bad for my bbs!!! Their beauty was marred by crap like that. The only one who got away from it was Minho!! WTF!?!?!?! No more of that......I got a Hey!Say!JUMP poster too. :3 I don't know where to put it up. ;_____; I'm going to have kids younger than me on my wall. DARN YOU CHINEN!!!!!!!!
chinen yuri Pictures, Images and Photos
I want him to be my son!!! OR BROTHER!! omg, i saw a topless picture of him right now!! ;___; STUPID PEDOS!!! STUPID!! how could they do that?

I think my love for ohno grew by 124632653453% today after watching Utaban.

Talked too much. So no posting for.......maybe a week. Ok?

WAIT!! I need to prove Aiba is mine. Ok, so today on LJ somebody posted a link to find your Johnny's boy. I know, stupid but.....I WANTED TO KNOW!!!!!! So I crossed my fingers and hoped for Ohno...........I got:
相葉雅紀 = Aiba Masaki
Aiba Masaki Pictures, Images and Photos
LALA, THAT MEANS BACK OFF!!!!!! I even tried it w/ my name in japanese and got him. It's love. i'm gonna kill you if you get Ohno!! I wanted my hubby. Link to do it.

Now I'm done. No wait.

Ohmiya love is mandatory. *nods*

have a great day!!! (omg!! lala, lucky man came on right now!! SING WITH ME!! EVERYONE SING WITH ME!! look it up!!)

7:12 PM

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IS DYING!!!!!!! DYING!!!!!
music: It's You - Super Junior
time: 3:04 PM

Key: Uhhhhh, not more drama.

Ok, So I had no exams today. :D B/c I was a good girl and got exempt but.......I should be studying now. T___T Physics and pre-calc exams sound like major b*tches. And considering that I failed the pre-calc exam last time, OH YEAH!!! I'm screwed. Oh, and there's a little thing called SATs this saturday too. BUT THAT ISN'T IMPORTANT, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!?!! ;_______;

Like NOW-NOW!!!! ;_____; Stupid ARASHI AND SHINEE!! I spent all my money on them. I still don't have my CDs. ;___;

Ok, reason why I post is this:

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 4 people about this game.
Nino is the one that you love.
Ohno is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about Lala.
Heather is the one who knows you very well.
Kelsey is your lucky star.
It's You is the song that matches with Nino.
Juliette is the song for Ohno.
Purple Line is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Fire is the song telling you how you feel about life
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O________O THIS THING IS LIKE 100% RIGHT!!! T___T I'm sorry, I only included 2 people from here. I had to include my friend in there. Her name just popped into my head. You don't need to know about her. ]:< I MEAN IT!!

;___; Nino is the one I love? *looks at bg* ... *is listening to it's you* .... T_______T
Sorry kelsey, you are not my lucky star. you are my shuper star. xD and we all knew about the lala one

DO IT!!!


fail english is always good for the soul.

be back 100% on sunday. :D i got a twitter. who else has one? Facebook? Tell me and I'll send you links. ^__^

have a great week :3

3:21 PM

EDIT: I forgot the drama, sorry Key. :3 Ok so I downloaded some music of AIM that Jae sent me. BAD IDEA!!!!!!! My computer broke that night. Now I hate Se7en SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Yup, I have a grudge against him. MAJOR GRUDGE!!! Kinda vowed to never listen to him anymore. HE PUT TOMA-CHAN'S LIFE IN DANGER!! HE IS NO GOOD!!! T____T Toma-chan is fine-ish now. ;___;

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Monday, May 25, 2009

music: Snow Prince - SS501
time: 1:26 PM

LOVE EM!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

It's SHINee's one year anniversary today. :3 YAY!! My babies have been together for a year!!! Anyways, I wanted to get something to celebrate today but ........ ;_______; I DIDN'T!!!!!! *dying* I should call people up but..... I don't want to seem the obsessive. ;__; (Yes, I have friends IN REAL LIFE who like SHINee. I'm not that lonely. Shocking yes, but I have friends who like j-pop and k-pop......it's just that NOBODY likes Arashi. ;_______; IT'S NOT ABOUT THEM TODAY!!!!)

To celebrate I was going to scan their whole first mini-album for all of you guys but...... I got lazy after 3 pages. (it takes too long. scan → rotate → crop → resize → save. takes about 10 minutes for each pic since they are HUGE!!) So here's what I have so far:

Want something re-scanned or the REST of the book scanned just ask. ^__^ There's about 15 pages left to scan.

BUT PICTURES ARE NOT ENOUGH!!! So I'm sharing their 1st mini-album too. :3
1. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) - Love this song. Music video is good too. :3
2. In My Room - ;___; why can't I be in there room? nice slow song.
3. Real - it's interesting. i still like it.
4. 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On) - OUR LOVE WILL GO ON!!!!!!!
5. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay Boom Track) - I think I like this version more. ^^;

All of it was uploaded by ME, so there should be no viruses. Don't worry about supporting them. I already did but if you want to buy it, go ahead. ^__^ I'll share scans of their new mini-album when I get it. Do I still have to scan NewS's Koi no ABO?

I haven't heard it yet. (waiting for her copy) but I heard to songs and they seemed nice. Juliette was playing on here (1st song). So yeah... SUPPORT THEM!!!!! Fall in love with them just like I did!!! PIMP POST, b/c obsessive fans explain things better than partial-obsessive fan. *nods*

now about me: I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT ME!!!! Things are just suckish. I don't want to study, I lost the will to do anything. ;___; I just want to talk about ASIA. K-pop and J-pop are too time consuming!! Anyways ... prom was last week. Didn't go b/c no senior asked me to go. the one i wanted to go w/ won't GAAAAH!! must not talk about him. he's leaving. good!! Like lala said......WHAT NEED ARE MEN!!! YES!!! ;______; Jae and Lala (somegirl and chibilala) are like consuming my life!! GIRLS, WHAT!?!?! ILUSM!!!! ♥♥♥ Lala, you are going down!! GDragon is our baby!! Yes, Jae's and mine.

I love my friends. x3

Ok, so lala is probably leaving and........ I might leave again too. ^^; PEOPLE, It's the end of the year!! I have finals too. I only have to study for 2 (if you take AP exams and have above an 80 you don't take finals. and do i really need to study for art ONE and PE?) but there is still SATs. MAJOR THING!! Sure I got a 161 on the PSAT without studying but....... I WANT BETTER!!!! I have to compete against my asian friends. IT AIN'T EASY, YO!!! So yeah.......school is over the 5th but I have SATs on the 6th. ^^; PAIN!! I already had to reject invitations to hang out on the last day of school b/c I have to go home to study and go to bed early. ;_______; I HATE THIS!!!!!!!

This is consuming my life. ARASHI!!! gj;fsa;lk;lask;las Why do I have to love you so much? 4:10........I squealed. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! Who's hand is on Ohno's shoulder. >///////< I'LL SHUT UP NOW!!!!

So yeah.........Happy SHINeeverysary!!! May your day be ultra SHINY!!! And happy memorial day. pfffffffft, nobody cares about that, right? xD

AH!!! I made a quiz about myself. Take it please. ;_______; It should be easy. "Meh" was me trying to see it it showed the right answer when you clicked the wrong one. If you make one send me the link. I'll do it!! ^______^

Mama came home.... she wants me to do more chores. DDDD:

THE MOST HILARIOUS SHINee THING EVER!!!!!!! Watch the rest in the person's channel. Laughed the whole time.

Love you all. I'll try commenting later. I have some writing and studying to do first. Then I'll comment. Byeeeeeeeeee!!!

2:30 PM
thank you for the hugs. :3

EDIT: I made a card a while back.

Thank you to anyone who already saw it!! *hugs* Can't believe it was #1 on the featured ones. THANK YOU!!!!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

kinda wants to avoid hw...
date: 5/16/09 it's my half birthday!!
music: love in the ice - DBSK
time: 9:06 PM

*ish blowing kisses to you*

O___O I just went to play video games with my brother(ok, more like watch him)... He's five and he's better than me. [AH!!!!!! Push On! by NewS just came on. I'll talk more about them later] Oh well, I'm not a gamer.

Now time for you to catch up on my life for the past 6 weeks. Hmmmmmmmm, busy w/ school. Let's see, I had state testing, AP exams, TESTS, TESTS, TESTS, and projects going on. OH!! And Moby Dick!! Yeah, I had to read that. The 1st 21 chapters were good, the rest fell apart for me. D: I haven't been sleeping much lately. ;_____; Is very tired. I think I'm sleeping after posting.

Let's see...OH!! I also gave up on love for the moment. ^^; There's this guy I liked and now I just gave up on him. Forget him. If he doesn't even want to acknowledge his friend then who cares about him. We met almost 3 years ago and we became really good friends but then he had to go to senior high school and I stayed in high school. Well I finally come to senior high this year and he won't talk to me. At first I would smile at him but now, NO. I want this year to be over so I NEVER have to see him again. He's a senior, I'm a junior. I'll just continue loving my asian boys until I find love again. :P

AP testing sucked!! I had 3 different ones. On the first one I had BoA stuck in my head the whole time. So I was trying to write code for this stupid problem and all I could think about was "I did it for love"

The chorus was all I could think about. ;___; Then the history one. THE DBQ SUCKED!!!! Worst piece of crap ever. Then during the english one I started thinking of chibilala (you know why!!) and got distracted for a while. T^T I didn't get done. Stupid trumpet distracted me. (we were testing near the band hall. D: horrible)

Oh yeah!! Swine flu. Did anybody's school close? We had a whole district close and a couple of schools around here close. It was pretty big deal here. We almost got closed (well there were rumors). Idk, it got annoying after a while. It all happened the week before AP exams so all the AP kids wanted the school to close down. They were talking about sacrificing kids and making them get sick so we could all get out. My friend actually wanted to do it. ^^; Anyways, we didn't close. -____- AP exams happened and we are still in school.

I'm falling for NewS more. ;_____;
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My crush on Yamapi has grown so much. (first row, middle one) ;____; I even bought the Koi no ABO CD just b/c I wanted his picture. Not kidding. He's not even pretty in it. ;_______; I'll scan it later.

Anyways, I'm going to be NICE and catch you all up in j-pop and k-pop world. Skip if you want but it might introduce you to some good stuff. [NOTE: I only put artists I like so this isn't everybody]

-Tohoshinki (DBSK) release a new single, Share the World, the new OP for One Piece
-Tohoshinki released a new album called The Secret Code
-Arashi's new single Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~/Ashita no Kioku were announced. I forgot when they come out. *needs to order*
-KAT-TUN came out with a new album (forgot name)
-Kanjani8 came out with the PUZZLE album
-Hey!Say!JUMP tour DVD came out
-Perfume's new album is announced. will contain new song, NIGHT FLIGHT
-Big Bang is coming to Japan. Their song will be My Heaven
-SHINee is planning on moving to japan too. ;_______;
- NewS new single Koi no ABO

- 2NE1 finally came out w/ their new single Fire
- SHINee's new single ROMEO is announced. teaser
- Super Junior's It's You
- AST'1 finally comes out with a new single!!! DYNAMITE
- 2PM has a new single, Again, Again title reminds me of sorry,sorry
-Tae Goon had some new song.........can't remember

Epik High had some thing going on. Wonder Girls are still working on their American breakthrough. BoA signed on some other thing so she should get more publicity now. Utada? Haven't heard of her. And I don't keep up w/ Se7en so yeah........

That's just music. No rumors or anything like that. D: Nino was rumored of dating some chick. (anyone watch Last Friends? yeah, the main chick. D: NOT HER!! Nino you can do better!! *gets slapped* ohmiya forever!!) Probably forgot some stuff. It's been over a month people!!

I'm stealing something from a friend on dA. To thank anyone who commented last time I'm doing this:
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.
10. If you play, you MUST post this on yours.ONLY IF YOU WANT TO!!!!

Let's get started →
Angel Zakuro
1. Let's go stalk Todd, you crazy girl with some Japanese baseball guy on her wall!!
2. o.o MOLA by Yamapi (everytime I listen to it, it reminds me how I'm not suppose to love him D:)
3. lime. :3
4. AH!! Ohio man...?
5. long posts
6. a hamster or a bunny. something i can hug all day. xD
7. What's your favorite pudding? :3
8. too many!!! D:
9. not being able to love Yamapi. D: (still love you!!)

2. Blaze, the OP of↑
3. cherry
4. o_o clone syaoran is smexy....?
5. pretty wallpapers
6. a kitty
7. what's you favorite pudding flavor?
8. your kindness
9. none that i can think of

chibilala sparkly text b/c i can :P
1. NIPPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough,cough* Ummmm, you got your brother too obsessed w/ asian guys too!!
4. It's monkey day!!
5. You spamming me w/ a PM about Toma. Ah, the good old days when we loved Toma. ;__;
6. a chihuahua!!
8. that you are my twin :3 (no words to express my love. ;___; I HATE YOU!!!!!!)

1. i haven't talked w/ you in forever ;_____;
2. ummmmmm, the one i'm listening to right now? Move your body by arashi
3. whatever the blue one is. blueberry?
4. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, SKITTLES!!!
5. talking in PMs
6. a panda, duh
7. What's your favorite pudding flavor?
8. your nice
9. none ^__^

chibilala, wtf? you commented too many times. it messed me up!! I was about to do yours again!! *drools over cute JJ icon*

Magnus Lensherr
1. You want to tie Jun up in a purple dungeon. xD
2. Yabai-Yabai-Yabai by Jun. I can picture him saying "yabai, yabai, yabai" when you are tying him up. xD (yabai means "Oh no")
3. CHERRY!!!!!!!!
4. hmmmmmmm, KON-KON!!!
5. ummmmmm, spazzing over our own fandoms ^^;
6. do spiders count? you do control them after all. xD
7. When are we going to kidnap Jun? I WANNA DO THIS!!!
8. your craziness
9. none. :3

1. you're british!!
2. ummmmmmmm, the song I'm listening to right now? Haru Haru by Big Bang....
3. blackberry
4. magic is what got a heard in my URL box. MAGIC.
5. you visiting my post?
6. a dog or a chipmunk....don't ask why
7. Ah....what things do you like?
8. your kindness.
9. none that i know of

somegirl are you happy now?
1. You probably want sparkly text too. Don't you. NOT UNTIL YOU SAY A PASSED THE ASIAN MEN EXAM!!
2. Any Super Junior song
3. Grape
4. Who sings Reset? And Korean guys can have brown eyes!!
5. Talking on AIM
6. a flamingo...? *nods*
7. Not really a question........SHARE THE SUPER JUNIOR LOVE!! What are their names? D:
8. Your randomness
9. failing me nothing. ^__^


I'll see you when I see you. I'll be really busy the rest of the weekend so sorry. ;______;


xD For a full week, whenever I watched this I almost peed my pants. ARASHI, I LOVE YOU!!!!! >_< Ohno was pretty much humping Nino on TV. gjajf;lkas;lkfas;lkaslf a HE SAT ON HIM!!!!!! OHMIYA RABU TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!! I died watching this. This helped me so much while studying for AP exams. LMAO!! Only Arashi will do stupid stuff like this. LOVE THEM!!! I so want to do this!! I screamed so hard....it hurt. D: Nino so enjoyed it

I keep staring at my desktop too much

I fell for this picture right away. D: Ohno, I hate you!!!!!!!!! ;______; LOVE YOU!!

*hugs* See you all later. :3

10:51 PM

EDIT: HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help!!! Who's the guy in the red:

;______; At first I thought it was Aiba but then I looked at the nose and it looks like Ohno's nose but then again he looks like Jun's height but then again he looks like Nino's height. I CAN'T TELL WHO THIS IS!!!!!!! It's killing me!! It's Ohno, right? RIGHT!?!?! Aiba? For those who don't know, Ohno is the guy in my icon. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!

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