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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Busy: making my portfolio prettier . . .
I did my laundry;
Should work on portfolio...
Luckily, Giants won.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Saturday was fun . . .
Woke up, went out and got a haircut, came home, recorded some Version Vibrant related Groundhog Day findings . . . posted said-findings on the main page, eventually found out everyone thinks I sound like the Black Power Ranger (or Colorado podcaster, depends who you ask) . . . that's kinda neat.

Played a little Call of Duty, got a call from the aniki, he said to order dinner from Cockney Kings (fish & chips place in my area). So I ordered that . . . eventually, ototo came home, aniki and his girlfriend and her dog came over with the fish & chips and a bottle of rum . . . and then we went into the process of ordering UFC 81 via Pay-per-view . . . suddenly I realised my brother had a brilliant plan for the night!

Eventually both brothers' best friends came over to also watch . . . and we watched UFC 81 while sucking on rum and coke.

It was a good venue. Lots of great fights, Brock Lesnar (former WWE champion) got leg-locked and lost in his debut UFC fight which was fun . . . and yeah, all around good night.

And to think, I was planning on working on my portfolio tonight . . . alright, Monday . . .

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   Well, that's done . . .
Yesterday was the last day of the Job Finding Club.

Damn I'm tired . . .

So how are you guys?

I totally burgled Katana's post idea and made a Groundhog Day prediction for Version Vibrant:

What's even worse is that I even posted a feature on the front page about it! Haha, if this doesn't get me fired, nothin' will!

. . . no wait, that's not true . . .

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   Is it crunch time yet?
Friend didn't have to have an operation after all, and the thing needing to be fixed is turning out to be far less serious than originally anticipated. This is all kinds of awesome and I'm very happy and relieved.

In other news, there were also a lot of dick-chopping captions in last week's caption battle. None of 'em won, but dang that was a lot . . . what's up with that, eh?

More importantly right now, though, is that Stephen Chow's newest movie "CJ7" comes out . . . possibly today! Here's hoping for a North American release sooner than later . . . funny story, the person playing his son in the movie is actually a girl!

(English-subbed trailer, but in stupid Mandarin)

(Same trailer, not English subtitled, but in glorious Cantonese!)

(What can I say, Cantonese is the funnier dialect . . .)

Anyway, current speculation suggests I need to really finalize my portfolio . . . and get a haircut . . . and learn the fastest way to drive to Kitsilano . . . . .

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   Since Timechaser asked . . .
Yes. I did make the phone call. It's quite exciting.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   More YouTube
I need to not wuss out of making a phone call today. Also, I'm wishing well a friend who's got an operation today. House is officially only my brother and I for the next month or so.

So here, have some powerful, meaningful YouTube in the meantime:

Y'all have a good one, now.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 continues to not be working out so well . . .
This year continues to go up and down . . .

The other day my brother got an award for something his ERT squad did back in May. It was pretty cool . . . but funny enough, my brother specifically was more famous in the local Chinese news than the regular news. Guess it goes with the face, huh? He was interviewed and subtitled in Chinese and everything - it's pretty funny. So yeah, he's doing well.

And then a couple days later my mom finds out her old boss in Kelowna passed away after suffering a heart attack a couple days earlier. He was probably one of her better bosses during her career, and was even the one who gave her away at her wedding 5 years go. He was also an officer in the Canadian Military during the 2nd World War - next November I think I'll tell you a bit more about him.

So yes. Jim Doak. Wonderful man . . . even if he was a lawyer, hey?

My mom of course gets this news the day before she and my stepdad are off for an Egyptian cruise vacation (they're leaving today). I hope she'll still be able to enjoy it . . .

That in turn also means that the house is just my younger brother and I for the next month or so. That should be fun.

I guess we'll just wait and see what happens next week to see if things get any better . . . hope for the best, y'know?

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

New House Dynamic Once Again . . .
My cousin's moving back to Edmonton today; yesterday was her last day at work for Bodog Music and chilling with Bif Naked (who's not in great health right now, sadly). So she's mostly packed up now, and we'll head off this afternoon to send her off.

Last night we had a big dinner - mother, stepdad, myself, cousin, both brothers, brother's girlfriend, grandma, other younger cousin (who came with grandma), and mother's friend . . . it was good times. Everyone got along really well, and everyone enjoyed dinner and stuff.

After everyone left and all, older cousin and I spent the rest of the night playing Rock Band - heh, she was sad that tonight was gonna be her last night to play it for a long time. She totally intends to get it when she's back in Edmonton for PS2, but she's still sad she won't have anyone to play with once she gets there (her older brother is useless for that, and her younger brother's currently living in . . . New York for school, I think).

So we'll have a guest room again. Just as one cousin arrives in the neighbourhood, the other leaves . . .

I guess it works out well enough. Anyway, I wish my cousin luck in her new job for the University of Alberta, making like, 60 or 80 grand . . . still, gonna miss my Rock Band buddy, I think . . .

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Friday, January 25, 2008

   Busiest day EVER!
-Job searching club for most of it. Felt bad about failing the other day.
-Spent all morning digging together at least 10 companies and phone numbers I could call in the afternoon.
-Right before lunch ended, made a call with "The Cult"; told the DVD place I'd come down and drop off a resume.
-Made very stressful cold calls for an hour during the afternoon . . .

-Connected with one phone call with someone who then told me to e-mail a resume to her . . . happened to be the Head of Production for The Ocean Group, so hey, that's kinda cool . . .

-Arrived at "The Cult", found the manager was away; decided to not leave my resume there and instead left a note saying I missed him and would come back tomorrow - see, this way I can write a cover letter, and he can also see me in person tomorrow 'cause he KNOWS me as a customer (phone call kinda hides that we know each other). Bought volume 6 of Beck instead.

-Rushed home and learned how to use Vyew.com - at 5pm, started a crazy 4-way conference between Bossman, Madam, and Podcasters. Version Vibrant looks powerfully badass. Also, Adam can doodle like a madman if he has to . . . scary powers . . .

-Failed at being a good, comforting friend. Quite upset about that part . . .

And now I'm writing cover letters. Damn I'm tired . . .

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   Staring at my keyboard . . .
I was exhausted yesterday. I was up too late from the night before finishing off The Amber Spyglass (great read, actually cute as opposed to awkward and gross young romance, sad ending, good times). So I had that goin' for me once I got to the job club. Then, job club was exhausting because today was the first day they were pressuring us to start making calls out to companies and employers and stuff - basically the whole "it gets easier the more you do it" mentality. In any case, our particular group apparently broke the record for fewest calls out ever made in one hour in the history of the program - the facilitators weren't too happy with that, and we felt bad.

Damn, today's gonna suck too . . . heh, if only I could skip right into this evening . . . ah well.

I've also decided that I hate driving my brother's Acura. Not that I dislike standard transmission or sports cars or anything . . . but the inside of his car is gross. He rarely cleans it, there's little candy wrappers and stuff all around, the backseat is cluttered with papers and stuff, and sometimes I swear there's greasy patches where spilled things have dried. That, dust, and all the rest just always makes me cringe a little any time I need to drive his car for one reason or another.

But of course, I'm the only other person in the house who can drive stick, so if stuff needs to be done, I'm the only one that can do it. Blegh . . .

So, since I'm just slightly burned out and ever so slightly cynical now, I'm gonna put a pause on Livin' on a Prayer for now. Instead, let's have some sarcastic, slightly pissed off "Have A Nice Day" instead (slightly recent Bon Jovi, how roguish of me!) - to Resident Evil 4, no less:

Tonight should be fun, though . . . rest of ya, have a nice day.

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