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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   Stepdad's doing well . . . phew.
He's still doing fine, though it seems like he's gonna be hospitalized for a while to come. Irregular heartbeat was definitely one of the things that came up that day, so he might be getting an ICD implant (kinda like a pacemaker but more permanent) for that now - that, of course, could take a while to put in.

I think that's what my mom said, anyway. But yeah, he's still doing fine - probably just gonna be bored out of his mind for a while. And yeah, I promise I'll be sure to tell him you're all wishing him well next chance I get.

Stepdad aside, I'm still waiting on those people to get back to me about that job. Now, last week I blogged that I probably needed to e-mail them back to follow up and then instead they e-mailed me first to fill me in. So let's try this again:

I think I may need to e-mail them today to check up on the process . . .

Finally for this week . . . I started watching "Bamboo Blade". Anime about kendo. Very funny stuff, memorable characters . . . it's good times.

Oh, and I need to start planning for Sakura-con. Crap.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And now, if I could borrow your thoughts for a bit . . .
Stepdad's in observation at the hospital. Last night he had chest pains when he and my mom went out to dinner and then he passed out. After he came to, his friends (all former Hong Kong police) gave him some aspirin (to thin the blood, I later learned) and my mom called for an ambulance.

Once my brother and I arrived at the hospital, my stepdad seemed fine. Was in high spirits, just talking with the hospital staff explaining what had happened . . . wasn't in any pain or discomfort anymore . . . but yeah, since they don't know what it was, they need to keep him overnight.

I'm sure he'll be fine. He said a similar thing happened while in Cairo earlier this month (either in an airport or on the cruise ship). In any case, it's good that this is being taken care of now. Scary night, but yeah . . . I'm confident he'll be fine. Tough man, that stepdad of mine.

He's also a very large, very tall man, though, and when he was on the bed in the ER his feet hung over the bottom of the bed . . . . . that's gonna be a pain for him, I bet.

So yeah. I didn't go to kung fu last night.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Bah, Goldwing can wait . . .
I think this should be the last big lion dance for a long while:

Another guy actually got some video of me doing kung fu, I'll see if I can acquire that from him some time.

Site-wise, I'm just trying to prepare for the big changeover. Lots of work to do, y'know? For me, a lot of the work isn't even direct writing stuff or anything; it's more like preparation for the eventual landslide of writing that'll need to be done. Lots of outlines and stuff . . . but I guess it works. It's kinda like, I enjoy squad-level planning more than the big, overarching warplan style of planning. Probably why I enjoy tactical games more than strategy games (and yes, there's a difference).

So there you have it, 2nd Lieutenant SomeGuy. Possibly with aspirations to become a captain.

"This is a... low rank?"
"...a middle rank..."

Still, exciting times, hey?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   Everyone, meet Snoopy . . .
Snoopy's my brother's (the cop) girlfriend's (the cop) dog. He's a beagle with a bit of . . . Jack Russell, I think, in him. He's pretty awesome, pretty smart (like, if you're playing fetch, he'll drop the ball for you instead of having to fish it out of him) . . . but he hates this one toy duck we have . . . like, really hates it:

So that's Snoopy. Tomorrow we shall discuss Goldwing, (which is actually a Korean anime knockoff)!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   Ah, he finally officially announced it . . . good.
So yeah, "Fan Words" is finally announced.

'bout damn time, man. The dramatic irony on the stage was fun, but y'know . . .

Guess I better start writing . . .

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Friday, February 22, 2008

   Snubbed . . . those sunuvas . . .
Podcast ignored my Elans report. For shame . . .

. . . in other news, I got word back from that job opportunity. Still don't have a result yet, but I got a response back to know I haven't been forgotten. That works for now, I suppose.

. . . here. Have some silly YouTube.

Bwahaha . . .

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

   Friggin' dreams . . .
I had a dream the other night that my future potential employer had called the house with the final results of my application process. Answering machine got it, stepdad listened to it, deleted it, and then told me himself that they said "they weren't looking to fill the position at this time."

Needless to say, I was freakin' out in my head that night.

Then I woke up and realised that that's not how it would have played out (especially since the parents hadn't come home yet) . . . so now I'm back to where I am in the whole process. Waiting, I mean.

I'll probably follow up today or tomorrow directly, I think. It's been a week now . . .

Less phlegm today, by the way. I think that's a good sign.

. . . and yeah, "Sid Meier's Pirates" is gonna be taking up a lot of my life in the time to come. Definitely.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   The following post is gross . . .
My cold/cough thing is probably on its last legs. Should be all better in the next day or two, I hope.


Before that, though, yesterday I coughed up a bubble of phlegm! It was messed up. About as wide as a thumb, really gross, kinda cool, but totally messed up. And it remained a bubble as it washed down the bathroom sink drain . . . so that was kinda exciting.

'Cause phlegm must never stay inside your body. You just feel better once it comes outta ya.

Other than that, I've got one more Swedish video for you of someone vomiting on the air. 'Cause everyone loves Sweden, 'mirite?

In less gross news, the parents come back from Egypt today. They're probably gonna be pissed at how messy the house is. Later!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   Crap, new game?!
Brother picked up "Sid Meier's Pirates" the other day for 20 bucks.

Now I'm playing it.


(For those of you keeping score, Sid Meier is the same guy who made the Civilization games . . . he's a drug developer, basically . . .)

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   Oh shoot! Performance today!!!
Well, still sick . . . it sucks . . . hopefully I'll be okay enough to be of some use today at the mall performance . . . this should be the last big one, I think.

Aside from that, this week I got into a lot of different things; a project for the site, another big thing for another friend . . . it's been pretty hectic and crazy - heh, no wonder I got sick. Ah well, all water under the bridge now.

Anyway, people wanted news, so I posted a big thing of news. Yes, it was a long piece of news; however, the way I see it, it's not like there's any other news people need time to read, right? So let us find out if they were lying about actually wanting news or not, no?

Oh, incidentally, according to joke reception at the Elans, Vancouver animators and game designers are iffy about Heath Ledger jokes, but quite okay with Mary Kate Olsen back 10-15 years pedophile jokes. Go fig'.

EDIT: Last bit for the night. Y'know what's fun? When you take the night-time medication (the one that helps you rest) and then you don't go straight to bed and then the medication forces you to go to bed . . . not saying this is something to abuse, 'cause that's bad . . . but y'know.

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