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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Saturday was fun . . .
Woke up, went out and got a haircut, came home, recorded some Version Vibrant related Groundhog Day findings . . . posted said-findings on the main page, eventually found out everyone thinks I sound like the Black Power Ranger (or Colorado podcaster, depends who you ask) . . . that's kinda neat.

Played a little Call of Duty, got a call from the aniki, he said to order dinner from Cockney Kings (fish & chips place in my area). So I ordered that . . . eventually, ototo came home, aniki and his girlfriend and her dog came over with the fish & chips and a bottle of rum . . . and then we went into the process of ordering UFC 81 via Pay-per-view . . . suddenly I realised my brother had a brilliant plan for the night!

Eventually both brothers' best friends came over to also watch . . . and we watched UFC 81 while sucking on rum and coke.

It was a good venue. Lots of great fights, Brock Lesnar (former WWE champion) got leg-locked and lost in his debut UFC fight which was fun . . . and yeah, all around good night.

And to think, I was planning on working on my portfolio tonight . . . alright, Monday . . .

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