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Saturday, January 26, 2008

New House Dynamic Once Again . . .
My cousin's moving back to Edmonton today; yesterday was her last day at work for Bodog Music and chilling with Bif Naked (who's not in great health right now, sadly). So she's mostly packed up now, and we'll head off this afternoon to send her off.

Last night we had a big dinner - mother, stepdad, myself, cousin, both brothers, brother's girlfriend, grandma, other younger cousin (who came with grandma), and mother's friend . . . it was good times. Everyone got along really well, and everyone enjoyed dinner and stuff.

After everyone left and all, older cousin and I spent the rest of the night playing Rock Band - heh, she was sad that tonight was gonna be her last night to play it for a long time. She totally intends to get it when she's back in Edmonton for PS2, but she's still sad she won't have anyone to play with once she gets there (her older brother is useless for that, and her younger brother's currently living in . . . New York for school, I think).

So we'll have a guest room again. Just as one cousin arrives in the neighbourhood, the other leaves . . .

I guess it works out well enough. Anyway, I wish my cousin luck in her new job for the University of Alberta, making like, 60 or 80 grand . . . still, gonna miss my Rock Band buddy, I think . . .

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