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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

   Tuesday . . . t'was a long day . . .
First day of Career Planning wasn't bad. Nice group of 11 jobless bastards (most are pretty young, too - just looking for a change in career and stuff), supportive staff, and a Starbucks on the ground floor. And believe me, after many many months of rarely having to wake up before 8am, the coffee is wonderful. So yeah, so far so good.

Turns out my "Interest Profile" has my interests pegged as "Investigative" (a thinker, observer, learner who likes thinking through problems and "may" be inventive and original) and "Artistic" (a creator, enjoy art of all types and using my imagination and creativity "who" may be sensitive and emotional).

Interesting enough, though, my "Work Preferences" are the exact opposite, with my two strongest preferences being "Directive" (an adventurous and energetic person able to give directions/instructions easily who likes to take charge and control situations) and "Methodical" (a conscientious, practical person who likes clear rules and organised methods to guide my activities). That kinda weirds me out, but hey.

My basic abilities like math and comprehension are all still good, too. I'm glad . . .

So that was Day 1 of 7.

In other news, I got my Europe presents in the mail (was actually the very last person the mail carrier waited for before carting his stack to his van . . . LUCKY!).

I've also watched the first two episodes of "Tin Man". It rules.

Oh, and as for potentially pissing off Japanese bloggers . . . find ways to translate/comprehend this however you wish:

Good times, eh? I may or may not have destroyed this website . . . probably not, but it's fun to pretend sometimes.

Anything else? Not especially . . . I need to go to bed earlier this week anyway . . . peace!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

   Checking off . . .
Things Done:

-Strung up Christmas Lights and lit them.
-Kept house in tidy order while rest of house was away.
-Finished reading "World War Z", greatest book ever and I want a Lobo now . . .
-Possibly pissed off a Japanese blogger who shall now bring angry hordes of like-minded types to the gates of theOtaku due to a particular recent poll.
-Did about 30 stomach crunches, 60 reverse sit-ups, 150 squats and 150 heel-raises over the course of Sunday morning.
-Potentially acquired 83% of all physical objects needed for Christmas mail heading overseas.

Things Yet To Do:

-Complete 100% of all continental Christmas shopping/mail.
-Get a Christmas tree.
-Deposit $50 cheque that I've had for the past few weeks.
-Watch last 2 episodes of Zombie Loan.
-Write up this week's DVD releases.
-Start going to Career Planning.
-More sit-ups.
-Write a story about butterflies versus moths. Bees and wasps are done all the time, why not butterflies and moths? We could call the story "Cho-Ga" or something.

List looks alright for now . . . am I missing anything?

EDIT: Here's a fun edit. It's 2am right now. Somewhere outside the house a skunk has decided to either die or get the crap scared out of it. Either way, the house stinks now and it's becoming rather hard to sleep.


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

What the hell?!
Why does it always snow on days I have to drive to the airport?


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

   So that's Version Vibrant, eh?
Hmm . . .

. . . . . yeah, looks a'ight.

Feedback so far seems to be fitting the reaction model I was predicting. Y'know, how many people crap their pants in excitement, which people will be unimpressed . . . it's all gone how I've mostly imagined it would.

So yeah, lookin' forward to seeing where this one goes.

I skip the YouTube today. Instead, I'll just share a random thought I had while driving the other day. Star Wars related, no less.

A casual Star Wars fan will find thi following phrase funny:

"We're fine, we're all fine here now, thank you... How are you?"

A serious Star Wars fan will find this following phrase funny:

"I have a bad feeling about this..."

A fanatic, point-of-no-return obsessed Star Wars fan will find this following phrase funny:

"Faster! More intense!"

It's true, yo.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

   So Version Vibrant is on its way, eh?
Lookin' forward to seeing the trailer today . . .

In other news, I had 4 chili dogs for dinner yesterday. They were awesome.

And then I apparently won the podcast this week. What can I say, I had a lot of free time this week to come up with snappy responses . . . but it's short-lived, as Batou'll probably murder me for the chosen picture next to the podcast post . . . ah well.

I think I'll leave it at that.

Here, have another Stephen Chow clip (this time from "Flirting Scholar"):

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   One more short post:
Two things . . .

First off, all y'all need to read Red's comic strip. It's funny as all hell:

"They Don't Really Faint"

Second, I have a Stephen Chow clip for you that has a very vivid clutch on my childhood memory. I have no idea what the context or the reasoning is, but I remember it and it's funny. So before he was playing soccer and before he was trying to join the Axe Gang . . . . . he was selling buns:

Good times . . .

I cut my hair yesterday. It looks a bit fobbish now, but I'll manage, I think.

Oh yeah, and stupid Ed sent a link to my "Life is Like a Boat" video to his girlfriend so she could see my work . . . she saw the comments underneath . . . . . stupid Ed got in a bit of trouble that night . . . ahhh, poetry . . .

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   Lazy blog post . . .
Just got back from kung fu practice. I was the only one there tonight, meaning there was not as much legitimate resting time for myself. Hence, I'm exhausted.

My anti-zombie training seems to be going well with the monk spade, though . . . it's no lobotomizer (or "Lobo", as it is affectionately known), but I think it'll do. That said, have I mentioned how ridiculously awesome "World War Z" is?

So here, have some YouTube. This is nice because it mixes two of my favourite things: the Shinsengumi, and overtly-psychotic Japanese practical jokes . . .

That's the freakin' Yut-Boon-Jyai for ya . . .

In other news, I had to kill the flame war in my "Life is Like a Boat" video. It's funny when stupid Ed flames me for kicks, it's funny when I reply back half-assedly, and it's funny when he gets negged. It's also pretty funny when people comment that he's horrible for contributing to the cesspool of decay that is YouTube comments.

However, it's less funny when stupid Ed in turn starts flaming said-person instead of me and stupid Ed and said-person go into their own little flame war that takes up more comments than the legitimate comments about the video itself. Potentially, said-person also may or may not have been Bellpickle, which makes it substantially less funny. So it had to go. 'Cause comments are for and about me and only me, yo.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

   The Skies Giveth, the Skies Taketh Away . . .
It rained a LOT yesterday. The snow is pretty much all gone.

Good thing I shoveled all the walks the day before, huh? Blargh . . .

In other news, I no longer have anything important to watch on Mondays. That's a shame . . . ah well, it was a good ending.

I need to hurry up and work on the poll now . . .

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Monday, December 3, 2007

   The best kind of friend, the worst kind of experiment . . .
So my buddy Stupid Ed started doing this thing over at YouTube where he'll flame my videos for the sake of . . . I dunno, boredom? Humour?

In any case, none of it is ever serious, and I always reply in a similar nonsensical manner. Here are the examples so far:

His: "You fag! Stop posting youtube videos!!! LoLz! Laaaammmmeeeeeee! Don't delete ma Msgz!! OMGzzz!!!"
Mine: "Zomg! Flamz0red! O n0ez!!!"

His: "fag"
Mine: "No I will not have sex with you."

Yesterday someone officially gave a thumbs-down for the second one. We laughed . . . mostly because we honestly thought it would've been sooner. But therein lies the great joke that no one else on YouTube will ever get. I'm very curious to see if anyone ever replies to those to give him a piece of his/her mind . . . I'll feel very sorry for anyone who does . . .

This is a horrible thing for us to amuse ourselves with . . .

. . . . . what, you were expecting something profound? Hah . . . not tonight, no.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

   In case we didn't believe it was December . . .
We got real snowfall yesterday. I guess it's winter.

Today the parents head out for a week on vacation. It'll be the cousin and I on our own again. We're fine with that.

Now if only we could find Guitar Hero . . . hurm . . .

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