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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   Staring at my keyboard . . .
I was exhausted yesterday. I was up too late from the night before finishing off The Amber Spyglass (great read, actually cute as opposed to awkward and gross young romance, sad ending, good times). So I had that goin' for me once I got to the job club. Then, job club was exhausting because today was the first day they were pressuring us to start making calls out to companies and employers and stuff - basically the whole "it gets easier the more you do it" mentality. In any case, our particular group apparently broke the record for fewest calls out ever made in one hour in the history of the program - the facilitators weren't too happy with that, and we felt bad.

Damn, today's gonna suck too . . . heh, if only I could skip right into this evening . . . ah well.

I've also decided that I hate driving my brother's Acura. Not that I dislike standard transmission or sports cars or anything . . . but the inside of his car is gross. He rarely cleans it, there's little candy wrappers and stuff all around, the backseat is cluttered with papers and stuff, and sometimes I swear there's greasy patches where spilled things have dried. That, dust, and all the rest just always makes me cringe a little any time I need to drive his car for one reason or another.

But of course, I'm the only other person in the house who can drive stick, so if stuff needs to be done, I'm the only one that can do it. Blegh . . .

So, since I'm just slightly burned out and ever so slightly cynical now, I'm gonna put a pause on Livin' on a Prayer for now. Instead, let's have some sarcastic, slightly pissed off "Have A Nice Day" instead (slightly recent Bon Jovi, how roguish of me!) - to Resident Evil 4, no less:

Tonight should be fun, though . . . rest of ya, have a nice day.

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