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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   Is it crunch time yet?
Friend didn't have to have an operation after all, and the thing needing to be fixed is turning out to be far less serious than originally anticipated. This is all kinds of awesome and I'm very happy and relieved.

In other news, there were also a lot of dick-chopping captions in last week's caption battle. None of 'em won, but dang that was a lot . . . what's up with that, eh?

More importantly right now, though, is that Stephen Chow's newest movie "CJ7" comes out . . . possibly today! Here's hoping for a North American release sooner than later . . . funny story, the person playing his son in the movie is actually a girl!

(English-subbed trailer, but in stupid Mandarin)

(Same trailer, not English subtitled, but in glorious Cantonese!)

(What can I say, Cantonese is the funnier dialect . . .)

Anyway, current speculation suggests I need to really finalize my portfolio . . . and get a haircut . . . and learn the fastest way to drive to Kitsilano . . . . .

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