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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Busy week starting to ease up . . .
Let's see what's happened since last I spoke . . . in no particular order . . .

-Started a bunch of new projects for the site, lookin' forward to where those head.

-Wrote a test, handed it in yesterday, hope to hear results in the next few days.

-Got a little sick with a cough and sore throat or something, and I also burned the roof of my mouth which is annoying.

-Haven't had to do any performances since Sunday which rocks. 'Cause I'm tired. And sick now.

-Grandma flew back to Cowtown last night. It was fun to have her in town the past few months.

-Watched Ranma; watched Weaponology. As good of a Valentine's Day as any, I suppose.

-Posted podcast; podcasters are sounding desparate these days. Sucks. We should help them, probably.

-Posted press release news about game I should probably try out. It's times like this that it sucks being the "Wordy Bastard". Ah well.

-. . . and then a bit after midnight I skinned a knuckle on the stucco above the computer when I stretched. Gah.

Today . . . I get to go to this. This should be pretty fun. Got my nice clothes out and washed the car and everything. Here's hoping the night goes smoothly - so once again, Bossman, thanks for the easy in for what should have otherwise costed me about $250. I'll try to learn something good for everyone.

. . . and it's times like these I wish I had theOtaku business cards . . . among other business cards . . . . .

Annnnd I'm coughing again. I'm out. Buh bye.

. . . . . here, in case you didn't believe me last post:

Bwahaha . . .

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Question . . .
Mimmi, this is a Swedish song . . . can you explain why this is like, the new gigantic anime fad dance now?

Like seriously, I've seen Naruto ones, I've seen Lucky Star ones, I've seen Haruhi ones . . . hell, I saw a Fruits Basket one with Kyo and Yuki doing it! When the heck did this happen?!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   Still running silent - working . . .
Here, watch this. The Count is apparently quite a dawg . . . he's also apparently Jewish . . .

In other news, I kinda wanna start watching Full Moon. Does that make me a bad person?

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Monday, February 11, 2008

   Late night homework . . .
Yesterday was the last performance for a long time - this pleases me, 'cause I'm exhausted and I have paperwork to do.

Other than that, Stupid Ed linked me to another amazing flash game:


Today'll be a busy writing day. Wish me luck!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   4 Down . . . still no clue how many more to go . . .
Addendum to yesterday's post: it was the Vancouver Honda dealership, not Vancouver Mazda. I will say, however, that the 2008 Civic SI is really pretty. Just sayin', I know a lot of people who drive Civics (granted not SIs, but still) . . . and this thing is several times prettier than the previous years. So . . . neat.

Today's another one of the "big three Richmond malls" performances. Richmond Centre. Hopefully since it's the weekend we'll have more manpower than on Thursday. We can dare to dream, I suppose . . .

That said, I shall be off now - need to chop into my homework some more (now that I've finally gotten a chance to) . . .

. . . and in other news, Version Vibrant may or may not finally be upon us . . . hehe, that, or our myO daemons have just been chopped from us and now we're gonna be all depressed and ghosty. Either way, exciting times ahead, I imagine . . .

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   3 down . . . how many more to go?
So yesterday's performances . . .

First was at about 4 or 5pm downtown Vancouver. Premier Gordon Campbell's thing. The Premier has a great handshake and is an amazing speaker (politicians, go fig'). I forget if I personally like or dislike his politics right now (at the moment in my immediate memory it's more likely dislike than like), but as a public whatever he presents himself well enough. And hey, if the head of the freakin' PROVINCE is gonna hire your club to do a lion dance for them, well hell . . .

After that we hauled ass from downtown Vancouver to Richmond City Hall for another event (in rush hour traffic, so it was about 40 minutes' drive). This one was an outdoor stage so it was cold, but it was fast and people seemed to like us. So cool.

So let's see . . . today . . . Mazda dealership in Vancouver tonight. Maybe I can work on my test package this afternoon . . .

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Friday, February 8, 2008

   One performance down . . . a dozen more to go?
Chinese New Year, Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC.

Total gong show. 4 clubs, 5 minutes of pre-show prep' time. Each club vastly undermanned.

. . . and really, that's just how we roll.

Photo gallery courtesy of my dad!!!

I'm already exhausted, and there's so many more performances to go! Maaaaaaan . . . . . ah well. Lucky money is still lucky money . . .

So how was your guys' Chinese New Year? Or if you didn't know . . . how was your Thursday?

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

   Gung Hay Fat Choi!
Here's the last year version:

Umm . . . yeah. Something like that. Except this time it's 2008 and it's the year of the rat.

So yeah, Yuki Sohma fans, now's the time to start going primate-feces insane.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. We'll say all the cruddy stuff that's happened this year so far hasn't counted yet - sound like a fair deal?

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   A very fun day today . . . played with guns . . . in the house, no less . . .
So I come back home at around 1:30pm, maybe 2:00. I've got Subway for lunch and Ranma in the DVD player . . . good way to keep an afternoon going as any, right?

Well, the aniki calls me, tells me he's comin' over and that he needs a space in the garage - so, I move my car to the front of the house for him.

He arrives, rings the bell to get me to come up/out to help him . . . and . . . he's wearing green field fatigues as well as his police belt and sidearm . . . . . logic dictates that he must've been doing a training exercise this morning (which sucks, 'cause it was raining all morning!). So I come out to help him unload his gear from his car into the house. He hands me two things: a duffel bag, and a smaller, rectangular soft case . . .

". . . I'm carrying what I think I'm carrying, aren't I?" I ask.
"Yup," he replies.
"Cool . . ."

So yes, I brought my brother's C8 carbine into the house. That was cool . . . 'cause y'know, it's not every day that you just kinda happen to bring an automatic firearm into your house . . .

So yeah, all his gear was soaked and he needed to dry 'em out (couldn't clean 'em exactly, but he could at least wipe 'em down). In the process of, he showed me (and let me handle) a bunch of his Emergency Response stuff; his service pistol(!), his rifle(!!), all his other crazy stuff like flashbangs, various weapon magazines for C8s and MP5s . . . showed me his taser, some Arwen Gun rounds, some CS gas canisters . . .

I can't lie, I love having a cop for a brother.

At some point his girlfriend (also a cop) came over to chill before we ordered dinner. So anyway, by this point all of my brother's equipment is kinda all over the floor between the back door, the kitchen and the table. Whatever . . .

Dinner arrives, and we sit down to eat some order-in Chinese food. At some point while I'm forking some broccoli into my mouth, I look to the left of my plate:

On the table next to me is my brother's taser (holstered) and SIG SAUER P226 (unloaded, though the magazine was also sitting there). Not that I was worried or anything, it's just something you don't see every day.

"Is this normal for you guys?" I asked the two VPD officers in the room as I motion towards the firearms and whatnot next to my dinner plate. So we all have a laugh, apparently they didn't even really think about it . . . I'm sure they don't regularly eat with their guns around like that, but y'know . . . it's different. Very neat, in any case.

So by about 7:30 they left to go back home. Later that night when I went to kung-fu to practice, I made the other guys feel all jealous because I got to handle all that stuff. It was good times . . .

So that was yesterday.

. . . oh yeah, also had a job interview. It did not go too poorly. Need to write a test now, though . . .

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   Well, it's Tuesday . . .
Yesterday I bought a messenger bag. I figured it'd look more professional than my backpack.

Anyway, today's gonna be nuts . . .

So who remembers Adam's "fanfic" challenge from last week? He made a stink about how I made a mysterious phone call and stuff . . . how many people actually followed through?

Yeah, didn't think so.

Well, tell ya what. Tomorrow maybe I'll tell you what all of this stuff all week has been about. It has the potential for being all kinds of awesome . . . potential for, anyway . . .

So yeah, umm . . . go vote on the poll or something in the meantime, how 'bout?

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