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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, since everyone else is talking about it . . .
I found out about Heath Ledger at the job-finding club last afternoon. I was checking my e-mail on a computer, and after I closed hotmail it was the headline on the MSN news.

It's such a shame and such a waste of such a rising talent. Just broke big into Hollywood and everything . . . it's sad.

I'll always remember him best for William Thatcher in "A Knight's Tale" - I truly did love that movie . . . so yeah, it's a total shame . . .

Aside from that, I started picking and choosing writing material to make a writing portfolio finally. Seeing as I have nothing especially amazing in my resume, I'd best be able to wow 'em with hard copy proof of what I can do. So, after job searching club I went to the mall, bought a new black binder and a bunch of plastic sheet protectors.

Got home, realised I forgot to buy dividers. Damnit.

So now I'm picking and choosing stuff I'd wanna use to show off my skills. Heh, now if only I had more than just old essays, anime articles and maybe a couple DVD release thingies . . . oh, and those Remembrance Day write-ups, those are good . . .

. . . . . haha, now I need to figure out how best to display 'em in the binder . . . damn I suck at this.

So I'll just say screw it for now. Let's watch a contemporary, live version of Bon Jovi from the 2000 Crush Tour instead (where he no longer sings the high throat-shredding parts - though Richie Sambora continues to just be insane . . . gotta love talk-boxes . . .):

I need to make more allusions to Gina and Tommy in life . . .

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two videos today . . .
Basic update: finished watching Fruits Basket, 3/4 of the way through The Amber Spyglass, and I kinda wanna watch Cloverfield again.

And now, for a fun reprieve for the day: more fun, famously faulty FOX News propaganda!

They can make you laugh and make your head hurt all at once. Bless 'em.

In keeping with my need for early mornings these days, I'll finish with another Bon Jovi video. Lyrically, it'd all be stuff I wanna tell at least a couple of ya here - if it comes off as cheesy, I apologize. Nevertheless . . . here it is, the acoustic version:

I wish everyone a better week than how they may have started. Take care, all of ya - we'll make it, I swear.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   Hm. Productive Saturday . . .
Grandma's still in town and spent the night last night - and, since this time around everyone who should be back home is back home, I had the privilege of offering my room/bed for her while I had the couch. That's fine, that's cool . . .

Next morning/afternoon, went out for dim-sum with my dad, grandma, and a different cousin. The cousin I usually mention (who's living with us right now for at least another week) is from my mother's side, lived most of her life in Edmonton, is older than me by a couple years, and is making a buttload of money now. This other cousin is basically the opposite: from my dad's side, few years younger than me, spent most of her life in Hong Kong, and is currently going to a local college - that said, she recently moved into my neck of the woods.

She's kind of an interesting story, really . . . born in Hong Kong, her parents (my aunt and uncle) moved to Calgary for a while - really, most of them on my dad's side moved there. Anyway, once she was old enough for elementary school, they all moved back to Hong Kong and the first time I saw them after a long while was for my grandpa's funeral back in . . . guess it would've been 2000 or 2001. Well, a few years after that my aunt and uncle sent my cousin back to Calgary for high school (so she could learn English in a more natural place) . . .

. . . that didn't take, though, and some sort of inter-house drama came up and my cousin more or less ran away from my other aunt and uncle's house and started living with friends and stuff for the next while . . . I'm still not exactly sure what happened around then . . .

Then, just last week, my brother got a text message from her saying hi and we had a short talk with her (my grandma and dad had already spoken with her a bit by this point). Anyway, she's living in an apartment with 4 other girl students (from China), and apparently they live kinda like slobs according to my dad . . . heh, so my dad basically told me I had to keep tabs on her, make sure she's okay . . . . . her, someone who for the most part has seemed like she's wanted very little help from anyone all these past years.

Anyway, after seeing her yesterday, she seems to be doing well enough. I guess I'm glad . . . it's just funny, y'know? You just don't hear from people in years, never had solid reason to need to worry about these people . . . and next thing you know, they're living in an apartment a 10 minute's drive away from ya. Just like that. In any case, she's got her life, we've got ours . . .

. . . but, if she ever needs us, she knows how to find us and we know how to find her. Family, y'know? I'd like to think I'm at least good for that . . .

After that, didn't do much. Eventually I got a call from some people to go watch Cloverfield - I was happy about that. They told me to meet them at the theater at 7:30 . . .

. . . arrived at a bit after 7:30, no one else was there . . . and then I saw the movie was starting at 7:50 . . . . .

Have I ever mentioned how anxious I get when other people plan movie outings poorly?

Anyway, we decided on the later 10:25 showing and I convinced everyone to come to the house to play Rock Band in the meantime . . . that was good times . . .

I'll make my Cloverfield thoughts short and sweet. I liked it. Many other people in the theater did not like it. This is a movie you'll either get or you won't. If you're good for something different, something that won't zoom in on things to tell you what you need to look at or pay attention for, that won't play the musical cues to tell you how to feel during a scene . . . if you're okay with never being told where the monster came from or why it's come (or get told pretty much anything period) . . . then you'll probably like this movie. 'Cause it's intense.

If you need that cinematic direction, you're gonna find Cloverfield confusing, boring, or ultimately unsatisfying. If you've got a keen eye for observation and are up for a little personal detective work (along with enjoying a monster/disaster movie on top of that), you'll probably like this.

And now I'm home. So let's watch the original '80s "glam" version of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" now and feel inspired:

And seriously, this is the third video . . . and we're only halfway there . . .

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

   And now to wipe away the pain of yesterday . . .
Now that we've heard a piss-poor rendition of "Living on a Prayer", it's time we hear a good version as performed by some ridiculously talented Korean kid:

Yeah, that's right. This might turn out to be a week of Bon Jovi. 'Cause the youngins need some educatin', yo.

In other news, it's looking more and more like I will at some point in the future need to take some courses on Technical Writing, Journalism, business, annnd . . . . a whole lotta other stuff.

I also seriously need to start compiling a portfolio. 'Cause that's literally all I've got right now.


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Friday, January 18, 2008

   This has been a long week . . .
I'm just gonna post an American Idol video and be done with it. Resume needs a'revisin', book needs a'readin', and bed needs a'sleepin'.

I will concede that Living on a Prayer is an extremely difficult song to sing (Bon Jovi himself almost wrecked his voice with the song and had to come up with a less-intense version of it for his future performances). Great song, though . . .

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   So, yesterday was fun . . .
Finally have a less-crappy resume now. That's awesome. I also have an up to date list of references now, which is also awesome.

Y'know what's even more awesome than that, though?

Playin' Call of Duty 4 with schultzie while he and his brother swore and laughed over in Chicago. Yeah, Bluetooth rules . . .

Amber Spyglass is getting more and more interesting, too. I think it's because Iorek DA BEAR came back. 'Cause he's awesome too.

Final touch of awesome:

750mL of cool, refreshing awesome . . . that, and Gundam figurines

I'm done now. Need to go back to bed now.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

   Just to mention it before going back to Resume-writing . . .
I'm onto The Amber Spyglass.

And Lyra turned into a real pansy in the previous book. What the hell?

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Monday, January 14, 2008

   Oh Michelle Yeoh . . . poor woman . . .
Watched Sunshine. Returned it to Rogers about 10 minutes later. It now occurs to me that we really need to buy it. Crap, technical waste of five bucks for rental . . . Liked it, though. Very much.

I need to start dressing nice every morning now for this job finding club thing. The mentality is that if you suddenly get a job lead/interview right on the spot, you'll always be dressed for one. This should be a fun three weeks . . .

. . . random SomeGuy trivia: if I ever exit my car for any reason while the engine is still running (eg. running from the curb to the video store to drop of returned stuff, dropping people off at the airport, etc.), I always roll the window down first - I have a powerful fear of locking myself out of the car.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Short post . . .
I can't beat Lou yet. It's quite annoying. Seriously, that game got hella hard this time around . . .

Other than that, I imagine I'm probably doing well enough.

Final point's just a funny statement:

"Hatsune Miku is a false idol."

I found humour in that.

EDIT: I beat Lou. It was about . . . somewhere between 1:30am to 2:00.

I think I'll go to bed now.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   And time goes on . . .
Gia got a better job and is leaving theO. That's sad for us, but awesome for her because she has aspirations and ambitions - scaaaary ambitions - for which to shoot.

Good luck, Giapet; I'm countin' on ya to kick some serious asses out there for us! Thanks for everythin'.

On a less sad note, I got Guitar Hero 3 finally. My wrists hurt now.

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