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Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 continues to not be working out so well . . .
This year continues to go up and down . . .

The other day my brother got an award for something his ERT squad did back in May. It was pretty cool . . . but funny enough, my brother specifically was more famous in the local Chinese news than the regular news. Guess it goes with the face, huh? He was interviewed and subtitled in Chinese and everything - it's pretty funny. So yeah, he's doing well.

And then a couple days later my mom finds out her old boss in Kelowna passed away after suffering a heart attack a couple days earlier. He was probably one of her better bosses during her career, and was even the one who gave her away at her wedding 5 years go. He was also an officer in the Canadian Military during the 2nd World War - next November I think I'll tell you a bit more about him.

So yes. Jim Doak. Wonderful man . . . even if he was a lawyer, hey?

My mom of course gets this news the day before she and my stepdad are off for an Egyptian cruise vacation (they're leaving today). I hope she'll still be able to enjoy it . . .

That in turn also means that the house is just my younger brother and I for the next month or so. That should be fun.

I guess we'll just wait and see what happens next week to see if things get any better . . . hope for the best, y'know?

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