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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Me: That's right! I go to Cali tomorrow! Not sure what time though, only my mom knows... XD
Chaud: Did it hurt you to ask?
Me: She wouldn't tell me!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Don't -_-' me!
Chaud: Why?
Me: 'Cause it's really gettin' old... *Ahem* Anyways, I recently finished a new fanart, but I'm not gonna send it in until I get to Cali, because I packed my folder so I could draw on the plane ride XD Hehehe
Chaud: Okay... but you've also brought your GBA, and DNAngel....
Me: Um.... yeeah.... about that, I am bringing DNAngel because I just bought it last weekend and I thought I could read it on the plane to make time fly XD But again, I'M SO SOOOORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY FOR NOT VIIIIISSSSSIIIIIIITTTTTIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!
Chaud: O.O'
Me: I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I'll try to visit today, but Ihad to pack my stuff, get my clothes, sort out the clothes to give to charity, clean my room(Which is no longer an easy task with my sister here...) and I had to clean out my closet and drawers and pack my clothes as well and choose what to wear..... -_-'
Chaud: But she might just be able to visit today since all that is finally done... except for her SP which is still charging...
Me: ANd my gamebag...
Chaud: And your pencilcase...
Me: And my gum and lotion... Well, I guess I'm not done packing! XD But anywhoo, yeah, I have a whole nother day! So I'll be sure to use it wisely
Chaud: *gives Trisha a suspicious glare*
Me: And not play on the computer all day like I did before I started major packing...
Chaud: that's better.
Me: -_______-;;; Other than that, I posted a new song *Points to song below avatar* it's Jump 5- I love them! One of the very few american bands I like, but that's my fave. song from them! ^o^ Heehee why don't you give it a try? Go on, go on!
Chaud: By the way, it's ALl I can do.
Me: OH! And uh... about that fanart I mentioned earlier, it's of Ciel, and I'm thinking you all will be surprised with what it turned out like... but I'll ruin the surprise now ^.~ FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT WANT THIS FANART SURPRISE RUINED, PLEASE SKIP OVER THIS!
Anywho, it's a FULL BODY picture- Yes, full body. Except for the feet which got cut off, but it's not just a head and shoulders!

Chaud: Now that that's over with, those that didn't want it ruined may now look.
Me: ^-^ Heeheee but what're they gonna look at? I'm done now!
Chaud: hmmm.... got a point there...
Me: Anyways, I'll post laters(Meaning I can in Cali!), so see you all again when I get to Cali ^.~ Ja ne!
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