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Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Me: This won't be a very long post, just want you guys to opinion on something...
Chaud: It happened at school.
Me: Yeah, there are these two girls, they walked be hind me and I hear one say "****isha is so ugly!" And the other one said "Yeah, she should have played the beast in the play, she is so ugly!"
Me: And I'm the only person I know with the name part of 'isha'. Why must people talk about other people? It's not the words that were said, it was why they said it in the first place. there were also people who I hear saying "Why does she some here anyways?" And "Why does she exist? She is such a loser!" I know they're talking to me, because they said my name.
Chaud: ...
Me: Oh well. I'm not gonna pay attention to those people, because they the stuck up, shallow, lowlifes that care of nothing but looks.
Chaud: Those people are stuck up on looks, huh?
Me: Yeah. And they're the ones that need to study, too. Because they're not doing good in school, and 10 years later, when they apply for collefe and jobs and such, they won't be able to slide by on looks. And I'LL be the successful one.
Chaud: yeah, because you study.
Me: Those people study last minute! *Ahem* Anywho, I'm working on a new story! It's a romance/fantasy/adventure/action ^.~
Chaud: ..
Me: It's about two people who moved away from each other when they were little but by then, the Earth split in 1/2 and they must go through many perilous dimensions to reach each other. ^.^ I'll clue you all in as soon as I finish the first chapter ^.~ Anyways, thought I'd post today, so I'll-
Chaud: Post later, ja ne.

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