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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hola mi amigos!
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Me: Okay, after a week of camp, I've been busy! ^_^
Chaud: Ya THINK?!
Me: -_-' Anywho, it's been fun because I took some pictures and I'll take more this week and then develop them and I MIGHT be able to scan them to you guys ^_^ most of them are my friends from camp, but maybe some of me will appear, who knows? BUT!
Chaud: ...
Me: There's this funny phrase that my friend Arielle and Ben say because Ben got a haircut some time ago after camp started and so it goes:
Arielle: What happened to your HAIR?!
Ben: What happened to your FACE?!"

Me: It's so funny!
Chaud: Ooookaaaaaay....
Protoman: Chaud, you have to get on another mission.
Me: ANOTHER ONE?!?!?!?!?!
Chaud: Yep. See ya.
Me: HEY! GET BACK HERE! I'M NOT DONE POSTING! *sees Chaud leave* Greeeeeeeaaaaaat....... *ahem* Sorry about that... *hands everyone a slice of cake*.......

Me: On another note, It's time to rant about my crush ^_^ haha not telling ya his name, buut... he's outta the country for a MONTH! Err... 3 more weeks actually -_-' But yeah.... ^^' Anyways, my friends Arielle and Ryan(who's a girl) think I like BEN! O.O I do NOT! They think so just because I agreed to what Ryan said when she said his haircut wasn't that bad! _-_ Oy.... *goes off into her own world* Trisha. TRISHA! *slaps myself* Ouch... Okay thanks, me. No problem, me. (yes, I tend to have one-sided conversations like this) but while on this subject, I must tell you something funny yet embarassing: in art class in camp, we're working on surrealistic collages and while I was glueing some things down, I started humming, but it got louder and louder, and louder and then when I stopped and looked up, everyong was staring at me! XD haha that was funny but embarassing, and if it were anime-style, I'd have a sweatdrop on my head! XD

But on another note, I'm sorry to those that have signed my GB but I've never replied, I'll be sure to get to that soon! But yeah, I think I'll wrap it up, sooooooooo... post laters, minna, JA NEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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