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Sunday, January 2, 2005

   I saw my life flash before my eyes....

Dude! so as all may know, this weekend was new year's. As usual, me and my family traveled four hours northward to Merced, Ca, to visit my aunt and spend new year's at her place. Usually, since most of the ppl there are from my aunt's husband's family, the only thing I look forward to going there is to drink and eat good chicken. But this year was completely different. I didn't even get my semi-annual piña colada :(
Friday night I started getting ready for the party. My sis was helping me with my hair with a curling iron. I start feelig sick in my stomach and feel like vomiting. Then I see these black spots in front of me. When they started getting worse, I told my sis to call for my mom. My mom took me out to the door outside to get some fresh air. But by then, I could hardly see anything. My legs started going numb and I collapsed on my mom. Somehow my aunt and sis help me to the couch. By then I couldn't hear anything. I felt like if I was underneath cold water, unable to feel any part of my body, or see anything at all even if my eyes were open, or to hear anything. I don't remember much, exept that I refused to "go to sleep." Then I start feeling something burn on my forehead and smell really strong alcohol. I eventually got my senses back and was able to see and hear and feel. I guess nothing happened to me cause I feel the same as before right now, but that was scary. I almost passed out. I didn't actually see the "flash of light" before I gave out, but I remember when I started feeling my legs go numb all I could say to myself was that I was never going ot be able to continue mexican dance, and that thought really broke my heart.
As a result, I wasn't able to drink any alcoholic drink (which sucked ASS!) I was pretty much really REALLY tired the rest of the night, more than usual. I wasn't even at the party. I just crept into my cousin's room and slept there untill ten minutes before midnight so I could go drink pineapple juice for the midnight toast. I could have had CHIVAS REGAL, but nooooo! (in case you're wondering, Chivas Regal is this really good mexican tequila that consts about 500 bucks a bottle...) Worst of all, I am still completely clueless as to why I had that spell. I eat really good, don't take anything illegal, and hadn't drank any sort of alcohol for two months. I'm having a physical in a few days to see if there's anything wrong with me, which I really hope there isn't.
As for the rest of the weekend, my bro got a freakin Gameboy SP! (that little freak!) There hasn't been a nintendo at all in this house ever since the oooold nintendo box short-circuted seven years ago (I'm talking about the type from the 80's that's 2-D and has super mario bro.'s!) He got the spyro game with it, and I've been playing it every second he leaves it alone! (MWAHAHAHAH!)
After friday (which sucked...) we went over to a place called Sonora over by Yosemite to play in the snow! (oh, how fun!) It took us 90 minutes to get there.... we only stayed there for some 25 minutes cause it started snowing on us and we don't have any chains or snow tires. even though I did enjoy the snow, I thought it was stupid cause we traveled mnore than we played. We didn't even to a park of any sort. My uncle just pulled over in the middle of the highway and there we go! Snow....
I'm soo tired from so much freakin things that have been going around. Right now my family is at church and I'm all by myself to shower in peace and quiet. My mom's at work right now, so we're going to go to mass at night. Right now... I'm hitting the shower, and refuse to get out untill I've sang 100 bottle's-of-beer on the wall seven times...
Good Bye
And good Showering!
Hostes Sakura Ryuu
for all of you lucky ppl who got to have fun!

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Thursday, December 30, 2004


OH YEAH! OH YEAH! ... How long how long? (huepah!) MADAM please go Vertigooo!
OKIE! YESH! FINALLY! I celebrate today for having this successful site!
Total Visits: 446
Guestbooks: 104
Ranking: 1078 out of 17756 sites!
Ok, I know, they're not the highest stats. I'm not even at the top 500. But for me, this is AWESOME! I have over 100 GB's! I feel special!
Special thanks to all those people who bother to sign my GB, and even more towards those who come here often and help me with codes and stuff! You ppl are awesome!
Ok, I was meant to have remediation done by next week, but I haven't been able to cause I can't seem to find stuff. Oh wellz. But here are the songs I know I'm able to get...
Yesh, that's right! Voting time again! (for u ppl who don't know, I'm having people vote for different things for when I remodel...)
The music isn't real, or of best quality. I got it off of starligtmks.com (ugh!) If anyone knows where I can get better music, plz p-m me!
But for now... the entries are
1. Californiacation- the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
2. Chop Suey- System of a Down
3. Crawling in the Dark- Hoobastank
4. Faint- Linkin Park
5. Freak on a Leash- Korn
6. Hit That- The Offspring
7. Its My Life- Bon Jovi
8. Someday- Nickelback
9. This Love- Maroon 5
10. Toxicity- System of a Down
There were also some anime songs that I got from somewhere else, but I usualy don't have my site based upon one anime. And, yesh, my infamous avi is going too (NOoooOoo!) But its for the best!
Ok, special treat! I was obsessed w/ adding pictures for a while, but I've became lazy. But today I will do the picture-thing....

Ah... snow... or sand?

Yes! CardCaptor Sakura! This was the first anime that I watched all on my own! I still hold loyal to it. Despite my grudge against girly things, I think the anime and magna are really cute. The pictures are really nicely drawn (despite this cheap picture...) I have tons of ccs pics on my computer. Thing is, I dunno how to put them on line straight from my pc. So if anyone knows how to do this, I'd be very happy and enternally grateful. But for now, I will let you go...
Luv Peace Eggrolls and Grease,
~~ Sakura Ryuu

ps, I might not get back before new years so...
~~ ¡¡¡¡HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!!! ~~

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Ok, I had a big post about my sister. I HATE today, because of her. I was gonna post it on the "world wide" internet to show the world just how much of a bitch she is. But then I thought that was lame, and that people out there really don't want to hear my whinning. Therefor, to make things shorter: TODAY, my sister prooved that she's the biggest ass hole in town!
Okay, my rage is a little gone after several heavy dosages of metal rock. I'll let you guys go now.
~~ Sakura Ryuu
ps, question? Do you guys think your siblings (esp older siblings...) are pain in the asses???

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Monday, December 27, 2004


Heehee! *stares off into space* *Sees Bread**sight*

What Anime Emoticon Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Nothing much to say today, really. I thought this was kinda funny. Please read yesterday's post, I'm still in need of good music.
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Sunday, December 26, 2004


You are SOOOOO kidding me!!!
So today I get online to try to find some cool graphics for when I do remodelation. And what better place than the infamous Gpetz, right? Well, there I go, and what do I find??? NOTHING! The guy sold the place to his dad! Instead of blody animations I get bible study!!!! I am SOOOOO sad! Where else can I find half as many cool things as ion gpetz? (anyone know, contact me IMMEDIATELY!) and, no, starlightsmks.com dosen't have what I'm looking.... (I used to go there, but stopped cause the chick was getting on my nerves... I could never get what I wanted at her place...)
Ok, but for now. I NEED MUSICA! Does anyone know a good place where I could get REAL music? Or at least music that sounds more real than others? animegirl suggested rmparadise.net, but I dunno how to get the music onto my page. If anyone can help me out, I will be enternally grateful! OKIE I have to go now. I'll talk to you guys, uh... some other time... LATES
W/ wuv..
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, December 25, 2004


Feliz Navidad..... Feliz Navidad....
¡Feliz Navidad Y prospero año de felicidad!

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas! I wanna wish you a merry christmas...
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of My Heaaaaart!

MWAHAHAH! Its Christmas (eve)! Whoopie! Yahoo! liGAN! (yahooligan) Hey! Guess what? I'm NOT drunk! WHOOPEE! (no seriously, I'm not... but I will tomorrow!) Ok, maybe I wont. But I can tell you what I AM! I... am.... TiRED.... but HAPPY! (and not stoned!) But yeah.... I'm celebrating the last moments of christmas eve so I can wake up mañana and give all those lovely presents I've wrapped all day! Can't wait to see my lil cousin's faces when they see all those presents for their own personal destruction! But yeah... I'll let you guys go now....
May your wishes come true on this Holy Day of Joy!
Merry Christmas
And Happy Holidays (for those who don't celebrate christmas!)
Cause everyone deserves a happy day!
From Your Loving (and filled with posole) Hostess....
~~ Sakura Ryuu ~~

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

   .... . .. FREEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEEEEEEES! I am FREEEE! That's right! F.R.E.E. FREE! I am now officially in winter break!

Yesterday was mah last day-o-school! And it SUXED! But today... I SLEPT! and.... I DIDN'T DO HOMEWORK.. I also... DID NOT HAD NEED OF READING! Oh, I LOVE winter break.
Ok, first... yesterday... was bad! I stayed in my chem class all day, from 8:30 am to 2:50 pm (school was suppose to end @ 12:40) I had to finish my freakin chem final, which suxed! Dude, there we were, thinking we were gonna be able to pass with a fair grade... when we find out we have some 454% error (our grade was based upon % error... we needed at the most 30% to pass with a C) So obviously, this was bad... After finding this out, we took our copper product and POULVERIZED it to the ground! (yes, we burned the sh*t out of that f****er) And we still had a lot of it. So we threw half of it out. Only thing... briliat me took too much out (I'm so useless, I can't even cheat right!) But luckly, my friend lee had given me a bag full of butterfingers! And, since the buttery goodness of butterfingers look and feel the same as our product did,and, of course I am just such a genius, we took one out, smoshed it, and added it to our product! We still ended up with 80-somethin percent error, but that was ok, cause the teacher felt sad for us and gave our sorry asses a B. So yeah... this was my story on how ButterFingers saved my life! (and yes... I was the stupid one who thought of adding butterfingers to our chem final) But yeah
Continuing with the voting booths. It appears I am still as dumb as your thumb at html (ok, not really) but yeah. I still need to find the good backrounds so I can post them up. As for the textiles, no one's voting anymore on those, so...
Textille #4, you are the WINNER! *DING DING DING DING!*

Ok, tomorrow... my sis is coming...for the break.... ladies and gents, prepare for hell! Also... my aunt (no, not the one from last week, this is the other one) is also coming over tomorrow, and she's bringing the whole freakin kinderclass again (yes, same bunch of little annoying cousins) And, yes, once again... Say Hello to lil Housekeeper and Slave Sakura Ryuu (I hate tomorrow... I'm already having nightmares about those dishes...) But for now.. I shall leave you. I want to get as much sleep as I can before Hurricane Mich comes over and destroys my kitchen... but El niño is more than welcome to destroy tomorrow...
Signing Off
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

   vote, Vote, VOTE!


Yes, My Otakuians, I have finally discovered how to add pictures without creating broadband between my site and someone else's. In other words, I can now add my own pictures.
Take in concideration this was highly in need for me to re-model... I already had some pretty neat pictures that I wanted to use.
Also, I wanted to put up my backrounds, but I think that will wait 'till tomorrow, or mabye after my shower.
But for now, tell me if you can see the picture...

the evil behind sesamie street...

Anyways, there should be an evil-looking ernie making a poor baby cry. But yeah. Please tell me. If you can see it, GREAT.... if you can't, I'm dead...
As for me, everything's running smoothly. I managed to get a B in chem... but it could change any moment.... depending on whether I fail or I pass my final. If I pass, I get an A *yay*... but if I fail, I get a C *NOooOOooO!* As for the final, it looks like Mr.Hanky. No, seriously... and thats a good sign! Its suppose to look like chrismas poo. YOu know why? cause I just made copper turn from a metal wire to an acid, to an oxide, into a base, back into an acid, and last, but not least, back into solid copper! YAY! SO far it looks good... so I'm hoping I wouln't fail! But yeah... I will let you guys go now. I'll post mañana and start finals on the textilles too. But for now, My Otakuians.. Good Bye, and Fair Showers!
Sakura Ryuu

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

   Voters! On your marks.... get set... GO!

YES! The first batch of votable clips are here! Yes, I know, I know, I said, I would have them posted by today (and its still today, y'know) Sorry I haven't posted them up earlyer... but my grandma and aunt, and her husban (which, by the way, she never told me when they got married) and the whole kindergarden class came here to visit my dad from far, far away. And now they're doing an all-nighter. Which means I have had to play once again the annoying part of pretty lil housekeeper for 20 ppl, who, by the way, can get extremeley messy when they enter the kitchen to "cook a meal". I was like... *go cook in your own kitchen, this one is mine an' off limmits!* Of course I couldn't say that cause I'd get in trouble, but, oh well.

Continuing w/ business. My e-mails are all being biotches, so I wont be able to give them out. However, if you are not a member of My Otaku, and/or are unable to pm or post your vote, I have a chatterboxx under my quiz results that you can use to submit your vote. But for now, here are your options!
Rule(s): You CANNOT vote more than 2 times for the same type of vote (in this case, the textiles)

Type: Textilles (what I'm gonna use as a backround for the posts)
Section: Prelims
Duration: 1st Day
Notes or Comments: If you want to see how they would look, click on their image, and it will show you how they will look as a backround. Note that I will NOT be using these as my main backrounds, though. Also, I am not the creator of these. The credit goes to http://www.sfsu.edu/~jtolson/textures/textures.htm . Visit the place, its pretty cool.

Textile #1

Textile #2

Textile #3

Testile #4

Textile #5

Textile #6

Textile #7

Textile #8

Textile #9

Textile #10

Textile #11

Ok. Now, when you vote, please tell me...
Your Screenname (optional)
Type of vote (mandatory) (in this case, the vote would be "textilles")
Day You Voted (also mandatory)
Number You Voted For (mandatory *duh*) This would be like "#3" or somethin...

Anyways, you are more than welcome to also leave me a comment. I will post the next vote next week, and perhaps begin finals on wednesday. Thank you for voting! I would really appreciated if ppl helped me out in this little project of mine. And Thank You for Your Time!
But for now, My Otakuians, I shall sleep, and try not to think about the dirty pile of dishes that will occupy half of my kitchen tomorrow morn. And Remember... Stay Safe!

Your Hostess (here in The Otaku and at home...)
Twinkie Filled
~~~ Sakura Ryuu ~~~

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

the booths are now OFFICIALLY OPENED! *yay!* *breaks champaign* *hits head w/ top* *falls unconcious* *burns on fire*

YAY! HOA-POO! *Busts out another bottle of champaign*

Lol, jk. But, yes, My Otakuians! The time has finally arrived... its time FOR YOUR SURPRISE!
Ok, here's the deal. Just like any other hostess, I have decited that it is time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Yep that's right, My Otakuians (unless you said *twinkies?*, then you're wrong) I'm talkin about remodeling this place. }*shocked voices* Yes, My Otakuians, its time to say good-bye to the pink! I know its my trademark, but just like McDonalds is now making chicken nuggets out of real chicken parts, I will now change my color. But don't worry, this site will still keep its other famous trademarks of Insanity and the Pinkness will never Die!
Ok, but here's the things. I will post clips of the different colored backrounds available. And then this is where you guys come in. I'm going to give out one of my e-mails, so that you guys (the public) can either post, p-m, or e-mail me their vote. See, this will be a democratic desicion. I will post different things, such as texts, avis, and songs, so that you guys are on controll of my site's apperance. I will close all voting booths sometime in early january (before school starts again...), so that I may remodel everything by the begining of the new school year. But yeah. I will leave you guys now. I will post the clips mañana. But for now, please, if you have a backround, or know a place where I can get some neat backrounds, tell me so. Your bizzness will be appreciated. But for now, I will do my final pioneering to find the best, keraziest textiles I can find. This is Sakura Ryuu... signing off...
Love Peace Eggrolls and Greace
Hostess Sakura Ryuu
PS, I MIGHT have the opportunity to host another site! Lee's place is a mess, and I've offered myself to clean it up for him. Even with two male hosts, they need the femminine touch of a hostess, and I'm the perfect one for the job! I just hope the bastard dosen't forget.

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