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Friday, August 12, 2005

   my classes

Yep yep yep! I went over today to school and got my schedule for the next term. I am taking...
A-block: AVID
1st block:AP Us History
2nd: AP English
3rd: Genetics (we get to mutate and hybrid fruit flies in this class ^^)
and Z-block: Ballet Folklorico

Yeah. I'm getting either art or photo, math anal, and french 3 next semsester (we have two semesters in one school year, so I'll be switching classes after winter break) I want to take AP computers, cause we learn about advanced HTML, JavaScript, and some CCS in that class, along with a bunch of other junk, and we even get to design the school's page, so that's awesome. But if I take that class, I won't be able to take draft and design (I want to take that class cause Kohler teaches it!!!)... and cause I like drafting here and there... (and kohler teaches it!!!)
Ho-hum. Other than that, life's going smooth. I already know I have Lindsey for 3rd, Gaby for 2nd, and my AviD class for A-block. (Its not going to be the same without my teacher, mr.Ilac, there anymore. He was like my uncle...) I'll call up Didiana and the twins tomorrow and see what other classes we have together.

Alrighty then. I think that's enough about my boring life for today. But before, take this with ya...

"What a pathetic group of losers"
Oh yeah! You can never have too much Cowboy Bebop in the house!!!
Okay then. Take care ppls!
luve and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   what to say, what to say?

Well, really, there's nothing much to say.
Tomorrow I'm going to campus to go pick up my schedule. I have no idea if I'm going to get the classes I signed up for. I hope I do, I really don't want to take AP physics this term! >_< And if they kick me out of Math Anal, they are going to DIE!!! >>_<<
Okay other than that, here's a few quiz results to keep you entertained.. or something...
Your element is earth: Wise, solitary, mysterious
and loving. You are very wise. Your wise as in
you know things others do not, you can see past
stereotypes and see the real people behind
their facades, and people will often come to
you for help and advice. Quite solitary and
somewhat shy around people because you prefer
animals and plants, animals aren't afraid to
show themselves or what they are feeling and
plants are fun to nurture. You are very strong
in your silence if you set your mind on
something you will often times pursue it to the
end. Sometimes you just want to get away, so
you seek refuge in the forest where you can
have time to think and try to sort out your
emotions. The sound of the wind usually calms
you, especially moving through the trees. Life
to you is something precious and should not be
taken for granted.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by Quizilla
I Always get Earth! Either that, or Fire...
Your personality is best represented by the
traditional Japanese Katana. You are brave
beyond words and rarely (if ever) act for your
own personal gain. Your honor is very
important to you, and you strive to better
yourself and help others. You try not to let
emotions get in the way of making a sound
decision, and are usually quite successful.

What sort of Weapon best Represents your Personality? (anime pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla
I love swords! yep yep yep! Swords are freakin' awesome! ^^

What Harry Potter character will you find under your bed? by kaitkaitkait
WhoLucius Malfoy
You say:"Ber-loody HELL!"
He says:"Must...follow ...delicious... smell..."
He comes out, holding abunch of daisies.
You react bymaking tea.
And finally......you have the most fantastic sex imaginable, every night for the rest of your lives.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

lmao! I don't remember when I took this test, but I remember laughing at it when I did. Yep yep yep...

Okay then. You guys take cares. I'm tired at the moment, but I'll make sure to visit you guys before the day ends ^^

ber-LOOOOODY hell!
*wink wink*
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

   Holy Mofo am I sunburned!!!

Yep yep yep! Sunday night while I was showering I realized how burned I got at the festival. It shucks!!! :'( I wanna cry, my arms hurt every time I move them. Well, it doesn't hurt much anymore, but it did yesterday. Every time my skin stretched it freaken' hurted...
But continuing. More people gave me happy b-day wishes! Thanks you guys!!! *^0^* I also got these!

from Link's lil Faerie. So soft and pretty, isn't it?! ^^
from Dark Kiba So cute! *points at Kilala*

Yep! Thanks you guys.*hugs all*
Okay, other than that.. hrmm... GAH! School starts on the 17'th! NOooOOo! But then again, I'm gone to L.A. again for another competition on the 28'th, so that isn't too bad. But still... I don't wanan go back to school!!!
Ho-hum. So, when do YOU guys go back to school?(for those who are still in school..)
In other news... My micro-stereo KICKS ARSE!!! *^O^* Yep yep yep! Its so small, its amazing! And it has this miniature control, the size of a credit card! And so light! WeeEE! I'm so exited! ^^
Okay then. Nothing more to say really. I have to go get din-din in the oven, and I'll come back in a bit to visit you guys!
Luves and Peace
ps, I had one of those hostess chocolate cupcakes for the first time in ages... it was HEAVEN! ^^

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   my birthday!

yeah... It kinda suxed v_v
Well, I had to work all day at this Summer Fiesta thinggy that the church had going on today. Its basically this huge fair without the rides and with alot more religious propaganda running about. And I had to work... by force, not volunteraly, so I could finish my service projects this year...
I did, however, get a 1 hr break between my double-shifts to go eat at home. My family was there,.. to see ME, but they only saw me for half an hour as I swallowed as many tortillas as I could before I was forced back to work. When I came back, everyone had left exept for my grampa and my aunt. I opened my presents (I got a micro-stereo from my parents, so FINALLY, no more alluminum-foil antennas... several gift-cards from my aunts, this cute school-set thingy from pirates of the carribean from my little brother, and a bag full of random beauty stuff from my aunt) Not bad, I say. Then I blew my candles from my cake (it was this cute purse-cake that my aunt made for me ^^) What sucked was that we didn't even cut the cake. My grandpa was too full and I felt kinda sick from being in the sun all day. So yeah, my day wasn't the best.
But then I log onto here and find these little numbers!!!

Thanks Animefreak1234567! Its so pretty ^^

from Lordsesshomaru! So thoughtful of you!

And, from inuyasha311! *stares at sparkles with glee!*

I also checked my comments and saw all those happy b-day wishes from everyone else. Thanks, you guys! *hugs all*
Okay then. I am pooped out today. I think I'm going to shower, and then go straight to bed... even if its like 8:30 right now. You guys have fun the rest of the weekend, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!
And thanks again you guys! ^^
Luve and Peace

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY to MEEEE!!!

Yep yep yep! One more day and it wil be my birthday! HOOPAH!
Lol, take a look at my stats on the menu over there <---------- Notice anything strange? Lol, I was wondering if anyone would catch that there isn't a 31's of Nov, but so far, no one has. But to lead you out of my trichery, yes, my b-day is TOMOrroW!! *w00t*
Okay, enough about that. man, I've noticed that I post about twice a week. That's not enough! I need to post more.. MORE! And now that I'm about to start school, I'll be able to post LESS! (I have one more week of summer vacation... isn't that just so sad?) v_v
Oh happyer news! I finished playing my first video game that did not include rescuing the princess or collecting the fruit. Instead, I used Tactical Espionage Action (tun tun tuuuun!) yep, I finally finished MGS2 (even though it took me like 12 hrs to finish the plant chapter!!!) I was dissapointed in the end, though. I had so many questions, like:1. What happened to Arsenal? 2. Is Rose really a spy for the patriots and is she really willing to have raiden's child?!? and 3. AM I REALLY THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS OTACON IS SEXY?!?!? 0.0
(sorry, last one=inside joke)
Okay then. Nothing more to post, really. You guys have a splendid weekend... I know I will ^^
Rock Hard, Live Steady
You only do it once a lifetime!
~~Sakura Ryuu
ps, no one guessed who the guy was in my last post. if anyone cares, he was Napolen Bonaparte, my idol! (haha, jk)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Well, so sorry I haven't been on for a while. Yesterday I didn't even turn on the computer at all (I know... a shoker!) I guess I've just gotten bored of following the same routine every day. So instead, yesterday I spent most of my free time drawing and playing video games...
Hmm, nothing much happening, really. I wasn't allowed at all to go to my friend's birthday pary , which sucked. I did, however, got to talk to one of his friends online. His name is Froshy (and I have no idea what his real name is...) he seems like a nice dude, although I was bummed out cause I wasn't able to meet him face to face. But we already said as soon as he comes back into town we'll arange something so we can meet finally, face to face.
Heh, a lot of you guys didn't know who Otacon was. He's not important, really. He's a character from the video game I'm playing right now (MTG2) He's the guy in my last post who was saying "I love twinkies" and who is mostly known for wetting his pants and sleeping with his stepmom! *weee-i mean- grooooos!*
I have an idea. I'll post a picture below, and you guys will have to guess who it is. Winner may get something weird and... unknown yet. But you'll get something. Lets just hope the picture isn't neither too hard or too easy...

Yep yep yep! The person who can correctly identify THIS handsome devil is sure to win some banner with greedy self-promotion...

I'll give you guys a clue. I tried stealing this picture from my history book. Have fun guessing!
Alrighty then. I'll talk to you guys later. I'm going to go get myself a twinkie from the freezer *^.^*
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

thanks you guys

Well, today I've been feeling much better than I did two days ago. I still feel a little like "meh", but I think its cause I'm stuck in the house. Sitarose told me it helps to break stuff, and I was chopping wood for a while, untill I felt better. I really want to thanks those who commented and tried to cheer me up! ^^ *hugs*

My dad didn't want to give me permission to go to my friend Lee's house for his birthday party this weekend. His excuse? Its the lamest... Lee is a guy. If lee was born a female, or perhaps even a he-she, no problem! But NOooOOo... my dad doesn't allow his "little girl" out to boy's houses, even if its a birthday party and the boy already has a girlfriend..
Oh wells. Nothing much to say, really. I have a picture...

I was making fun of Lee online cause his icon on the messenger had a picture of his doll from Gaia that said "I love Kyrie" (kyrie is his girlfriend) So I did this one for myself. Yep yep yep (I know... its not funny for you guys) Man, I can't believe Otacon slept with his stepmom!(I'll let you guys guess who's Otacon if you don't know...)

Okay peoples. I think its time for me to hit the bed once again! You guys... stay safe!
Luv and Peace

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

no subject!

I had the crappiest day today...
My mom and I got in this huge ass argument. I ended up telling her everything I felt about her never being there, and how when she came expecting me to open up for her it was always too late. She just left to work as if nothing. GAH!
It really brought me down. When she left I just went back to bed (this was in the morning, like, right after I had woken up) Alot of shit was going through my head. And I thought of suicide ocne again.
I know I haven't talked about my depressed moments that much with you guys. I'm the type that likes to keep things mostly to myself. But I feel as if I keep things to myself much longer something is going to happen. A few years ago, suicide ran through my mind just about every day. Thank God, I got better, and every time I've thought of suicide since then I think its stupid. But today I was so down, it went back to my head, and it really scared the shit out of me. I don't want to go back feeling like I did when I was fourteen. I really don't want to...
Well, here I am, rambling about stupid shit again. You guys don't want to know about my dark moments, hell no. I'm not the type who goes moaping around all day and cuts herself. You guys know me, and know that I'm not dark. Its just that lately I've been feeling more and more down.
Mild depression?
Perhaps. But I'm not seriusly depressed. I know that. You guys know that.
Okay then. NO MORE! its only making my head hurt even more. It hasn't hurt since my nice long relaxing bath I took a while ago...
Okay then. You guys take care now. I think I'm going to do something wild with melted crayloas and create some weird orange canvas of some sort. You guys just stay tight!
Luv and Peace

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   randomness and unhealthy obsessions!

Hello peoples. Sorry I wasn't on most of the weekend. It was my mom's birthday and we had guests running around the house. It was fun... but it took alot of time and energy. So yeah.
This weekend (right before the party began) I was bored and I couldn't get online cause my mom was waiting for a call from my sis. So I decided to do this little number...

I was doing it to put it on my Gaia signature (btw, my screenname is Vertigo_Kira if anyone wants to contact me on Gaia...) But I think its a little too big. Haha, my friend Lee pointed out to me the fact that I'm obsessed with men that have womanly characteristics (like long hair and shtuff) and I wanted to put something that showed that obsession when I remembered the logo from THAT (which, btw, YOU should join!)So yeah... I truly do believe my girly man can kick your manly man's ass! w00t!
Okay my Otakuians. Nothing much to say anymore. I'm going to visit you guys in a bit. Lates!

I got another confession to make!...
I'm a fool...

(Foo Fighters- Is Someone Taking the Best)
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Friday, July 22, 2005


Hello people out there. SO SORRY! I haven't visited anyone all week. Yeah, this week has been a drag (then again, which week in my life isn't???) As soon as I'm done posting this, I'm going to visit all you wonderful people out there! *^^* (yeah I need to cut down on the sugar pills)
Hmmm... nothing much going on, really. My friend Lee got back this week. I had a preformance today for a group of prescholers and a few onloking gangsters at a preschool right next of west park (the worst place in our city, thanks to the wonderful Gang of West Park...) *notes sarcasm* SO yeah...
I also did a few buttons...
Anyone interested? Yeah, I'm not the best button-maker in the world (I only have paint and "Microsoft Picture It!" to work with, but I do my best!) So if you want a button, ocne again, feel free to p-m me. Just give me a theme you'd like for it. Here are the buttons I've made so far...

So yeah. Not the BEST, but they ARE buttons, arent they???
Okay pues. Nothing much to post here anymore... so yeah! You guys take care... for now. But 'till then (and by "then" I have no idea...)

Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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