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Monday, July 18, 2005

   *sight* Review...

Yep! I just finished the harry pothead book today and I was... uh... well... dissapointed really, just in the ending. Yep yep yep. I think Rowling should have added more action to the ending, instead of giving us a thirty-something-page aftermath. Yep yep yep. Perhaps just a little something in the last page to give some suspence. Personaly, I think the ending kinda... well... sucked. I mean, it was already bad enough that *insert name here* died and that *insert name here* got away and that *insert name here* didn't do anything right. I dunno. Perhaps Rowling was milking it at the end??? The book was overall good (I mean, its Harry Pothead, c'mon...) but I do believe there was something missing in the end making it less... zesty...
Yep yep yep...
I still say my favourites were the third and the fifth...
Lots of action... mysterious breakthroughs...
Yep yep yep...

Well, in other news! I don't have a hole in my roof anymore! Yep! The roof guy is just adding the finishing touches to our new roof as we speak! And the birds, well, one of them was smart enough to get out the same way it got in... the other one wasn't as rich in brainwaves. I left the door closed to my room so it wouldn't escape and I could catch it later to take it outside, but my little bro "accidentally" left my door open and the bird escaped. We were gone all afternoon at my grampa's house and when we came back we couldn't find it anywhere. Then this morning, my bro woke me up and told me he had found the bird in the kitchen. It was funny, cause by the time I managed to roll off my bed and go take a look, the bird was already inside my little brother's cerial.(the poor thing was hungry) We had a wild bridhunt, and finally, we managed to open the doors and chase it out one of them. So no more bird problems! (although one of them left a very pleasant little surprise on my sister's bed, which I refuse to remove untill her arrival ^^)
Yep yep yep...
Nothing more to say, really. I'll check up with you guys after dinner. But 'till then...
*shrieks like a dolphin*
~~Sakura Ryuu

EDIT! DAMN THIS COMPUTER! It did a double post, and when I tried deleting the second, it deleted the last one I had done! DAMN IT!!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   ho hum

Nothing much to say really.
I'm having a sucky day.. and you?!
I was trying to load a song by Manu Chau for you guys. but my account under my original yahoo ID is too full. SO I tried logging onto my other one that I made specifically for music files... and I completely forgot the password! >_< So yeah. And for some stupid reason it won't let me retrieve my password..
that SHUCKS!
So, my question today is...
Does anyone know where I could get a free site with another webhost? o.O I've heard alot about angelfire, but they say it sucks. Any other suggestions???
Alright then. Seeing as the site will be Manu Chao-less for a while, here's a picture.. just to keep you guys with intelligence of who Manu Chao and his wonderful Mano Negra are...

This guy (who was originally part of Mano Negra) sings in French, Spanish, English, and some other weird Carribean language. His music is AWESOME!
So yeah. And lee was right. I will have to play with a naked guy in Metal Gear Solid 2 if I want to pass it (thanks lordsesshomaru for verifying) That... kinda sucks. I really don't wanna play with a naked guy...
Okay then. I guess there's nothing left to say today. My dad just cut up the watermellon we brought the other day, and its lookin' pretty good! So I'll let you guys go now...
Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu
ps. We're fixing the roof on my house this weekend. Its going to SHUCK cause they're going to be banging on the ceiling all weekend long, and my mom is going to flip more than usual...

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   hmmm.... SPLEEN....

Writers block... can't... choose... right... WORDINGS!
*shtops and thinks*
Okay... Sorry about that.
So how have you guys been doing?! I've been bored out of my mind lately. I watched that new thing on Nickelodeon the other day... what's it called? Ah yeah, Catscratch. I didn't had anything better to watch, so I gave the remote to my little bro and let him chose something. Actually, its not that bad. Waffle was pretty funny. Haha SPLEEEN!
Well, I've already passed the first chapter of Metal Gear Solid the other day (it took me a while cause I can't play it as often cause of my mom. I can only play when she's not around v_v) But yeah. Raiden is... girly. Haha, when I first looked at his picture in the character outline in the manual booklet I thought it was a chick. But still, the game is shtill interesting. That guy... the one from the SEALs whose name starts with a P... I know he's snake... right? Yeah, we don't need a rocket genious to tell us that... right?!? o.O
Haha, well, the other day I was talking to my sis online. I sent her a picture of Snake and we both came to the conclusion that his bandana-thingy (which ryo oki likes to call a MULLET) is sexy. Not that Snake himself is sexy... just his bandana thinggy-mabob. ^^ I mean, you could put that thing on Peewee Herman and it'll still be sexy... right? Hmmm... I'll let you guys decide...

Hmmm... maybe not as sexy as we thought it would be...

Alrighty then. Nothing more to say really. Sorry if I haven't visited people yet... this day has been tiresome and I didn't feel like getting online for a while. But I'll try to visit you guys tomorrow. Oh, and thanks for those who mentioned something about my story that I posted the other day! ^^
Alrighty then. I have to get myself a blue bandana... just to wear for the hell of it. But for now, stay tight!
Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

ah, ps.for those who've played metal gear solid before, my friend Lee just mentioned over the cell phone that there'll be a point in which I'll have to play Raiden when he's naked... is that true??!?!? :S (I don't want to play with a naked dude... >_<)

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

   umm... no topic really... wait... CHEESE!!! (is gross...)

Hellow there! How are you all doing? Me, okay I guess (wow, this sounds nothing like me, lol)
Alrighty then. First thing is first. We all know what happened at London, and if you don't, shame on you! I myself had quite a fright, cause my sis is at England right now and she was at London on the 6th (and I thought Thursday was the sixth) But thank God, she wasn't there and that she's safe! But for those who weren't as fortunate as her, I'd like to take a moment's silence in their honor...

*Moments of Silence and Peace*

So yeah. I have nothing to say about terrorism, exept that we must not succum to it. Its called "terrorism" for a reason... "terror". These sick people run off and kill the innocent and try to destroy our lives. Everyone knows that if they attack the economy the country will loose more. But instead they frighten our people as they hide from us like roaches, scattering away at the light, but always lurking within us, rotting us to death...

Okay, 'nough bout that. My blood pressure should NOT be going up at all. Bad for the health, man...
Okay. So the last time I posted I said I wanted to post my story. I need reviews on it... really bad. So yeah. Here is a synopsis...

The year is 2017. As war and terror continues amongst the World Powers, a new source of power arises. The word: mafia. The world is now seen as a playground for these mischevirous groups. Their new games are contests, where the gangs compete to see who can plunder the most. Not even the Law itself is enough to keep these devils in low profile.
Jake Ezpinoza has always been taught to expect the unexpected. Living as a bounty hunter and having records of being associated with the mafia have taught him well. However, in this new game, he needs to teach himself.
Before Ezpinoza began to work in favor of the Law, he belonged to the Golden Dragons. However, the group was destroyed, and Jake now lives with Bruno (jake's old workshop teacher who's retired from teaching to join the hunts once again) and Helena (an old childhood friend who has also dedicated her life to bounty hunting)Despite the fact that all three live together, neither Bruno nor Helena understand why Jake left the Dragons, or why the Dragons themselves were destroyed, and he shows no intentions in telling them. He doesn't care. He might not be living the high life, but his is showing to be rather good...
That is, untill he recieves a letter from the Dead Dogs, inviting him as leader of the Golden Dragons, to join The Raceway, an international contest against the best mafia groups and gangs around. Jake, Bruno, and Helena must now round up as many members left from the Dragons, as well as a group of freelance workers, to unite and defeat all of the greatest mafias in the world and pass the suspenseful events of The Raceway for three sole purpouses: The Money, The Adventure, and a Revenge for the death of the Dragons.

"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Raceway to Hell!"

Also, for those who have noticed that the above synopsys sounded a lot like Cowboy Bebop, lemme tell you this. I actually already had an idea for a story like this long before I watched Cowboy Bebop. You can say that inspirations from Cowboy Bebop helped me fill in the blanks. But the name "Golden Dragons" and the fact that Jake had dropped from a mafia were my original ideas before watching Cowboy Bebop. So yeah, I'm not trying to be a copy. In fact, I think I'll post this on the site so that no one thinks so...
But anyways, here's a clippet of the story, where Ezpinoza tries to hire one of the freelance workers. If you want to read the whole part, click here . I didn't put the whole part cause it was too long. But anyways, enjoy...

“So, who are we going to get first?”
It was sometime around four in the afternoon. Alongside the wall of the entrance to the metro stood the young man, leaning into the shade as an escape from the burning city sun. The street was full of noise, as usual, as people hastily entered and exited through the metro gates. The young man’s companion, who looked somewhere in his late thirties and had been standing in front of him, began to make his way through the gates. He seemed to have ignored the youth’s question and continued playing around with his palm pilot. As the two men made their way through the crowded station, the young man seemed to get more annoyed by his companion’s silence.
“Well?” he said, once they stood in line waiting for the subway.
“It’s this one…” his companion responded, more to himself than to the young man, as he continued thumbing his pilot.
“Oh,” the young man sarcastically said, feeling even more annoyed as he stood watching the subway make its way noisily through the tunnel. They rode the metro in complete silence. It wasn’t until they had reached their stop that the young man attempted to question his companion again.
“Well?! Who is it?”
“Patience, Jake. For God’s sake!” came the angry reply. Yet his companion did not look up from the pilot. The young man just shrugged back and put his hands into his coat’s pockets, slouching even more than usual as to make it obvious how irritated he felt. They continued walking, out through the station’s gates and across the street.
“Ah, here we go…” the older man finally said.
“Lemme see., Bruno!” Jake said, looking over his companion’s large shoulders to catch a glimpse at his palm pilot. He could see some type of personal profile, but by the time he was able to see it correctly, Bruno had already scrolled down, hiding the picture. Bruno began to read him out loud the information
“ Her name is Eva Marie Rodstone, otherwise known as the Fire Rose. A twenty-six year old female Englishwoman. Height: five-eight, weight: some 130 pounds, eye color: brown, hair color: always changing…”
“What’s her specialty?”
“She’s a computer expert and a bombing-genius,” Bob responded matter-of-factly. “We get her and we kill two birds with one stone.”
“She sounds kind of expensive, don’t you think?” asked Jake.
“Not at all, says here she’s cheap in price. She doesn’t require a monthly pay as long as she’s kept satisfied with supplies and missions,” said Bruno as he continued thumbing his pilot.
“Is she clean?”
“Says she can play nice with teammates. I’ll let you take a look at her history…” Both men got closer to the palm pilot as Bruno scrolled down the profile.
“Lets see. She started working with Microsoft in 2010 a while before graduating from York University…” Bruno began.” Fired in 2011 after being found guilty for sharing top secret projects with outsiders. Began working for Mich’s Gangs up until 2013 when the gang was arrested. She managed to escape Mich’s fate by lying and weaseling her way through the courts. By then, she was already known by the black market’s A-lists as an expert at computer hacking and re-programming. Later she was picked up by The Black Fox, where she began experimenting with explosions and became later known as the Fire Rose for her economic, but advanced bombing techniques. Hmmm…”Bruno began to frown. “Says here there were rumors of her being down with old Fox himself, but later dropped out of Mr. Fox’s gang in 2015...”
“Was she dropped, or did she get out herself?”
“Says here she dropped herself…”
“Why would she do that? That year The Black Fox hit gold. He was at his strongest then. No one would leave him.” Jake stated, rather quizzically.
“I dunno. But if you ask me, there was probably some drama between her and old Fox’s whores. But anyways. She’s been freelancing ever since, working for whoever needs he skills either at computers or at bombing.” Bruno closed his pilot and put it into his pocket. “You ready to do this?”
“You bet I am,” Jake responded, straightening himself up.
“Good. Her neighbor said she’d be over here. Lets see if his word is worth as much as he said it was.” They turned at the end of the block. Across the street from where they stood was a cyber café.
“Yes! There she is.” Bruno said enthusiastically.
“There, you bone-head.” Bruno pointed at one of the café’s customers who was seated in front of the building’s giant window.
Jake felt disappointed in some way. He had expected to see some beautiful specimen of woman, the kind that are gorgeous, yet have a dangerous feeling to them. Instead, he felt as if he were looking at some wild teen who had just stormed out of a rock concert. Instead of a slimming black dress that Jake loved to imagine every woman in, she had on a pair of maroon pants and a black shirt that read “METAL of 1987”. And instead of the dark long hair he had been most certain she would have, she had reddish-brown hair down to midways between her shoulders and her lower back. But what intrigued him the most was the last three or so inches of her hair, which had been dyed a bright, flame-orangey red color.
Bruno could see Jake’s disappointed face. “Not what you were expecting?’
“I should have known better,” responded Jake.
“Now, you know what to do?” “Yeah, I have it planned out.” “Okay. Keep your cell on, and buzz me if you need help. I’ll buzz you if anything comes up.”
Jake sighted and slouched one last time as if thinking. “Alright. Wish me luck!” he said as he straightened himself once again and began to make his way across the street.

So yeah. I hope you guys like it (so far)Again, if you want to read the whole chapter, click on the link above.
Okay, I have to go now. I need to visit people's sites. It is the weekend, and most people post at this time. So yeah, you guys have a good one...
Love and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   so patriotic, I know...

Opps... I'm a little late for the Fourth, but...
How were your guys' weekends?!?
Mine was okay, I guess. I spent most of the time taking care of my little cousins. My uncle's brother died a few days ago and my aunt has been having to go everywhere with him. So yeah, I kinda had my hands full. But that's okay, I love my little cousins to death... they're so adorable...
Today, nothing much. Woke up with terrible allergies after inhaling so much smoke from the fireworks yeshterday (gah!) I also did a new button. I think its cleaner than the other one. You decide... The URL is http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a342/sakura_ryuu/button2.jpg if you want to put this one instead of the other one on your site (for those who do have my button on their sites...) Also, I want to collect buttons from people so I can put them up in my intro instead of that huge list that I mention. If you want a button and don't have one or don't know how to get one, p-m me. Just tell me a theme or something and I'll try to do one. I know my buttons suck, but I need as much practice as I can get, lol. So yeah, making you a button will be my pleasure...
Ah, question! I have a question! How do you make .gif's? I mean, those little pics that move? But its not a video, its just one picture file?!? o.O I've had a while already wanting to know so I can try making myself an avi that moves. Or just random things. But yeah. If you know how to make one, please tell me. I will be enternally grateful ^^
Alrighty then. Nothing more to say here. Just one more thing. I'm in the process of developing a new story. I've already written a few parts and I want to post one of them. You know, just to see other ppl's opinions and know if its good or not. I'll probably just post a small snippet and give you guys the link to another place where I'll have the whole part written. Just so that I don't bore you to death. But tell me if you guys would be interesting in reading my writting... (note, its the first time I show my stuff like this to ppl other than to my sis...)
Okay. w00t! 14 comments! Thank you guys, I wuv you all! *hugs* I'll go visit other ppl's sites in a bit. But for now, stay tight and shtuff!
PssT... howee!
Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

   Monkey Butts

I think its time for me to clean out my friend's list. Even though I'd be stuck with some ten people, I'm tired of running around and commenting on everyone's sites, and they don't even bother to come to my own. Those who do bother to come here, thank you. I know who you are, and I know why most of you cannot reply to every post I do here.
Yesterday was a bother with my mom. First, she went bezerk with chores in the morning like always. So that put everyone in the house in a bad mood. Then when my uncle's family came to eat dinner with us (we invited them...) he let me chose a free videogame from the ones he was selling. The only good one that I could find real interest in was Metal Gear Solid 2. So, of course, I chose that one. So later, when I put it into my x-box while my mom's away, I go crazy and realyze that this game isn't all that bad. So when she comes home and finds me alone in the middle of the living room with my eyes glued onto the screen and the lights off, my mom gets rather agitated... for no apparent reason. So she goes "OMG! What are you playing?!? Why is his buttox out like that?!?" I go"mom, its not my fault he's wearing stretch pants and that the CAMERA GIVES US A VIEW OF HIS FREAKIN' WEDIGE!!!" so then I turn around and shoot the bastards down on my screen. then she pulls one of those very-mexican "AY DIOS MIO!" (which means OMG!) and rambles off about how violent my new game is and how I'm going to return it. So, I turn off the x-box (NOoooOo) and go to my room. An hour later, she wants me to check my e-mails to see if my sis had sent anything lately (she's at england and my mom can't be calling every five hours anymore to make sure exactly where on the globe she is, so she has recently become an invader of my e-mails) I put up the latest e-mail and let her read it. Then she goes, "OKAY I want to reply to her now..." I go, "sure!" and set it up for her. I sit down in front of they keyboard, eager to type up her e-mail as fast as I can cause there is something so much more interesting that I'm doing on the other internet explorer windows. (no, it wasn't porn...)But then she says "NO, I wanna do it this time" I whine and beg, but she literally kicks me out of my own room so she can type her e-mail herself. And, just so you may know, seeing as my mom never had a high education, and sucks REALLY REALLY bad at computers, it usually takes her up to two hours to type an e-mail that is only some eight sentences long or so. (its not her fault, I know, but c'mon... I can't wait two hours to get back at what I was doing!)So while she was kicking me off my computer, I was like "FINE, I'll just go back and play some more Metal Gear Solid" You can only imagine the things she said then...
Okay, now that I've bored you half to death (maybe that's why no one hardly replies...) I'm going to be going now. My mom's away, and you know what that means...

Luv and Peace
Your (secret agent) Hostess
and part-time bartender
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well, how's it going? I haven't been on for a while, mostly cause Ive been being really lazy and not doing anything all day long exept for the four hours I go to practice at school for dance. And even then... I didched today. We're training the newbies, and they are really bad :( I know its not entirely their fault, but they should really learn not to stomp as much... it just makes loud noises and causes everyone a headache...
Well, seeing as my sister's computer was lying around the house (she couldn't take it with her to England cause its too big...) I decided to raid it. I brought a pack of rewritable CD's the other day and I spent all of last night burning whole albums from her computer and ripping them onto mine. Only thing.. her computer takes like 45 minutes to burn one CD, and only one of the three cd's I brought actually worked. so instead of burning and ripping on different CD's at the same time, I had to wait untill it finished on one computer and then take it straight to the other. I swear, that CD is like half a millimeter thinner now...
Well, while looking through her music files, I found this really cool band. I had heard about them before, but I hadn't heard them untill yeshterday. They're really cool. Its called "Manu Chau", aka La Mano Negra (or "The Black Hand", but they don't go by that name...) They sing in French, Spanish, English, and some other weird Carribean language I don't know. Their music is very "champurru" if you may, lol. Its just really random stuff. I'll try to load it someday and put it up here... see if you guys like it ^^
Okay, I'm going to go now. But first, a random picture... out of nowhere ^^

Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

   I'm pooped...

Yes... its true... I am mentaly pooped...
I just got back from L.A. We went over to take my sis to the airport... she's on her way to England to study there during summer school... lucky buggers we are! She gets to go halfway around the world and have the U.S. pay for just about everything.... and I get the room to myself ^^

I'm so evil.... :3
I miss her already >_<

After leaving my sis at the LAX, we went to visit my aunt who lives not far away from the airport. She's more like my great-aunt, so she's kinda old... and recently very ill. I was very nauseous in her house, both emotionally and phisically. It made me sad that she's going through so much pain and pissed that her good-for-nothing sons don't even bother to clean after themselves. (they're 40, and are still living with their mom and don't even work... in fact, I don't think they even shower...) And physically cause the whole house was a mess. Well, its always been a mess. She's been known to be a packrat, and she used to be a babysitter, so her house has always been cluttered. But it was a clean clutter-ness. Now its just dirt. Toilets were all gross... there were dirty dishes... three-week old milk in the fridge... so gross. I don't blame my aunt for it... she's sick and can barely move around. Its those freakin idiots that still smooch off of her that I get pissed at. They should AT LEAST clean their own toilet and dishes... *GAH!* The only guy who's single and not working is Jonnie... and he doesn't have to work. He's a drummer for a band up north in Canada. Its called Econoline Crush. Supposedly, they were pretty good a few years back and even managed to get nominated for some weird thing that I'm guessing its like the Canadian Grammys... so I'm guessing he can at least pay his bills and stuff...

BTW, has any of my Canadian folks heard of that band?!? o.O
I need to find their song and post it here. Show off to everyone that I'm related to a rockstar *^^* (but then again, I don't think they'll be making it any bigger... *sigh*)
Here's a picture though...

Click on it if you guys want to learn more about them... the biography makes them sound pretty good ^^ Oh, and johnie is the ugly one with the goatee ^^ (he looks much better in person...)

Okay. I'm going to go now. Due to the fact that I am "pooped" I don't think I'm going to visit you guys today. But I'll make sure I'll do it tomorrow. I promise...

For now... pet your dog, not your date
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


WoW, its been a whole year since I joined. This went out really REALLY fast. I hardly noticed this year pass by, both online and at school and stuff. But yeah. Lookie at what inuyasha311 gave me ^^

isn't it great?!? Thanks 311!


Okay! Well, yeshterday, I had one of those big huge fights with my sister and both my parents. I had barely gotten on the computer when she decided to try to kick me off. I refused, and we started the fight. I pointed out how every time she comes here she never respects me, and I told her I didn't want her to come again for the summer to live here. At that, my mom stormed in and told me not to ever say that again. Why?!? Its the truth, really. Now, I love my sis, and I enjoy spending time with her, but its true. She never respects me, or my stuff, or my personal space. Never...
But enough of that. My good friend Lee is at Sacramento for the summer. Poor guy. He's bored out of his witts. He's such a sweet guy, though. He doesn't deserve half of what he goes through...
Okay then. I was feeling creative the other day and decided to try to make my own button. It sucks... really bad. Lol, I did it on paint, so what could I evxect?!? Here it is... I'm going to try to make a better one some other day, maybe a red one, or one with twinkies ^^ But if you want to put this one on your site, feel free to do so. The url is http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a342/sakura_ryuu/button1.jpg
Okay, I'm going to go now. Mom is calling to help with the dishes *shivers* But I'll talk to you guys later ^^
Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu
ps. I want to have a section with buttons for you guys. If you have a button, pm me the url or something ^^

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


My computer is being such a monkey-butt right now! Its so freaken slow. I can't even load someone's website. I can't do anything on it right now... other than to post... so post I shall!
Well, today, nothing much. My sis and I went shopping for a while. I got some shorts for my daddy for father's day (yeah, I'm two days late, but I didn't had the chance to go to the store 'till now...) I also picked up the third volume of the inuyasha magnas for myself (my friend gave me the first one, I brought the second one last fall, and my sis gave me #4-6 for chrismas... all I needed was #3...) I was also suppose to get a match done at robinsons may for some clinique make-up, but the chick who did that wasn't there. I got a $100 gift card there for my b-day last year, and I have no idea on what to spend it on. And I am running low on powder and stuff (which is mostly the only thing I wear...) so I decided to use the card on good make-up that I know will last and won't screw up my skin...
Haha, not many ppl payed much attention to my last pic, exept for ryo-oki. He said he'd imagined me in full weaponry. Well, for those who did pay attention, take heed that that's not what I usually wear every day. For some odd reason I felt like getting all dressed up and stuff that day. I even managed to get my hair done, lol. But just so you know (cause I know you're just dying to *sarcasm*)... I usually wear a plain t-shirt with some jeans, and my hair is always sticking out, whether I leave it down or I put it up in a semi-pony tail...

WoW, I'm so happy! ten replies (11 including mine...) YaY! I am BACK IN BUSINESS BABY! ^^
Ok, I'm going to give my baby a break after she's finishing scaning for viruses (I think that's why she's acting slow) But I'll come and visit you guys tonite before I go to sleep
Luv and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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