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Thursday, January 20, 2005

   Ħque se hoiga el grito de MI RAZAAAA!!!

Haha.. YESH!!!!
ok! *jumps up and down* Lemme calm down a bit... *calms and breathes heavily*
Okay, now can type! Well, as some of you may know, I was to audition last tuesday for ballet folklorico. Our team is going to a national competition in Lubbock, Texas. Thing is, only the best eight dancers of the 12 people in our group can go. So, to choose the top 8, we held competitions, and the ppl with the highest scores get to go. Well... guess who's going to Texas???!?!?
Hmm... if you said BoB, then you are sorrily mistaken! I"M GOING!!! I MADE IT! I can['t believe I'm going! This is like the best reward that you can get in our group. And I have it!!!!
So this march, I'll be at lubbock, texas, competing against professional groups. And believe me... our high school group has beaten some pretty talented professional groups.
We're going to be dancing Baile de los Negritos for this year's big competition. The last time the group danced this for a big competition was a few years ago in Dallas, and we got a perfect score of 10. So, obviously, we have to work extra hard to keep our reputation back at texas.
Well, anyways, that's my big news of the week. Haha, and thanks for you people who wished me luck... it worked!!!
Okay, I still have tons of homework today, even for world lit. (oh yeah, we found out today that Kholer likes hardcore metal rock... like REALLY hard-metal-core rock.... I enjoy that class more and more by the day...) SO I'll just be leaving now...
Love and Peace
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Monday, January 17, 2005

   What in the world?!?

Well, today I have no school. But I have tons of homework *damn it!*
Anyways, nothing much happening today. I'm listening to the radio and enjoying my time.
I'm going to people's sites today. So sorry if I haven't gone to yours in a long time. Since there's not much free time in my hands, I usually only go to people who leave comments on my last post. I eventually try to go to other people's sites. But its hard doing it, especially with this slow computer...
Anyways, I have a question. How in hell do you people manage to post, sometimes up to 4 times, on a daily basis?!? I'm crazy if I try to do that! Sometimes I don't even have tome to turn on my computer, not mentioning trying to post daily. Tell me, how in the world do you guys manage the time?!?
Well, I guess its cause I have tough classes, and they take up most of my time.
Well, tomorrow I'm going to audition for ballet folklorico. If I make it, I'm gonna be going to the big competitions at texas. If I don't, I'm going to stay here in town :( But I might be able to make it to the competition in san diego. Anywyas, I REALLY want to make it to texas... so wish me luck, people!
Anyways, here's a picture for your own pleasure...
I had to change this picture, the other one didn't show...
That's NOT me! But that's what I dance ^^ This dance is from the region of Jalisco.(you can tell by the costume) I'm not sure, but I think theuy're dancing Jarabe Tapatio. And if Amezcua was there, he'd scream his head at the guy to smile more...

Again, not me.. or my group. This is from Veracruz. Again, not sure, but I think it might be La Bamba...

This is from the northern regions. I'm gonna guess from Chiuaua. But they're not dancing.. just posing...

Heh, completely out of the subject! But I think you might as well enjoy this as well

Okay. Well, I can tell you from which region the dance is from by only looking at the dresses. Anyways...
Well, while looking for pictures, I came across the crazyest site. Its a yu gi oh site in french. Freakin french.. they're in episode 200-something. Now, in what episode are WE on?!? o.O The site has TONS of pictures. Really cool, acctually. If you want to take a look, the place is http://www.yugiohfr.com/ Take heed that its all in french, though. (heh, thank you french 2 for teaching me soemthing...) But you can figure more or less where the links take you. Just read. Some words look similar and mean the same as in english. But if you want to see those pics, go to "images" (see, just like in english...)
Anyways, I'll let you guys go now. Au Revoir, mon amies!
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, January 15, 2005


Yeah. Its saturday. Whoo-pee. BUt I'm so tired of school already. Haha, monday is marther luther king's day so we have no school... *yesh... SLEEEP!*
Well, my classes are not the best, but they're alright. My teachers are cool, so that's good. I have Jimenez for european history. Hs brother was the one who wrote "The Circuit", if anyone's ever heard of that... (the book takes place in our city, and the things that happen there have happened to most of the migrants around here, which could explain why its so popular around here.) And if one of you ppl happened to read that, he's torito, just in case you're wondering
I have Barnett's wife for swim. She seems pretty cool. A little strict, but she's the first PE teacher that I haven't hated the moment I saw...
And, of course, who can ignore Kholer for third (world lit.) He's awesome. Seriously, he looks like a skater dork who's not on crack (lol) His voice is really soft, so it sounds really boring, but he's actually really interesting. AND he wears red shirts, so that's always a plus (my favorite color after maroon is red... haha) Some of the girls in that class say he's boring. One eves says she tries to look at him as if she were better than him. (everyone said he looked like a hoboe cause of his goatee and messy mane) I simply admire him. He's the first teacher that's flipped us off on the second day and rambles about crap...
Anyways, my eyes have been hurting for the longest time. I'm wearing my glasses right now, and they don't itch as much. I HATE them! They're like huge granny frames and they're really heavy so they hurt my nose. Lol, I used to put them at the tip of my nose and give daring glares at my friends... they said I looked like a teacher. I don't what to have to wear glasses. I only wear them if I'm in the back of the classroom and the writting on the board is small. I've never had to wear them for a full day... and I don't want to start having to do that. And I can't get contacts cause they're too expensive. See, if the frames were different, I wouldn't be whinning as much... I should get those weezer frames... if I had those I'd be a happy gerbil ^^

* TAAAA! tata-tu-tataaa... ta TATATA TATAAA.. tat ataa ta... ta taa...* YSH! That's right... today's picture is...


You gotta love Rubes!

YESH!The first Zoids were awesome! (the second ones sucked...) If only toonami was still around....

Well, there you have it! Enjoy...
I have a question. Why is it that whenever do a search on google for images, half of them end up being people who dress up as their favorite character and walk on streets, a quarter are "fanfics" with drawings of them and their favorite character making out, some 20 percent are pictures of merchandise, and the rest are actually the type of pictures I'm looking for? Haha, I guess its cause its the internet... full of disgusting images and whatknot. But oh well
Ok, I'm a bit on the tired side. SO I'll give you the question and let you go now...
Tday's question IS.... what is hte weirdest image you have saved on your disk of fro mthe internet???
Ok, well, I'm not expecting many replies, cause I'm, a dork. But I'll let you guys go now...
Au Revoir!
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Friday, January 14, 2005

   Food is goood!!!

Well, once again, here I am, at school, eating lunch. I'm going to leave in a bit to go to my dance class and practice our dance. Since we already need to buy our tickets for the competitions at texas, amezcua needs to decide already who's going to be dancing. Therefor, auditions are on tuesday. We're gonna be dancing "baile de los negritos" (the dance of the black people) That one is freakin long! 9 full minutes of pure zapatiados. But its fun. Anyways, I gotts to go now..
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

   heheheh... MWAHAHAAAHAH!

Yugioh Bishie Wedding! (for girls)
by yui-chan
Married ToSeto Kaiba
His wedding gift to youA cute kitten ^_^
Quiz created with MemeGen!

HAHAAH! *puts cat on floor* *throws self at kaiba* *cat's eyes widen*

I've always wanted to do that! haha, jk people
Well today was the first day of school. Not bad. This semester I wont have an oversized backpack like the last two semesters cause we have a class set in euro history and world lit (those books are TITANIC!) Saw lee today. That bastard! Made all kinds of lame excuses as to why he couldn't reply my e-mals.
Well, I got half of my AVID class with me in euro hist for first block, jamie, spencer, and danielle from my last french class in my PE class for second, and the rest of the other half of my AVID class in world lit for third. (yes, we only get three classes a day... I have five, but two are extra...) Reason being is cause each class is hour and a half long. And we swich classes after break. So basically we cramp two semesters in one school year.
Other than that, nothing much. Turns out we're NOT going to New York this year for the competition in mexican dance because its not untill dec 5. But we're making plans for the competitions at Lubbock, TX, along with a few others around cali. Oh, and we got two more boys in the group! *yesh!* haha, but both are shorter than me, so I'm still stuck with alex... *"noo"... or is that a "double yesh!"?* o.O
Ok, I'm tired... and hungry. So I'll talk to you people some other time (maybe not 'till saturday... unless they get the computers at school back online...)
But before you leave... question! Who would you guys like to "throw yourself" at? (ok, too perverted, lol...) Best phraised as "who is your celebrity/cartoon/human//whatever crush?"o.O
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

   I'mma monkey....

HAHA! Dude, just to prove how stupid I am, I realyzed that I didn't start school today. I start tomorow! I'm such a dork!
My dad got a phone call yesterday during dinner, to discover the ear-shattering voice of prieto-chavez (the school principal) in a recorded message that I don't start untill tomorrow... YESH!
Which means I was able to watch the new episode of Inuyahsa *WHAPOO!*
haha, that was a funny episode. So its concluded, jaken is gay... or bi... or just plain attracted to sesshomaru. Or maybe he is... after all, he seemed more exited to see inuyasha and miroku in the spring than sango and kagome, lol.
Note, though. I have no grudges against homosexuals. (acctually, I find it easyer to laugh with gay guys than a straight football player...) Just that I've been suspecting that from jaken for a while that I can finally rest my case in peace...
But continuing... Newsflash! I got a membership thingy-mabob on adultswim.com. I get to post stuff now! maybe I can even get my post on tv one night (haha, most likely not...) But its pretty cool. if anyone wants to contact me through that, I'm Sakura_Ryuu, just like here, but w/ the "_" thing.. (heh, that looks like a weird smiley...)
Anyways. The other day I found some of my rough drafs on a few of my stories I made up. I realyze now that the guys have pretty cheezy lines. Not when they're by themselves, though. Or in battle. Usually, they have pretty good lines when in action. But when it comes to him with the girl all alone, then the cheezyness is shown. The girls say some neat stuff, but the guys transform into someone different, they're not the same character that I originally came up with. And when I try to come closer to the character's style, the line comes exztra cheesy indeed.
So, today's question to you gals. What is it that you like to hear from a guy? I know "lass" is one of them (lol, I couldn't agree better with inuyasha311) But what are the type of things you girls like (or would like) for the guy to "whisper in your ear" if you lived in a fairytale besides "your beautiful" and "I love you" over and over and over and over... (note, I don't do that in the stories... but they're so cheesy I might as well...)
But yeah. While you're thinking that over (and, note to the guys, if any, you're more than welcome to leave a quote on what you like to hear too...) Here's the daily picture of the day...
so, who's better in skills...

sesshomaru or inuyasha?

Okie, there you have it! I have to go now.. my dad's expecting a call from the autoshop so I hafta get off now.
and don't forget to leave your comments *wink wink* ^^
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Monday, January 10, 2005

   OMG what have I done!!?!?!???!

DUDE! NOOOooOOooOOoooOOO! MY PINK.... ITS GAWN! G. A. W. N!!! I meant to misspell that)

Well, for any newcomers, my site was pink! Yes, pink! No, not that fluffy type of pink. I mean like hardcore mexicain-hot pink! And green too! But now its GOOONE!
Oh well. (yesh, I know, I'm ever-oh-so dramatic) I wanted to make a change a few months ago. And now I did. For you people that have been coming here lately, you know that you guys voted for just about everything here (x-cept the maroon, I did that myself ^.^) So here you have it! This whole site was your creation... enjoy (while it lasts)
Yeah, that's right. I plan on remodeling YET AGAIN in a month or two. while searching for stuff for you guys, I found a neat color scheme that I DID like. I already have my textilles and even my song! (haha, the offspring! MWAHAHAHAHAH!) But hopefully this will be the begining of new and beautiful friendships! (huh?)
Anyways, tell me what you guys think of this. Is it a yesh yesh, or a big no-no?
Anyways, I wanted to add stuff at my into. But I found out that I have a minimum amount of characters. I know some people whose the amount of things in ther intro over-exeed that minimum. If anyone knows how to cheat the minimum, please tell me.
But yeah. I'm really tired at the moment. I need SLEEP! So here are my final thoughts before I go to bed...
you are ALL monkeys... that SMELL BAD!

I wanted to post some sort of pic, but my computer is being such a slow mofo. So I guess I'll just let you go now.
Ah, yes. Before you leave. Breaking news. I start school this tuesday. Alas, the evils of school have trapped me, and I cannot break free. Oh, woe and despair is me! Please come, my bright star, my dragonrider... my prince in shining armor, and HEEELP MEEE!!! (heh, I told you I was dramatic...) Anyways, that's the reason why you most probably won't hear from me for a while. (maybe 'till saturday?...) But for now. TA-TA!
Signing Off!
~~ Sakura Ryuu
(I miss my pink! *sniff sniff*)

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

   aww.. he's so cute an' all alonee!!!!

Hey there otakuians. Well today is going to suck, I can tell you that much. My parents lef me in charge of my brother while htey went off to L.A. to take my sis back to school. I really wanted to go, but nOOoOOoo! They left at six-thirty in the morn, and didn't wake me up. So when I wake up at 12 this morning, I realyze that everyone was gone exept for my little brother. I told them that I wanted to go, and they usually wake me up for these types of trips. But I guess today they forgot,lol. But that's not the sucky part. What's really scuky is that I'm now spending the whole day by myself stuck in the house. And there's no food either. Only week-old bread... which is gross. Usually they'd leave me some ten bucks so me and my bro can go to the hamburger joint that's a block away. They didn't even left that. So today's menu consists of moldy bread and mayonaise. That is, unless I decide to get off my lazy ass and cook something... (I think I might acctually get up this time...)
Ok, enough of that. While I was taking a bathroom break, my little brother sneaks into my room and puts a kuriboh stiker on the head of my monitor to "cheer me up". I'm eventually gonna take it off (nothing touches my computer but my LOOVE!!!), but I thought it was sweet... and the damn sticker looks cute too, lol.
Ok, continuing. So today I got the final votes for the song. Seems like linkin park's faint's won it again. And today you get to vote on something else... Here we go...
Today's Main Ingredient is... Avatar! *tun tun tuuun!*
Yes, that's right. Today you guys get to vote on my avi! Ok, the pictures aren't in the 125x125 stat like they're suppose to be. But I will edit them to fit perfectly. Also, tell me if I should use the avi pic as the background one as well. I was only able to get two backgrounds that I acctually liked that isn't a print. But here we go...
Your choices are....
Avi #1
Avi #2
Avi #3
Avi #4
Yeah, I was only able to get four this time. But remember that myu main color will be blue. The textille you guys voted for was this one...


That's the one I'm going to use for my post backgrounds. (you can click on it to get a better view..) So anyways, yeah. There are your options. So... lets get voting!

Aunt Saku says *points finger*
"I want YOU to VOTE!"

~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

   spirituality is not the same as hormoneous...

haha, hormoneous. I got that word from "Nip/Tuck" (my sis made me watch it the other night...)
anyways. Today I acctually went out for another reason other than to get chorizo or a clean pair of pants (yes, I love chorizo, but we keep it in the garage, wich is separated from the house... and we keep laundry there too...) We went out to the store for "shopping". I didn't buy much, other than candy and socks, lol. We went to wal-mart, and disliked it very much (as usual) .While we were there, I started feeling another tummy ache like the one I had last friday before my dizzy-spell (look at the post before the last one...) I didn't tell my mom cause she was already fretting enough with my sister's stubborness, so I just went off and brought myself some cold water. (dude, my sister wanted to buy herself another pair of boots... she already has 5 and hardly uses any of them) I still felt a bit dizzy afterwards, but I just kept my mouth shut. And I still haven't been able to go get the physical.
But anyways, when I got home, I got online to do stuff. I found this really cool place where you can get these sweet cards online. (actually, I found the place on anime girl's page...) Check out some of my cards...
Do you want to know what your tarot card is? Do you want to know what your tarot card is?Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

They have some other ones, and several different horoscope ones. Anyways, I started feeling kinda spiritual and stuff. I dunno, I just feel tranquil and stuff. Like if I started to meditate this instat I'd be successful, which is rare for me cause usually I'd be distracted by just about anything around me. And I'm not even lstening to something mellow. Hah, I'm listening to the offspring right now... (haha, not very tranquil for those who know the lyrics to "bad habit"...) here, it goes a little like this...
"divers are rude, such additudes
but when show my piece
complaints cease...
something's odd... feel like I'm God
you stupid, dumb sh**, ***damn, muther f*****!"
YESH! HAHA! But please don't think I listen to ruthless cussing all the time! (I listen to other stuff other than this...) Which reminds me... I still need people to vote for the song I'm going to be playing as soon as i get remodelation going. (so far I only got 3 votes, lol...)
Your choices are...
1. Californiacation- the Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Chop Suey- System of a Down
3. Crawling in the Dark- Hoobastank
4. Faint- Linkin Park
5. Freak on a Leash- Korn
6. Hit That- The Offspring
7. Its My Life- Bon Jovi
8. Someday- Nickelback
9. This Love- Maroon 5
10. Toxicity- System of a Down
People.. please vote! I would appreciate it very much *^_^*
goddess of the moon beautiful and graceful

Which goddess or magic are YOU?(Anime pics)plz rate
brought to you by Quizilla
A little something that helped me work with this "spirituality"...
Well, nothing much to say anymore. I'll let you guys go now... and don't forget. vote Vote VOTE!!!! *smile*
.... And Remember, Stay Safe *wink wink*
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

   haha, true, so true

Lol. I have to put this on. I was going on random people's places, just for the fun of it and to see other ppl's sites (some which can be pretty good) when I came upon this one place. The guy was Australian, and he seemed a little concerned about the popularity's stat's. He seemed to notice that most of the Otakuians around here are "female yanks" I had to laugh so hard. But I believe its true, most otakuians are american chicks between 11 and 18.
I thought that was funny... but not entirely true, lol. I also admit that there are much more mexicans around here than I'd normally expect, both chicks and dudes. (yesh,... VIVA MEXICO!!!) There are also a variety of asians and pasific islanders, along with the rare european tossed in The Otaku.
I guess what made me laugh at the comment made by our dear australian was for two reasons. One, the way he said it! I've never read anything written by an australian, born and raised in australia, who is still alive. His speech was much different from what I'm used to, and I found his terms (example, lasses) kinda funny and strange. But I'm sure he, as well as ohers, feel the same way when I say "dude" or "chick". The second reason is cause when I first signed up here, I really didn't know what I expected. Certanly not american girls. I come from the central coast of california. all the cities here are in spanish. you walk down my school's hallways and you're lucky to spot a cacasian. Its as if american cacasians are extinct in this city! Maybe that's why I expected more people from other cultures to be here. And I certainly did expect more guys around here than chicks, cause as far as I know, I'm the only chick around campus who likes this anime stuff. Its mostly the boys that are into this. And that kinda pisses me off....
I guess the reason why I'm writting this is cause I love it when I discover difrences in nationalities. I love being a mexican. I love my culture and my roots. But I also love exploring other people's cultures and traditions. I guess that's what got me hooked on anime. Its part of Japan. And I'm obsessed with the japanese culture. In fact, I'm obsessed with any culture other than mine. I find it weird, but so damn interesting on how different we can be. Its curiosity! And, quite frankly, I won't be surprised if curiousity kills me like it killed the cat!
I'll leave you people alone now. I've been touched and inspired by our cultures. And to think... all of this because of the words "female yanks", lol
Never let go of your roots people...
Stay Safe! *wink wink*
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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