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Thursday, December 9, 2004

   I dreamt I was asleep.... I wish it were true.....

*slurps last of 7th cup of coffee*
Yeah, member how I told you guys how we're now in the last days of school. *serves 8th cup* It's sucking, just like it did yesterday. Its not that much of a hassle with most of my classes, but its chemistry that sucks. But yeah, continuing. *sluprs coffee* Tomorrow we start the freakin final. And I am not having fun. I wanted to sleep the lunch hour away (I got about 4 hrs of sleep last night), but the freakin cheerleaders are in the room and they're WAAAY too loud. Why did Ilac even THINK about becoming the cheerleader's co-coach? HE'S A FREAKIN WRESELER! He shouldn't be inviting skanky annoying girls into the room, he should be bringning the big, overmuscular, scary-lookin wreselers! But nooOOOoo. Oh well. They (the wresling team) have a match today vs A.G. Lol, its funny, Ilac makes the team wear ties and be all formal-like, lol. Ana looks nice w/ her tie, but the guys are just funny. Lol, they look handsome. But meh eyes are too tired to catch anythin else. But yeah. GUESS WHAT!?!?!! I need sleep, whaoho! *refills coffee cup* After mexican dance practice I'm goin into the fiey hells of chemistry class to finish a few things. I'm scared of the final, we have the capability of blowing it up in our hands. The whole thing takes about 4 days. We have to turn copper into various forms, and figure out our own equations and formulas and whatknot with acids and fire! *yay, fire!* Usually, I would be amused by this, but since if it does explode we drop a whole freakin grade, I'm becoming more overwhelmed than exited by it. But yeah. *glances at clock* I have to leave now. I need to get to my alg II class before the bell rings, for once in my life. Dude, this Fri, I am sooooo hitting the bed! But anyways, see yah in the weekend!
Sleep-less Hostess
Sakura Ryuu
PS, I'll open up the voting booths (aka, the surprise I promised in the last post) on sat.
*plonks head*

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Sunday, December 5, 2004


Yes, I know, I said I would post wednesday (lol, waht a funny name) But, please, gimme a break! (at school, that is) Yes, Otakuians, we have finally entered "the-last2-weeks-run-away-franically-do-hw-change-grade-now-argh-!-" time zone at school, and so far, it isn't all that fun. Soooo stressfull, and even with this ol piece-of-junk baby of mine, who, I am seriously becoming to believe that its running on a pair of gerbils (I think one died, that could explain why its been soo slow, and the smell too) Ok, lol, it dosen't smell, but its just about to. But yeah. Continuing. I went to the school's "winter concert" friday night with yoya (yoya, I loooove you!), and saw lee there (is that a coincidence?!?) Lol, anyways, so the show kinda sucked. Not to the point where it was BAD, but it wasn't that good either (x-ept when this one guy sang solo, his voice sounded so sexy when he hit the low note, lol) Ok, a lil overexagerated right there, but yeah. So when we were goin back home, me and li were waiting by the hotel for someone to pick us up. His *inset here* came to pick him up right there (which is illegal) and got caught by the police (lol, my mom was about to do the same thing, but she was smart, see, and she acted the fool, see, and instead of picking me up there, she just turned around the corner, to where its not illegal any more, see?) Anyways, it was fun watching the police. So yeah. Continuing. Today I went to the *drumroll* TA DA DAAN! Annual Parade of Lights *YEA-ah it sucked. (my glass is half empty at the moment, get what I mean?) It was very pretty, but after the sixth chours of the new-and-improved disney version of "jingle bells", it gets a lil' tirring (is that how you spell it?)
Ok, anyways, I wanted to give you guys a surprise, but I don't think its happening today. I need some time to do it. (no, its not that, you sick minded person!) *talks to concience* lol, sorry. Just Kiddin'! Anyways, here's once again, my incredible ability of adding a picture *YEHAY* *sarcasm, fills glass* but here it goes...!
(whoa, my computer just made a noise that didn't sound nice)

Yes, the unwanted obsession has returnded. Once again, I have felt an amazing obsession with Kaiba, his deck, and (most importantly) his Trench Coats!

Don't ask me why. I got on google today, and had this feeling in me that said "trench coat, TRENCH COAT", and "DRAGON, dra-GOOON!", SO who better than Kaiba for that? Anyways, I remember last week's show, where rex and the bug guy (what's his name?) were telling how they became loosers. Lol, my favorite part was when they were beaten in the alley and the dog came behind and pissed on them. I was laughin for the rest of the show (don't critizise me, I've been out of zyrtec for 2 weeks now, and it makes me do weird stuff!)Anyways, I'm tired. I'll talk to you otakuians.. uh, *inset here*, otherwise, for now, good-bye, and good night!
Signing Out
Sakura Ryuu

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Monday, November 29, 2004

   La Hora del Desayuno

Translation: Lunch Hour.

Yeah, otakuians. Here I am, once again, at school, during lunch, completely bored. Ho-hum. Only Mondays are this boring, cause I know I have to do tons of stuff because I won't have time after school cause I have to go to confirmation, and I get LAY-Z!Anyways, yeah. Its so weird, after the 5-day long weekend, I feel like I should still be in bed.
This guy (name: lee (or li, or leigh, I dunno how to spell his name, sorry)) He was able to get my name written in japanese (no, he's not japanese, I guess its some foreign exchange student, or somethin, but he said his "white" friend knew it pretty well, I dunno, its nearly as confusing as his name...) Anyways, point is, now I have a pretty piece of paper with my name in Japanese, YAY! *hugs paper* Ok, not really. But yeah. We started calling eachother names in french, and he called me a "anannas". When he called me that, I imediately membered my site (look at the intro) so I gave him the url to it. Amazingly enough, this guy had the nerve to ask me "what was on my site" and whether or not it was "ok if I looked at it in my dad's computer" I was like X___X You mean you're askin me if my site has porn?!? But ever since that statement, he has made me think what type of guy he really is (lol, sorry lee..) NO, jk. But yeah. I was amazed that someone has even asked me that! porn, on my site?!? Lol, ok, its not the first time. This guy, out of pure inocence and good thoughts, told me I should change my intro cause it says "gentes" and asked me if only boys, or "gentlemen" visited my site. I laughed more at this case, rather than getting pissed. I had to explain to him that "gentes" means "people". Lol, poor guy. Anyways, yeah. I'll talk to you beautiful people, uh... not later, or tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow, but most likely Wednesdsay (hmmm, wednesday, what a weirdly-spelled name, almost as weird as leigh) But yeah. Homework calls *blargh* So I'll post on Wednesday. Well, lates, my otakuians, and remember... STAY SAFTE! *wink wink*
Your Hostess (twinkies!)
~~ Sakura Ryuu
PS, as you may or may not know, I had to change the pic cause it wouldn't show right. Unfortunately, I had to get this crappy one (the other one was waaay better) sorry...for the inconvenience..

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

   THE Daily Post of THE Day!

Hello people. I'm a lil bored. I was suppose to do homework, but, as always, I left it 'till the last moment. I hate it when this happens! Anyways, I'd like yu all to meet my new boyfriend! Go to
Make sure you put in your name, and I bet you will fall in love with him just like I did *awww*
Ok, so I'm not dating anyone. But at least I am single *wink wink* lol, jk. Anyways, yeah. Nothin much to say here. I went to my aunts house today, and my uncle chava went there with his wife and baby (his kid looks so pretty, he looks like a porcelain doll.... a SCARY porcelain doll) But he's still cute. Anyways, he brought some wine to share with us. I think that was the second glass of wine that I have not been able to drink in my life from how nasty it was (the first was my sister's, she opened a bottle of COOKING wine, gross) I think it was nasty (or at least for me) cause it was dry wine, and I'm not used to that stuff. Anyways, yeah. Nothin more to say. I'm going to try to do some homework right now before the good stuff starts on TV. As for my daily picture of the day, here it goes...

I wanted to get a picture of an angry lookin Ginenji, but this was the closest I could get. I think this was actually a series before a movie, not sure, but it most probably was. Anyways, that's how confused I look when I open up my chemistry notebook. Well, 'till next time, otakuians, and good night.
Signing Out
Sakura Ryuu

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Friday, November 26, 2004




Thanksgiving sales and Chrismas Shoppers are FINALLY HERE!

OMG! I am sooo tired. I just came back from the stores a lil bit ago. No, I was not one of those weird people who woke up at five-thirty in the morn to go shopping (thats my mom's and my sister's job, thank you very much) I was one of those lazy people who woke up at 9, ate a breakfast containing turkey-leftovers with a good ol' cup-o-joe, and left to the stores at 10 (my momma was nice enough to take a break from her non-stop-shopping to pick me up *^_^*) Man, people these days. They're completely nuts! Every store I went in was crammed with people to the ceiling, trying to buy everything in their paths. The cash register lines made a loop across the store, and the casheers were dumber than my thumb! (not to be mean, but why do the casheers all-of-a-sudden forget how to use the cash register properly when the line gets big?) What was even stupider was that some places didn't even had good deals. There was NOOO way I was gonna buy a pair of converse that were just a lousy 15% off only cause it was the day after thanksgiving! The only things that had good deals still costed over 30 bucks. My sis was able to find some nice boots for 15 bucks, though (original price: $65) I didn't buy much. I got 4 shirts. No jeans, though. I would have gotten some, but Ive been loosing weight from dance class, and right now all jeans fit either too big or a bit too tight for my liking (I like to wear semi-loose pants that are comfy, not the ones halfway down my ass, but that aren't tight either, I HATE tight clothes...)
Anyways. Yesterday was full of foood (mabye that's why those pants felt too tight...) Me, my sis, and aunts wanted to go watch national treasure last night,but they were sold out :( So instead we watched the incredibles. I thought it was gonna suck, but it was actually kinda good. It was funny, both for little kids and mature audience. Lol,m me and my aunt were laughing a lot (most pixar/disney movies tend to have funny in them) Anyways, my sis wants to go watch the polar express. not that's a movie I'm DEFINATELY not watching! I remember the book when I was younger, and even then I thought it was a lame story. Instead I'm staying here tonight and rest (even though I did feel a lil better, I'm still as sick as ever, and my nose looks like rudolf's from how red it is) Oh well. Anyways, someone once told me that I write alot. Well, I'mma gonna prove them wrong! MWAHAHAHAH! I'm ending the post right... NOW!
W/luv (and a box of tissues)
Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

   Turkey! ::!**^*::!: nobody, nobody comes out alive:!::*^**!::


Yes, my otakuians. Turkey Day is finally here! and for me... IT SUCKS! Damn, I'm sooo sick! I've been sick for the last 3 days already with allergies, and it aint fun! Worst thing of all, I have no medication. I got a pile of allegra samples, which suck, and, yes, even my dear suddafed, which I usually get "high" out of when I get sick, is gone!

AGHAGGH! Anyways, yeah. My sis is talkin about what to wear today. I don't get it! I knew what I was wearing from two weeks ago, mostly cause its somethin simple. I wanted to wear this really pretty shirt that belonged to my mom. Her aunt (also know as my great-aunt) made it for her when she was my age, and now my mom gave it to me. Its white with "tejidos", it has these little flowers that were embroided throughout the front of the chest, down the arms, and on the edge of the whole shirt. Its so pretty.
Anyways, seing as I'm sick, I think I'mma gonna put that on for chrismas instead and wear my red, dress shirt with some capris (its not cold enough to stop the capris in sunny ol cali!) Yeah right! *sarcasm* Well, actually, its not considered cold in this area 'till we wake up in the morning with ice on the grass (it never snows here, but it does ice like hell) Anyways, dinner is gonna be 'round 3 today (mexicans have a knack for eating main meals as lunches round 4!) Yep, we usually have turkey for lunch at 3 and have hot chocolate with "bolillo" or bread for dinner around 8! Yep. That's what we eat! Unless theyre tamales, then we eat them round 8 for "dinner" But yeah. I'mma going now, I want to shower before my aunts come for dinner, or lunch,... or whatever. Anyways, Good bye, Otakuians, 'till next time!
Love Peace Eggrolls and Grease,
Sakura Ryuu


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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

   Tra lala lala..... *no puke this time*

Ho-hum *looks at saturday's post* I'd do anything to do our next presentation (which isn't 'till the ending of january U__U) anyways, yeah. Its tuesday, I'm at school, and mañana I have no school *hoopah!* Thurs is turkey day, and boy will we eat (my dad's cookin', and u know what that means, AWESOME god-worthy food,... and an unbelievable, damnable mess in the kitchen!) Its so weird, whenever he cooks, he makes this huge-ass mess in the kitchen, almost as if he were re-inacting florida's hurricane season. But the food he makes is worth it. My daddy's the best cook I've met!
Anyways, I wanted to post some more on the guys from sat. I said when I had time, but I don't have time at the moment, and, quite frankly, I don't think I'mma gonna do that anymore **keeps memories to herself** Anyways, yeah. The bell is gonna ring in a bit, so I'm gonna have to go in a few moments.
Continuing with daily life. In dance, we're doing a new dance from the northern part of Mexico. its fun (I think its from chiuaua) There's a part in which the guy holds you tight and swings you around in "quebradita"-like movements while u two are twirling across the dance floor. YUP! nothin funner than that! Anyways, yeah. I'mma going now. Tha damn bell hasn't rang yet, but I want to get to my 3 blk a lil early so I can get last-minute tutoring before my test. Ok, otakuians, 'till next time!
Your hostess,
Sakura Ryuu

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Sunday, November 21, 2004



*beware of Sakura... she has bright red lipstick and really dark blue eyeshadow*

SI MIS OTAKUYIANS! I just came back from our preformance celebration for Ballet Folklorico (aka, mexican dance) and IT WAS A BLAST! *continues screaming* It was soooo much fun! Ok, here's the deal! The three main dance groups here in town (Hancock Righetto, and, of course, SMHS aka me) got together to do this huge ass performance for my beautiful Mexican Culture, aka, Mexican Ballet Folklorico. It was soooo much fun, like you have noo idea. The auditiorium was full (ok, half full, but that's considered "full" cause hardly no one comes to SMHS's auditorium) We did all kinds of regions, and each one of the groups danced beutifully. It was awesome, the place was full of paisanos, and the guys were screaming and whisiling their heads off at us (if you're mexican, we sounded like a bunch of ppl who got drank and started echando guajes at antonio aguilar songs) It was great! OMG! All the guys look HOT! even omar, who's gay and from righetti, but still cute (I love his veracruz outfit, I so wanna dance with him now) I danced such awesome dances (even though I did mess up)I danced flor de piña, which is from oaxaca and danced with a pineapple on your shoulder, San Pedreño, which is danced with a jarito on your head, and if you drop it it will break, and, of course, from Jalisco, Las Alazanas, in which all the guys went crazy (omar was whisiling his head off like a mania, he looks cute when he does that, even though he is gay) Oh, have I mentioned before that he's gay? *sarcasm* Anyways,we also danced hidalgo and puebla, righetti danced Chiuaua and Veracruz and a few other regions, and Hancock danced Aguascalientes and some other region (notice how I forgot half of the regions) Anyways, it was just great mexican fun! Yep, nothin funner than a bunch of paisanos gathered up together and seeing a bunch of people dance to our traditional music. (paisanos are the mexican people from our nation (or pais), or perhaps "beaners" as you gringos might call us) Anyways, yeah. Lol, while I was waiting backstage before my dance, alex, brenda (his gf), jose and me were just sitting on the couch talking. Anyways, to make things short (lol, by now you should know I make NOTHING short), me and jose started fighting over his hankerchief and I bit him (lol, alex kept cheering me on, and brenda was like "omg, stop it!) Anyways, I had TONS of fun. I'll tell you some more on the guys some other time, when I acctually do have time. I'm going to wash my face and watch rouroni kenshin (or however its spelled) and go to sleep (notice my transition from mexican to japanese) Well, 'till next time, my dear otakuians, Ta-ta

Your Mexican Hostess,
Sakura Ryuu

ps, why do I think omar is cute if he's gay?!? just a thought...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


WoW! Ok, otakuians, I know, I'm suppose to be doing homework, but technically, I am! See the algebreaII book on my lap??? (lol, I once got a fortune cookie that said "stop procrastinating.... starting tomorrow")
Anyways, I was listening to the radio and guess what I heard? THEY ACCTUALLY PUT the full version of Pink Floyd's "brik in the wall". When I heard that I was like O.O, and for some reason thught I had to post it here! ^_^ Ok....
See, I AM doing work, just finished CC-81 (find the value of n!) Ok, awww... I like the song they have on now! Its that one weird song (I think by vertige???o.O) but it starts out when the guy's all like "uno, dos, tres QUATORZE!" first time I head it I cracked up cause the guy said it with such a white accent (not to mention that fourteen dosen't come after 3... or does it??) Anyways, this song inspired me to continue my story "race to hell" (yes, I do like to make up stories and sometimes write them, and, no, I don't do fan-fiction... I HATE fanfics!) Sorry fan-fic-fans, but I can't live with the idea of leeching your own work onto someone else's, posting it online, and sometimes corrupting the story. I admit, I have accidentally thought of some "fan-fics" if you call it, but I ended up bored with it and eventually the show wasn't as good as before. Anyways, yeah.... I like this song too! breaking benjamin "you're soo cold, keep your hand in mine!!" *sings along* I like tonight's dj/host, he's playing good music (other than "american idiot" for the 100'th time today) I love american idiot, but they put it way too many times. Ok, I have to stop procastinating and continue my homework. LATES!

Your hostess (oo, I like this song too!)
~~ Sakura Ryuu

*lemme out, lemme out, lemme out, I say it... LEMME OUT lemme out LEMME OUT I SAY IT!* - Future Leaders of the World *^__^*


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Monday, November 15, 2004

   True, true, I am a klutz, and Bread said he liked it! *^_^*

Guys just love...what a klutz you can be!

What Do Guys Love About You? (with pics :3)
brought to you by Quizilla

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