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Monday, June 20, 2005


Oh man!
So, this weekend I travelled north of Cali for some four and a half hours to go visit my cousins. The trip was hell, very sweaty and hot, and quite annoying. Once at my cousins house, hell was unleashed as complete chaos took over and overwhelemd us all. Why, you dare ask?!? Two words: Seven Children. Lemme add to that... seven little, screaming, crying, fighting, laughing, overall being annyiong children. ... and I was their babysitter....
So enough of that. I pretty much slept through most of the trip back today, and I'm still tired. I decided to get online for a while before hitting the sack when I see this....

Total Visits: 1009

my eyes went from v_v to 0.0
WoW... its almost going to be a full year since I first got this account. And to think the only reason why I did bother to get an account was so I could use the jukebox on theOtaku. WoW...
you guys are awesome!!! *hugs*
now I'm only 120-some places away from making it to the top 500 (weee!)
Okay, continuing. Since not many people seemed interested in the pictures I posted bellow, I thought it might be safe to put this here...

heh.. guess who this is?!?.... (mwahahah!)

Okay, I'm going to go hit the sack. I think I'll go visit you guys tomorrow, when I'm refreshed and the laughter of my little cousins have stopped haunting me. But for now, just stay tight...

Twinkie Hostess
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


WAHOO! WoW, its been a long time since I did this. But yeah. So today I went over and got some pictures I needed to develop for Ilac's barbecue at his house today (it was more like a goodbye party than anything....) And I decided to get the C.D. thinggy-mabob with the packet, you know... so I could share some pics with you guys. So.. here we go! (wahooo!)

Here's a picture of Ilac and Dulce (what the hell is she doing to his head?!?) Ilac is Hawaiian (kewl!) and if you look at his walls, you'll see that he's both a marvel and an anime freak (best marvel v. capcon player in school!) ^^

Haha, this is my beloved Kohler! (where's MangoChan?!?) Yeah, I know, you can see the wrinkles... and you guys might not think he's that good looking, but his persona is amazing. If you guys ever meet him, you'd know why I "admire" him so much...

Sorry, I couldn't resist! This is us at L.A. right after winning First Place this weekend.(wahoo!) See the shiny trophy?!? We look so sweaty and gross. Haha, I'm going to let you guys guess which one is me. I'll give you a clue, I'm 5'8...

So there we go! I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures. I'm tempted to put a picture of just me, but I'm frightened by stalkers and stuff. I'll think about it though. But for now, you guys take care and stuff. TTY

No, its just me...
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

   ths time... it really is FINALLY OVER!!!

Three things are over....

Number One: School. Tomorrow is the last day, and we're celebrating by water-balooning Kohler. ^^

Number Two: The Michael Jackson Trial, which in case you didn't know, has been happening only 12 blocks away from my house and 3 from my school, its finally over. No more freakin tourists and fanatics blocking my way. And we're celebrating by throwing water ballons at Koher as well. *^.^*

Nuber Three: Our time with Mr.Ilac is, as well, finally over. And we are not celebrating for this one. Ilac was our AVID teacher, and he was the best. I seriously felt like I was talking to my uncle when I talked to him than to a teacher. he's being moved, like all of my friends were last year, to the new high school across school. Its not fair!!! GAH!

Well, continuing. Yesterday (sunday) was so FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! Like I said before, we went to a competition. And guess who won FIRST PlACE and a 400-dollar check...
Well, if you said the twinkie-man, then you are sadly mistaken.
We took it! US! WAPOO! WE WOn wE WO-ON!
So yeah. The thing was sponsored by Amalia Hernandez's Academy. And, I'm guessing half of you guys don't know who she is, but her academy is known world-wide as the best ballet folklorico group in the world. Since Amalia herself passed away, her daughter is now in charge of the academy. She was one of the judjes, and she gave us the most points as well. I was so excited, I even got to go up and shake hands with her. She even said a bunch of nice things about our dance...
so FREAKIN' awesome...
but continuing...
I'm tired tonite, so I dunno if I'll get to visit you guys (its not like many of you come here, anyways... *sigh*) I really am thankful for those who bother to come here, and quite dissapointed in those who don't. But hey, whiners can't be choosers. But yeah. I'm gonna hit the sack, but you guys stay tight.
Luv and Peace
Your very own Twinkie hostess,
and part-time coyote-ugly bartender
~~ Sakura Ryuu

Ah, ps. I took a few pictures of Koher today. I want to get a CD with the pictures so I can post the ones from our dance on my site, and hopefully I'll be able to post kohler's picture (all for you MangoChan *^^* )

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

   ITS OVER!!!

YESH! All my projects are done! I have no more worries. I have two days of school left, and then its time to SLEEEEP!!!
Special thanks to MangoChan and the others who bothered to comment for wishing the stress out of me. ^^ I'm so happy with my final report. I did a website for it. The report itself might not be that good, but I liked the way the page looked. Click Here if you want to see it. I even opened another freakin account so I can load music and put it there, so kohler better like it! Dude, when I read the comment Jinksu the Kitsune left me, the one about me having a crush on kohler, I was like 0.0
I swear, I was kinda in shocked for a split second, and then I was attacked by a sudden outbirst of uncontrollable giggles. I was amazed it took you guys so long to realyze that. But no, lol. I do believe that kohler is a gorgeous man with an amazing mind, but I don't thing I'm "crushing" on my teacher... that would be kinda gross, lol. I admire him more than like him in that way. But, man, if he were twenty years younger, you'd know where I'd be...*wink wink* lol.
Okay, continuing. So tomorrow I'm going to be down at L.A for a competition. So yeah, wish me luck on that. Then on thursday we had the end of the year presentation at school. It freakin sucked. I swear,that was our worst presentation ever. But oh wells. The kids didn't know anything, and most of my teachers said they were impressed. SO I guess it wasn't that bad...
Okay, kinda of a long post, so I'm going to end it right now. I still have chores to do anyways. I'll go visit you guys in a while as soon as I'm finished, so, lates...
Luv and Peace
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, June 9, 2005


So yeah! Turns out I'm screwed this week. I still have three essays, all due tomorrow, and I'm still not finished. I HATE THIS! GAh!
Okay, so yeshterday, I tried to post this video I hacked from some other site (note, not from the otaku, it was a marketing site...) When I saw it didn't work, I tried deleting it. Turns out, I deleted the last post. GAH!
Ok then. The radio is playing slipknot. I'm getting cooled down. I got so pissed today in third. I had this little rabbit thing I always take to school cause its stupid, but cute. Everyone likes it cute and fuzzy whiteness. I let stupid Carlos borrow it, and then the stupid perv marked it with red pen on its bum. I was so fuckin' pissed at him. I cussed my head off at him in front of everyone. Just then, Grachel tells me to turn around. When I do, I find Kohler staring at me with the most horrified look. I was so embarrased. He asked me if everything was okay, but I just felt like crying. Not cause of carlos and the stupid rabbit, but cause I had cussed at Carlos mostly as an escape from the stess that's been building up in me this week.
I don't think I'm ever going to forget the look on kohler's face when he heard me cuss that much (I said the word fuck 6 times in one sentence... and that was just one sentence....)
Okay then. I need to stop this. My break is finished. Back to those stupid essays.
I won't be able to write back untill the weekend. You guys stay tight...
Luv and peace
extremeley stressed twinkie
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

   I need a (FREAKIN) soldier!

*reads title* wtf?
Man, wtf?
Do I really need a soldier/man???? o.O I dunno. Lately I've been wanting a boyfriend for a long time. Yet, when someone comes around, I deny them. Why? Why am I so picky?!? I dunno, I just want someone who'll make me feel at home. You know, someone who I could just sit and cuddle with. I guess ever since my friends moved to stupid PVHS I've felt a bit of an outsider. And I guess that's why I want a boyfriend, just to have someone special who'll make me feel like I belong...
wtf? Where did this come from???...
Okay! Continuing...
Well, today was teh Elks Rodeo Parade. La Preciosa(a local spanish radio station) offered to help us sponsor a float. So we took the offer, and made the most awesomest Mexican float you could imagine. We had this whole plaza theme, with benches and a fountain full of candy and loads of stuff. All of us dressed in a different costume, so only Nicolas and I were wearing Jalisco, which was great, cause all the american people seem to only reconize Jalisco, and the camera ppl were shooting mostly at me *^^*
But what was better...
La Preciosa sponsors this (semi-cute) guy that sings really good in spanish. So they dumped him on our float to sing with us through the parade. He kept on singing mostly the old romantic mariachi songs (some of the nicest) and kept singing to the girls on the float. And he kept singing mostly to me *blushes* I think Nicolas got a bit ticked off cause we were suppose to be the Jaliscoean couple, and the guy kept on putting his arm on my shoulder. And he also sang to Janet most of the time when he wasn't singing to me, which ticked Nicolas even more (I think he likes janet, that's why...) So in the end I filled his hat with candy and he ran off to throw them at ppl... (that sounds weird...)
Alrighty then. I want to go and try to find some backgrounds for remodelation. Since hardly anyone voted, I'm going for the sesshomaru theme and keeping the dragon one for my site at geocities. So, I guess I'll let you guys go now...
Don't forget to Eat a Muffin!
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005


well peoples, this is my fifth day back, and nothing much has been happening around. School sucks! I have three major projects, all due on the same day, and I dunno if I'l lbe able to fully complete them either. But at least I don't have to worry about a chem final like last semester...
MyOtaku has changed a lot. For starters, there are a bunch of ppl who used to come to my site often who seem to have dissapeared, as in like, they're not in my list anymore. I wonder why?... Also, I've noticed that at the bottom of posts it says stuff like "senior artist" and "member". That's no fair, they should have "senior member" as well, I'd fit into that category...
As for this site, I'm giving up on the boyish look. I want to remodel, and I had the perfect theme, untill the other day I was looking through the old files I manage to rescue from my computer. Now I have two themes and I don't seem to be able to choose. I either put on a pic of a sleeping dragon in this peaceful forest senery (note, its not an oriental dragon like this one...) or I go for a sesshomaru theme. So what do you guys think; should I go with the dragon or with the sesshomaru?
Well, nothing more to say. so I guess I'll let you guys go.. I still have tons to do for kohler's research paper, and time is closing in on me...
~~ Sakura Ryuu
ps, did u guys see my new trophy? *^^*

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hey peoples! How's it going so far? Sorry if I haven't been able to catch up to your site yet, but today was busy. I had tons of stuff to set up on the new computer, and my mom kept on sending me to do chores, so I wasn't able to spend as much time as I wanted on it. But yeah...
Earlyer today I went with my aunt to go watch Madagascar. It was so funny. I had to go pee in the middle of the movie cause I was laughing really hard (and cause my 2 yr old cousin kept dancing on my stomach full of soda...)But yeah. The lemurs and the penguins rocked!
People have been telling me to spill out the beans on how life's been since I last had my computer. Pretty much, the same. I have school, where Jimenez's head gets balder and Kohler's hair gets sexier by the day (jk, peoples)I'm going to another dance competition in two weeks (wahoo!)My good friend lee told me he liked me, that was a shoker. I was acctually pissed that he liked me, lol. I really like the friendship we have, and I was scared he'd stop talking to me if I told him I wasn't interested in him in that way. But I told him the truth, and things seem to go back to normal. Oh and, I have a new piercing now! Guess where it is?
give up?
Its on my right foot...
Yeah. Saturday I had to go to the ER to get a giant knitting needle out of between my toes. It was one of those with the hooks at the end. I had been sowing earlyer that day, and then my stuff fell on the floor. Then, in the evening when I got off my bed to go watch TV, I stumbled and stepped on it. I swear, it hardly hurt when it went through. But when I tried to take it out, it hurted like a mofo. So I called my mom to bring some ice and help me take it out. When she saw it, she freaked out and called my dad. Before I knew it, they were wrapping my foot in scotch tape to stabilize the needle so it wouldn't move when they'd take me to the ER. I was so dissapointed, when the needle didn't move, it didn't hurt at all. But when I thought that I wasn't going to be able to go to my competition in two weeks, I began to freak out. Once at the ER, they took forever to attend me cause I wasn't in a trauma. I admit,when the needle started getting cold, it did hurt cause I felt the cold metal inside my flesh. But yeah. They took it out fast, and when they did, man did it hurt! then we had to wait some two hours or so for paperwork, and yeah. By the time I got back home I had already missed half of Samurai Champloo (which, btw, kicks arse!) But yeah. Now I'm running around with a pierced foot. I doesn't hurt much, except for when I tip-toe, and now I won't be able to wear my flip flops cause my wound is right between the big toe and the one next to it, or converse cause they're too tight in that area. But thank God, I'll still be bale to dance in two weeks!
Well, that's pretty much all that's happened. there's one more thing which is making me a little depressed and confused, but its a long story and I'll save it for another day when I'm more sure about the situation and have more time to write it out. But for now...
Signing Out
~~ Sakura Ryuu
PS *hugs all of you* sorry, I've missed u guys so much! U guys are awesome...

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Monday, May 30, 2005


YESH! 'Tis True...

***runs in circles nonstop***

Oh man, I almost forgot how good it feels to have internet acess in one's own room!
Well, my dearest Otakuians! Its been settled! Just today, I forced my parents to go to circuit city, telling them now was the time to buy a good computer with memorial day's sales. And, turns out, this new baby was put at an awesome price, we took it right there and then. SO awesome. I just finished filing in all the stuff I needed to get back online, and, well, here I am!!....
Alright! I'm tired. But I gots loads to talk about, so, I'll get on tomorrow at the break of dawn and visit all you guys like I promised. But for now, you just stay put and take care...
And Remember folks... Stay Safe! *wink wink*
Love Peace Eggrolls and Grease
Your Extremely Happy Hostess
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, May 5, 2005


well, aparently, my sister went back on her offer and Iwon't get her computer at all.

*pulls hair, screams, catches fire, shivers*

Okay, back! So yeah. That's the reason why I still dont have a computer. I CAN"T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! two months, man... TWO FREAKIN MONTHS>>>
Oh wells...
Well, today, as you may or may have not noticed, is el cinco de mayo. We had a conjunto play in the guy today for lunch. It was fun, the music was pretty good. I alsop have presentations two times each day, starting today 'till saturday. Its lots of fun. Not only the presentation, but just sitting there talking amongst us while we're not preforming. Anyways...
A few days ago (like a week and a half ago...) I did something. Yes. Me, the innocent one. I did a shameful, but terribly fun thing to do...
I egged my teacher, Kohler...
I had been threatening to egg him since the beginning of the year. But he never believed me. Then one day, I brought some empty eggshells and stuffed them with birdseeds and cofetti. My friend tried to egg him first, but he grabbed the egg away and craked it on her. Then she got the bag full of cofetti and spilled it all over him and his desk. That's when I launched myself at him, and egged him. WEE! So fun. I think he called me a fucker when I egged him, but I took no offence (we were playing around, so, yeah...) I made sure to rub the egg on his head when I cracked it, so when I left the class, he still had birdseeds and cofetti dangling from his long hair (his hair is soooo nice... *wink wink*)
Okay peoples. I have to go now. The bell just rang. Sorry, this post was random..
U guys take care, I'll try to get back at you guys as soon as I have a computer (and God knows when that'll be...)
Luv Peace Eggrolls and Grease
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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