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Saturday, November 13, 2004


Yeah.... The great big ugly caca bar is still there *sigh* ... Anyways... I decited to use some html (cause I'm just such an html-genius) to try to post some pics....
Here it goes.....!
whoa, he has green hair! AND he's wearing noa's clothes... did he eat him??? (I think this is from the original japanese episodes...)

What's up with the bring green?, seriously.... (it matches my site *^_^*)

OK... shifting gears.... I love the wallpapers for cowboy bebop.. they look great as wallpaper! *^.^* I actually got this from a french site (and I understood what it said O.O)

Dude, I was such a CCS freak... it was the firts anime I watched by my own free will (I'd count pokemon, but my friend made me watch it first, so its not free-will)
I miss it so much... the old magna pictures are beautiful...

OK, so there you have it... my obsession! I'm sooo tired! I spent the whole day at school (on a saturda >_< ) We had a garage sale at school for our avid class (hey, if we wanna make it to that trip t' hawaii we're plaining, we have to do tons of fund-raisers) Also, I had to get out for 3 hrs from the sale cause I had to go to dance pratice (which was right next to the sale) I'm happy! Amezcua put katie in Negritos, and put me in San PedreŮo (YAY) which means I get to dance with the thing on my head (DOUBLE YAY!)
Ok, post too long... must rest... take shower... LATES

With Luvs (diaper-brand luvs, that is)
Your Hostess
Sakura Ryuu
PS, those luvs diapers... I'm NOT wearing them, just in case you were wondering...

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   confused! *make the pink cheeks puke*

Damn! Today is soooo damn weird. I hate it. The good news is... I GOT MY BABY BACK RUNNING! WHOA WHOA *raise the roof*
Now for the bads
1. I spent a net total of 6 hrs and 43 mins, with uknown amt seconds, on the phone dealing with stupid idiots who had no idea what they were doing while trying to bring my computer back to life.
2. I had to do all kinds of shit to get back online, now I have a super annoying purple bar that surrounds 85% of the screen *oh thank you msn, you f****in idiots!!!*
3. Oh yeah, a damn possum ate my chicken last night, and I saw the fucker while he was killing her. By the time I turned on the light and started stabbing the bastard with a broom, she had stopped screaming, meaning she was dead. What pissed me even more is that that son of a bitch came back and ate her anyways. Damn that possum all the way to hell!

Whoa, excuse my french there for a sec, but yeah, I'm pretty pissed... The only way I can stay online is by having another window open, which already is gonna be problematic cause I usually have 20 windows open and close half of them without knowing what they are. I hate the msn service... I had to call 4 different times untill I got an agent who actually seemed to know what the hell she was doing (by the way, she sounded stoned...) This stupid guy said I had to re-install some "tbcpib" thing and told me to contact hp (which, by the way, I had already done that 4 times before) When I called hp, the agent there just laughed and told me that wans't possible, and helped me a great deal by running some tests that proved that it was MSN's fault I wanst ablet o get online,not theirs. I owe my life to hp, the two guys who actually helped me REALLY did help me *thanks shane and tom (I think those were your names)... I LOVE YOU!!!* Despite the fact that the other times I called I kept on getting these weird guys from middle-west whose hard accents I couldn't understand (I know their accents aint their fault, but they didn't have to get so bitchy when I asked them to repeat what they had said...) Anyways, yeah. SO I'm back in ze buziness of le computerh. Imma gonna go now and try to fix msn, see if I can do anything to improve the 85% of my screen... aka that damn purple bar...
Your seriously pissed hostess, but still alive,
~ Sakura Ryuu

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   My computer is still broken! >__

" ' Ah, now I see', said the blind man, peeing into the wind. 'Its all coming back to me now...' "
Yes, dear Otakuians, my computer is still broken. I'm at my aunt's house at the moment and took the chance of posting something. I'm going to call again later tonight to see if I can do anything to help my poor baby (aka, mny computer) But continuing with daily life...
Yesterday.. hmm... yesterday was OK, I guess. Me and my sister went to the mall... she went crazy at Bath and Body works, and I, I was at the bookstore next to that. She brought some creams and handsoap and other allergy-causing smelly stuff, and I brought the next Inuyasha magna I needed to read... See, we're not that different *hmph of sarcasm* Anyways... after shopping, we went home and got ready for a wedding. We got there in the last 10 mins the mariachi played ( I love mariachi's, theyre my fav part in a mexican wedding...) The food wasn't bad, seeing as my dad did make half of it (it was a family wedding, meaning it was a wedding with all the ppl from all our paisanos, aka ppl from our ranch, which all of them are our family)Jesse married a philipino guy named Lord (what type of person names their kid "Lord"?) which was funny cause all the paisanos were in one corner getting their silly asses drunk or eating mole and/or birria, while all the philipinos were at the opposite corner, smoking and eating roasted pig. Yeah, we couldn't enjoy our mexican wedding to its fullest cause the philipino part of the newly formed family were scared of all my drunk uncles and were quite disturbed my our loud mariachi and tambora songs. But its not their fault. The pig was actually kinda good and "Lord"s brother played for a while. I guess why they stopped is cause all of our family weren't dancing, our side of the family were taking up most of the space. Anyways, the wedding was actually fun. I danced with my family, and, of course, danced "Me Vale" by Mana with our drunk uncle/cousin beto mena. And, as usual, we formed our own little mash pit, grabbed eachother by our arms and jumped everywhere like a big typhoon made of drunk/stuid family members while scaring anyone not realted to us on th e dance floor(meaning, it was most of the philipino-side of the family) the hell out of them. That, of course, was my favorita part. Ok, so I danced for a while like a maniac, then we went home sometime around 10, I took off my boots and my feet hurted like hell. I got into bed sometime around 11, and set up the alarm in my cell sometime around 12 so I could get up and watch Adult Swim, didn't hear it go off, and slept over it. Then, around 4 am, I hear my sister's cell phone, who, ironically enough, was out in the living room. I got pissed at the fact that I didn't hear my own cell which was a foot away from my ear, but I did wake up to my sister's which was in a complete different room. Anyways, I miscarculated my time, and thought I might be able to catch gost in shell at 4 30, so I stayed in my bed till then, only to get up and realyze that I missed it, and watched cowboy bebop instead (which wasnt so bad cause Cowboy Bebop rocks...) so anyways, around halfway through the show, I hear my mom's alarm clock go off (she works in a kitchen at a retirement home and works the morning shifts) Realyzing that if my mom found me up at that time watching TV, I snuk back into my room, leaving the show only half-through watched. So yeah, I missed the new thing I never hear of, I missed Ghost in the Shell, and half of CB> Oh well. Yeah, today I had tons of homework left, so I still have to do it. I'm going to get some cofee now, cause its cold outside and its raining, and my aunt's cofee tastes twice as good as mine. Ok, I admit, this post was completeley useless other than to show that I was still alive. So I'll let you go now, and take this as the long post of the week... LATERS.
Love Peace Eggrolls and Grease
~ Sakura Ryuu ~

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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

   >__< >>_

I am SOOOOO PISSED! This week has sucked pure asss! ALUKGDEKJGLKUAGEKLJGJGKJGKFJAVSDKLJG! *anger management*
Ok, first! MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN! One of the tamed viruses I had was opened by another one that downloaded onto my sistem... and guess what?!? IT KILLED MY DAMN SYSTEM!!! NOw all my music, all my files, all my galleries (for despite my html-weakness, I did have quite a good gallery) COMPLETELEY DESTROYED!!! Next, BUSH WON THE DAMN ELECTIONS! DAMN BUSH!!! Yeah, I know, both bush and kerry were idiots! It was a dumb VS dumber situation... kerry being dumb, and bush, well, yeah... no words in english can describe this person's stupidity! Anyways, yeah... this week sucks really REALLY bad (as in really bad to the 19809780976862454554-th power)
So yeah. I'm sorry for the ppl who sign my GB! I'll try to get back to you guys as back as possible. I can't guarantee anythin, but I'll try to fix up my system so I can get it running by next monday. SO yeah... for now, ta ta
See You Later, after mamy beatings and getting involved in Anger Management Anomynous (whatever)
Your Hostess
Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, October 30, 2004


HEY FELLOW OTAKUIANS! Its the WEEKEND, and you know what that means... time for the REALLY LONG POST OF THE WEEK! (yay, *clap, clap*, *cheer, cheer*)
Ok, mabye not today.. too tired... I'm still on my never-ending search for music!Anyways, mabye I'll postpone the long post for maŮana...(I tried to add some pics, but they didn't work out, so now I'm "modifying" my post) Anyways, ttyl!
W luv
Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

   Halo 2!

YAY! I made some guy in my french class join! I have no idea who he is, never seen him, don't even know his name! But he's in the french class before me, he sits on my dest, and therefor, we share the book in which we write messages of boredomhood! Anyways, go to his place, he's drakula. (and go to my other "friends" too, if I bothered to sign their guest book, chances are its a good site...)

Buyo is Feline Love.

Buyo ROCKS! He's the BEST! He's my favorite character in the whole story! Seriously, not many ppl think much about him, but if it weren't for this hottstuff kitty cat, we wouldn't know of InuYasha at all! BUYO I LOVE YOU!!!

Ok, no, I really don't love him. And I don't think he's hottstuff, but he still ROCKS (cause he's just such a cute furball...) no, cause, really, if it weren't for him, the story would be different. Well, yeah. I'm listenin to the radio. There's a new song by the beastie boys (somethin about underwear???). I loved the beastie boys from the oldschool stuff "YOU GOTTA FIGHT.. FOR YOUR RIGHT.. TO PAAARTY!" I don't member much, x-ept for the part where they say "beast-ee-boys" and "your mom threw away your best porno mag" XD, good times. Well, anyways, their new song (which isn't as good as the other one, though) is funny. Yeah. No, seriously it is... lol. Its true, if Bill Gates did get laid in high school, we wouldnt be here reading this piece of useless info and I'd be running around with my underwear over my head (lol, I don't think I'll ever get employied at mc donalds, though) But yeah. I have to go now. Its late, I need to shower before I get sleep, so I can wake up all nice and breezy tomorrow before the sun even rises *grumble, growl, nasty thoughts bout mornins* Well, See You Next Time...!
Here, at The Otaku
Signing Off...
Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Ok, it stopped raining last week, and the mud across the practice field was finally hard enough to walk on, untill today, when it started to pour again! Damn, now if I even get close to the field, I'm going to end up with mud to my knees. Dammn,I love the rain, but its soo cold. My fingernails are blue, and I'mma talkin about real blue! Well, yeah. Continuing... I'm bummed out. I haven't been able to put the real music. I have the URL, but not the midi, and I can't get the REAL thing to play! Darn! (If you can teach me how to set up my own code for my music, please tell me so, I will be enternally grateful!) Anyways, continuing... Yeah. After watching Read or Die the other day, I finalized the last characteristics to the guy in the story I kept making up (yeah, I usually don't sit and say "make a story!", I sit and say "grill cheese", and automatically start thinking of a story, lol) I made up a scroll already... Its definately not the first one, but its near the begining, and now all I need is to verify my names (I think that's the hardest part of all!) And continuing.... in dance, we're learning a new dance called "fleur de anannan", o sea, "flor de piŮa", in other words, "pineapple flower" (yeah the name's weird, but so is the dance, lol) We get to dance TO a pineapple... not with a pineapple, but To the pineapple. Instead of having pretty zapatiados with a male partner, we dance around our very own pineapple (ooo, yay.... when will the fun end???) Ok, we do dance with the thing on our shoulders half of the time,and its very fun ( doing the can-can with a pineapple on your shoulder, c'mon ppl!) Well, yeah. This has been an update on my daily life for today, so now, I will continue with the other part of daily life: homework. T___T Well... 'till next time...
Your Hostess (no, not the twinkie Hostess...)
Sakura Ryuu

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Sunday, October 24, 2004


HELLO OTAKUIANS! ITSA SUNDAY! and I'm suppose to be doing homework! But you know why I'm not? CAUSE I"M CELEBRATING (hoopah!) I now have 122 visits, 33 guestbooks, and rank 2303! YAY ( this is an AMAZING archievement for Sakura Ryuu, who is not used to getting anything above the lowest!) I want to thank all the ppl who have bothered to sign my guestbook, and a special thanks to anemie girl67 for helping me out with such simple html layouts (I am html-challenged, in case you haven't noticed...) Also, to all the ppl who have offered their help and those who have encouraged me to continue. As a result, I added new music... tell me what you think of it!
Continuing with daily life. I saw Read or Die yesterday.. it wasn't that bad. It didn't rock, but it didn't suck either. Lol, I think my favorite characters were the guy with the bird-plane and Ginenji (is that how you spell it?) Lol, their accents were funny, I liked the way they sayd "YOU VITCH". Ginenji seems like the type of guy I'd probably end up with, someone who's a complete psycho and needs anger management, just like me!(lol) But yeah... I heard theyre putting some other stuff on Adult Swim... hey, as long as they don't take out Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop, I'm fine! (acctually, I'm exited about watching other stuff I've never watched...) But yeah... I need to go now... after all, I DO have homework...LATES

In Loving Memory of Ginenji's War Cries:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling along the terrain, carrying two hardened pitas, cometh Sakura Ryuu! And she gives a bloodthirsty grunt:

"I'm going to beat you in such an inhumane manner, you will polymorph into a popsicle!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

Love Peace Eggrolls and Grease
Sakura Ryuu ~~~

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Saturday, October 23, 2004


ME PISSED! Damn, todayís been, well, ... its been not comfy! I had to wake up at the same time as always to go to church today. There was a conference thing at the church at the town next to ours and my mom wanted to go. Its not too bad, Iíve gone the past 3 yrs, ands its actually kinda interesting. I enjoy listening to Padre Beto about couples and to the priest from Spain make jokes about people and the church with his weird accent, but this time, they didnít separate the conferences, so I had to go with my mom to listen to the ďadultĒ conference, which means having to listen to the priest talk about marriage problems, a subject that I get terribly bored with, instead of going to the youth conferences and listen to things more towards my interest. Damn, that sucked. I would have been able to get out of it earlier too, cause our dance team was suppose to have a presentation at the Boys&Girls club for some peace week-thing (what Mexican dance and peace have in common, I dunno...) But NOooOOooOo! The damn ppl at the boys and girls club didnít verify soon enough, so we had no idea if we were even dancing or not, until yesterday! It went somethin like this. We were all practicing the dance San Pedro, the girls with the huge skirts and the guys with their giant sword blades. Then this guy comes in
*Graciela and Sakura stop skirt wars, music stops*
Idiot: HI, my nameís *plane passes by cause I donít member name* And Iím the B&G Representative of Idiots!
Amezcua: OO! Hey, listen, we have to talk... about some important business... *shoves Idiot out the doorĒ
Alex: wait, what? We have a presentation this weekend? BLARG!
*grabs Sakura Ryuu by waist and tries practice a RiverStomp/ Irish Jig version of our songĎs dance*
Sakura Ryuu: WAIII! WAIT, stop, weíre not dancin that anymore!
Alex: You mean weíre not gonna dance together our song anymore???
Sakura Ryuu: No, I dance alazanas and you dance....... JARABE TAPATIO!
*both Alex and Sakura Ryuu hug eachother and start crying with streams of tears coming out*
Jose: WAII! Did somebody say Jarabe Tapatio?!?!? *looks around nervously looking for someone to dance with, sees alex and sakura on the floor crying and swings leg over them, knoking them both out!*
Graciela: See what you did, you idiot!
Amezcua: *walks in* and thatís the reason WHY WE REFUSE TO PRESENT AT YOUR SHOW, BLARG!
Idiot: *folows in* FINE! Iíll just get the dance team from Righetti to dance for us!
*dancing senses tingling, forces sakura and alex to wake up...*
Idiot: *runs away*
Graciela: *takes out cowboy roping-rope from underneath one of the (many) layers from her skirt* LETS GET HIM!
*all girls chase Idiot across the practice field in their big giant skirts* *Sakura gets rope and lassos Idiot to the floor like a cow!* MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!
*Ties Idiot to fence so he canít run away*
Sakura Ryuu: there, thatíll teach you to talk bout Righetto! BRING THE TERMINATOR!
Graciela: *brings Jose* THERE! now you can practice jarabe tapatio as long as you want!
Jose: OOOO! *squeals with joy* YAY!*starts dancing jarabe tapatio, skips half of the dance to the part where he swings his leg over Idiot, and knocks him out* *continues dancing*
PS.. the dance Jarabe Tapatio is FAMOUS for the part where the chick drops down to get a hat from the floor and the dude swings his leg over her head, and our dear Jose is Infamus for hitting me in the head whenever he swings his leg....
AND that is exactly why Iím not preforming today! ok, I might have exaggerated a bit, those skirts arenít THAT big, but otherwise thatís how it happened ^______^ *innocent smile* But Iím still pissed that I couldnít preform. Damn! Ok, otakuians... I gots to go to do other stuff., to Iíll see you guys some other time, LATES!
Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, October 21, 2004


I saw Bread today! (yay, and yes, I call him bread!) Stupid bread, why does he always come up and mess up the day like that! Now I'mma gonna daydream bout him all day and wont be able to concentrate on my ever so hard work (me still at school at the moment, its lunchtime!) Yeah, lunchtime sux for me here! We had a sub, so ilac wasnt here to say stupid remarks and have me answer them. Mayra left.... she can't survive bening in a quiet room for more than a minute.... So far its only been me Graciela Dulce and her (bf)??? Oh yeah, and, of course, my rabbit! AWWW ***looks at the cute white rabbit shake in a seuzure like movement! Ok, lunchtime is almost over, I gotta get ready... I hope I see Bread again LATES
Sakura Ryuu

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