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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

   Que Llueva Que Llueva!

YAY! AHAHAHAII! ITS RAINING! and its raining HARD!Ok, not really, but its raining pretty decently! YAY! Its been trying to rain the past days, and today its finally let down! YAY! Well, anyways... I'll talk to you later... I'mma gonna go outside and get wer! YAY!
Sakura Ryuu

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Saturday, October 16, 2004


TODAY in the otaku......
Sakura Ryuu Presents.....


YES! At last, I have come about to writing the sacred law of RODENTHOOD! But first, what is rodenthood? Rodenthood, most commonly known as the laws of gerbil, is the human community represented by a rodent depending on the characteristics they display (ok, too much chem. class there...) There are 3 main categories of rodenthood: Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, and Hamsters, all which display their own characteristics in widely ranged varieties. Also, there is the Acts of Transfer, as well as the nonrodents of society. But first, let us begin....
Guinea pigs are perhaps the rarest of all rodents. They are often most likely to be as some people, “heaven-set” as when compared to the other rodents (not that we’re not all heaven-set, though) There are generally 2 types of Guinea Pigs:
  • Good Guinea Pig- The good guinea pig is so exact, it’s almost unexplainable. Good guinea pigs only live in our imagination from how great their greatness is. They are often found among angels and that sort of people. Not many good guinea pigs exist, though.
  • Guinea Pig (regular)- Regular guinea pigs are almost like good guinea pigs, but more common. Instead of being mysterious creatures, they are actually found on the surface of the Earth. They are often very nice people, and remind you of people you are dear to (such as your mommy when she bakes Christmas cookies...) However, regular guinea pigs, or any other type of guinea pigs are extremely rare to find.

    II. Gerbils! (my favorite!)
    Gerbils are perhaps the most common and the most varied type of rodent. In fact, 70% of the rodenthood society is a gerbil. Perhaps it is because it’s the best place to be, no matter what you are. There are five
    types of gerbils. They are:

  • Good Gerbil- The good gerbil is that one friend who is always there for you. Not nice enough to the extreme of guinea pig-ism, but close enough. (In fact, most good gerbils are often mistaken for guinea pigs) There are not many Good Gerbils in the practice of gerbalism (for most tend to become “borderhppers” and enter the realm of guinea pigs). But they still play a significant part in rodenthood.
  • Gerbil (social)- The social gerbil is the every day, average life rodent who follows the same routine every day and always does the expected (pretty dull, huh?) But do not be mistaken by their dullness. About 30% of gerbalism is social gerbalism. They are very social (hint, the name) and may have many friends. They often listen to the most popular music just to keep in touch with society, however, not because its they’re favorite. Many social gerbils are often pressured by their own peers to dress a certain way (to look their best) or follow the most popular trend (if popular paul jumps over the bridge, so will you, my dear gerbil) But all in all, the social gerbil might be the best for you.
  • Gerbil (regular)- The regular gerbil is a gerbil of its own. Regular gerbils are dull, and unlike social gerbils, I mean DULL. But it is not entirely their fault. Most regular gerbils are either very studious and spend their whole lunchtime in the library, stoners and spend all their lunchtime in the library’s bathroom getting stoned, or depressed, spending all their lunchtime in the library’s corner. Their life often reflects to “Pinch Me” by BareNakedLadies, because they want to become something else, but the song gives them mediations, in some sort or weird way... Anyways, sometimes a regular gerbil borderhopp away from depression, but this is nearly as rare as finding a grill cheese underneath your pillow whenever you want one.
  • Bad Gerbil- Bad gerbil is perhaps the best gerbalhood to hood-a-lize. They are bad to the point of TP-ying not only people’s houses, but their stupid biology teacher’s room as well, reflecting a sun glare into people’s eyes in the middle of the school’s practice field, and planning the burnination of local high schools. They often are very hyper, and agree when people call them psychos (not that they all are psychos, though) They share evil laughs with Evil Gerbils, and their reactions often reflect to “Bad Habit” by The Offspring. However, some Bad Gerbils might be hated. They are often mistaken for Evil Gerbils by good gerbils, or even Hamsters by Gloria! (none of which they are) All in all, bad gerbils are perhaps the best rodents to party hard with stupidity (in the good meaning of the word stupidity) Rock on Bad Gerbils!
  • Evil Gerbil- Evil gerbils, often mistaken as hamsters, are very similar to bad gerbils, but at a new level. Instead of just TP-ying, they go to egging, as well as setting people’s hair on fire and burnination of foreign high schools and local colleges. However, unlike bad gerbils, they often do not do such evil things for mere entertainment (which is the reason why they do it harder) and DEFINITELY unlike hamsters, they do not do it to hurt people. They do it for mere revenge and the sake of good evil! They are mostly known for their evil laughs, which are incredibly so good, its funny! They are fun creatures to be with, and are best of friends with Bad Gerbils (all which they hold good strong friendship with). Like bad Gerbils, they listen to the music they like, preferring harder rock like Metallica and Slipknot, with smooths like Staind and Chevelle.

    III. HAMSTERS...(run awaaaaaaay!) Hamsters are the TRUE EVIL, not Every Villain Is Lemons like Evil gerbils, but I mean, EEVIL as in SATAN EVIL! There are two general types of HAMSTERS!
  • Stupid Hamster- The stupid hamster is the aurora of pure high school EVIL! They are either the bitchy girls who run around telling rumors and/or go shamelessly at the guys, or the EEEVIL NERD you have been trying to beat all your life. They say rude, untrue remarks such as “you were never as smart as I was and never will be”, even though you were nominated Student of the Year last year and HE WASN'T! Most gerbils HATE stupid hamsters, and most Guinea Pigs just pity their pathetic souls.
  • Evil Hamster- The Evil Hamster is someone not to play around or make fun of. They are considered high nobles, even though they’re worse than dogs. They are often dictators and hold big armies that do serious attacks. Unlike the harmless Evil Gerbil, the Evil Hamster try to inflict as much serious pain as possible at their enemies, which include not only the gangster across the street, but the whole society at the other side of the world. A perfect example of the Evil Hamster is HITLER! However, when the Evil Hamster fails miserably, they become Stupid Hamsters for their pathetic failure!

    IV. Non-Rodents(criticism!)
    Non rodents are mostly the critics. These are highly original and very scarce, and often seen negatively. There are two types of non-rodents

  • The GLORIA- The Gloria is very rare, so scarce, they’re like more extraordinary than PURE URANIUM! In fact, there has only been one such Gloria reported (I think there are more hidden somewhere out there, though...) Gloria are very sarcastic and criticize their bad gerbil friend. However, they are often best friends with them, because they’re hilarious and so funny its stupid to the point of having their bad gerbil friend miss them a whole load when they leave to the local high school she’s suppose to be burninating! All in all, I would never trade my Gloria!
  • The SQUARE!!! (plain)- The SQUARE is a person who, well, basically, SUCKS! THEY SUCK at EVERYTHING! When you call someone a Square is like telling them off, and calling them a PLAIN SQUARE is even worse! Squares are stupid, they aren’t round like circles, or strong like other geometric polynomials. And that is EXACTLY why Tutoring and Band and Peace Treaty Breaking is for SQUARES! (unless, of course, you are doing it to make the Gloria mad, then that’s Bad Gerbalism!)

    V BorderHoppers
    Borderhoppers are very common now-a-days. Like the man who lets go of his nationality, Borderhoppers are the rodents who hopp from one border to the other. There are many borders in the Laws of Rodenthood. The easiest is the one that separates the Good Gerbils from Guinea Pigs. The slimmest (yet not necessarily the easiest to hopp) is the one between Bad and Evil gerbils. And perhaps the hardest is the one between the Hamster and Gerbil (even harder to Evil Gerbil). Some rodents borderhopp all the time within their rodenthood (such as Bad Gerbils jump to Evil Gerbils back and forth), and some waist half of their time trying to hopp (such as a Stupid hamster DARING to try to become an Evil Gerbil) Others tend to just stay in their own spot (mostly guinea pigs and regular gerbils) This hopping is known as the Acts of Transfer.

    So there you have it! The Sacred Law of Rodenthood! Now go, my rodent, and teach what you have been given.
    Asta La Vista...
    Your Hostess ~~Sakura Ryuu

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    Friday, October 15, 2004


    Hey! Once again, ITS FRIDAY. not only is it friday, BUT ITS THE END OF TERM ONE! YAY! I have survived one whole term in school without major breakdowns! HOOPAH! Anyways.. I'm feeling very happy today. Tomorrow I get STARBUCKS... YAY CAFFEINE!!!But yeah... I'mma gonna add some more posts later! HOOPAH! So, I'll be back.... later.. baby!
    Sakura Ryuu

    NEXT, in the Otaku....
    Sakura Ryuu WILL post THE LAWS OF RODENTHOOD! Will she finish the whole society, or will she post her favorite rodents only?!? Watch and Dont miss this exiting post!

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    Friday, October 8, 2004


    Take the quiz: "What is your dream car?"

    Dodge Viper
    And you'd own a Dodge Viper! You feel the need to speed and like to look good doing it.

    YAY! Its the weekend *HOOOPAH!*
    I took this test, mostly cause I was bored, and... guess what?? I got my fav car! (yay)
    I feel the need... the NEED for SPEED!

    Well, anyways... Yeah.. you have no idea how much I've been lookin forward to just be able to spend a couple of hours in front of a glowing box and extending my research on anime and jhonny the homicidal maniac (along with invader zim)... I'm gonna sing the doom song now.. DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOOOOOM! **runs away**

    Ok, back. Yeah.. school has sucked. I keep on failing my chem test, amazing that the teacher still lets me retake it (I got a higher score the first time I took it than the third time I REtook it, lol) But all the same... I get to sleep in tomorrow morinin *cheers* I think I'mma gonna go later on and try to TP someone's house, or burn PVHS (the new high school...) I think I'll try to recruit my militia to replan our burning of PVHS (I had one, untill the new school year started, but now I know I'll get more recruits!!!) YAY FIRE!!!

    What type of gerbil are you???
    I'mma BAD GERBIL! You are bad to the point of doing activities such as TP-ying, reflecting sunlight into ppl's eyes in the middle of the field, and planning the burnination of local high schools.
    Your style is often like that from "Bad Habit" by the Offspring, and you defend for your rights to party and be your own nationality. You are often mistaken for an EVIL GERBIL by Good Gerbils, or a Hamster by Gloria! But all in all, you are perhaps the best rodent to go party hard with stupidity (in the good meaning of the word stupidity). Rock on, BAD GERBIL!

    Lol, sorry for that... Someday I'll post the definitions of the rodent society... And if you're lookin at the screen like "wtf", then either you're a Gloria, or you're just a plain SQUARE!!!

    Ok, ppl, I must try to update a few other things, so I'll let you go to ...***say moosey fate, SAY moosey FATE!***
    Your MOOSEY fate...


    ~Sakura Ryuu~

    Redundantly crouched at the starting line
    Engines humpin and thumpin in time
    The green light flashes
    the flags go on
    off they go runnin,
    They race for the cup...

    SHE'S ALL ALONE (all alone)

    -"Disntance", by Cake
    (a reeealy old band from the 80's)

    yes, I know, the words are most likely to be wrong, so shoot me for being human...
    *takes out sword for self defense... against a gun???*o.0

    Au Revoir Amies!'Till Next Time..

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    Tuesday, October 5, 2004


    HO hum.... sooo tired. Here I am in the middle of lunch in a classroom full of people watching "new york minute" (now do you know why I prefer to be on a super slow com rather than socialyzing w/ wvwryone else???) Me sorry to all those olsen fans, but I think those twins are annoying and are just milking it to get more attencion! Anyways, yeah. This really bites. I miss all of my friends from the other high school (damned district, why couldnt they open the new high school next year, so my friends wouldn't have to move???) Yeah, for the new ppl, you will read alot about my misfortunes about how my herd migrated and I was left behind to eat lunch all by myself. That really sux. We don't have a cafeteria on campus (the school is soooo large half of the ppl are requred to leave off campus for lunch, we don't have a cafeteria!) In fact, we don't even have lockers. Oh well, I love my school, though. Better than righetto pvhs! Anyways, yeah, this really sux. I'm currently trying to look for a good backround pic online and for a good song to add to the website. So, if you have any ideas, I'm wide open (also, I'll be waiting for anyone who knows a good place to get some new pics!) I want to add some sort of rock-ish music, not as hard slipknot, but rougher than simpleplan ( I know... BAD HABIT by The Offspring!) for ppl who don't know, that song has a whole part where the guy just cusses his head off (weeee) yeah. never mind.. beware, though..... If I don't find a good song to put in, I'mma gonna download jarabe tapatio and add a whole new meaning to the "multicultural anemie"
    Well, yeah... don't be surpried if I delete this post... I need to update a few things, and quite frankly, I don't believe this post was worth the effort. yeah. laters gentes

    Sakura Ryuu

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    Monday, October 4, 2004

       THANK YOUUUUU!!!!

    WOW! Lookit my new borders (yay!) Compare to my last posts, this looks great. Anyways, point is, I wanna dedicate this whole post to anime girl 67 for helping out and giving the poorly html knoledge-d (aka, me) helpful hints. THANK YOUU!!!

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    Friday, October 1, 2004

       Creativity unleashed!

    YAY! ITS FRIDAY! (hoopah!, apple pie all around!) Yeah... I haven't posted anything in almost a week (is that a lot of time???) But, yeah. Homework has sucked soo bad. Chemistry is the biggest stinker of them all. We had to do a project on some scientists (a requirement from the Ca. standards, which I think its kinda stupid).. and it was not fun. Stupid Bohr, if it weren't for him, I wouldnt have to do the project.... and besides, he wasn't even a chemist at all! ***grumbles something about Bohr and stupidity*** My legs hurt from my dance class (mexican dance ^_^). The one dance we're doing right now involves a lot of zapatiados and stomping around.... Well, at least I don't have to worry about getting my head kicked again like in jarabe tapatio (in case you don't know, there's a part where the girl kneels down to grab the hat from the floor and the guy swings his leg over her head)... which can be incredibly painful when the guy you're dancing with has shorter legs than you and swings faster than you can duck (not fun!) Well, yeah... Acctually the main reason why I'm posting this is not to inform you about my misfortunes of the week, but if not to see if my new HTML worked out (I have a looooooooooooong time I haven't worked w/ html, and I'm scared how my results will look like cause I hardly remember a thing...) Good thing I still have that old neopet account open (yay!) They have some pretty neat tips for html (so sad, my pets are half dead, but I keep the account busy for the html...) Well, yeah... Hopefully it will work the way I wanted it to (it should have a pic of Ed from Cowboy Bebop somewhere toards the edge...) I think I'm gonna ask some of the nice people who have offered their help to help me if it dosen't work.. BUT if it does, if my memories have all of a sudden returned and my HTML worked... tell me what you think...
    Sakura Ryuu

    PS.. thank goodness for modify posts... my html didn't work afterall... so talk about my failure....Now to ask someone for help...

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    Tuesday, September 28, 2004

       So passionate..... now if I only had bread.....

    You're a Intense Kisser
    You have an intense kiss! You and your partner
    connect when you kiss and you forget about the
    rest of the world. Hey, call me!!! ^_~

    What anime kiss are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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    Saturday, September 25, 2004

       My first post (yay...)

    HEllo. This is my first post, so don' hit me if its cappy. First, I want to thank the ppl who even bother to visit my website, and furthermore the people who signed my GB. Second, I have the sudden urge to tell everyone that I got my hair cut today (YAY) *crowd cheers and claps* OH, in case you didn't know, my hair was halfway down my butt and in the shape of an upside down "U", and I have never styled it before, so this was a big step for me ***shakes head that suddenly feels much lighter*** I'mma gonna headbang with my newly-styled hair all night long while I wait for the new Inuyasha episode to come out! (YAY...***looks for a bottle of advil that will be needeed by the time the show starts***)
    Third, I have to ask this question for all the Yu Gi OH ppl.... I saw the new episode today for the new season (something about dragons???) Point is, I thought the new episode looked like Yu-gi meets the Lord of the Rings while pulling out The Sword in the Stone/crystal dragon and trying to reinact a scene from Jurassic Park. Right now I'm a little confused... is like when I'm trying to smell my gym pants to see if I can wear them for one more day or if I should just send them down the washing machine... So you tell me.. does this new plot smell good to you or not???

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