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Thursday, December 30, 2004

OH YEAH! OH YEAH! ... How long how long? (huepah!) MADAM please go Vertigooo!
OKIE! YESH! FINALLY! I celebrate today for having this successful site!
Total Visits: 446
Guestbooks: 104
Ranking: 1078 out of 17756 sites!
Ok, I know, they're not the highest stats. I'm not even at the top 500. But for me, this is AWESOME! I have over 100 GB's! I feel special!
Special thanks to all those people who bother to sign my GB, and even more towards those who come here often and help me with codes and stuff! You ppl are awesome!
Ok, I was meant to have remediation done by next week, but I haven't been able to cause I can't seem to find stuff. Oh wellz. But here are the songs I know I'm able to get...
Yesh, that's right! Voting time again! (for u ppl who don't know, I'm having people vote for different things for when I remodel...)
The music isn't real, or of best quality. I got it off of starligtmks.com (ugh!) If anyone knows where I can get better music, plz p-m me!
But for now... the entries are
1. Californiacation- the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
2. Chop Suey- System of a Down
3. Crawling in the Dark- Hoobastank
4. Faint- Linkin Park
5. Freak on a Leash- Korn
6. Hit That- The Offspring
7. Its My Life- Bon Jovi
8. Someday- Nickelback
9. This Love- Maroon 5
10. Toxicity- System of a Down
There were also some anime songs that I got from somewhere else, but I usualy don't have my site based upon one anime. And, yesh, my infamous avi is going too (NOoooOoo!) But its for the best!
Ok, special treat! I was obsessed w/ adding pictures for a while, but I've became lazy. But today I will do the picture-thing....

Ah... snow... or sand?

Yes! CardCaptor Sakura! This was the first anime that I watched all on my own! I still hold loyal to it. Despite my grudge against girly things, I think the anime and magna are really cute. The pictures are really nicely drawn (despite this cheap picture...) I have tons of ccs pics on my computer. Thing is, I dunno how to put them on line straight from my pc. So if anyone knows how to do this, I'd be very happy and enternally grateful. But for now, I will let you go...
Luv Peace Eggrolls and Grease,
~~ Sakura Ryuu

ps, I might not get back before new years so...
~~ ˇˇˇˇHAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!!! ~~

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