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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

   curse you VIRUS!

Okay, I only have like five minutes before the bell rings to write this out. So sorry I haven't been ar5ound in thte longest time. My computer is still down, and I've been spending a large part of my lunch hour in a computer-less room. So yeah.
Me? I'm okay. There's nothing much new on me. I'm on anti-depressants now, due to an anxiety attack I had the other day. You guys know I have a few breakdowns, but its nothing that serious. I just have to ease my stress a bit. The doctor says its more anxiety than depression, and I'm planning on dropping the medication in a couple of months.
Other than that, I'm all good. And you guys?! o.O
I miss you guys so much. Damn! I need to get my computer fixed, but seriously, I just haven't had the chance to sit down and dedicate the three hours nessesary to get my call through the stupid help line!
Hm... okay then. I hope I'll come back here tomorow for lunch and type somoe more stuff. And I'm so so sorry I havent visited you guys yet! It sucks!
Love and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Monday, September 19, 2005

   je suis malade! ( I am sick )

my tummy hurts v_v
Its hurted all weekend long. It SUCKS cause I can't eat anything yummy without feeling sick and gross. And I haven't even puked, but my stomach is in pain!
I wanna cry :'(
Oh wells. Although it was kinda funny. Last night when we were coming back from church I told my dad my lower stomach really hurted. so when we got back home he made me lie down and he brought me this hot patch and made me this tea remedy for cramps. My por dad thought I had cramps! But what's even funnier was that one time I really did had cramps and I told him my stomach hurted... I wasn't about to tell my dad I was in my monthly stage. So yeah, he made me this tea remedy for upset stomach that day. I didn't tell him anything until I was looking for some advil later that day and he was like "you'll throw up if you take pain killers" and I was like "um... no I wont..." It wasn't until my sister told him what was going on that he understood that the tea for upset stomach wasn't going to do much good for my cramps. And this time that I did have an upset stomach he made me tea for cramps. XD I find that hilarious... my poor dad...
Hmm... on other news
you guys remember my insurance I was so happily bragging about? Yeah? Well, turns out, its only on the hardware, not the software. So yeah. Its completely useles! *wah!* I connected my sister's computer, but her thing is three times as slow as mine. AND, she doesn't have a very sturdy anti-virus so pop-ups are constantly invading the screen. Yep yep yep. It sucks X(
hmmm.. happyer news?

"What Would It Be If Some Ladies Had It Their Way?"

I got it from my history book. And, quite frankly, .... it should be that way...

Bow to me you weak fools!
haha, j/k you menly guys ^^
Which reminds me. I watched The Pianist last night. It was really REALLY good. That guy (the pianist) is handsome! *wink wink*... despite his large nose. I think it gives him an edge. But God, can that man act! I was almost crying in the scene where he was playing the piano for the german guy who found him. It was so passionate! I swear, I can write on just that scene forever. damn, that guy's a devil!
Okay then. this was kinda of a long post. Hope I didn't bore the hell out of you guys. And as soon as I get a chance, I'm going to visit all you guys' sites. For now, take care, please?

Love and Peace,
(as I wait here for MY pianist *wink wink*)
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   Genetics is boring t-day...

Hi there...
How's everyone doing? I'm bored as hell. In Genetics, Sage is gone to some meetings and we're doing nothing. I'm suppose to be on this CD-ROM tutorial thinggymabob, but somehow being here online is so much more interesting. Yep yep yep. ^^
Nothing much going on (as you can see) We have our first presentation of the year for Ballet Folklorico this sunday at the old theatre at Guadalupe. I've danced there before, and its fun. Only that our dressing room is this old room where they used to project the movies on top. Its all old and dusty and filled of old machinery and such. But its still good...
What else what else? I'm sorry I haven't visited you guys, but these com puters are major slow, esp Sage's (they're all imacs from like 1998...) So yeah. I'm going to call the insurance this weekend and have my computer taken care of (or so I hope)
Love and Peace to you all
~~Sakura Ryuu

ps, what in the world is fire in the bottle?!? o.O

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   Jefferson, Napoleon, and Moi! (with a box full of corn...)

Do not ask me where the corn came from...

Okay there. How's it going? Me? Again, my computer is still down. I have school, which gets twice as hectic every day. So yeah....
This weekend we got new carpet installed. Yayness! The whole process of taking all the junk out of my room was LIVING HELL! But it was worth it. My new carpet is shaggy... if you know what I mean *wink wink* (lol, j/k) Haha, it was funny, though. My sis and I had to re-ensemble our whole room back saturday night. It was hell. We were working on our beds' frames when I was like "See, if I was born in the late 18th century, not only would I have been able to have an affair with both Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte, I also would not have to be here fixing my bed..." My sister was like "whoa!" Then she started saying how if we had been born back then we would be sleeping on beds made out of rock cause we'd be freakin poor to afford the feather beds, and I was like "YOU would be sleeping on rock beds, not me. You forget that I'd be jumping back and forth from Jefferson's and Napoleon's beds..."
Of course, my sister then called me a scarlet woman... and ran off to tell my mom, lol. Haha, my mom started laughing. My grandma just gave me this dirty look. I don't care. Both Jefferson and Napoleon were freakin hot when they were in their twenties and eary thirties... (and it was freakin funny too)
But continuing...Here's a litte something I found in my Genetics class...

Fabulous, no?!
Okay, I gotta jam. Class starts in like five minutes...

Much love to ya! (esp. you jefferson!!!!)
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Damn! Okay, sorry for giving you guys such a short post last time. I was in a rush that day, and today again. My computer is down for a while and I have to go back to school computers again... and since they killed all the macs and replaced them with the cheapest dells in the world, internet connections around here have decreased in value even more than before. In fact, my own website can't even load on it. So stupid...
Mu computer got this stupid virus that I guess detects any type of security measure and completely kills it. So yeah, my anti-virus is down, and I don't have a security connection (I can get online, but there is NO WAY I want to do that without a security connection) So yeah. I got the virus through MSN Instant Messenger. SO if you're a heavy user in that, heed my warning. I was chatting with my friend when I got this thing that says something like "LMAO! You gotta see this... *url here*" I was stupid enough to load the damn virus myself! So yeah. If you recieve a message like that, DO NOT open it, even if its from your friend. Chances are he/she didn't send it, the virus just hacked onto your window or something...
Okay then. Nothing much to say here. Of course, I won't be able to talk to you guys for a while, but I hope it won't take as long to fix my computer like it does before cause I now have the wonderful thing called "insurance" Yep yep yep. You guys stay cool while I'm away, and stay SAFE! *wink wink*

Love and Peace
With despising guts for viruses
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Once again nI have been chained to the link of eviiiil...

Yeah... I'm talking about school... and DAMN VIRUSES!!! God! Not a full year.... not a full SIX MONTHS, and already I have a virus...So yeah. You won't be hearing much from me for a while. Yeah. But I have insurance now, so I'll be able to get it fixed

Okay then. I just wanted to report myself. I wanted to add a few things, but I'm catching a ride with David
(its after school and I don't wanna walk home) Okay then\
Stay tright

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   itsh rouroni kenshin! *squeals with joy*

yes, its rouroni kenshin!

So how have you guys been? Miss me?! I missed you guys. But thank God, its the weekend. Too short of a weekend if you ask me...
Well, school's been okay so far. Cooper definately has the power of driving one insane in AP U.S. history, but so far, he hasn't unleashed that power un us yet. In fact, I don't think he will for a while. Its really fun in his class cause we do skits every day. Its like drama-meets-american history... and you can be a goof-off like me ^^ AP english is, meh, okay I suppose. I heard wise gives a britney spears inpersination once in a while, so it won't be completely boring. Genetics with Sage freakin' rocks! I already got my first generation of flies going, and it will be maggot city for me on monday!!!
About my AVID class, well. Fuller is DEFINATELY nothing to compare to Ilac, but I guess she'll have to do for now... Haha, I saw Kohler the other day. We stopped and talked for like five minutes before we were pushed by the inferno of students through the hall (we only have like 1 and a half halls open to over 2500 students due to all the stupid construction they're doing) He invited me over to his new room, and Lindsey and I were suppose to go on friday, but we kinda got lost (that's how big our campus is...) and by the time we found the room he had already left. Oh wells. We left him a note in his box to wait for us on monday... along with a sign that said "DEATH TO PEPSI!" (he likes pepsi more than coke... NOoooOoo)

Oh yesh. The topic. Lee is letting me borrow his Kenshin magnas. I think they're freakin awesome. Kenshin is so cute (not as in I'm attracted to him, but as in his chibi form is so cute!)No offense, but he looks like a girl. He was meant to look like a girl. Although there are a few pics while he's fighting in which he doesn't look that bad *wink wink* (lol, jk)But yeah, I'm all exited cause of the magnas...

Alright then! Its late, and I want to visit you guys before I head out the door (or in this case, into the bed) You guys stay tight, hopefully I'll find time to post some more throughout the week. But as of now
Love and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

   The Living Hells of School Tomorrow *make the pink cheecks puke!!!*

Yep yep yep
Tomorrow (or today, depends when you read this) i will start school once again.
This year I won't have mr. ilac. Nope. He got moved to f****ng Pioneer high for this year. And that stupid bitch Prieto-Chavez is still around. I hate her with a passion...
please excuse my negative atmosphere...

Other than that, I'm not looking forwards to many of my classes. They say Cooper has the possibility of driving you mad, Wilcox is... well... Wilcox. The only classes I'm looking forward to is Genetics (cause, like I said before, we get to mutate flies and such), and dance...
hmmm, what else, what else...
not much really
I guess you guys won't be seeing much of me. And I am terribly TERRIBLY sorry for that. In fact, its late, and chances are I won't have time to check your sites today. I guess I'll have to postpone my visits untill the weekends. And that sucks... terribly
Alright then. How about a little something to cheer us up, neh?!

"Prince Charles Meets Bush"

"They Found Nemo!"

Haha, I love those pictures. Hope ya guys enjoy them.
Well, its getting late (even more than it was a while ago) I need to sleep... I'm not used to waking up at six in the morn anymore. You guys take care (as always) while I'm away enslaving my butt to school.. once again... *sight*
Much love to ya!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

   oh dude...

*looks around*
My site looks like a guy's site again!!!
Its really different from the more simpler style I had going on on my last theme. And somehow I don't believe its going to get any simpler. And the avi sucks. I'll change it as soon as I resize the other picture I have
But yeah. How do you guy's like it?!
(I know... I'm tempted to say it sucks)
But continuing
my lightbulb burned on me earlyer this evening. So yeah. I've been working all this by computer-light (awww... how romantic...) not really v_v I would switch the bulb, but we only have small bulbs and for some reason, the light-connection-thingy in my room is the only one in the whole house that needs the big giant bulbs. So yeah, I have to wait untill God-knows when my parents decide to buy bulbs large enough for the switch in my room...
This shucks! Once again, I tried loading Manu Chao onto my geocities account so I could play it here, and I failed miserably like always. This time "invalid file name"! Meh, file name MY ASS! (sorry...)Oh wells. I'll just have to try some other time. But for now, enjoy "Little Busters" by The Pillows ^^
what else what else...
Oh yeah!
If you:
1. have a button
2. visit me frequently and
3. like twinkies
then, please p-m me your button so I can add it to the marquee. Okay, so the last one isn't a requirement... but the second one DEFINATELY is.
Okay then, peoples. Its late. I'm tired. I think I'll go hit the bunk now. You guys stay tight and shtuff...

Satan Says 'Nobody Rocks Longer!'
~~Sakura Ryuu
*wink wink*

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

   Tell me I'm pretty!!!

ignore the subject title for a bit.
First, alot of ppl said all kinds of positive remarks about my school because it offers AP computers (the html/javascript/ccs class) You actually have to take the first computer class before taking that class, which is another boring typing class v_v. I dropped out of that class my freshman year and swapted it for dance cause I was falling asleep. In fact, I need to take a test before I can take the AP computer class. Yep yep yep. Other than that, my school sux pretty bad. Its overpopulated, even after being a little less than a mile wide, not enough teachers, programs being cut each day due to money shortages, construction EVERYWHERE, and its being ruled by a bitch who likes to sit in the principal's office. Yep yep yep.
Okay, 'nuff about that.
I'm thinking of changing my theme for a couple of weeks (just a couple, I'll swat again in sept.) My theme. Metal Gear Solid (lmao) Half of you don't know what it is, the other half dislikes it. I don't care. I mean, even if the ending did sucked, I enjoyed myself playing it. And, the profile pictures are drawn really REALLY nice. They make raiden look like a pretty girl. See, I even made an avi with raiden saying "tell me I'm pretty!"
Oh dude!
Last evening, my dad walks into the room where my little brother and I were watching Tv and was like "did you guys see all those cats out in the street?" We were like "huh"? So we walk out and see like fourteen kittens running about in the middle of the street. They were so cute! I called a white and orange one and it came to me. She was so cute! And so soft. She looked at me and meowed so adorably!(sorry, i have a thing for kittens) Anyways, so we pet the cat and my bro starts saying that we're keeping it (which, we can't, cause we have a cat-hating dog and cats give me allergies) My dad, of course, says NO! And my brother starts whining and crying and ends up in this fight with my dad. I tell him to stop waisting his time fighting instead of petting. You can imagine the fit my spoiled brother pulled. In the end he left the cat to storm angrily into the house. I wanted to give it to my mom so she'd fall in love with the kitty and let us keep it anyways (despite the fact that we can't keep it, like I previously said)But she knew my game, and didn't even pet the kitten. I was kinda pissed cause the moment I layed the cat down, it looked at me and started meowing, and then my dad scared it away. Poor kitten...
Okay then. I have to go get ready for church. Yep yep yep. I think I'm going to fall asleep in the middle, though. I'm so tired from taking care of my cousins all day. But oh wells.
Ocne again
Tell Me I'm Pretty!!!!
~~Sakura Ryuu

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