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Friday, April 21, 2006

   Its-a Miracle!!!!

Well, I've known that for a while now, but, today, I have done what I've never done before!...
I got off my lazy arse and fixed my compter!!!!!

I know, shocker isn't it? Haha, just kiddin, peoples! Finally, I have access to the internet in my room again! Yipee! And once again, I can return to my rightful duties as hostess!
... and do the remainder of my heaven assignemt at home
(heaven assignment= 20 FRQ/history essays, all due this Wed) Darn! I kinda enjoyed staying after school and messing around with jeremy instead of working on those essays!

Well, its spring break for me right now... but it wont be for long, unfortunately. I have loads to tell you guys, (chances are I'll only end up telling half of it, though) However, tonite, I am pooped! Tomorrow I shall start anew! I['m exited, my computer is like brand new again, just except for the fact it doesn't smell good like before.... and I'm bummed cause I lost all my NIRVANA music! (NOooOOoOo....)
Okay then, people. Tomorrow, expect a visit from me, cause I'm back! But for now, its nite-time!

Love and Peace

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Friday, February 3, 2006

I'm a lazy person....

Well, its february already... and my computer is still broken....
So, how is school or work treating you guys?!?
School is much easyer than last semester here (in my school, we switch classes after winter break) Work isn't going so well, though. I haven't been on the schedule for the past three weeks... I think I'm getting fired. I don't mind. I mean, it was nice earning some money, but I miss having free time on saturday mornings. Oh well. If I do get fired, then yipee. If not, a little extra work never hurt me, and I can do with the cash as well....
Haha, our lunch hours here at school are great now. My friends and I decided to go to Corregan this year. Our dates? Amy, Gisela, Hannah, and me are going with our friend Jermey?: four girls for one guy! Haha, can't get any better than that!
This evening we're going to watch Kyle's band play. They're named Abbys Red Raincoat. The name is kinda weird, I know, but they're one of the best indie bands in the area. I swear, they are AWESOME! They're music is really good, and all the guys dress in tight pants. and.. kyle looks hot in his tight pants... and when he dances in his tight pants... and when he straddles the microphone in his tight pants... and when he does the pelvic toss in his tight pants....

Obssesive, you say?!?

I think not. You'd have to be there and see him to know what I mean ^^
and he especially looks hot when he gives me hugs in his tight pants *^.^*

Okay people. I think I'm going to have to leave right now. You guys take care, and I'll try to come back as soon as possible... with pictures from the concert... of kyle... in his tight pants... ^^

Love and Peace

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Friday, January 6, 2006

   I feel guilty!!!!

Hello there people...
Well, my computer is still down, but hopefully it will be fixed by next week... again...
I'm at L.A. today. We came here to take my sis back to her apartment, and once again, I'm taking advantage of the computer. I've managed to visit some people's sites. Yet, my numbers have gone really down. That's sad. I'm not so much for "look at me, I rank #1 on theotaku!", but its still nice to see a nice solid number on your backroom. I was #604, and now I'm like near the 700's. My guestbook has been untouched, and hardly anyone has visited. I don't blame you guys, I haven't been visiting you guys so why should you come and re-read last month's post again and again? I guess my new year's resolution should be to fix my computer the instant it does something funky and to update and visit you guys more often. Yep yep yep! And please, don't think that I've abandoned you guys! I really haven't. I think about you guys, and I miss reading your funny remarks *tear* Here...

I know these avi's suck, but they're the only ones I have on photobucket at the moment. And they're just for you!!!*hugs*

Okay people. I'll be talking to you guys in a couple of days as soon as I get my computer up and running And if I don't, school starts in a couple of days anyways *gah!*
Take care, peoples...
Your very own twinkie hostess
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   A Very Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

HI peoples....
Well, I know I've been a very VERRRRY bad hostess this past holiday season. I'm so sorry I haven't been updating, and worse, visiting you guys in this time of joy. My sister's at home, and work has gotten in the way so I haven't been able to get online. So today, I decided to drag my sister's lazy arse out of bed and forced her to take me to the public library so I can update....

So how were the holidays treating you guys???

For me, it was okay... kinda sucky, but still good. The flu finally catched up to me this season, and I was sick for both Christmas and new years. It sucked cause all the yummy food and egg-nogg tasted like carboard to me (which, in my opinion, was the saddest part of being sick....)
Oh wells... But look what I got!!!!! ^^

from the fabulous Conneryalexis! thanks a bunch! ^.^

this one's from Saru-Mihan ^^ thanks

this one's from blossom. We were suppose to pass it on. SO here you guys have it!

I feel bad. i wanted to give you guys a card, but since my computer has been acting funky, I wasn't able (and these stupid computers at the library don't have paint!!!! >.<) Oh wells. I really am sorry I wasn't able to wish you guys the happy holidays this year! But you guys were in my thoughts as I sat there at the table while eating my ham that tasted like carboard with salted buggers all over it.

Much love to you all. And take care!
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


YES! That's right buys and gals!

or, at least, over ^^

I turned in my last assignment today, which means these last three days are just kickback! WAHOO!!!!
Yep yep yep....
Well, nothing much other than work work WORK, since my last post. I'm going to try to fix up my computer this weekend, which I'll be able to relax on. Last weekend I went to a church retreat over at Santa Barbara. God, the view was BEAUTIFUL! On one side you could see the mountains rising above your head, and on the other you saw the whole city, and farther on you could see the ocean and the channel islands emerging from the horizon. My doorm room was facing the east and I was able to see the sunrise every morning. And not to mention all the spiritual stuff we did. It made me feel good. It really did ^^
Okay, I have kind of a crisis in my hands. My friend broke up with her cheating boyfriend and is heartbroken, and I want to help her. So you guys stay tight, and remember, its no use crying over spilled milk when there's still a gallonful in the fridge...
Love and Peace

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Monday, December 5, 2005

   sleep deprivecy....

How come I am always sleep deprived???


Well, this weekend... all of this weekend, I worked... and it sucked. The store is such a huge mess during December cause everyone runs around the store to pick up Christmas stuff and they make a pigstand out of everything. Its so tirring
Then at school, the end of the semester is in two weeks. I have several final projects due on Friday. I honestly can't wait for the holidays to come about. I feel like I'm going to suffocate on a mountain of work and die before they come around...
But continuing...
Has anyone read a book by Joseph Heller named Catch-22? Its freakin hilarious! I love it. Its about this guy in the American Air Squadrons during WWII (there wasn't an airforce till the cold war) But the book makes fun of the millitary and the way people react to certain things. Its really interesting cause it uses the grusesome details of war and death to explain the meanings of life... in a very humorous way. But yeah. I suggest anyone who's willing to have a good time laughing to read Catch-22.

Alright then, peoples. I'm going to have to go now. I'm using the computers in genetics and someone needs to use it to do their acctual work, Take care!
Love and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   I had a dream....

a really weird dream...
so weird I don't think I can ever type it all out in one post. But it involved me getting married and I had three fionces at the same time....
Oh guess what?!? I got a job! Yep yep yep! I went in to Big Lots for an application on Saturday, and the manager was like "can you work tomorrow?" and I was like "yeah!" SO yeah, Sunday was my first day of work ever... I'm now a member of the American Workforce and eligible for taxes.... *shivers*
I don't wanna grow up!!!! >.<
Okay then. What else? Saturday's presentation was a blast! Yep yep yep! It was fun. *Horacio* was there!!! *^.^* *sight!* I wish he were my fionce in the dream...
Okay then. I don't think I have much more time to write today. I have to get to class in a but. But as for now....

Its in advance... but I won't be able to get on for the rest of the week. You guys have fun, and remember to pack the pepto-bismol for indigestion after that turkey dinner ^^
Love and Peace
and lots of turkey treats!!
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Monday, November 14, 2005

   I'm late...

Well, hello people. How are you all? Me? I'm terribly, terribly sick. I've been sick with a cold/asthma for a little over two weeks now. And homework... damn! I have so much, I get lost in it! And, as usual, my computer is still down... (figures)
Well, this is more like a report saying "yeah, I'm still here, and no, I'm not dead!" Nothing much has been going on. I have the huge November show for ballet folklorico this weekend, which is going to kick arse... if I'm not too sick to attend (>_<)
And what about anime?
Man! Anyone seen that "yu gi oh GX"?!? I can't believe they did that. They totally killed yu gi oh. Its really REALLY bad... as in the negative form of the word bad...
Naruto! YESH! Finally, I can watch Naruto. Its pretty good. I like the animation in the fighting scenes. Pretty kewl. I try not to miss it on the weekends.
Two weeks ago there was a new anime on toonami. Can't figure out the correct alliteration, I think its IG PIX? Its that one with the weird racing machines. Yeah, the game might be a little weird, but the animation is really pretty. I like the style, and the theme looks promising. It might not be the best in the world, but I enjoy watching it...
Oh dude!
The other day I was at the mall helping out setting the Chrismas trees for community service. I stopped by the book store and took a look at the magnas. Then I found the Hellsing magna (note, I've never watched Hellsing) I got all exited cause I've heard alot about it and it seemed really interesting. I check to see how much it was... 13.99, which is like 4 more bucks than what I'm used to paying for the inuyasha magnas... I want to save up my money and buy a couple of volumes, but right now I only have ten bucks to spoil myself with.
Okay then. I think this is enough for today. I'll try to get back at you guys by next week, or even better, before the week ends. As for now, stay safe! *wink wink!*

Love, Peace, Eggrolls and Grease
~~Sakura Ryuu

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   My Lover!!!

This man is my lover!

Oh yeah! Oh baby oh baby, you turn me on!
(lmao! just kiddin, you guys!)
My friend Eli found this online while we were suppose to be working on "genetics homework" in third block. We both thought it was hilarious!
Well, my computer is still broken, so pleace, once again, excuse me for not being around and visiting you guys! It really sucks not being able to hang around the computer from time to time. Not like I have that much tome to do so, but yeah. It would still be nice to be able to get on during the weekends...
Well, school's been a-bichin' as always... I released the flies in Mr. Wise's class the other day. He was soooo pissed! It was hilarius. But I didn't get in trouble, so that's good! *thumbs up* Its funny. Today, I went into his class and wrote "Mr.Wise Sells Sin" (we were reading the scarlet letter, so the word sin was used alot)
francisco: is it true you sell sin, mr.wise
wise:oh yeah, sure
me: has it been used?! o.O
wise: oh, yeah, slightly
me: but is it in good condition?!? O.o
wise: yeah, I like to think so
See how conceided he is?!?!
Well, I'm going to have to go now. The career center is closing, and they have the only good computers available at this moment. I'm going to have to cut this short. Once again, thanks to you guys who still come here to visit me.
Love and Peace
~~Sakura Ryuu
one more time, just for kicks and giggles
don't I just turn you on?!? ^^

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   I'm so tired

Well, once again, here I am, computer-less and completeley stressed out. The end of term one is this friday, and I'm completeley overloaded with homework.!!!
Okay. I have to tell you guys this! For second block, Mr.Wise gave us this huge report that usually would take one at least a week to complete: he gave us three days! I got into this huge argument with him, and, because he is a tyrant, he won....
or at least, for now...
In my Genetics class, I took home some viles of fruit flies that we've been breeding and don't need any more and have been lying around for a couple of weeks. There's thousands of flies on both viles, one vile have winged flies, and the others are wing-less. What I'm going to do is release the fies in Mr.Wise's class. The wingless flies I'm going to let go on his desk, so they're all over his stuff... The winged flies are going to fly all over his head! Both are going tpo give him hell...And its all for revenge on that stupid project!
***evil music is playing***

So yeah! That's my highlight of the week. I'll come back and tell you guys how it works out. I just hope I don't get caught!*evil giggle*

I wuv you guys! Take carez
~~Sakura Ryuu

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