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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rabid Fangirl Posse

The Rabid Fangirl Posse was first founded on the otaku by Milkycat. Itís a club for girls who love yaoi. A place to band together and share our love of yaoi and all itís yumminess through fanart and fanfic.

The RFP has since expanded to deviantART and we have a sister club there for all you dA members.

To Join // Rules

To join the Rabid Fangirl Posse all you need to do is sign the guest book saying you wish to join. All other entries will be deleted. General comments about the site or club should be directed to the comments.


  • Girls only.
  • Yaoi lovers only. If the idea of boy/boy love offends you, then please just leave us in peace.
  • Once accepted please place a banner on your page OR make a text link back to this site.
  • Members must add the RFP to their friends list.
  • Participation is encouraged, but not required.
  • The Hate Club is not welcome here.
  • Flames will not be tolerated on this site. They will be deleted. End of story.

    Club Updates

    Thursday | July 13, 2006

    Well at long last, the RFP has come back to the otaku! Welcome to our new home. This is actually the same account name Milky used for it, isnít it? I think anyway. So Iím guessing she deleted it all together, since I got it, heh.

    This layout, Yami/Seto, is a temporary one. Iím not all that happy with it; I just wanted something to kick off the site with. And I say temporary, because Iím going to hold a theme contest for this site open to RFP members. I know there are some of you who are good at that sort of thing. But weíll hold off on that for a little while so that we can get this site going. And let members know itís open.

    Well thatís really all for nowÖ just a quick post to say welcome everyone!

    Thanks for reading,

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