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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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About GOAG

Hello and Welcome to the home of the MyOtaku club, GOAG. GOAG stands for [ Girls/Guys Obsessed {over} Anime Guys/Girls ]. It's basically a club where you can dedicate your love to a character from an anime or video game OR a couple pairing. [ i.e.: yaoi, yuri, boyxgirl pair ]

Rules of the Club

GOAG would really appreciate if you do follow these rules.

[*] Always respect GOAG founder, staff, and current members

[*] This site is Yaoi and Yuri friendly

[*] Use the guestbook to join the club only

[*] Fill out the following form for a proper guestbook signing:
  • What name do you go by the most?
  • Do you want a Banner[400 by 150] or block[320 by 240]?
  • What character/pairing do you want to claim?
  • What anime/game are they from?
  • Will you constantly advertise and comment us in turn for a link here and a returned visit?

Latest Update

12:20 pm | Tuesday March 06, 2007

Updater: Jessica


My god, I haven't been on here in quite a while. Hmm, I think I'll have to update the member's space, and choose a graphics person. I'm not sure if I want a person to do that job anymore though. Once I finish updating the new members, I'll think about it.

Thank you to who ever is reading this right now. =]


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