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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hey! Tomorrow is band camp!!! then two weeks after that is school! XD (ima Junior now) I'm so nervous/excited/scared/sad/happy i have mixed emotions!! What i'm not really looking forward to, is that it's from 8am to 4pm in 110 degree weather T.T i can't imagine hauling that monster around (my tuba) for that long. Hopefully tho we'll go inside half the time. I hope.

I thought we were only going to have 6 tubas, four I already know including myself, and two new freshman, but NO. My section leader txted me about 10 minutes ago (lol) and said we're getting a move in. A junior from Hawley (some town around where I live) T.T and he's really good. The last thing I need is more competition. But it's cool, cause now we have an even 7 ....

I haven't read/watched any anime for about a week T.T what's wrong with me!?!? I miss it so much, but I need to start focusing on school and blah blah blah. I guess once I get started, I can get meh anime back =p

Sorry I haven't been on in a while (to the 1 person that ever reads my posts) =p But i'm about to go from a boring, nothing-to-do-im-so-bored summer to being insanely busy (and exhausted) in just one day (does any of that make sense?)
I'm excited to start a new school year, I say that now cause I've been so bored, but later i'll probably be hating school so much.

I can't wait until october!! The dub of Ouran High School Host Club comes out!! I'm so happy with the cast too! Vic Mignogna is Tamaki Suoh! Travis Willingham is Mori!!! XD Caitlin Glass is Haruhi! Greg Ayres is Kaoru and Todd Haberkorn is Hikaru!!! <3 J Michael Tatum is Kyouya!!! Luci Christian is Hunny, and Mike Mcfarland is Ranka XD and Aaron Dismuke is Hunny's little brother, Yasuchika! I can't wait to see it in english!!!

Everyone have a great week!
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