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Updated 2018: Welcome to an archive of some of my favorite years of my life. I created this profile in 2006, and enjoyed every second of getting to know others.

Enjoy your stay.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hello to all who peruse myotaku for nostalgic reasons. I find myself missing all the relationships I built through this website. If only I could have gotten everyone’s LinkedIn profiles before they left, haha. Was LinkedIn even a thing back in 2006?

I hope everything reading this is doing well.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What have I been doing?
I have stumbled once again onto my site. :]

what's new?

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th
Yup, it's friday the 13th (:

I'm going to a movie today with my buddies! :D
Gonna go see the movie 'Confessions of a shopaholic'~
can't wait!
gonna finally drive somewhere that's not school [laughs]

OMG i had a test yesterday Dx
it was not loved at all~!
it was on...probability...right?

What are you gonna do on valentine's day?
I'm gonna volunteer at the library for about 2 hours and then go over to my friends house for about 3 hours and then go home :D



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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

   Wowa we wa

How are you guys??

mann. two posts in one day?
wtf am i on??

It's kinda cold here >.<
GAH! i don't like that.

Okay so i'm in Mock Trial and we have like our MAIN TRIAL tomorrow >.>
i am so nervous!


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   :D guess what today is?!?!??!
[le sigh]

Today is my mom's birthday and it's the day that Obama finally gets inaguruated as President of the United States of America.

I am so happy that my school sent a link to teachers so that we can watch a live feed of the ceremony.

Only problem is..i have French class...yeah..idk what the teacher will do...

(: i hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the day!!!!!!!
(I know i will)


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

   I am...at school
it's been a while

HAPPY 2009 by the way xD
don't wanna forget that.
how was your new year's?
mine was fine [laughs] didn't really do anything except stay at home and watch that thing from New York.

i got my license :D
i am sssooo happy. I took the driving test last week and i passed on my first time!
i was very surprised.

It it bucking freezing here!!!!
like now its -6!! mann. stupid middle of the usa
is it cold where you live??
that just reminded me that the southern hemisphere of our world has summer now :D
you guys are so lucky!

Last year [around October] our 10th grade took a PLAN test and we got the test results yesterday and it said that i got 30/32 for the science portian and then if you look at the percentages it says that 100% of my school got below that xDDDD
and then it said that 99% of sophmores in college got below that [laughs]
i was like HOLY SHITE.!


like the new layout? had to change it cause...idk its a new year and stuff (:

something is totally wrong with me, i remember when i use to have anime wallpapers and shite and now i don't...mann. i've changed!

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