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This is the myO home page for REVOLUTiONiSTS. It's a club for people who are not good, but great at what they put effort in doing. Those who kick things up a notch.

We're not here to breed posers so when submitting your application to join, submit a piece of your own, not something "premade". This club will be taking submissions on graphics, layouts, and art work. Other things may be submitted as well as long as it's something unique and originally made by you.

Please read the rest of the content on the page about signing up and the site rules to help this page and club run smoothly.

How to join

Please read this section before filling out an application on the guestbook page since there is more info on how you should fill your application here. Remember that not everyone will be accepted.
•When did you join myO?

•What do you revolutionize? [layouts, graphics, art, etc]
side note: Wallpapers and the such go under graphics so instead of listing "tags, avatars, e-cards, wallpapers..." just say graphics

•URL(s) for any work you've done for proof [examples: your myO layout, fan art, any graphics...]
side note: Maximum of 2 URLs for each category---submit your best work(s) because if you submit more than two, only the first two will be checked so don't say, "Oh, well that's not my best work".

•How did you hear about this club?

•Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?

You'll find these questions off to the side on the guestbook page. Copy them from there and paste them into your entry to fill out. Please read the rules first.

Applications will be checked over every Wednesday and Thursday and the members list will be updated Friday. Applications after Thursday will have to wait for the following week to see if they have been added. Once added, you will recieve a PM with the codes to link to the club and also get a GB signing by REVO. If a you don't make it, a PM will be sent with the reason.

Site & Club Rules

Please read over these rules before making your mark on this page. There shouldn't be any problems here as long as visitors use their common sense and their eyes to read and follow these rules.
»Respect everyone.
»If there is ever any type of problem, send a PM and calmly talk it over.
»There is no guarantee that everyone who applies will be accepted.
»Submit your work. Not someone else's. If you are accepted at first and then figured out to be a phony, you will be taken out without any warnings, just a notice.
»Applications go into the guestbook. If they are sent in any other form (i.e. comments, PM's, etc.) they will be ignored.
»If you don't want to join the club, but would like to say 'hey there nice page' or something along those lines, leave such entries as comments.
»If you plan to delete your account, be sure to tell us before doing so. It'll be easier to know when you remove your name off our members list instead of having to go around looking for you.
»On the other hand, if you're going to delete your account to start another, still contact the club about it so you won't have to submit another application.
»As a member please support the club by placing a banner/button on your page or spreading the word about us ^__^

Friday, March 2, 2007

Unofficial official statement...

Date: March 02, 2007

Time: 1:34 A.M. (Eastern)

Well, this is Dan(n)y A.K.A Heero yuy.

Lately, we,as in the REVOLUTiONISTS have done nothing for awhile. We started out, just building our member base and whatnot, then we just stopped.

Well, I in my opinion feel like this is just a technical hiatus. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, Sw33tz has been busy with school and other activities. She rarely has time for her personal page, let alone this club. And the other moderators also have things they must attend to with greater importance than the club for now.

So don't stop putting in applications, just don't expect exceptance anytime soon.

I'm curious what you, the member or/and moderator thinks of this hiatus...

You know what to do, just drop your lines in the comment box.


Heero Yuy (Dan(n)y)

Thanks for reading,

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Date: July 28, 2006
Time: 12:18 am
Mood: guilty ^_^;

Uh-oh. Dany here.......I was supposed to have a new layout up this week but I've been kinda on the lazy/occupated side lately ^^;

Battle of the Layouts

But for those who've read it on my page, I decided to just do a BotL (Battle of the Layouts for those who don't know. When I usually do these on my site, I have premade thumbnails ready and post them up for battle. But since I was so unprepared this week, I'll just put up some names/titles. Anyways, here we go:

Final Fantasy VII:AC
Other: give your own suggestion

Whichever has the most amount of votes, I'll attempt to make a layout of it first. If any problems come up (i.e. can't find any good images), then I'll do the layout with the second most votes and so on.

Other News

And I'd like to apologize for not updating the members list, but at least it means there's more to look forward to next week :D Things to look out for are:

---more organized page
The intro, rules, member info, etc. will be put into an iframe and hopefully the post section will be easier to find instead of scrolling past everything else.

---New sections/pages
I'll also be adding a section with banners for those who aren't in the group but would still like to support us. And I'll also add an affiliates page which I still haven't gotten to ^^;

I think that's pretty much all for now though. Sorry if I let any of you who were awaiting a new layout down, I'll just have to try super hard this time :D

Thanks for reading,

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Date: July 21, 2006

Time: 3:06 AM

While, hello, hello there...

It's the other Dany aka Heero yuy, here to throw some updation into this club site.

First, Sw33tz is coming up with a new layout for our already spectacular club site, so look forward to that in the near future.

Second, thank you for who has signed up to join and will join. I and everyone here applauds you for your time to join our "organization", I'm sure, this will be a big thing and will be a great contributer to myO community.

And help spread the word, it's great to have friends in high places...if you get my drift...eh, eh...

So, once again, thank you...

And stop by more often...

We welcome ideas and opinions...

Updating members list aswell...

Oh, yeah, don't forget to submit any graphical work...

Greatly appreciative, have a good day.

Thanks for reading,

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