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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Probably last MyO update


ZOMG!! O_____O I haven't updated in forever!! *epic fails* I've been at www.mangarevolution.com lately coz for a while I couldn't get into MyO and I kept having trouble with this site!! T_T So I thought I'd update now that I can log in again and let you all know that I'll be over at mangarevolution most of the time...I don't have enough time to properly manage two sites at once! so if you want/need to contact me you can get me there or send me a PM here and I'll try and reply! I think most of you have my email so we can keep in touch that way aswell! *hugs* and if you don't have it, just ask ^^

I hope you're all doing well! =3

oooh, before I go I want to thank everyone here at MyO for supporting me and being a great friend! *HUGS* >_<

Cheers! ^^

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Heya! ^^

ok well no one got the quote from last time =P lol...it was Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis (but you wouldn't know if you haven't seen it obviously...*sweatdrops*) So anyway, can you guess the new one!? *points up*

So anways, how's everyone goin? what are you all up to?? I'm smack dead in the middle of assignments and presentations! But once next week is over I'll be on holidays for 4 months!!! WOOOOT!!! Love christmas holidays! XD

I've started rollerblading again and I'd forgotten how much fun it was! I don't know why I ever stopped! Plus I've been watching Air Gear (lol..that motivated me to blade...lol...) And it's so cool
!! My fav character is Agito!! lol, he talks so much trash it's hilarious! XD Wouldn't recommend the show if you don't like nudity, street talk, gangs and swearing....lol.... ^^;

This saturday I'm going to an exhibition my old school is puting on and they asked me if I wanted to donate any of my art work for it so people could buy it and I thought, eh, why not...so I just put in a couple of my photographs ^^ I can't wait to see what other people put in! And I can't wait to see what the school is like now...school was great ^^

oh, I totally forgot, it's halloween soon huh? Are you guys doing anything for it?? I don't really celebrate it...I mean people over here do celebrate it, but I just never have... ^^; Plus my parents wouldn't let me when I was little so....eh, I dunno, never really grew into it either...

OOOOH!! Nearly forgot!!! DuelistGirl97 did this in her post, so now I have to do it in mine! ^^ For the first 10 people to comment on this post I'll feature them and their art/wallpapers in my next post! WOOOT!! So get commenting! lol... =P

YAY!! I have to tell you guys! There's this new Japanese food place that opened up the other day and I went and tried takayaki for the first time! lol! It was actaully quite nice! Except I couldn't eat it all coz I bought ramen aswell! OH!! SOOOO FULL!!! I don't think I'll need anything for dinner ay! But yeah, I'll be going back there ^^ I really wish they made okonimiyaki though...I've never tried it but it sounds really yum! ^^

ok, I'll reply to comments now: ^^

randomized05 - lol, don't worry, you don't have to comment every time...I know I can't comment everyone's posts every time! ooooh, school sounds really busy for you! O__O Hope you don't get too worn out or anything.......LMAO!! OOOOH YUK!!! I can't stand Dr Pepper!! They even tried to introduce it to Australia, but no one bought it coz almost everyone hated it! lol! (sorry, but to me it tastes like medecine!(sp?) lol...) So yeah, you can't buy it in Australia anymore I don't think =P

DuelistGirl97 - lol...I don't really care bout the moon landing either (i mean it's not like I'll ever go to the moon or anything...) It was just something that popped into my head all of a sudden while typing my post...lol...WOOOOT!! *hug squish* thanks for the fav and stuff on the pic! XD yeah, lol, I actually submitted it on DA first...usually I submit stuff here first....but eh, I dunno...I was on DA at the time...lol...

ChristianOtaku - lol! Yeah if my internet was down for any longer than a week there would be withdrawal symptoms! lol! ^^; Thanks!! Glad you like the pic! *hugs* I'm working on something else at the moment...but I should really be doing my assignments! lol....haha, don't worry, I'm like to remain ignorant bout the moon landing too...I mean it doesn't really bother me...it's not like I'll ever go there, it wasw just something I thought up all of a sudden while typing up my post and was wondering if any of you guys had an opinion on it ^^

sonicandtailsrox - LOL!! Thanks so much! Glad ya like it =3

LGA775 - Thanks for checkin out my pic the other day! ^^ Glad ya like it! XD yeeeeah, I don't really know about the moon thing...interesting you think it was all set up ^^ I do't really have an opinion on it ^^; I was just wondering what all you guys thought about it ^^;

So anyways, that's about it...I'm gona go draw stuff for my assignments....or maybe I'll draw some pics of Agito!! LOL!! LOVE HIM!! >_< Actaully..."here's one I prepared earlier" lol...it's still in the process of shading/sketching blah...so check it out if you're interested ^^ (I'll just submit it now ^^;)

Agito Wip

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Cheers! ^^

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Heya! ^^

WAAAAI!! I just had an idea! I'm gona add a quote from an anime as the subject line *points up* and you guys guess what anime it's from and who says it!! ^^ YAY!! ok...GO!! >_< (you daon't have to though...it's just a bit of fun) ^^

So anways, how's it goin?? Sorry I didn't update for a while, we used over our internet bandwidth and then BAM!!! My brother unhooked the internet so we couldn't use it for about a week! (coz if we use more than a certain amount in a month we have to pay LOTS of money to use the net...aaand there's no way we could afford it =P lol...) So that sucked...but at least it was only a week...any longer and there could have been withdrawal issues =P haha (jks)

So how did I keep myself occupied? ummm...well I went to university, worked on some of my assignments, cleaned the house and I bought a NewType and SFX collection mag to keep me occupied ^^ Plus NewType came with a dvd which had a few anime episodes on it ^^

OH!! And a while ago I had a sudden urge to draw...lol so I added a bleach pic to my folio if you'd like to take a look! ^^ YAAAY!!

Hollow Ichigo

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

hmmmm, I have a question for you all: Do you think the first moon landing was real or not?? I mean you guys have all heard the conspiracy theories and stuff right?? I was just wondering what yas think of it ^^

Bleh, I think I'm getting addicted to coke...no seriously, I drink it like water...*has a bottle of coke right now* hmmmm, maybe I should actaully drink more water since it's healthy and all ^^; Did you guys know, I actaully didn't like water when I was little...although I drink it now...mostly just when I'm really thirsty and stuff...eh, I dunno...I should be more healthy and stuff... ^^;

Well, enough about me, time to reply to comments! YAY!!: ^^

LT14 - Don't worry, I know everyone's busy ^^ I'm busy myself! So it's all good mate. ^^ Yeah I don't go to theme parks much either coz I have to pay for myself and it's actaully pretty expensive! 0_o And before I got a job I hadn't been since I was 5! =P I'm sure you'll do lots of stuff once you can pay your own way ^^ Oh! Yeah the dance party was great!! I even had a couple of friends who went that wouldn't dance! But they did it anyway coz there was a beginner class before it started ^^ So then they could dance at least a little! YAY! ZOMG!! >_< Thanks!! Yeah those songs are totally addictive =P What sort of songs do you like???

Sir Deathstrike - Yeah, Death Note's great!! Really interesting and intense story line! I'd recommend it to people who love a good murder mystery sort of story. ^^ LOL!! I actually don't like pasta *sweatdrops* but I LOOOVE PIZZA!! XD hehe!

15385bic - Actaully, to be honest, I hate pasta ^^; But the pizza is SOOOO GOOD!! Although I do like noodles...lol...but I don't like rice...although I do like vermacille(sp?) which is rice noodles! haha...oh, and I DO like fried rice...haha...I'm such a loser *sweatdrops*

ChristianOtaku - worries and stressed huh?? That doesn't sound too good! *gives you a cookie* munch on that and just chill for a bit mkay ^^ Just keep this in mind: Don't worry or stress about things you can't change, it will just make things worse and wear you out! I'm sure you'll make it through without any trouble ^^ YUP!! I know salsa! (a little anyway...) lol...in January a friend got a bunch of us together and we all went and learned salsa together! It was so much fun!! >_< I felt so stupid to start with, but I got the hang of it and now it's really great! ^^ ooooh, yeah read the manga of Tsubasa Chronicles coz the anime stops after season 2 and the manga keeps going...Plus tsubasa resevoir chronicles is coming out soon so that manga will probably be pretty good...I'm really hanging out for the ova's coming out at the end of the year! YAY! Hope you enjoy it!

DuelistGirl97 - LOL!! ZOMG!! Yep, I'm back with a Death Note theme!! WOOOT!! >_< haha, I got my sister to watch the first episode and she was addicted to it for 2 days till she finished the entire series!! haha!! It was hilarious! I'd be like: hey do you want to do something? and she'd be like: shhhh!!! Trying to watch!! O___O haha!! hmmm, I never used to be much of a dancer (still aren't really) But after I picked up a couple of moves it was actaully alot more fun then I though it would be! ^^ Oh yeah!! I know there is more manga and plus the tsubasa resevoir chronicles are coming out...plus the ova's are coming out late 07 early 08!! Can't wait! >_<

Dunpeil Dueliest - Thanks!! Glad you like the new look ^^ I'm gona PM ya later, it's been so long since we had a good chat! >_<

LGA775 - WOOT!! Death Note's awesome! ^^ Yeah my days are relly busy...sometimes I wish I could just stop time and chill for a while...but meh...that's pretty unlikely =P It's a nice thought though ^^

littlemissharriet - THAAAAANKS!! =3 I like your death note Avatar!! Looks awesome ^^

Welllll, I think I'm gona go draw some more...I have an urge all of a sudden =P haha...Any suggestions?? hmmm, I've been thinking of figuring CS2 out...buuuut, it gives me a headache sometimes...I'm gona have to learn it eventually though, one of my subjects next year is computer graphics! lol.... I might go fiddle round with it... ^^ Anyways, catch yas later!

Cheers! ^^

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   My Weekend! YAY!!

G'Day! ^^

How is everyone?!? I hope you're all doing really well!

I thought I'd update and let you all know how my weekend was! ^^ (lol, I know it's Wednesday already...but the busiest part of my week is mon, tues, wed...) So yeah, Friday night I went out to this really nice Italian restaurant with my Aunty, bro and sis! It was so much fun!! And the meal was SOOOO GOOD!!!! >_< I would tell you what I had...but I can't even pronounce it, let alone spell it! haha...I'll just say it was chicken...REALLY GOOD CHICKEN!! *starts to drool*

Aaaaaand then Saturday a friend had a b'day thing on at a theme park so we all car pooled and we actaully got there early! And we went on all these fun rides! And I ate a hotdog for breakfast, salad and cookie for lunch and ice-cream for afternoon tea!! YUMM!! haha...ooooh, and I was the only one who didn't get sunburnt coz I wore sunscreen! WAAAI!! So smart ^^ Although my friends wanted tans...haha, I tan too easily though so I didn't want to...plus summer's coming up so I'll do it then at the beach ^^

And then Saturday night a bunch of other friends and I went to a Latin Dance Party!! WOOOOT! It was so much fun!!! >_< They had a quick lesson before the party started for those who had no idea how to dance, which I thought was a good idea! ^^ Although I already knew salsa, but then they taught us the cha cha!! haha, I'd never done it before and it confused me so much!! @_@ I think maybe I'll just stick with the good ol' LA SALSA!! YAY!! ^^

Then my friends went out clubbing after the party...I piked out coz I was beat from dreamworld and all the dancing! -_- And Sunday I slept ^^ lol...

Well I watched Tsubasa Chronicles for the first time and it's a really cute anime! I really love the concept! (And for those of you who watched tv in the early-mid 90's you'll get this: It totally reminded me of SLIDERS!! Loved that show ^^ lol...) So yeah, Really like the anime, although I'm not happy with the ending...I WANT MORE!!! >_< (I won't say anything further for those who haven't seen it...I hate spoilers so I won't do it for anyone else...) But yeah, I think they could have made a better ending... ^^;

oooh, and here are a list of songs I'm addicted to at the moment! (haha, some are old school but good) =3

- In the shadows, The Rasmus
- The Hell Song, Sum 41
- Over My Head, Sum 41
- I Don't Wanna Be In Love, Good Charlotte
- Comatose, Skillet
- Thanks For The Memories, Fall Out Boy

ok, well I'll start replying to all your comments again! YAY!! Here goes:

wolfwolf90 - Oh, well if you want my hotmail address again it's: rennie_gal@hotmail.com ^^ email whenever ya feel like a chat! ^^ YAAAY!! Thanks! Yeah I'm actually really liking my Death Note theme =3 It's a little darker than my usual themes, but good! ^^ Oh! And I got my sister addicted to Death Note! haha! Fun ^^

Eight Sun - Well at least you have a decent excuse such as your internet screwing up! lol...yeah!! It's good to be back! I've missed everyone so much! it seems I came back at a good time too! Everyone seems to be coming back all of a sudden! lol... YAY!!! >_< *throws confetti*

15385bic - The anime is called Death Note. It's ZOMG!! really hard to describe! It's interesting, enthralling(sp??), trippy, thriller, suspenseful, awesome, complex, etc...I dunno, It's REALLY good if you like a good story line in your anime ^^ I got my sister hooked and she didn't stop watching it till she finished the series! (only 36 or 37 episodes...) ooooh, yeah I'm not stressed about uni yet...I don't really stress at all (which is probably one of my faults I think...) aaaah well...I'm too easy going I guess =P

randomized05 - lol, it's ok, I don't mind ^^ I'm glad school's been going well! ^^ I know what you mean about energy draining! -_- Now try adding on top of school extra work (uni level stuff I guess...) and work and social life and keeping the house clean and cooking dinner, doing chores etc...I feel like I'm half dead at the end of the day! lol...But it's good I get things done I think ^^

ChristianOtaku - CHA!! THAAANKS!!! >_< Glad you like the theme! ^^ I wasn't too sure what I'd do for a 'Death Note' theme when I first thought about it...I mean there were options to make it all cutsie and chibi and stuff...but I'z like nope, death note can't be chibi =P lol...I felt like doing something different to my usual! ^^ WOOOT!! YEAH SO PUMPED!! Christmas holidays soon!! WOOO!! I'll be on lots more XD oooh, school for you sounds like it was for me! like an assignment or exam due all the time! @_@ it's enough to drive you crazy!

sonicandtailsrox - Glad you're doing well! ^^ Thanks! Glad you like my new theme too! ^^

dragonrider18 - I already PMd you (and then you replied, so now it's my turn to PM you...haha...confused yet? =P lol...) So anyways, I missed you too! *hug hug* I'll PM you back later ^^ (when I'm not so sleepy and can think straight...lol)

Well that's about it, I'm so wiped out ay! I had work and uni today...bleh, I'm gona get an early one tonight ^^

Cheers! ^^

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

   Gomen!! (I'm not dead...) =P lol...

G'Day! ^^

AH!!! I haven't posted in so long! *sweatdrops* GOMEN!! Uni is hella busy but I'll be on holidays in about 4 weeks!!! YAAAY!!! I love christmas holidays!! (They're like summer holidays in America...REALLY LONG!! Since christmas is during the summer, which is during our holiday we call it christmas holidays instead of summer vacation...) ^^

And most of you have been back at school for a while now right?? How is it? I hope you're all going really well!! I've missed you all so much!

I changed my site theme (just stating the obvious =P lol...) I hope you all like it! It's a little 'darker' than my usual themes, but it's a great anime and I like it! ^^ YAY!! I can't decide my fav character though...It's hard to decide between L and Near!! lol...

Well I'll try and keep updating more and make time to visit all your sites! Oh, and reply to PMs!! ^^

Cheers! ^^ *hugs*

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

   Go give sei-ten love!! =3

G'Day! ^^

ZOMG!! Before I say anything, everyone go check out the pic sei-ten did of my Ren pic!! *huggles her to death* It's so beautiful!!

**new Ren**???

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

OH OH!!! And I'm thinking of changing the theme of my site so I have a poll *points up* if you'd like to put your opinion in and help me decide! ^^

So how has everyone been?!? My week has been uber busy! And this week will be even BUSIER! All my assignments are due this week! *sweatdrops*

Oh!! I was going to work the other day and I thought I'd stop and buy some breakfast at this small street cafe...so anyway I ordered and paid and stuff and was waiting there for them to make it and I heard this BOOM! and a flash of light! I was like WHAT THE?!? And then the chick came out and said their toaster blew up so they couldn't make my order, so they gave me my money back and I went somewhere else...But yeah, I just found it funny that their toaster blew up! >_< haha!!

My weekend was so busy! This is the first chance I've had to post! And it's already Sunday afternoon! Well Friday night a friend and I had an anime movie night at my place and we watched Fruits Basket coz she hadn't seen it! I love that series so much! ^^ YAY!! and then Saturday night was the RiverFire festival and I went to a friends place who has a really good view of the city and we watched the fire works and I love the F111 planes the most!!! They do a fuel dump and sonic blast really low over the city as they fly past and it looks so cool!!! >_< and the entire ground shakes and it sounds as if your ears are about to explode!!! haha!! So yeah, that was good! ^^ And today is fathers day!! I bought my dad a prezzie and I'll cook dinner later tonight for everyone ^^ I hope he likes it! I'll have to think of something he likes to eat ^^

ZOMG!!! >_< And today is the second day of spring!!! WOOOOT!! (because it's the 2nd September here...) YAAAAY!!! I love spring and summer the most!! So much fun! >_< So what season is it where you guys are??

Well I've been tagged by Flaky and fun! I was tagged on DA too, so I might just post the same facts here ^^ (sorry DG97 and CO, you've seen them already! =P hehe...):
The rules are:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a message telling them they're tagged
And here are my facts:
1) When I was little I used to think there were little guys living in the traffic lights that changed them...(oh...it's true...) 0_o
2) ummmm, I've never broken a bone in my body (MILK IS YUMMMM!!! DRINK IT!!!!)
3) I don't like rice, but I like FRIED RICE! (yeeeeeeah, figure that one out...)
4) Someday I want to go to Santorini and Japan ^^ Because travel is FUN!! (not that I'd know...*sweatdrops*)
5) I've never been afraid of the dark or of heights...In fact I was always climbing trees when I was little >_< I could always climb up, but had trouble getting down *sweatdrops* so dad had to come help get me out of the tree...haha...Good times ^^
6) The other day it poured rain (for the first time in...wait...I don't remember the last time it rained like that...) so anyways, it poured down and I was walking home from uni and I was SOAKING wet! seriously.....it was like Id just jumped into a pool with my clothes on... =P haha...
7) I'm addicted to chicken salt (THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH CHICKEN SALT!!!) 0_o And if you haven't tried it...GO!! *points* NOW!!! *starts to reach for the whip* lol!
8) If there was such a thing as Ice-cream delivery....it would SOOOOO be here right now....(and I'd be stuffing my face with the best ice-cream in the world...yep, BELIEVE IT!!) haha...

YAY!! And now I'll tag people!! ^^ Dunpeil Dueliest, DuelistGirl97 (haha, you're turn to be tagged by me!!), ChristianOtaku, dragonrider18, LT14, sei-ten, aragorn1014 and Moon Fangs!! (Although you guys don't have to do it if you don't want ^^ I don't mind...) ^^

About time to reply to comments I think!^^:

Dunpeil Dueliest - Well I hope you're feeling much better by now ^^ *hugs* Oh!! Thanks SOOOO MUCH!! I'll check out that site for Code Geass! *GLOMP*

Sir Deathstrike - LMAO!! >_< You couldn't really blow up if that happened could you?!? HAHA!! It's pretty funny to think about though! XDDD

DuelistGirl97 - COOOOOL!!! >_< We speak the same language!! >_< *HUG SQUISH* haha!! I think you're like the only other person on here (who isn't Aussie) who actaully gets what I talk about when I say stuff like that! =P Oh!! Well if you decide to come to Australia I can tell you some good places (and not so good places =P lol...) ZOMG!! >_< I want to watch that now, just so I can see the dude called Ryuichi!! XDDD lol!!

ChristianOtaku - HAHA!! Yeah, my typing speed varies! I mean I guess I'm pretty good but sometimes I just get really into it and I realise I'm typing SUPER FAST!! >_< haha! It's pretty frustrating watching my dad type though >_> He's one of the people who types using just his pointer fingers and looks around for all the letters!! ARGH!! It's enough to drive me crazy!! So I tell him I'll type his stuff for him just so I don't have to watch him try and type! But then again when I look at my sister type...I seem SUPER SLOW!! haha! She's like lightening! Alhtough she was taught touch typing in school =P

Moon Fangs - Oh cool! Yeah my room's like that too! I love it and it has everything I need ^^ But sometimes I just feel like I want to get out and do stuff!

LGA775 - COOOOOOL!!! Yeah the beach is the BEST!! >_< And the Islands are pretty nice too ^^ Hopefully I'll be going to the beach with a few friends next weekend, but we haven't decided o it yet ^^

Greedsdoll - haha!! Well I seem to babble quite a bit sometimes! I try not to with my posts and I try to get to the point, but sometimes I don't and just end up trying to remember what my point was! lol! *sweatdrops* oooooh, well it was more like toast and fried egg...so I guess it depends on what people like/dislike ^^ hehe!! Yeah, chocolate is YUMMM!!! Although I have a friend who doesn't like it! 0_o WHAT THE?!?!

Well this post has turned out to be long again! I guess coz I'm only posting on weekends now I have to catch you all up on things from the entire week!! ^^ Oh!! And btw, if you want to chat during the week or anything, feel free to PM me mkay! ^^ I always check my PM's during the week! ^^

Cheers! ^^ *hugs*

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Friday, August 24, 2007

   oooooh, random stuff!! >_< lol...

G'Day! ^^

Well it's the weekend and here I am yet again! (WOOOOOW!!! I have just discovered I have super special awesome typing speeeeeed!!! I feel like I do anyways...although I make a lot of mistakes...yes...the backspace button and I are friends....good friends, we have history the two of us do....) lol!! I am in the dumbest mood ever! >_< so: WARNING! This post will probably be mostly about nothing of great interest, just me...babbling on....about nothing... 0_o

oooOOooOohhh!! Yeah ummmm, oh wait! (something actaully....well I don't know, not complete crap...) Yeah! Well about the coast, my friends and I were gona go, but it's been raining for weeks!! (GYAH!! OVER THE RAIN ALREADY!!...I mean it's nice and good and stuff...especially since we're in a drought and all...) But yeah, I can't handle all this rain! It's toooo much! I need the sunshine back!! T_T So we're not going to the beach *sigh* Although tonight a friend of mine is having a party, so everyone will be there and I'll see my friends anyway! ^^ YAY!!

I'm hungry...I swear eveyone in their posts were talking about food today! Plus, I just woke up and haven't had breakfast yet! oooooh look and it's 12 noon! >_< haha...(I woke up at about 11am...) So I'm gona go get something to eat! >_< *goes off to the kitchen*

WOOOT!! I'm cooking a toad in the hole! YUMMMM!!! >_< haha...(just to clarify that...it's not really a toad, that's just what it's called. What it is, is a peice of bread and ya cut a hole in the middle and then you fry it in a pan and then crack an egg into the hole...so it's just bread and egg...lol...) I know it's not the most appetising of names, but it's always been that so who am I to argue! =P lol...

oh! I'm gona ask some questions!
1) where's the one place in the world you love the most?
2) If you won the lottery, what would you do??
3) Have you ever hicuped and sneezed at the same time?

And my answers:
1) I would have to say Crystal Cascades in the Northern Tropics! >_< (OH CRAP!! BREKKIE!! *runs off to the kitchen* It's ok...I saved it! *munches on it* YUMMM!) So anyways, yeah, there's this waterfall that has this really smooth rock in the shape of a chair under it, and yuo can sit there and get a massage by the waterfall!! YAY!! >_< I miss living in the tropics so much sometimes...
2) Put it in a savings account and live off the interest! haha...I'd also travel and stuff ^^
3) yep... -_-" it's not pretty...
4) ummmmm, nooooooooo (which is why I asked! MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! >_< lol...)

Ok, it's probably about time I replied to comments! ^^; lol...:

LT14 - mmm, yeah I love roast! ZOMG! Yeah I loooooove summer here! >_< Actaully I live in the city, but the beach is only a 30 min drive! ^^ I go there as much as I can! ^^ woooow, it must be the opposite here coz it's sposed to be getting hotter, but it's still pretty cold! lol...

ChristianOtaku - CHAAA!! >_< Yeah I know! The plan worked again! haha! =P ooooh, I usually hate vegetables, but I like some of them roasted & steamed ^^ Although I'd choose meat over vegies any day! lol...I don't understand how some people can be vegetarian! *dies*

Dunpeil Dueliest - Sounds like you got some nice prezzies! ^^ Awwww!! *uber hugs* I feel so special now! =333 lol >_< I'm glad you like it (even though it wasn't what Mahado wanted *sweatdrops*) ^^ Oh cool!! Yeah up here we have the Ekka! ^^ It just finished though...Oh COOOOL!!! Have fun at Manifest!! ^^

DuelistGirl97 - LOL!! Yeah I know! I love storms coz there's lightening & thunder and everything and the rain POURS down! But it's just depressing when it's all overcast and the rain is only soft, and the wind! AH!! It's the wind that really gets me! I hate the cold wind! >_< I like warm breezes though ^^; lol...

randomized05 - ZOMG!! >_< my fav flavour is choc chip cookie dough! lol...Best stuff i nthe WORLD! XD oooooh, so I'm guessing school's started already? I hope you're enjoying it! oh really? grd 9 is when highschool starts?? WEIRD!! grd 8 is when it starts for us here...Primary school is grds 1-7 then highschool is 8-10 and then senior high is 11 & 12...

15385bic - Really?? Just the holidays? you don't look forward to christmas, boxing day or new year or anything like that? (But either way you'll be rid of those kids for a few months! WOOOT! haha...)

Moon Fangs - LOL!! Actaully I don't really eat vegies very much! (I should eat more than I do...lol...) So don't worry, I'm not worried about getting fat! =P Really?!? You didn't go swimming all summer?!?! I'd be at the beach as much as I could! I love the beach! AAAH!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for this rainy weather to be over!! WOOOT!! >_< lol...

aragorn1014 - oh, fall! lol, we call it Autumn ^^ ooooh, you're in Florida now huh? LOL!! >_< I knoooow! I'm SOOOO unorganised and I procrastinate!! *sweatdrops* They're things I have to work on... =P

Well this has turned out to be a SUUUUPER long post!!! *sweatdrops* I wonder if you guys will read it all?? lol...Oh well, I don't mind either way ^^ As long as you visited right? ^^ Well I better go! Chat to you all later! *hugs*

Cheers! ^^

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

   My Plan Works! >_< lol...

G'Day! ^^

WOOOO!!! >_< If I didn't make that plan last week to update every weekend...I don't think I'd be here updating! =P lol! So it's a good thing I did! ^^ So how's everyone's week been?!?!

Mine's been pretty busy (but good!). Last night I went to a friends place for dinner and they made a roast! YUMMM!!!! >_< And there were roast vegies (vegetables) aswell!! I actaully like roast vegies the best...although steamed are pretty good aswell....WOAH!! I'm talking about vegies!?!? 0_o Let's move along shall we... *sweatdrops*

I have an assignment due tomorrow so I'm gona have to do that today...bleh...I'm really not in the mood for anything! The weather is making me feel sleepy!! It's all overcast and crap but it just WON'T RAIN!!! WAAAAH!!! I mean I love it when it's sunny and I love it when it pours down rain...but I hate in between! =P

ZOMG!!! >_< I can't wait for spring/summer!! WOOOOO Winter is almost over!! As soon as I get most of my assignments out the way I'm gona ask my friends if they want to go to the coast for a weekend so we can go to the beach and swim/surf/sunbake/eat ice-cream/go shopping....and all sorts of fun stuff!! WOOOOT!!! >_< I'm getting excited just thinking about it! haha! buuuuut, gotta get these assignments out the way first!

oooooh, sorry I haven't visited people much, I'll try and make time to do that today for yas! ^^

Comment Replying time WOOOO: ^^

Dunpeil Dueliest - I'm so sorry!! I've been suuuuper busy!! I've missed ya too! Oh! haha!! I laughed so hard when you told me I drew the wrong guy!! >_< HAHA!! Buuuuut, I'm glad you liked it anyway *sweatdrops* lol...

ChristianOtaku - Yeah true, I spose when I'm older I'll look younger than I really am! WOOOT! >_< haha...then I'll be happy! ^^ You know I STILL get asked for ID when I go to clubs or buy drinks n stuff! lol...I guess I'll have to get used to it! OOOOH! You're like my friend! When she was 17, people used to think she was 20!!! O___O (WTF?!?!)

wolfwolf90 - Yeah! really busy! >_< Oh! I don't remember if I commented on your new post or not!! I'll check again today just incase I missed it! ^^

Shishou - haha!! I totally thought I did the same thing with one of your posts! lol...so I typed stuff again =P lol...Yep! The plan is working perfectly!! (hence the post right now!) ooooh, I couldn't imagine having an unreliable computer! Although if I did...I'd probably just use the computers at uni! Oh yeah, I act younger too I spose...but I think it's best to be young at heart than anything else ^^ CHA!! We'll storm the Pizza place and order all the mushroom pizza's we can eat!! >_< LOOKOUT!! =P MWAHHAHAHA HA HA!!

randomized05 - oooh, so you're starting school pretty soon! Are you excited or nervous or dreading it?? lol...yep, dont worry it made sense ^^ I have a friend who's like that too! ooooh, I wish I were taller... ooh, you don't like mushrooms?? yeah I didn't like them when I was younger, but all of a sudden, I liked them! haha...weird huh! We're like, opposite! =P

aragorn1014 - lol!! no, no...you got it all wrong! I don't like the pizza manager, he likes me! buuuut, he's too old for me =P haha...he's nice though ^^ Yeah! lol, I was totally surprised when he said 15! I mean I've heard people say 18 and stuff like that before, but not 15! lol!! But oh well, I don't mind ^^

LT14 - ooooh!! Yeah that's a good ice-cream flavour! (I don't know how to spell it either! lol...) ^^; Oh no!! I hate when I forget lunch!! But since I have a job now I just keep some money in my pocket...just incase ^^ at least then I won't starve!

sonicandtailsrox - Really?? You haven't had a busy summer? Well that's good spose, I bet it's been nice and relaxing! ^^

Well I better get started on this assignment! I hope everyone has a great day and I'll get to your sites when I can! (hopefully today!) ^^

Cheers! ^^ *hugs*

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Friday, August 10, 2007


G'Day! ^^

GYAH!! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in what feels like FOREVER!! *sweatdrops* I hope everyone is doing ok! *UBER HUGS YOU ALL*

Well the 3rd week of uni just finished and I'm TOTALLY knee deep in a mass of assignments again! haha, life isn't so bad though! Actaully, it's really fun at the moment!! >_< I've made so many new friends at uni and I love the classes I'm taking and all the tutors are really nice and easy to talk to! I actaully feel motivated to do my assignments for once! *SHOCK HORROR* (usually I procrastinate A LOT and am lazy with them and then hand in some half-assed thing from the night before... *sweatdrops*) So yes, it's actaully feeling good! Although it's keeping me pretty busy!

THEREFORE, I HAVE A PLAN!!! (let me know what you think of it!)
~~~ I check out all your sites when I have time during the week
~~~ I post and update on weekends!
~~~ Of course I'll be replying to PM's and commenting on things throughout the week when I have time too ^^

(I know, it sorta sucks...but this way I'll be updating at least once a week! Which is better than my current record! ^^; lol...)

But yeah, don't think I'm leaving or thinking about it coz I love you all soooo much!! *hug squish* >_< I guess this is just my plan on making myself make time to update and let you all know how I'm going ^^

OH!! HAHA!! I have to tell you all this! >_< One of my brothers friends came to the door the other day and I opened it and stuff and then went to get my bro for him...anyways, later when my bro got home he said his friend asked if I was his younger sister! And so my bro said no, I'm his older sister (coz I am...) and then his friend said: "are you sure? She looked at least 15!" (LMAO!! I'm 21...) 0_o Anyways, it was pretty funny XD

AAAnd the other day my mum and I went to buy pizza and the guy there was so nice!! We bought this pizza that had mushrooms on it, and I said to the guy "YUM, I love mushrooms!" And then he told us that he would make the pizza himself so we would only have to wait 12 minutes instead of 20 minutes (coz he was the owner and all the other people there were trainees)...So yeah, that was exciting...and then we went to the bottle'o and bought some wine...and the guy there was SO chatty and nice and everything! haha...so anyways, we went back and got our pizza and went home...when we opened the pizza box, there were HEAPS of mushrooms on the pizza!!! AAAH AHA HAH HA!!! It was so funny coz mum said "I think I'll take you every time I go there...I get MUCH better service when you're with me!" HAHAHA!!! I just couldn't stop laughing!!

So yep, they're my stories from this week... XD

Comment Replying: ^^

LT14 - LOL!! I'm glad I'm not alone on that XD It was pretty funny though...I'm just glad that there wasn't another class in there!! oooooh!!! yeah!! It makes me feel like eating ice-cream again!!! WAIT!!!! O____O! I just realised I have some in the freezer!! The best kind too!! BASKIN ROBBINS CHOC CHIP COOKIE DOUGH!!! OOOOH YEAH!!! >_< *starts drooling* So what's your fav flavour?!?! XD

randomized05 - oooh, I set my email to filter out all the spam and advertising stuff by letting into my inbox only emails that are sent by people in my address book...all other emails go straight to the trash folder...and are deleted within 7 days! ^^ Which is good coz if I get something important from someone I don't have in my address book, it won't be completely lost! It will just go to my trash ^^ (i just have to make sure I check it within 7 days! lol...)

ChristianOtaku - LMAO!!! >_< "OH MY JASHIN!!!" oooooh you make me laugh! XDD *huggles* oh oh oh!!! The net is fixed!!! WOOOOOT!! *dances around and throws confetti like a crazy person* Now I can watch my anime once again!! WOOOT!!

DuelistGirl97 - YAYAY!! I'm glad you love the pic so much!! You should read that manga (if you haven't already) I really like it!! ^^ Plus it's only 5 volumes long so it's not long winded or anything ^^ LOL!! I don't mind if you laugh! It was a stupid mistake on my part! Although people in uni don't really care if people walk in or out of lectures coz there's so many people the lecturers don't really care much...plus they figure we have to take responsibility for our own education I guess...

Enzeru no hikari - oooh yeah! It's great having money to pre-order stuff and fuel my anime obsession *sweatdrops* although going to work sucks...haha...it's so much effort to wake up in the mornings!! -_-" lol...buuuuut that's life I spose ^^;

Well that's about it!!! *sighs* Finally got to everyone's sites, fanart, mangas etc...and posted!!! (If I missed yours for some reason let me know and I'll whack myself over the head for ya...oh yeah, and go to your site! haha...) I'm so tired, I think I'll go to sleep!

G'night! ^^

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

   1000 Visits! >_< WOOOT!

G'Day! ^^

WOOOOOOT!!! >_< Can you believe it?!?! Updating two days in a row! haha, it's been a while since I've done that! But I have news everyone!! YAYAYAYAY!!! I have over 1000 visits! ^^ Yup, so I thought I'd make a fanart from the manga Juvenile Orion since there's no fanart on MyO that I can find from it! So please check it out! here's the link: ^^ (I hope you like it!)

Thanks For The 1000 Visits!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

So today I had a lecture at uni, but when I showed up the lecture theatre was EMPTY!!! haha ^^; So I thought the lecturer must have sent an email around to everyone telling them it wasn't on...and since I never check my student email account, I didn't know! lol...so I thought I'd go check it and see if that was the case...and it was! lol...plus I checked all my other email that had piled up that I hadn't read! There was so much! But I didn't really have anything else to do since the lecture wasn't on =P But now I'm gona keep up with my student email account so I don't look like a complete loser again...haha *sweatdrops*

Oh! I met my sister in the city after uni and we ate ice-cream together! haha, it was this massive waffle bowl with chocolate on the edges of the bowl and then it had three massive scoops of ice-cream and then had chocolate fudge and cream on top!!! lol!! It was SOOOO YUM!!! Needless to say we shared it coz there's NO way I'd be able to eat it all on my own! >_< lol! FUUUUUN!!!

But then she had to go to uni, so I went and looked at the anime section in the dvd shop and nothing really caught my eye....so I went home ^^ But I can't wait till 15 August!!! >_< So exciting!! Anime to be released in Oz: Elemental Gelade vol 6, Black Cat vol 4, Gundam Seed Destiny vol 7!!! YAY!!! >_< I've pre-ordered them so I won't have to wait! lol...

oh, my internet is still having issues so I'm still not allowed to watch vidoes on the net.... *sigh* But it's ok, I'll live through it! ^^ lol...My dad said he knew that it would be tough and that I might need life support or something! haha!! but he was just being dumb =P

Time to reply to comments!: ^^

LT14 - Yup! And as the semester progresses, it's just gona get even busier! O___O But I always manage somehow ^^

MissGoldenAngel - WOOOOOW!!! I haven't chatted to you in aaaages!! How have you been!?!? ^^ Good I hope! ^^ Of course I still remember you! =P Yeah the previews of the simpsons movie made me laugh too, although I think they put most of the funniest parts in them...I hate when they do that...Really? Why don't you go see transformers with a friend or something? That's what I did! ^^

Moon Fangs - Oh!!! No!! Of course I'm not mad at you! *hugs* I've just been really busy and stuff with uni starting again and stuff ^^ I hope I did't worry you! I remember when my grandma died so I know exactly how you feel...I hope you can cheer up soon and get some sleep, I'm sure she wouldn't want you to be sad or to miss out on your sleep ^^ Oh, it wasn't real golf, just mini golf! lol...it was a lot of fun! ^^

randomized05 - lol...summer break! It's winter here! =P I can't wait till it's summer again, it's my fav season ^^ Yeah it was fun to see everyone all dressed up and stuff! ^^ It made it even more exciting XDDD

Angel Leila - Well it's fun to get older I think...I mean it would be pretty boring to stay the same age your entire life...you wouldn't get to experience the fullest life has to offer otherwise... ^^ Yeah I hate golf too! It's SOOO boring!!! But I played mini golf and it had like little obsticles and things that took the ball round places and stuff, it was actaully really fun! (totally different to normal golf...) Yeah, when the internet starts screwing up I can go grab a coffee and come back and the page will still be loading! lol...

Going4Christ - YAY!! I'm glad you like my theme! I love Prince of Tennis and the chibi episodes are HILARIOUS!!! I have to pause the show while I laugh! haha... >_< Well I'm glad I'm not the only busy person who doesn't update regularly! =P lol... ^^

DuelistGirl97 - hehe!! Yep, soz about that ^^; I always mean to post! lol...ZOMG! yeah some of my friends wore neon flares and stuff!! It was so funny to see! I wore a bright yellow skirt that my grandma made for my aunty when she was little! lol...And it had a little neck tie/bow thing that went with it =P hehe, themed parties are so much fun! ^^ Yeah this is gona suck for the next few weeks without being able to watch vids, and I couldn't even watch your amv you made! T_T But I'll watch it when the internet is up and running normally again ^^

xoxo Britty xoxo - YAAAAY!! You're ALIVE!!! >_< It's good to hear from you again *hug squish* Yeah I'm usually pretty busy even on my holidays! My friends always want me to go out and do stuff, plus there's uni and work and assignments and house work and ALL sorts of things! But somehow I manage ^^ oooh, September huh? I'll be half way through the semester by then! lol...noooooooo, Grease isn't the most annoying movie in the world for me. For me it's more like Alice in Wonderland, Charlie & the Chocolate factory & Mary Poppins....Those movies make me want to jump off the nearest cliff!!! lol...(obviously I don't though...since I'm here typing stuff and all =P lol...)

sonicandtailsrox - Seems like lots of peoples internet or computer is screwing up! Oh, well spam is just emails that are sent to your email address that you don't want and they usually advertise stuff (basically annoying and unwanted emails from random people or companies)...and a virus is something that actaully 'attacks' your computer in some way and usually makes it so it doesn't function the way you want it to and is usually damaging to the hard drive...Hope that explaination helped! ^^; I'm not the most intelligent when it comes to computer stuff but that's basically the difference between spam and a virus ^^

Well that's about it for now! Ah, I feel so accomplished right now! >_< updating 2 days in a row! hehe ^^ I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and I'll chat to you all later!

Cheers! ^^

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