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Friday, November 24, 2006

   First Submission!!!
YAY! *UBER EXCITEMENT* I thought I would do a bit of sketching while waiting for software for my computer....lol...

It's nothing amazing but I was bored and felt like doing something...It's a pastel pic coz I LOVE mucking around with pastel/paints/charcoal/graphite etc.... i love gettin into it and getting my hands all dirty, lol....^_^ one of my fav pass times! lol....so anyway, if you like it, let me know!!...


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

   I am dumb!!!
OMG!!! i have just realised (YES IT IS SPELT CORRECTLY) that youtube has the eps on there....hahaha, so now when I'm not busy I can catch up on my yugioh!! WOOHOOO!!!
It's so much better watching them than reading....lol.... the resolution isn't all that crash hot, but hey!! I can live with that ^_^

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

   Active Site!! YAYAY
Ok people so this is my brand spankin new MyO site... It's gona get more exciting once i install some softwear and start creating my own art...
(first i have to buy it...hehe...but ya never know, it's CHRISTMAS SOON PEOPLE!!! WOOHOOO!!!) So yes, lot's of beaches and waves to catch and don't forget the prezzies!!! lol... So anyway, I guess I shall talk to people later....


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