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Friday, March 9, 2007

   AND THE WINNER IS!!!! :::::
Okay!! ^^ I’ve decided to end the rAnDoM competition and announce the winner!! WOOOOOT!!! It was REEEEEEALLY HARD!!! I COULDN’T DECIDE!!!! (actually I am the worst decision maker EVER…what ever possessed me to have a competition I’ll never know 0_o….and I had to get my sisters and other peoples opinion to help me decide!! ^^ lol…) But the winner IS!! *takes a big breath and opens envelope*

YAAAAAY!!!! *streamers and confetti comes falling from the sky* lol! ^^ CONGRATS! I’ll send you a PM and ask you what sketch you’d like me to do for ya! ^^

Thanks so much everyone for being so random!!! They were all really great!!! It was SOOO hard to decide (I know I already said that…but OMG it was!!!) They all made me laugh!!! ^^ oh the cheese, the kitten running into walls, the emo boys on hippos, the spazzing out, the chickens! ^^ It was a random FEST!!! ^^

Ok, well now the formalities are out of the way…MY SHOULDER IS SOOOOOO SORE!!!! TT I had to carry my A2 folder and my art stuff to uni on the bus the other day! Luckily it has a strap I can put over my shoulder though coz if I carried it my arm would break off….(plus…I’m not exactly the tallest poppy in the field….and it keeps hitting the ground when I walk….C’MON PEOPLE!! FRIKIN A2!!!!) 0_o So yeah….I walked to the bus with it, walked from the bus to uni with it….drew with the same arm for 3 hours straight….then had to lug it AAAAAAALL the way home again…. *sigh*

HEHE!!!! Guess what!!!!!! ^^ There is this artist coming over from Seoul and he wanted volunteers for this photography piece he’s doing here!! ^^ So a friend and I volunteered!!! ^^ Tomorrow there’s this big group of us going to be there doing it! The project is called the Umbrella Taxi!!! LMAO!! And so what happens is we are given these bright yellow umbrellas and shirts and all we do is taxi people around with umbrellas!!! LMAO!!! It’s so hilarious my friend and I just had to do it!!! XDDDDDD

Yup, that’s my plan for Saturday…..hmmmm, what else…? Oh!!! Sunday I have to do 10 A2 sketches for an assignment on Monday!! OMG SO MUCH!!! lol…so that’s what’s happening for me this weekend!! ^^ What about you guys?? Any plans??? ^^

OMG!! Today I woke up and just bolted for the bus coz I would have been late for work!!! So I found clothes that I didn’t have to iron so I could get ready faster….So I found this skirt I hadn’t worn in YONKERS!! and OMG!!! I could swear it’s about to fall down!!! >< I’ve lost lots of weight all of a sudden…which is weird!!! I EAT SO MUCH CRAP!!! (LMAO!!! My Aunty just handed me chocolate….*munches on it*) So yeah…This skirt used to fit! TT I’m so paranoid about it now….(*whispers* I even tucked the top under my undies so it doesn’t fall down!!) XDDD Yup, it’s annoying!! Coz I really love this skirt!! TT WAAAAH!!!

OH OH!!!! Here’s some trivia about me…I DO SALSA!!!!! ^^ WOOOOT!!!! ^^ It’s so much FUN!! My friend has done it for aaaages and all of a sudden he asked if anyone else would want and do lessons with him….So another friend and I did!! It’s so much fun! ^^ He had already taught me the basics so I shot through the beginner class and started on the intermediate!!! hehe!! And on late friday nights we all go to this place outside a restaurant and dance….and there’s so many of us that we end up dancing in the street with the music turned up!!! ^^ OMG CULTURE!!!! So yeah, have any of you guys ever tried salsa??? Or is there some trivia about yourself you’re not telling me?? *winks* lol! XDDD

WOW!!! O_O This is a super long post!!! LOL!!! I’m sorry if I blinded you all with all the letters on the screen!! hehe!! ATTACK MY LITTLE LETTERS!!! *small army of letters jumps out of screen towards you*

Anyways, I shall leave on that note… CHEERS! ^^

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

   The Aftermath of the Random Comments...
0_o ..... ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my story: I had an hour to kill between classes today and so I thought I'd check MyO....So there I was wandering around trying to find an available computer during the busiest time of the day. Finally I found a spare one in this room where it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!! 0_o So I open up my MyO page and decide to check the comments from yesterdays post.........I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!!! They must have thought I was some crazy person or something!!! ^^ (I tried to keep as quiet as I could though.....) LOL!!! You guys are all so funny! ^^

Ok, well if you missed it I thought I'd leave another day for those who didn't get a chance to leave a comment on yesterdays post.... ^^ So GO!!! BE RANDOM!! ^^ (It's what I would do) *big grins*

LMAO!!! I had pepsi....I don't know why....It's like a try hard coke that tastes WEIRD!!! I should have bought the coke... *slaps self* Do you know what else amuses me...I have discovered Pepsi is SUPER popular in America! 0_o WHY PEOPLE?!?!?? TELL ME!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! OMG!!!!!! AND DR PEPPER!!! PLEEEEASE tell me none of you guys drink that stuff..... *pukes* They tried to introduce it to Aussies but it failed miserably!!! LOL!!! but my sister likes it for some reason....but she likes weird stuff.....like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.....(LMAO!!!! JELLY!!!....I believe it's actaully called Jam...) If you said Jelly here you'd get... *thinks* AHA!!! You guys call it jello I think...or something like that....HEHE!!! All the differences are fun to think of!!! ^^ I love that everyone is so different!! It makes the whole world so much more interesting!! ^^ YAY!!! I'm gona see if I can think of other things.....:

peppers = capsicums
weiners = cheerios
flip flops = pluggers
candy = lollies

ok....my brain has died for the night....that's all it will squeeze out for now... ^^ hehe... BUT I KNOW THERE ARE LOTS MORE!! ^^ hehe...

Yeah!! Tell me things that are different where you guys live! ^^ I find this all really fascinating!! ^^ don't you??? ^^

Anyways, I'll chat to you all later! ^^ Cheers!!

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Monday, March 5, 2007


Before I say anything I want to thank everyone for commenting/voting on my rock lee pic!!! O_O I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! Everyone seemed to like it a lot! ^^ THANKYOU!!! XDDDD *UBER HUGS*

My friend called my crazy today.......again.......lots of people have been saying that lately..... lol!! But it's ok....I get it all the time!....

But seriously....I'm not that weird am I??? *braces self for your answers* lol! ^^

I just like being random! ^^ And anyways...I can't help if I think lots of things!! ^^ Like for example....My family and I will be chatting around the table at dinner time and I'll sort of be following in my head listening to stuff and how it relates to other stuff and all of a sudden I'll say something and they'll just look at me like I'm speaking another language!!!! hehehe.... I'm like...don't you get how it relates??? And they're like....noooooooo.... hehe!!! It's sort of funny though.... I guess I live in my own little world... ^^ But I like it here! ^^ hehe...

ok!!! I have a challenge for you all!!!! LISTEN UP!!! *everyone gathers around* I WANT YOU ALL TO LEAVE THE MOST RANDOMEST COMMENT EVER!!!!! hmmmmmm.....should there be a prize....???? *ponders* YES!!!! (I just have to think of one...lol!) Ok...I'll do a sketch for you of a character of your choice...and it goes to the TOP of my to do list!!! XDDDDD Not a fantastic prize I know...but it's the only thing I could come up with... hehe....And the competition will finish.....*thinks* I dunno....SOON!!! lol!

SO BE RANDOM!!! ^^ *floats away on a chocolate dream*

(I just realised I have no music on my site anymore...so I just had to come back and add a song! ^^ WOOOOT!!! LOVE THIS SONG!!! "Athrun Zala, Saviour, TAKING OFF!!!" *fangirls go wild*)

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

G'Day!! ^^

YAY!! I just finished a request!! LOL!!! I was in the mood to draw Simpleplanluver's request so POOF!!!! it was done in 20 mins!!!! O_O LOL!!!

I just submitted it at 12:03am Otaku time so hopefully it should be up soon! ^^ YAY!! hehe...I dunno if I like it >< ...lol...but meh, it's done! "LIKE LIGHTENING"!!!! ^^ (most Aussies should know that quote from the Holden add!! ^^) hehe... WOOOOOT HOLDEN!!! XDDDD

Ok, I've wandered off the beaten track...Yep, please check it out and let me know what you think! ^^

I hope everyone has a great day!! (although technically it's the same day since I posted last...lol!) CHEERS!! ^^

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

G'Day! ^^

I'm in a happy mood today! ^^ YAY!

WOOOOT!!! hehe, people have been giving me chibi tips!! YAY!!! because I'm reeeeeeally not that great with chibi's!!! ^^ So I thought I'd try out a few of their tips with a quick 5 min sketch! ^^ And it actaully turned into a bit of a collaboration! hehe... I had the idea for the pic and did the sketch and when I was deciding what to colour it in hitsukuya offered to do it up in photoshop for me! ^^ YAY!! So please let me know what you think! ^^ (Sakura is UBER HAPPY!!! LOL!!! I think she made me in a good mood for some reason....it's just so contagious!!!(sp?) lol!!) ^^ *goes and hugs a tree* (no I'm not a greenie...it just seemed like a good idea at the time...) 0_o

My parents have gone to the shops and my brother and sister are still sleeping...(they are crazy...it's 10:30am....I can't sleep that long unless I have been up like....aaaaaaall night....) So I have the house to myself right now...what should I DOOOOOO!!! *thinks mischievious thoughts* lol...

I have to cook dinner tonight...any suggestions?

Well I'm gona go eat something coz I'm HUNGRY!!! lol!! Oh!!! What is everyone else up to this weekend?? I haven't chatted to some people for YONKERS! ^^

Cheers!! *runs off to kitchen*

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Friday, March 2, 2007

   Fear my POSITIVE VIBES!!!!! ^^
G'Day! ^^

I thought I'd post a more positive post today! ^^ hehe...since I haven't for a while...Ok, let's think about good things... *thinks* Oh!! here's a good thing! Tomorrow I plan to stay home and sketch!!! YAY!! I haven't done that for a while! I'll do some trades/requests and flaky is going to give me some chibi tips!! hehe... So hopefully I'll improve!! ^^ I was thinking maybe trying a chibi Sakura...but it's still undecided...

I've been going through my music files on my computer at home and organising them and everything and OMG!!!! I have found sooooooo many songs I forgot about!!! hehehe...So last night I did the whole sync thing with my iPod and ran out of room!!!! LOL!!! I didn't think that was possible!!! O_O lol!! It's 4GB so it's not tiney...But it's exciting coz I'll be walking along (and I have it on random) so all of a sudden a song I love will come on and I'll be like YAY!!!! and want to sing/dance but I know people will think I'm a freak if I do.... 0_o so I don't.... :oP hehe...

Oh!!! Apparently there has been lots of snow places....well here it's still warm....hmmmm *looks at temp* 31C *looks up conversion table* 87.8F ^^ I like it...I'm sad it didn't get up to 40C (104F) this year!! And now it's Autumn!!!! WAAAAAH!!!!!! Which means it's just gona get colder.... TT

so much for focusing on positive things :oP hehe... Oh well... Tomorrow I'll reply to PM's and DO things!!! YAY!!! TGIF!!! ^^

Well I'll chat to everyone later!!! Cheers!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

   Who needs a 21st anyways???
ACK!! I DON'T WANT A 21ST PARTY!!!! *runs and hides under bed and sulks* (not that I could fit under my bed :oP lol...) My parents are trying to organise a 21st party for me and I don't even know if I want one!! Mum just came in a asked for a guest list and I was like. I DUNNO?!?!? I had to make one on the spot...I have so many people!!! But I don't want a big party! I just want a couple of close friends and family! But then if I invite only a few friends, others will get cut and then there's all the rellies and family friends and OMG!!! TOO MANY!!! TT *sits in corner and cries*

I HATE being centre of attention...and I think the last time I had a party was when I was 7!! lol! It's so much organisation and it just gives me a headache thinking about it!! Mum wants to call the caterers tomorrow coz they have this deal going at the moment and so she's trying to confirm numbers and I hadn't even thought about it till now!!! Infact, come to think of it...I didn't even decide I wanted to do that!!! GYAH!!!! Everything is spiralling out of control!! I DON'T EVEN WANT THE STUPID PARTY!!! why do people have to make a big deal out of 21st?!?!? I don't feel any different!!

OOOOOOH!!!!! And I KNOW one of my friends is gona do something to embarress me!! TT I told him if he does I'll KILL HIM!!!! And leave no evidence!! >< But that won't stop him....Boys are dumb sometimes....And my dad has been going through all the photos....NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I know this can only end badly..... TT

I don't know why people are making a big deal about it...I mean...It's not even till JUNE!!!! *sigh* I just want to go bungy jumping or something!! hehehe....There is no wat my dad would approve of it though....*sigh* This stupid 21st is making me depressed...and that's hard to do....I mean, I'm usually a happy person!!! ^^

But yeah...anyways....any suggestions on what I should do???? I need advice!! ^^ Thanks for reading this and considering it! ^^ Laterz...

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

   One week down!!!........13 to go TT
G'Day! ^^

WOOOOOOW!!! It's feels like FOREVER since I posted last!! lol! ^^

Well first week back at uni was SO BUSY!! lol...Sorry if you posted and I missed it! I tried to get to everyone's sites today! ^^

Oh!! And I'm really getting into Gundam S Destiny at the moment!! ^^ hehe...Although I haven't seen the original series, it's still good! ^^ And I love the music too!! XDDD lol!! I just have to put it in...let me know what you think! ^^

Oooooooh!! You know what....At uni they said that they wouldn't let anyone into the studio areas without enclosed shoes!! "If you look down and see skin on top of your foot, then your shoes aren't suitable..." That's what they said! So in a way it's good and bad! hehe...It's bad coz I shouldn't be spending money on shoes...but it's good coz it gave me an excuse to actaully buy shoes!!! LMAO!! So anyways, it's exciting! I bought a pair of red and white Chucks!!! YAY!! ^^

And I met some really nice people and we went to the art gallery together! It was fun! ^^ YAY!!

hehe, so how has everyone been?!?!?! Good i hope! ^^ Let me know what you are all up to! ^^ I'll chat to yas later...

Cheers!! ^^

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

   So busy... TT

This is just a quick post to say...OMG I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN TO PEOPLES SITES MUCH!!! And now coz university has started up again for the year it will take even longer to get requests/trades done! TT I'M SO SORRY!!! *clings to your ankle and looks up with sad puppy dog eyes* I'll will however get them done if it's the last thing I do! ^^ And also I'll do some sketches during lectures, tuts and studios....hehe.....I can concentrate better when I doodle anyway... ^^ hehe...So yup, I'll let you know how it all goes later...But for the moment I have to go, I'll make a point of if to chat to you all on the weekend though!!! ^^ *hugs* If you want to chat, PM me and I'll reply as soon as I have time!! ^^ Thanks everyone!! ^^ *GROUP HUG* lol...

Cheers!! ^^

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Monday, February 19, 2007

   NYAH!!! *throws confetti* ^_^
OMG YAY!!!!! HAPPY B'DAY TOIE!!! (well....in a few days...lol) I finished our trade!!! ^^ *hugs* I just submitted it, so it should be up soon...I hope you and everyone like it!!! Everyone go wish her a happy b'day!!! I DEMAND THEE!!! lol! ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ACK! I need sleep...*falls into bed* Don't want to work tomorrow... TT OMG AND THEN O WEEK AT UNI!!! *sigh* so much effort...lol...

Anyways, next trade is for cassiescreations: Priest Seto!! ^^ WOOOT

Hope everyone is having a great day/night...whatever you are doing...lol...CHEERS!!! ^^

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