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Monday, February 5, 2007

   Another trade done!! ^^
WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Ok I've completed another trade!! ^^ This one is of Alexis and is just a sketch again...If Flaky decides she wants me to colour it...then I'll just submit a coloured version later.... ^^ I hope everyone likes it!! ^^

Next: Toie - Muraki!!! Yup...I'll start that one next...But I'm working for the next few days...so it won't be up any time soon...SORRY!!!

So what has everyone else been up to?? Anything exciting?? Nothing too exciting on this end...however....OMG!!!!!!! *dances around* ELEMENTAL GELADE COMES OUT THIS WEEK!!!! OMG SO SOOOON!!!! *throws confetti* lol... Yep, I'm pumped for that!! ^^ (as you could tell...lol...)

Anyway...Laterz! ^^

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

   YAyAYAYAyyayayAYAY ^_^
I actaully really like my most recent sketch! ^^ *gives everyone a hug* Yep, I finisehd the Ren sketch from Elemental Gelade!! ^^ YAY!! *jumps around in circles* Please let me know what you think everyone!! ^^

Next pic: Alexis pic for flaky-and-fun...WHO OMG!!!! *falls over dead* Had to delete her account due to the parentals...but we still keep in contact via email!! ^^ If we didn't I would die!!! I hate losing new friends!! T_T So anyways, yep, the trade is still on! ^^ *hugs*

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Friday, February 2, 2007

   Shoe shopping with the boss....LMAO!!! ^^

HAHAHA!!! Guess what everyone!! There is this MASSIVE sale at this QUALITY shoe shop!! So my boss and my bosses boss and I are leaving work early and going shoe shopping!!! LMAO!!! How funny is that! ^^ lol...

It's still raining and stuff....but it's no where near as bad as it was...^^ But we'll be inside anyways, so it's all good! ^^ hehe... So what is everyone up to?? Any plans for the weekend???

Well I'll catch ya all later! ^^

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Thursday, February 1, 2007


OMG IT'S SOOO WET!!! I think the entire country is gona flood!!! hehe... I was wondering why all of a sudden it was so rainy...so I checked the weather website place and it says there is a tropical cyclone heading for Queensland...I was like ooooooooh, no WONDER!!! *light bulb clicks on upstairs* lol...

But do you know what is dumb...We are actually in a drought!! yep, we are on water restrictions and everything!!

The weather confuses me... >.<

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   ------(@ ...^^..::~UbeR eXiTEMeNt~::..^^... @)------


OMG!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! *dances around in circles* ^^ I just went to the shops and pre-ordered Elemental Gelad!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!! It comes out next week!! I'm so excited!! ^^ (This is the opening theme song of it!! YAY!! I like it too!! hehe...Let me know what you think!) ^^

YAAAAY!!! And right now I'm eating my favourite food in the entire world!!! A JUMBO CHOC CHIP COOKIE!!!! Life is good!! ^^ hehe... *munches on cookie*

I have to cook dinner tonight for the family...we have this schedual thing so it's all fair...And my night is Thursdays! So...what should I cook people?? Any ideas??

Oh! I have today off work, so I've been drawing!! YAY!!! ummmm....I have to confess, I haven't been doing requests or trades though...AH I'M SO SORRY EVERYONE!!! *hides under bed as angry mob runs past* I'll get them all done beofre uni starts!! That's my promise to you!! *points and winks*

Anyway, I'll catch ya all later!! ^^


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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

   Random thought: 0_o
ummmmm, I like pickles!!! ^^ I steal everyone elses pickles when they take them off their cheesburgers....MWA HAHAHAHA!!!! 0_o
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

G'Day! ^^

I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! ^^ *dances around in circles, gets dizzy and falls over*

I bought a set of pastels today!! ^^ (And they were on sale!!! BARGAIN!!!) It's exciting coz now I can use all these different colours on my pics!! ^^ My choices were very limited before...hehe...So yes! I think I might use them once I finish the pic of Ren I put up...

My day has been boring other than that...I'm at work...so what can I say?? lol...

So how has everyone elses day been?? Good I hope! ^^ I'll catch ya all later!! ^^ *waves*


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Monday, January 29, 2007


WOOOHOOO!!! I finally finished the chibi Link request!! hehe...It's not perfect, but hey, Chibi isn't exactly my strong point... *sweat drop*

I hope ya like it ^^


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Sunday, January 28, 2007

   New Fanart!

Just thought I'd let people know I've posted another pic... It's original anime (which is my weakness) so it was a bit difficult and it's not perfect... But I hope you guys like it! ^^

It's for Mistress Misa's Valentines Day competition...Please let me know what you guys think! ^^ And any hints, tips and constructive criticism is welcome!... ^^

I hope everyone is having a great day and I'll catch ya all later!!


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