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Monday, May 28, 2007

   Posting and Replying ^^

G'Day! ^^

I'm sooooo sleepy! *yawn* I really should be sleeping now, but I just wanted to come and say g'day to you all!! I hope everyone os doing ok! ^^ Sorry I haven't been around in a while (it seems I'm saying that every time I post these days! ^^; lol...)

Well I've been doing pretty well...I've been UBER busy with assignments! So many due this week and next week! >_< *falls over dead from lack of brain cells* But after that I only have one exam and then FREEEDOM!!! WOOOOT!!! Which means hopefully I should be getting to your sites daily and updating and getting trades/requests done! YAY!! Can't wait till then! XDDD

Me Replying to Comments
WW90 - Yeah! *eats more chocolate* And I totally agree, I loved high school! It was pretty difficult but my friends and I all helped eachother through it together ^^ Although...looking back, it's not nearly as much work as uni! >_< haha!! Goodluck with everything ^^

Enzeru no hikari - Pirates 3 was AWESOME!!! XDDD Although I think I liked 1 and 2 more...but the fight scenes in 3 are pretty awesome! XD I wish they were doing a 4th *sigh*

littlemissharriet - LOL! yeah I totally need my sleep ay...*looks at clock* hmmmm, should probably be in bed already! XP But I promise I'll go after this post! ^^

LGA - haha, yeah only sometimes crazy 0_o

Flaky - lol!! my head is still spinning!!! @_@ hehe...wow polo rugby, never heard of that before! Sounds difficult... OOOOMMMGGGG!!! *points* GO! NOW!! Watch Pirates 2 and then go see 3!! >_< lol... *is in disbelief* YAAAAAAY!!!! I wish you the very BEST of luck with your dreams!!! I hope you achieve them some day! Work hard and put your mind to it! You'll make it for sure ^^ *whispers* shhhhh, they might all hear about the chocolate/sugar thing...we can't have the word spread like that... *winks*

sonicandtailsrox - Yeah! Go see Pirates 3! *two thumbs up* XDDD

DG97 - lol! yeah I've seen american footy on movies and stuff...and i mean having to wear all that stuff...doesn't it get annoying??? lol...Real rugby has scrums and hard core tackles and everything! XDDD That's what makes it all exciting! LOL!! HELL YEAH!!! QUEENSLANDER AAAAAALL THE WAY!!! XDDD (and yes, there are 5 states and 2 territories in Oz... ^^)

LT14 - Yup, like superman busy! >_< haha...thanks for the goodluck, I'll need it! ^^; oh coooooool, congrats on the promotion! ^^ Keep up the good work ok! ^^ *hugs*

CO - Yeah toooooo busy!!! Try telling that to the lecturers that keep giving me work! >_< haha...Yep! we won! WOOOT!! Now I can rub it in my friends face (coz he always rubs it in when my team loses (not that it's often)...so what goes around comes around I say! MWAAHA AHAHHA HA HA!!!)

Dunpeil - WOW!! We are all busy!! But at least you get paid for it! ^^ oooooh!!! I'm so excited!!! *explodes* Can't wait to see the pic! XDDD Thanks so much! *hugs*

oooooook, well I'm done replying now ^^ I hope everyone is doing well and has a great day!! ^^ I'm gona go sleep (coz I really need it!) And hopefully tomorrow won't be so busy! (although it probably will...but I'm trying to stay positive ^^; lol!) Well I'll chat to you all later! Cheers! *hugs* ^^

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

   I have next week planned out already -_-

G'Day! ^^

I hope everyone is having a great week! ^^ Sorry if I couldn't get to your site! I'll try to get to it ASAP!! ^^

This week has SUPER busy! So busy in fact everything has become a blur and I can't remember what I did each day! >_< haha!

But last night was STATE OF ORIGIN!!!! QUEENSLAND KICKED ARSE!!!! LOL!! *runs through street with Queenslander jersey and maroon streamers* Yep, TAKE THAT BLUES!!! MWAAHAHAHA HA HA!!! (You probably all think I'm crazy but Origin is like the sporting even of the YEAR here...Queensland V.S New South Wales *you all stare at me with blank expressions* C'mon! Rugby League!! Anyone here a fan?!?! Anyone at all???) lol.... So yes, that was the highlight of my week! XDDD

OMG!!! And Pirates 3 came out today!! But I couldn't get to see it coz I had university today...and tomorrow I have work...and then Friday night my friend is having a party at his place and then Saturday I have to do work on an assignment for a group meeting on Sunday...But a friend and I are gona go see Pirates on Saturday anyway! haha...which means friday night I'll be up late, saturday morning I'll be up early and up late and then up early again sunday morning for this group thing...and then monday I have an assignment due...and then tuesday I have another assignment due...then wednesday I have work all day....and then thursday I have ANOTHER assignment due...and then Friday I have work all day and then Saturday is my 21st party!!

LMAO!!! So that's my week planned for next week... >_> Pretty crap ay? Aaaanyways, I'll make it good somehow ^^

ooooh, Simpleplanluver: in response to your question...well ass is usually what people say...but arse is considered not as rude as ass for some reason...(don't ask me why) But yeah, I dunno ^^; that's my opinion anyways... XP

LOL!!! And how am I still living??? *shifty eyes* It's the jumbo choc chip cookies from muffin break!!! I live for them!! hahaha!! (no really, I swear they're the best thing created since the wheel...) 0_o

WOW! You want to become a nurse WW90?? That's so cool! One of my friends is studying nursing at uni ^^ She's really good at it! I'm sure if you study hard you'll get to where you want to be! Goodluck with all your exams and things! ^^

Awwww, LGA, I'm so sorry your grandma passed away, I hope you and everyone are doing ok ^^ *hugs*

Well anyways, I hope everyone has a great day and eats lots of CHOCOLATE!!! (yep, it's good for you, I swear! ^^; lol...) Cheers! ^^

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Monday, May 21, 2007

   Shakugan no Shana! WOOOOT!!!

G'Day! ^^

Thanks everyone for the support yesterday! I totally needed it! ^^ *group hug* ^^

Well today was hectic! haha, I did almost an entire assignment this morning and made it JUST in time to hand it in...and then I had a group meeting for another assignment! haha...oh, that's the same group that nice guy's in...which I found out actaully likes this other chick, so that's good I know things before stuff happens ^^ Good for him I say ^^

But yeah, I'm so worn out! And I have to have stuff done for tomorrows class! haha...so not in the mood >_> maybe I'll watch some stuff first, then have dinner and then get started on it...yep, sounds like a good plan to me ^^

LOL!! I have been SOOOOOO healthy today 0_o (NOT!!) I have had a cinnamon donut, a piece of toast, an ENTIRE POT of coffee (like 3 mugs full...) and a vanilla coke! haha!! >_< Oh I was wired for our group meeting this arvo... ^^; but yes...let's not dwell...We'll just say I'm hangin out for dinner ay!! XDDD

OMG!!! >_< I'm so excited!!!! Two weeks from now I will be FREEEE!!! The holidays will be here and I can rest and veg and do whatever I want!!! WEEEE!!!! XDDD *runs through street with 'let freedom reign' banner* haha...It's only june/july holidays so it's only about 2 weeks off I think...But I don't care how long it is, some is better than none! XDDD I'll still have to go to work, but that's only 2 days a week so that won't bother me ^^

OOOOOH!!!! ok, who here has watched Shakugan no Shana?!?!? I swear I am totally addicted!! >_< SHANA KICKS ARSE!!!! >_< haha, SO COOL!! Yep, I'm lovin it at the moment ^^ I'm gona put in a pic for yas! ^^ Yep! go watch it! ^^ (that's what I would do! *winks*)

lol, well I hope everyone is having a GREAT day and hopefully I'll chat to you all later! ^^

Cheers!! ^^

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

   GOMENSAI!!! - here are my excuses.... ^^;

G'Day! ^^

First off I just want to thank those who checked out my Sano pic! *hugs* It was much appreciated!!!

ooook, and now: *clings to your ankle and looks up with big brown puppy dog eyes* GOMENSAI!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been around MyO for ages! I feel bad that I haven't been able to comment on your posts and vote on your pics! T_T I have been unbelievabley(sp?) busy! I shall explain:

1) There are only a few weeks of the uni semester left so all my exams and assignments are due in a matter of weeks, days, hours in fact! I have an assignment due tomorrow which I haven't even had time to start yet! ah!! So I really shouldn't be here posting, but I just couldn't stand not being here any longer! I miss everyone too much!!

2) My parents want me to help them organise my 21st party which will be the weekend before all my exams (my b'day falls at the worst possible time *sigh* and in winter too....just my luck! lol...) So I've been trying to catch up with all my friends and see if they're able to make it...and then there's all the organising for the menu and drinks and stuff....oh, and I still haven't had time to put a party playlist together... *sigh*

3) Work has finally decided to block MyO along with other sites...so I can't even check it in my lunch hours now... >_<

4) *thinks* well I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting, but I think those three are the main reasons.... *sigh* I'm gona be SOOOOOOOO RELIEVED once the holidays are here!!! XDDD I have no plans and I'm gona do NOTHING!!! haha!! I'll be on MyO lots and I'll have time to do sketches and watch anime and read manga....It will be a great few weeks!!! XDDD Then semester 2 will start ^^; ...lol...

Well I hope everyone is doing really well!! ^^ Sorry again it's been so long, I'll try to update again as soon as I can! ^^

Cheers!! ^^

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

   New Sketch FINALLY up! ^^

G'Day! ^^

YAY!!! I have finally updated my portfolio! ^^ A pic of Sano for Eight Sun! ^^ WOOOT!! Although I did have a bit of colour ISSUES with the camera so yeah....I don't really know if I like it >_> I'd really appreciate your opinions on it! ^^ *hugs*

YAY!! Well I took my mum shopping today and I bought her this really nice pair of shoes! WOOOT! I love shoe shopping ^^; haha...and then we went to this restaurant and had lunch and stuff! YUUUUUMM It was soooo good! So what did (or will) everyone else do for their mums?

OMG!!! I have really been getting into An Cafe at the moment! (A Japanese band....which Christian Otaku knows VERY well!! haha!) But I tried to search limewire to download the songs and they're not there! And I even went so far as to look in music stores and stuff to buy their latest album, but they don't sell any of their CD's!!! >_< SOOOOO ANNOYING!! But I have been listening to some of their songs on imeem, so it's better than not at all ^^ lol!

Well I'm up for another busy week this week! Last monday was a public holiday here, so this week I'll be catching up on stuff we were going to do in class...And there are only a few more weeks till end of semester when all my assignments are due! Plus my party is coming up fast! (I'm not really looking forward to how much organising I'll have to do...)

Oh, and that guy who I met the other day who's in my group, he called me up and said he won't be able to make it to the group meeting tomorrow, and he works a lot and said the only time he can do it is at night! So he said he wants to go out and do it over dinner somewhere! haha...which is fine I spose coz it will be me, my friend and him all working on an assignment and eating food...hehe...

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great day, and please don't forget to check out the pic! ^^ (you don't have to of course, lol...no one's forcing you ^^) Cheers!! ^^

Oh oh!! I almost forgot, time for a new song and amv! ^^ Song is by An Cafe and I LOOOOOOVE this amv to death! The song and the timing of the vid with the song is awesome!! ^^ Hope you like it too ^^

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

   I met this nice guy the other day ^^

G'Day! ^^

haha, I thought I just heard the phone ring so I got up to get it and walked out the door and I didn't hear a thing! haha!! I think I imagined it! ^^; And then I walked back into my room to post and walked into the corner of my dutchess! lol, I've been such a clutse today ^^;

...Well I met this guy the other day...(and you all go oooooh! lol...) But yeah, we were at uni in a class and we had to get into groups to do an assignment and so a friend and I started working and I noticed he was sitting at a table by himself. My friend and I were chatting for a while about the assignment and he didn't seem to have a group, so I was working up the courage to go over and ask if he wanted to join our group (coz I'm too shy... >_>), but he must have over heard my friend and I chatting about the assignment coz he came up and gave us a few suggestions and asked if he could join our group! XDDD And wow! he was so nice! It was refreshing to be able to chat to a guy who was so down to earth and stuff ^^ And we got heaps done on the assignment and stuff too! So anyways, I just thought I'd share this for some reason ^^; lol... (oh, and not to mention he's DAMN good looking! lol!)

But yeah, It's good to know there are some really nice guys out there after that creep the other week...

Oh! I just remembered I haven't finished that sketch I was talking about a while ago...I'm gona go do some more on it! ^^ (I don't really have time, but HEEEEY!!! lol! I'm not in an assignment mood anyways...)

Oh!! I read this manga this morning called kill me, kiss me! My friend suggested I read it and she let me borrow it! OMG!!! It's hilarious!! I really love it! It's about this chick who likes this guy who goes to her cousins all boys school and because they look like identical twins they switch places (and her cousin actaully doesn't seem to mind wearing her skirts and hats! lol!!) and yeah, what happens is hilarious! ^^ Anyways, I enjoyed it ^^

OMG!! You wouldn't believe this! It actaully rained the other day! haha! I had to walk to work in the rain and luckily I had an umbrella, usually I love just to get soaking wet in the rain and stuff, but I don't think my boss would have been too enthused if I showed up to work drenched! lol! >_<

Sorry if I haven't been to your sites much, with work and uni and everything thing else it's hard to find time! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you all have a great day! ^^ *hugs*

Cheers!! ^^

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   huggles anything thursday related

G'Day! ^^

Well another Wednesday is finally over! WOOOT! Bring on Thursday!!! I love thursdays ^^ If I could huggle it I think I might just do that lol! ^^;

Well today was pretty boring, I had work all day...what can I say, I work in an office and fill out paperwork all day and plod around on computers...Oh! and btw, they went on this site blocking spree and they blocked MyO, DA, hotmail, MySpace...and even my dvd store site! AH!!! *shakes fist of fury at them* So today during lunch all I could do was explore wikipedia really...and OMG! that place is addictive! O_O haha!! So yeah, that's less time I'll be able to spend on here...

Oh!! btw, GOMENSAI!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been around much! Remember that cold I thought I was getting a few days ago....well, I got it >_> Stupid cold weather *kicks thin air* But it's ok, it came and went in a few days and I'm feeling pretty good --- but still cold! *gets blanket and pillow and sits back down at computer*

Oh! My friend from uni came over on the weekend and we had an anime movie night! YAAAY!! It was so much fun! Oh!!! And we also watched the IT Crowd!!! ROFLMAO!!! That show is HILARIOUS!!! XDDD Has anyone else ever heard of it?!? Anyways, yep we mostly watched DNAngel coz she hadn't seen the anime and the manga is quite different (I actaully prefer the manga) But it was good! ^^ And we exchanged manga/anime! YAY!! She gave me some manga to read and the box set of samurai champloo (which I still haven't watched yet ^^; lol...) and I let her borrow DNAngel to finish and One Piece! ^^

OOOOOohhhhh!!! My room is so clean it blinds me!!! hahaha!!! Although I don't want it to get too messy too quickly...My plan is to keep it clean as long as possible! XD Although we all know it will be messy again in about a week... ^^; lol! such is life ^^

Anyways, tomorrow is Thursday! My sleep in day! WOOOT! I don't have uni until the afternoon so it's a really relaxing day usually! ^^ Oh! and a few posts ago simpleplanluver asked what a tut was....WELL! It's just short for tutorial. Which is basically a class after a lecture. You see everyone goes to the massive lecture theatre to listen to the lecturer, and then basically we break up into smaller classes (called tutorials) and discuss with a tutor what the lecture was about and how we should go about doing our assignments...(hope that made sense!) ^^;

OMG!! tonight I tried a cookie ice-cream thing! and it was SOOOOO YUM!!! haha!! I don't usually like ice-cream, but it tasted good with the cookie! XDDD lol...

Anyways, this has turned SUPER LONG!!! MWAAHA HAHA AHA HA!!! I hope you all have a great day! Cheers! ^^

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

   room cleaning mode...

G'Day! ^^

Thanks everyone for all your support the other day! ^^ *hugs* You're all so nice! I'm feeling A 100 times better right now! ^^ Except I think I'm getting a cold! >_< Bleh...

ooooh!! Today my friend comes back from the university camp today! I'm gona go pick her up and then go to her place and then we're gona come back to my place and have an anime movie night! WOOOT!! haha, it's gona be so much fun! XDDD

I'm in the process of cleaning my room up, which reminds me.... I have to go put another load of washing on! >_> haha, so much work to do! >_<

I'm gona ask some questions toady! YAY! ^^ I haven't done that in so long! ^^
1) Is your room usually clean?
2) Are you an organised person?
3) What do you like best about your room?

Ok! I'm gona answer them now! ^^
1) baaahaha haha ha!!! no... -_-" (I even keep the door closed on purpose so when my parents walk past they don't give me THAT CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM LOOK! haha...)
2) hehe, no once again...I even lost the diary my mum bought me this year...and my uni diary is somewhere I swear... >_> lol...
3) ummmm, *thinks* Well I like the fact that it's mine and I can do what I want with it...I live in my room! ^^

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great day! (sorry I haven't been to people's sites much lately...yu wouldn't believe how long it's taking me to clean my room! >_< haha!) I'll try to get to them soon! ^^ Cheers!! *hugs*

(EDIT: baaaha haha ha!! I just realised I was just tagged again by aragorn1014 lol!!

ok, 6 other random facts:

1 - All my fingers are double jointed, but only when I want them to be...mwaahah ahha ha!!

2 - I still walk around with my blanket sometimes ^^;

3 - I have 4 scars on my face...one on my forehead from chicken pox(sp?) one above my left eyebrow and another on my right eyebrow...and then one across my nose...haha, needless to say I was a tomboy when I was little ^^; But luckily they're hardly noticable and you probably wouldn't realise unless I pointed them out! XD

4 - I think I'm addicted to coke! YUM! ^^; I tried pepsi once, but I don't understand how you all drink it! *gags* oh, and dr. pepper!!! *PUKES* >_<

5 - At the moment I'm addicted to my anime playlist on imeem: http://playitbakinslomo.imeem.com/playlist/f00-P7uH/

6 - My nickname is Rennie...my sister couldn't say my name properly when she was little and that's what she said instead...and it stuck ^^;

Anyways, that's another 6 facts! ^^ hmmmm, I'm debating whether or not to tag others ^^; lol! Oh! I'm gona tag people I haven't tagged yet! HA! ok, I tag dragonrider18, flaky and fun, Wolfwolf90, Hot Cocoa, DuelistGirl97 and toie!! ^^ MWAAHA HAHAH HA!! *hides under rock while angry mob runs past*)

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

   The freaky guy at the bus stop at night... -_-


(WARNING: contains cussing - for those of you who don't like it...sorry but it's really called for here...)

WAAAAAAH!!!!! >_< I was coming home from uni today and it was late so it was dark and I was waiting at the bus stop (which is at a shopping centre, so there were people around...) for my parents to pick me up, coz they said they would....but they got caught in traffic for a while... So there was me waiting, listening to my iPod and I notice this guy out of the corner of my eye waiting around too...so anyways, I could tell he was looking at me and it was pissing me off! >_< And then he came up and asked for the time, so I told him...and then put my earphones of my iPod back in my ear... and he kept trying to talk so I took them out (but he was sort of freaking me out...) and then he lit up a cigarette and I told him I can't stand them and moved away...but he was still trying to talk and I didn't want to be rude! But the smoke totally got to me and I said I couldn't stand it so he put it out... -_-" I wanted him to leave! >_< Stupid guy couldn't take a hint... So anyways, he kept asking what I was doing and if I wanted to go somewhere with him and I'm like ummmm, NO! I'm waiting here for my parents to pick me up so I can go home! (dumbass) And he was all like are you gona give me a kiss goodnight when you leave and I actaully said HELL NO! hahaha!! ^^; And he kept talking all this crap and I was getting pissed and just wanted him to leave and he was all coming onto me and GYAH!! boys are dumb.... -_-" Complete stranger in the dark, like hell I'm gona go do something with him...and he was all like, how old are you, what's your name, do you have a boyfriend? and haha, I dodged the age question, said I had a b/f at home cooking dinner (which was actaully my brother coz I don't have a b/f...) and gave him a different name! haha...

Well anyways, I was so releived when my parents showed up! XDDD God bless them and their helpfulness!!! *hugs all round* lol!

Aaaanyways, there's this camp for uni that I'm supposed to be going to this weekend, but I don't think I will... ^^; I mean I would, but I forgot to put my name down and then I went to do it this arvo and the place was closed... nothing seems to have gone right today!! I even missed my tut!! *sigh* for the tut class we were sposed to meet somewhere and do something (but I forgot) and I just went to the class room like normal...and no one was there...so I just sat down and started working on my own stuff...I had my iPod, coke, chocolate and sketch stuff, what else did I need? lol! It was actaully god though, I got heaps done on my assignment! So I'm sort of glad I missed the tut! ^^ lol...

oh well, I'm gona watch Rurouni Kenshin tonight and go to sleep early I think...hehe, that's my plan anyways! ^^

I hope everyone had a better day than I did ^^; haha, sorry I'm not my usual self, that guy just freaked me out a little too much I think ^^; lol...Aaaaanyways, Hope you all have a good one!

Cheers! ^^

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

   Currently listening to Gravi songs! haha!! >_

G'Day! ^^

hehe, sorry I didn't update for a bit, the start of the week is always really busy for me! >_<

haha, I went to uni today and we got our marks back for a few assignments....one I TOTALLY bombed out in and the other I did pretty well!! haha! So I have mixed feelings... 0_o Although it's still mid-semester so I'm really gona try to focus on the one I screwed up in to pull my marks up... ^^;

awwwww, you are all so nice! *HUGS* Thanks so much for all the compliments! ^^ hehe, it wasn't the best photo in the world coz we had just been swimming and all our hair was messy! >_< haha! But it was a SUPER fun day! XD

hehe, well my sketch is getting there I spose...I haven't done much more on it since the other day...I might do a bit more on it today....haha, I can be so lazy sometimes... ^^; *giggles* *looks at sketch* Although I'm still not sure if I like it....I will decide once I finish it! ^^;

OOOooohh....I have discovered Gravitation! HAHA!!! I got to episode 13 and I didn't realise it was such a short series! >_< So there I was thinking is that all?? I want more!....so I watched it again... ^^; lol!! RYUICHI!!!! XDDD He's my fav!!!! *huggles him* "MAKE IT SHINY!" XDDD lol...I think that's my fav part out of the entire series! ^^ YAY!

Well it's time for a new song! I LOOOOOVE the lyrics to this song!! ^^ It's so positive! XD And it has an awesome beat! ^^ And I think I'm gona add an amv too! XD An Elemental Gelade one to keep in with the theme! ^^ hehe!

Well I hope you enjoy them and have a fantastic day! ^^ Cheers! ^^

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