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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

   Level 5 Water Restrictions! O_O


Well we are in a drought over here and yesterday the water restrictions went to level 5!!! Which means every house has a limit to how much water they can use. And now if we use over it they’ll cut our water supply or fine us or something… And we’re not allowed to wash our cars at all (mine is already so dirty!!) And we’re not allowed to water our gardens AT ALL…..so yeah…everything is gona die....All the grass is already dead coz we weren’t allowed to water them in level 3 & 4 water restrictions… *sigh* I don’t see why they don’t just build a de-salination plant and stuff…

Ok, well on to more exciting topics: OMG I FINISEHD THE EREMENTAR GERAD SERIES!!!!! It’s SOOOOO KAWAII!!!!!! XDDD I adore the characters and stuff, they’re just so damn CUTE!!! ^^ *pats them with glee* And yeah!! I was gona say all this stuff except I don’t want to ruin for people who haven’t seen it... ^^; lol…

And the DVD store FINALLY got Gundam seed destiny Volume 5 in…So I’m gona go home and watch it after work today! YAY! Although I’m gona have to do assignments while I watch it ^^; lol…Stupid assignments… GYAH!!! I just realised I’ve probably mentioned them in every post for ages!! lol! SORRY! ^^; You won’t have to put up with it much longer…They’re all due Monday! O_O

Anyways, this is probably long enough…Oh!! And sorry if I didn’t get to your site! (I’m still at work right now) So I’ll check your sites and reply to PM’s tonight! ^^


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Monday, April 9, 2007

   Hope you all had a great Easter!!! XDDD


I hope everyone had a chocolate, lollie, prezzie and anime filled easter! XDDD I don't think I ate anything healthy today!! hehe!! Except maybe dinner...lol...But it was good! ^^

GYAH!! The car my brother and I share is out of commission though... >< This morning he came zooming around the corner and there was a car parked on the side of the road so he has to swerve to miss, but then he bent the front axel when he tried to straighten up...He's lucky though...he almost hit a pole! I keep telling him to slow down!!! But he never listens....Ah!.....my brother is so dumb... -_-" Why are boys like that?? And now it's sitting down the street all banged up! The tow truck is coming tomorrow to get it fixed though...so that's good! ^^ I WILL HAVE MY LITTLE CAR BACK!!! YAY!!! *dances with glee* I'm just glad my bro is ok....and I REEEEALLY hope he's learned his lesson!!

Well other than that it's been pretty ordinary around here...I'm doing assignments on my holiday...lol, not much of a holiday I know...but they're all due the day I go back!!! So really I have no choice! TT Ah well...

But I did take a bit of a break and watched some Naruto episodes on youtube! XDDD OMG!!! It was SOOOOO sad when the 3rd Hokage died!!!! TT And poor little Gaara! I wanted to give him a big hug!! ^^ lol....

*yawn* It's still a little early....But I think I'll hit the sack...G'night!! ^^

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

   Answer the question!!! (please) ^^


Thanks everyone for the warm wishes yesterday! ^^ My headache was gone when I woke up this morning! ^^ YAY!! I don't get them often so that's good....Unlike LGA775...Are you saying you have NEVER had a headache?!?!? WOW!! You're a lucky one! It sort of feels like someone's hitting you over the head with a baseball bat whenever there are loud noises...but it can vary...it depends on how bad they are...luckily mine wasn't too bad! ^^ And that's why I didn't take panadol... I don't usually have it unless I'm half dead already...Plus I've heard that if you have it often, your imune system starts to rely on the panadol...which is BAD! so yeah...I rough it out till it's over...Plus people say I have a high tolerence for pain...so I might as well put it to a good use... ^^

aaaaah!! Why don't people like maccas?!?! It's YUM! All that greasy, unhealthy food!! HAHA!! Although my FAVOURITE take away is KFC!!! (Kentucky Fried Chicken...) Yup! Best crap food EVER!!! XDDD And to Simpleplanluver: It actaully says "McDonald's" on the sign...(actaully no...it just says "M" the golden arches!! hehe!!) But yeah, everyone just calls it maccas... ^^ Kinda like you guys call it...what...Mickey D's?? HEHE!! (that reminds me of mickey mouse!!!) XDDD

Oh!!! I have a question for everyone!!! "hyperthetically" If I decided to have a competition, I was wondering if any of you would actaully enter!!! Because hitsukuya and I were talking about how annoying Sakura is when she is ALWAYS on the side lines and is like SASUKE!! (And he is like being totally slaughtered!!) And she does NOTHING!!! (or close to it...) And I was like if I was her, I'd be IN THE ACTION HELPING!!! So we want to draw a badass Sakura!!! XDDD Would any of you be interested in taking part in a competition like that??? Anyways...just wondering! ^^

Well it's time for a new song again! ^^ I'm gona put in a scooter song! ^^ Haven't had one of those for a while... ^^ hehe, love this song! ^^ Let me know what you think! ^^ "The painted cow!" HAHAHA!!! Love the lyrics, they're so random! ^^

Anyways, Cheers!! ^^

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Friday, April 6, 2007


G’Day! ^^

YAY!!! I have a higher resolution and TOTALLY REVAMPED pic of Laylah up!!! ^^ I think I might even hand this one in as my final piece for my assignment...I'm thinking about it anyway... ^^ Please help me decide!!

YAY!!! I had maccas this morning!!! (aka: McDonald's...) I haven't had it in SOOOOO long!!! And we went to the easter service at church this morning instead of Sunday coz we're busy sunday...so anyways, we all woke up early but for some reason we were running late and didn't get time for breakfast!!! So my parents said they'd treat us to maccas afterward!! YAY!! It was so much fun!! We were all starving so we stuffed our faces!!! XDDD We don't go there often, so it was good... ^^

ACK!! >< I have a headache!!! TT I haven't had one in so long! I almost forgot they existed!!! But oh well...it's not tooooo bad I spose... ^^

Actaully...My parents have invited some friends over for dinner tonight...so maybe I'll see if I can sleep this headache away before they get here...

I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!! ^^


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Thursday, April 5, 2007

   ...brain is dead....can't think of subject line thing.... -_-


YAY!!! I've put up a sketch of a character (Laylah) from redmoonchick's story 'My Friend Rory'!!! YAY!!! I hope you all like it! ^^ Any comments or suggestions will be very much appreciated!! XDDD

Today was SOOO busy!! I went to work in the morning and then went straight to uni in the afternoon! I hardly had a chance to eat lunch!! (I ate it on the way to uni...hehe...better than nothing!) ^^ So yes, it was actaully a productive day though...so that's good. ^^

It's just turned midnight here and I'm going to church with my parents in a few hours...(7 to be exact...) So I think I'll sleep so I do't fall asleep in church!!! LOL!!! Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Easter Friday!!! XDDD *HUGS*

Cheers! ^^

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   Sheer Bliss! (for some unknown reason)

G’Day! ^^

I’m so dumb! Yesterday when I was going home from uni I got on the wrong bus!!! LMAO!!! I ended up out in whoop whoop somewhere and got totally lost!!! So I called dad and he was at work and he said just catch a bus back and then catch one home! And I was like hey yeah!!! Why didn’t I think of that!?!?! ^^; lol…

Well I’m at work at the moment and there is SO MUCH WORK! *drowns under piles of paperwork* So I’m gona have to make this a quick post! Oh!!! This morning when I was getting ready for work I put on the wrong shoes!! I usually wear comfy shoes and take my heels in a bag so my feet don’t die when I’m walking to the bus stop…But stupid me totally forgot the comfy shoes and just put my heels on straight away!! I realised this when I was in the middle of walking to the bus ^^; lol…

But it actually didn’t bother me that much coz it was such a beautiful morning!!! The sun was rising and then there was a sun shower!!! XDDD I love them so much!!! So even though my feet were dying I hardly noticed coz I was in such a happy mood!! And for once, all was right with the world! ^^ *everyone goes awwwww….* ^^ lol…

So anyways, back to work…(and it’s nearly time to go home too!! WOOOT!!) Hope everyone has a great day!! I’ll get to your sites later tonight! ^^


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Monday, April 2, 2007

   *dances around in circles, gets dizzy and falls over*


WOOOOOOT!!! Essay done!!! Score: Erin 1, Uni 0!!! XDDD I’m so glad it’s over…I went to bed early last night and did it this morning instead! hehe…(what can I say…I like my sleep!) ^^ And I finished it JUST in the nick of time!! ^^

OMG YAY!!! After I handed my essay in I went for some ‘retail therapy’ lol! In other words…WENT SHOPPING!! XDDD I really needed a new pair of jeans coz all my stuff is too big for me now… TT But it’s a good excuse to buy more clothes!! XDDD OH!! And I had a gift card left over from Christmas that I hadn’t used yet, so I bought some shoes too!! They’re so CUTE!!! ^^ And SUPER comfy!! YAY!!

Now I just have to finish all my other assignments… *sigh*

EASTER IS SOON!!! And I have a week break next week!!! YAY!!! (Although I’m gona have to work on my assignments coz everything is due when I get back!!!) But HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to get some trades/requests done! ^^’

So does anyone have exciting plans for easter? Any traditions or anything?? When I was little my parents used to help us make easter baskets and we’d put them at the end of our beds and then in the mornings, VOILA!!! EASTER EGGS!!! XDDD lol! But now days we just give each other chocolate and prezzies… ^^ lol…

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great day!! ^^ Cheers!!

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

   Happy April Fools Day! ^^


Sorry I haven’t been to everyone’s sites in a while! I’ll get to them tomorrow! ^^ Because tomorrow my assignment will be all done and handed in! ^^ I only found out that I even HAD one the other day!!! LOL!! Good thing my friend mentioned it or I would have TOTALLY forgotten! ^^’ I can be so spacey sometimes… So I’ve been researching all morning and am about to start my essay! But I have to cook for the family tonight aswell as write my essay!! LOL!! I dunno how I’m gona manage that! ^^’ ah well…such is life… ^^

Oh! My friends wedding on Friday was so beautiful!! They had the tigers playing in the background while they said their vows and did the signing and everything! ^^ And I did actually find a dress! It didn’t take long either! So that was exciting! ^^ OMG!! And at the reception they had a little plushie tiger at each table setting! They were so cute!!! And we got to take them home…I should give it a name…any suggestions?? (It’s a white tiger) ^^ Oh!! And the wedding was in the morning, and someone asked my friend why she wanted to get married so early in the morning and she said “we wanted to start the day off married”. I found that so sweet! ^^

So yes, this is pretty much just an update so you don’t all think I’m dead again… ^^’ lol…Sorry I haven’t been around much! I’ll check out your sites as soon as I can! ^^ Wish me luck on my essay tonight!

Cheers! ^^

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


G'Day! ^^

WOOOOOW!! First off I just want to thank everyone who commented/voted on my Daisuke sketch! ^^ I’m really glad everyone liked it so much! *hugs*

Well I’m at work right now so I can’t talk too long! ^^’ lol…

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! Next Wednesday Elemental Gelade Volume four comes out in Oz!!! WOOOT!!!! I’m so sick of waiting!!! LOL!!! I got my friend at uni addicted to it too!!! *evil snickers* But she got me addicted to DNAngel…lol…so it’s all even! ^^ Although I have to say I like the manga better than the anime… ^^

Do you know what…I watched the entire first season of Inuyasha and the storyline didn’t really go anywhere…I mean, it went places…But there was no sort of concluding thing at the end of the first season….so now I need the next season to see what happens… ^^’ lol…

GYAH!!! And free to air tv isn’t airing Naruto anymore!!! *kicks tv* Now I have to wait again…. *sigh*

I have to buy a dress to wear to a friends wedding on Friday… But I couldn’t find any really nice ones…. TT I’m gona go to the city tomorrow and see if there’s anything there… Oh!!! I have a question! ^^ What’s your weakness?? (in regards to shopping that is…) My weakness is sunglasses and shoes!!! HEHE!!! Oh! ^^ And what’s your favourite deodorant/perfume?? I can’t decide, there are SOOO many!! But I REALLY like Gucci envy me 2 and I like Lancome miracle so magic…. ^^

*sigh* well I can’t get to everyone’s sites right now coz I should get back to work… TT But I’ll swing by later tonight! ^^ I hope everyone is having a great day and I’ll chat to you all later!! ^^ Cheers!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

   Updated Portfolio!! WOOOOT

G’Day! ^^

How is everyone!?! ^^ I’m in a pretty good mood today!

I decided to bludge uni and stay home and do my assignments instead! lol…it’s good coz I’m actually getting more work done here than I would at uni anyway…hehe…

OMG!!! I just ate some chocolate and it was 85% cocoa!!!! OMG SOOOO RICH!!! 0_o I don’t think I’ll be having it again for a while though….lol….My favourite chocolate is dark chocolate!! YUMMM What about you guys?? What’s your fav?? ^^

Oh!! I finally updated my portfolio! *dances around in circles* XDDD It’s nothing amazing…It was a sketch I did a few weeks ago while doing research for an assignment…lol, so I killed two birds with one stone! YAY!! I really hope you guys like it! ^^

Well, another short post! ^^ I hope everyone is having a great day! ^^ Cheers!! ^^

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