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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

   1000 Visits! >_< WOOOT!

G'Day! ^^

WOOOOOOT!!! >_< Can you believe it?!?! Updating two days in a row! haha, it's been a while since I've done that! But I have news everyone!! YAYAYAYAY!!! I have over 1000 visits! ^^ Yup, so I thought I'd make a fanart from the manga Juvenile Orion since there's no fanart on MyO that I can find from it! So please check it out! here's the link: ^^ (I hope you like it!)

Thanks For The 1000 Visits!

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So today I had a lecture at uni, but when I showed up the lecture theatre was EMPTY!!! haha ^^; So I thought the lecturer must have sent an email around to everyone telling them it wasn't on...and since I never check my student email account, I didn't know! lol...so I thought I'd go check it and see if that was the case...and it was! lol...plus I checked all my other email that had piled up that I hadn't read! There was so much! But I didn't really have anything else to do since the lecture wasn't on =P But now I'm gona keep up with my student email account so I don't look like a complete loser again...haha *sweatdrops*

Oh! I met my sister in the city after uni and we ate ice-cream together! haha, it was this massive waffle bowl with chocolate on the edges of the bowl and then it had three massive scoops of ice-cream and then had chocolate fudge and cream on top!!! lol!! It was SOOOO YUM!!! Needless to say we shared it coz there's NO way I'd be able to eat it all on my own! >_< lol! FUUUUUN!!!

But then she had to go to uni, so I went and looked at the anime section in the dvd shop and nothing really caught my eye....so I went home ^^ But I can't wait till 15 August!!! >_< So exciting!! Anime to be released in Oz: Elemental Gelade vol 6, Black Cat vol 4, Gundam Seed Destiny vol 7!!! YAY!!! >_< I've pre-ordered them so I won't have to wait! lol...

oh, my internet is still having issues so I'm still not allowed to watch vidoes on the net.... *sigh* But it's ok, I'll live through it! ^^ lol...My dad said he knew that it would be tough and that I might need life support or something! haha!! but he was just being dumb =P

Time to reply to comments!: ^^

LT14 - Yup! And as the semester progresses, it's just gona get even busier! O___O But I always manage somehow ^^

MissGoldenAngel - WOOOOOW!!! I haven't chatted to you in aaaages!! How have you been!?!? ^^ Good I hope! ^^ Of course I still remember you! =P Yeah the previews of the simpsons movie made me laugh too, although I think they put most of the funniest parts in them...I hate when they do that...Really? Why don't you go see transformers with a friend or something? That's what I did! ^^

Moon Fangs - Oh!!! No!! Of course I'm not mad at you! *hugs* I've just been really busy and stuff with uni starting again and stuff ^^ I hope I did't worry you! I remember when my grandma died so I know exactly how you feel...I hope you can cheer up soon and get some sleep, I'm sure she wouldn't want you to be sad or to miss out on your sleep ^^ Oh, it wasn't real golf, just mini golf! lol...it was a lot of fun! ^^

randomized05 - lol...summer break! It's winter here! =P I can't wait till it's summer again, it's my fav season ^^ Yeah it was fun to see everyone all dressed up and stuff! ^^ It made it even more exciting XDDD

Angel Leila - Well it's fun to get older I think...I mean it would be pretty boring to stay the same age your entire life...you wouldn't get to experience the fullest life has to offer otherwise... ^^ Yeah I hate golf too! It's SOOO boring!!! But I played mini golf and it had like little obsticles and things that took the ball round places and stuff, it was actaully really fun! (totally different to normal golf...) Yeah, when the internet starts screwing up I can go grab a coffee and come back and the page will still be loading! lol...

Going4Christ - YAY!! I'm glad you like my theme! I love Prince of Tennis and the chibi episodes are HILARIOUS!!! I have to pause the show while I laugh! haha... >_< Well I'm glad I'm not the only busy person who doesn't update regularly! =P lol... ^^

DuelistGirl97 - hehe!! Yep, soz about that ^^; I always mean to post! lol...ZOMG! yeah some of my friends wore neon flares and stuff!! It was so funny to see! I wore a bright yellow skirt that my grandma made for my aunty when she was little! lol...And it had a little neck tie/bow thing that went with it =P hehe, themed parties are so much fun! ^^ Yeah this is gona suck for the next few weeks without being able to watch vids, and I couldn't even watch your amv you made! T_T But I'll watch it when the internet is up and running normally again ^^

xoxo Britty xoxo - YAAAAY!! You're ALIVE!!! >_< It's good to hear from you again *hug squish* Yeah I'm usually pretty busy even on my holidays! My friends always want me to go out and do stuff, plus there's uni and work and assignments and house work and ALL sorts of things! But somehow I manage ^^ oooh, September huh? I'll be half way through the semester by then! lol...noooooooo, Grease isn't the most annoying movie in the world for me. For me it's more like Alice in Wonderland, Charlie & the Chocolate factory & Mary Poppins....Those movies make me want to jump off the nearest cliff!!! lol...(obviously I don't though...since I'm here typing stuff and all =P lol...)

sonicandtailsrox - Seems like lots of peoples internet or computer is screwing up! Oh, well spam is just emails that are sent to your email address that you don't want and they usually advertise stuff (basically annoying and unwanted emails from random people or companies)...and a virus is something that actaully 'attacks' your computer in some way and usually makes it so it doesn't function the way you want it to and is usually damaging to the hard drive...Hope that explaination helped! ^^; I'm not the most intelligent when it comes to computer stuff but that's basically the difference between spam and a virus ^^

Well that's about it for now! Ah, I feel so accomplished right now! >_< updating 2 days in a row! hehe ^^ I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and I'll chat to you all later!

Cheers! ^^

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