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Monday, July 30, 2007

   My life is TOTALLY busy once again! ^^;

G'Day! ^^

ZOMG!!! O_____O It's been so long since I've posted! GOMEN GOMEN! I hope everyone's doing well! ^^ I'll have to get to all your sites to see what your up to! ^^ YAY!

Well I have been SUUUUPER busy lately! Uni started last week and I'm already over run with assignments and stuff! lol, but that's uni life I spose =P I don't mind though, it's good to see all my friends from uni again. Plus, all the assignments I have gives me something to do! I know that sorta sounds weird, but if the holidays had gone on any longer I would have gone insane from boredom! o_0 lol...

YAAAAY!!! And my friend had her 21st b'day party on saturday night and it was at this really nice hotel on the coast, right next to the beach! SO PRETTY =3 I love it there! So a couple of friends and I decided to rent a room at the hotel for the night and so we made a whole weekend out of it! >_< SO MUCH FUN!! We were gona go swimming, but didn't get time! Plus, we go there often so there's always next time ^^ And we played put put golf! HAHA!! and...Oh!! I (finally) saw Transformers and also the Simpsons movie...IMO Transformers was AWESOME!!! >_< aaaand....I'm not a big fan of the simpsons so it wasn't all that great for me...it was still finny in parts though ^^

So anyways, back to the party... ^^; It was a 50's, 60's, 70's theme! And almost everyone dressed up so it was fun! I totally forgot it was themed till the night before! hehe, so I asked my Aunty if she had anything I could wear and she DID!! It was this outfit that was 50's rock (sorta like the costumes from the movie Grease! lol...) so yeah, I wore that! YAY!!!

Yup, so I've been busy... ^^; oooooh, our internet connection keeps screwing up and we have to sort out the problem with the phone company and stuff...but until it's all fixed, I'm not allowed to watch stuff on youtube, veoh, animecrazy, idkwtf.....basically any video site!!! WAAAAH!!! But I figure it's not too bad coz it should be fixed in about 2 weeks and the new bleach episode doesn't come out for 2 more weeks anyway! lol! Plus I can survive here with my dvd's and old downloads =P lol...

Anyways, I know that was a little long, but now you're all up to date with what I've been up to! ^^ Hope you're not all blinded by all the text! haha ^^ Well I'll reply to your comments now ^^ YAY!:

littlemissharriet - WOOOT! I'm glad you could use that code! ^^ OMG!!! YAY!!! ECHIZEN ROCKS! >_< haha...

sonicandtailsrox - Yeah, vacation is over, but at least I'm not bored and looking for things to do anymore! lol!

randomized05 - Well...it wasn't the first time I've had to fork out money on the car...so I guess I'm used to it -_-" I'm just glad I had enough money to pay for it! It would have been worse if I didn't get any bonus money! lol! That sounds like a cute flower book! >_< I used to have stuff like that when I was little too ^^;

DuelistGirl97 - hehe!! Yeah I was starting to get sick of holidays, when do you go back?? hmmm, I've never heard of that year-round program school thing...sounds interesting...CHA!!! In all my business I forgot about the comp!! ^^; I'll defenitly do it though!! So keep an eye out for it! ^^ ZOMG!! Yeah OHSHC is funny as!! And I totally agree with everything you said! haha ^^

StormFangs - oh, don't worry, I haven't updated for ages! ^^; My bad...ZOMG!!! Yeah Code Geass is AWESOME!!! >_< I'm up to episode 18 but I can't download any more at the moment coz we're having problems with our internet connection...so I'll finish watching it when it's all up and running again ^^ Can't wait to see what happens!! >_<

Angel Leila - Really? You haven't seen Gundam Seed?!? Well I loved it and would recommend it! ^^ Oh! What did you think of Death Note?? ^^

ChristianOtaku - WOOOT!!! >_< You wrote lots again! I feel so special! =333 *hug squish* lol...LMAO! Fruit salad?!? 0_o bleh, fruit salad tastes funny (in my opinion...) I mean I don't mind all the fruit seperate...but when it's all put together I don't like it... =P YEAH YEAH!! Code Geass is SUPER interesting!! If you like Gundam Seed & Death Note you'll probably like this! ^^ HEHE!!! I'll get onto your pic when I feel like it ok! *pokes out tongue and runs away* lol...na, I'll do it soon, although I do have a b'day pic to do for someone right now...hmmmm....now when was their b'day...? ^^; I should probably check that *sweatdrops*

YAY!!! Well I finally posted again!! Sorry to keep you all waiting! I know most of you are on holidays and are bored stupid =P so I hope you find something to keep you all entertained! ^^

Cheers! ^^

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Thanks so much for all the support everyone! ^^ I'm feeling 100 times better! And I'm all better again! WOOOT! >_< *group hug*

Well this is my last week of holidays! I go back to uni for semester 2 next week! ^^ It's been so good to have a few weeks off to just veg and do nothing!! I still have to sign up for my classes though ^^; haha...I guess I've been a little too lazy =P oh well...I'll defenitly do it tomorrow! ^^

So what's everyone else up to? Still on summer holidays I'm guesing? =P Well I hope you're enjoying it! ^^

Oh, and there was actaully a few people who said they'd enjoy entering a contest! So I might do one after all! I'll keep you all posted about it! ^^

ZOMG!! I watched Ouran High School Host Club the other day and I love it so much!!! Does anyone else watch it?? I laughed so hard! ^^ I love all the antics of everyone and stuff ^^ It's great fun ^^ and I like the opening song too ^^ aaaaaaand oh! I've also watched some Code Geass! ^^ Love that too, although it sort of seems a bit like Death Note and Gundam Seed all mixed up together! (which are both shows I love! haha, so it's interesting ^^)

Oh!! We finally got the car fixed! ^^ (it wasn't cheap!) And now all my bonus pay is gone...I didn't even get a chance to spend any of it on myself...all went to getting the car repaired... -_-" But I guess that's life ^^ I'll just have to keep saving I spose! ^^

oooooh!!! >_< My mum came home from work today and bought my sister and I some flowers!! We were cleaning the kitchen up and she said she found a new flower shop and thought she'd buy us some orchids!! ^^ They're soooo pretty! =333 Although I think my room is too messy to put them in! lol... oh, and she bought food for my bro and dad! haha... but they ended up sharing with us anyway! XD

ooooookay, replying to comments: ^^

Greedsdoll - YAAAAAY!!! *glomp* Thanks so much! Well I'll keep you posted about the contest! ^^ I haven't actaully decided on it yet but I've had quite a few people show interest in one, so I'll probably do one after all! ^^

LT14 - Yeah, the thing is, it's OUR car...not just his, we have to share it! Which means sharing the cost aswell -_-" But ah well...I guess that's life =P ZOMG!!! Yeah the art trade!! >_< It's on my list of things to do! *points up to intro* I still want to do it! (I'm just slow and lazy *sweatdrops*) Yeah sure!! *hugs* my email is: rennie_gal@hotmail.com ^^ or you could submit on DA if you like, I'll go find you later! ^^ (although I'm not on there often ^^;)

DuelistGirl97 - LOL!!! Yeah, I'm really good at the 'slacking off' part ^^; too good I'm afraid -_-''' lol...YAAAAAAY!!! ZOMG! You'd do my competition too?!?!? WOOOOOT!!! I'm so glad that people are actaully interested in doing one! I wasn't sure if anyone would show interest in doing one =P I'll let you know the details when I decide on things! ^^ Thanks so much! *GLOMP*

randomized05 - Yeah I have a scanner too...but it's my dad's and I'm not exactly sure how it works and I'm not sure what he'd do if I played around with it! ^^; He doesn't like people touchin stuff that he's in the middle of using...so I just use my camera...the quality really sucks but at least I don't have to worry about messin around with dad's stuff! ^^

flaky and fun - LOL!! yeah ^^; (23 unread emails infact!) hehe...ooops....O____O I think it almost did explode! haha... YAAYAYAYAYA!!! *dances around excitedly* I'm so glad! People are showing more interest in this contest then I thought they would! ^^ Thanks so much! I'll keep you posted about it! ^^ And I TOOOOOTALLY AGREE!! There should be a contest advertising page somewhere! ^^ That would be so cool! ^^ hehe, Yeah I totally love that name now! lol, I'm glad you like it too! ^^ Really?? Why aren't you allowed to get anime vids??? Yeah I have a few dvd's ^^; but usually I just stream them or download them off the internet ^^ Oh and I loved your e-card! thanks soooo much!! >_< *squish hugs*

ChristianOtaku - O____O You wrote soooo much!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!! >_< haha, I opened the comment box window and was like wooooooow O_O hehe...CHA!!! It was awesome! I watched all this new anime too! ^^ Yeah I can only sing when others are singing too! Otherwise I feel like a complete retard ^^; lol...Oh, I still wasn't feeling too good by the weekend so I didn't end up going to the coast...I wish I had though, it would have been good...but oooh well ^^ Ok!! Cool, I'll get around to your pic! hehe, someday when motivation wins out over laziness and procrastination... =P But no matter what, it will get done! XD WOOOT! ^^ *hugs*

Well I hope everyone is doing well! Have an awesome day and I'll chat to you all later! >_< *HUGS*

Cheers ^^

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

   I have discovered being sick can be good in a way =P lol...


WOOOOT!! I finally got off my lazy behind (for lack of a better G rated word...) and have more fanart up!! YAAAY!! So please check it out if you're interested ^^

YAAAAAAY!!!! My boss let me go home early two days in a row and then she said not to come in again till I'm all better! lol...Now I get to sit at home in a pile of tissues and watch anime >_< haha...Being sick isn't so bad anymore ^^

Oh! My voice is back again! YAY! >_< It's good coz I've been listening to some new songs and ZOMG!! SO COOL I just have to sing to them!! haha...It sucked when an awesome song came on and I couldn't sing! It's so much fun to sing! But I'm too shy to sing infront of people ^^; I just keep it to myself ^^

ZOMG! My brother broke the car again... -_-" This time it's the gear box! *sigh* When will he learn....? And I was gona use it on the weekend to go to the coast...but I can't now...I'll have to get a lift with a friend or something...Hopefully I'll be feeling much better by the weekend! ^^

OOOOOH!!!! This is pretty late...but a few weeks ago I went out with some friends and we went to this arcade and played games and stuff...and (to my surprise) no one was playing DDR!! So I was like ZOMG!! I'll play!! Coz I'd never played it before! lol!! So I wanted to see what it was like...and I have a friend who actaully does a lot of different styles of dance and stuff...so I challenged him! HAHA!! At first I had to get him to explain it to me (coz I'm a loser ok...) and it was a bit confusing at first, but I TOTALLY got the hang of it in NO TIME!! >_< ZOMG!!! It was sooooooo much fun!!!! I was on the beginner level though...lol and I think he did intermediate or advanced or something...but yeah, at the end when it added up all the points...I NEEEEARLY won!! lol.... ^^ I want to try it again some time! ^^

I have so much drawing to do for people...I've been so slack!! So that's my mission this afternoon....to at least start TWO pics! haha (two is a lot for me at once ok...usually I do one at a time =P lol...)

OOOOH!!! And I've been thinking of doing a competition!!! Something along the lines of: draw any pic you want but it has to have 'certain things' in the pic...Anyway, if you're interested in a comp, let me know!! Coz if there's enough interest, I might just do it! ^^

Comment replying begins now: ^^

wolfwolf90 - That's sad about your mum! I hope she's feeling better soon! ^^ And it's ok that you haven't been around, it sounds like you've been really busy helping your art teacher and all ^^ I'm glad you're back though!! *HUGS* >_<

Moon Fangs - ZOMG!! I HAAAATE being sick in spring/summer!! It's the worst EVER!! I really hope you're feeling better soon so you can go out and do fun summer things! ^^

Dunpeil Dueliest - LMAO!! Sorry for squashing you! >_< oooooh! I wish I could work just afternoons! I work from 7am to 5pm on the days I go to work...But I only go a few days a week so it's not too bad ^^ HAHA!! You saw the movie?!? Yeah I heard they made a realistic one...I haven't seen it though...I've seen the animated movie though...it was actaully really dissapointing...but funny =P The story line was sort of intersting with Ryoga in it though ^^

randomized05 - Really? You always get a cold?!?! That would suck!! This is my first cold in about 2 years...I guess it was inevitable =P I don't think it was the cold that made me lose my voice...I lost it before I had a cold...so yeah, just two different things at the same time I guess...

ChristianOtaku - ZOMG!! Warm chicken soup is my FAV!! >_< THANKS SO MUCH!! *stuffs it down throat* AAAAH!!!! ^^ Feeling better already! ^^ oooooh, lazyness is like my biggest flaw I think...but at least I'm aware of it...next step is to do something about it (but I'm too lazy to...haha!) lol, venting is good sometimes ^^ (as I'm sure you're aware ^^ lol...)

Enzeru no hikari - CHA!! I'm feeling better already after my boss sent me home and I've had a few days rest! ^^ Still not 100% but I'm gettin there ^^ Thanks for your support! ^^

LGA775 - Really?? You're like my bro and dad! They never get sick!! I wish I never got sick either... ^^; ooooh, You're so luck!! Never lost your voice before either?? Well Maybe you'll just have to go to a concert of some sort and scream your lungs out! hehe, that would work =P

flaky and fun - Oh!! Yeah Scarlet Demise PM'd me to let me know! ^^ She's really nice! YAY! I was like WOOOW!! >_< hehe, But I still didn't know what to call him! lol... so I came up with Roka! ^^ It means 'white crest of the wave' and his last name is Kitagawa ^^ (I don't know what it means though ^^; lol...) What do you think?? OH!! that reminds me!! I haven't checked my email in so long!! O___O

RSRKingdomStars - hehe! Yeah I've been drinking hot chocolate and vanilla tea! lol YUMMM!! >_< hmmmm, I don't really know how it works either...I sort of have an idea with the whole earth tilt and rotation thing....but I never really payed attention in science class ^^; lol... oh, btw, (You'll think I'm a loser or something for saying this) But how did we meet again?? I remember you commented on my other posts too (I feel like a total idiot right now...) ^^; lol...

DuelistGirl97 - Yeah! My boss is so nice! ^^ (usually) lol... oooooooh and I wish I was over there right now so it could be summer!! lol...winter is so cold and dry here >_> It sucks...but oooooh well...I guess it will be Spring in two months! YAY!! It will start to warm up again!! Can't wait! ^^

Well that's about it today! ^^ A bit of a long post today but ooooooh well...It happens =P I hope everyone is having a great day! And I'll chat to you all later!! YAAAY!! I'm off to do some sketching! ^^

Cheers ^^

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

   Winter sucks ass!!!!! >_


*cough* *gag* *splutter* ooook....well it's winter and all here at the moment and it's finally my turn to catch a cold... >_> Although I haven't had one in about two years so I figure I'm doing ok... =P But on top of having a cold, I've lost my voice!! aaaah!!! It's so annoying! My brother and sister laugh when I try and say stuff coz nothing comes out right! hehe! ^^; But I guess I'll get through it...

Sorry if I haven't been to your site recently, I'm feeling really lazy at the moment...(hey, at least I'm honest!) ^^;

ZOMG! I have to work tomorrow...I hope I'm feeling better by the morning coz I have to go, even if I do feel like death! Which is gona suck...I sorta hope my boss sends me home early...hehe, she's nice like that sometimes... ^^ But if she doesn't I'll rough it out! ^^

Well sorry about the boring post...all it was was me complaining really ^^; buuuuut I felt the need to vent ^^; But I'll reply to all your comments now!: ^^

Shishou - LOL!! Maybe you read them and thought about commenting...but didn't...I know I'm guilty of that in the past ^^; ZOMG!!! Yeah it would have been a total shock for me too! (But I accidently read the spoilers!! *shot*) But it was still sad, even though I knew it would happen....although Near grew on me at the end! ^^

DarkCloudAngel - hehe!! You commented twice! =P CHA!! Smiling is good! It makes the people around you happier too! ^^ I'm sure a smile would suite you fine ^^

DuelistGirl97 - ZOMG! Never seen Death Note?!?!? Well I recommend it especially if you enjoy suspense and plot twists and stuff! ^^ I love it! >_< aaaaah....that sounds like somethough you'll have to work out with your parents...I had the same problem! Although I wasn't even expecting an art studio! Dad moved his Gym equipment out into the garage to make a spare room for it! I sort of felt bad, but it was something he wanted to do for me I guess, so I couldn't say no! I'm gona have to use it lots now! ^^ I'm sure you'll get a studio some day! ^^ YAY!! And no worries with the symbol design! I'm so glad you like them! Although if you feel they're not quite right, feel free to tweak them! ^^ I don't mind...they're your OC's after all! ^^

randomized05 - hmmmm, well if you want to get a haircut but don't want to make it short, then maybe try just going for a style change ^^ Then you'll feel different and stuff without getting your hair short! ^^ Try surfing the net and looking in magz for some pics of hair styles you like! Goodluck! ^^ I hope you find osmething you love! ^^

flaky and fun - awwww, don't be jealous!! I'm sure you'll get an art studio some day! I remember when I was your age I'd day dream about buying my own house and making this really nice art studio and stuff! I waited for ages believing I'd have one some day! ^^ And all of a sudden my parents surprised me with one!!! >_< I'm sure if you wait, you'll get one some day too! ^^ *hugs*

Going4Christ - Yeah totally!!! My hair is really thick too! I have layers aswell, plus I got it thinned! So it looks and feels so much nicer and lighter now! ^^ YAAAAY! *dances around in circles*

Well that's about it for now, I should get to bed so I can wake up in time for the bus to work tomorrow! (I've missed the bus three working days in a row now!! -_-") *cough* GYAH!! I hope I don't contaminate everyone at work either! lol... that would suck... >_> ooooooh well, I'll chat to you all later!

Cheers ^^

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

   I'm ALIVE!! hehe... ^^;

G'Day! ^^

I haven't posted in SOOOOO long!! *hides under bed as angry mob runs past* Maybe I should post a little more often so you all know I'm still alive ^^; hehe... (gomen)

Well I'm still on holidays and it's been soooo good! ^^ I've caught up with friends, watched some more anime, cleaned my room, set up an art studio, gone to work aaaand all sorts of things! ^^

ZOMG!! I watched the entire Death Note anime!!! O____O The story line is SOOOO GOOD!!! I was like, gripped to my seat the entire time!! haha... but then I had to wait for a bit for the last episode to come out...I'm so glad I didn't have to wait a week between each episode! The suspense would have killed me!!! aaaah!!! SO GOOD!! >_<

ooooh!! My mum and dad helped me set up an art studio in the spare room downstairs! It's so exciting!! Now my room isn't completely full of stuff! lol... It's gona come in handy when I start back at uni in a few weeks! ^^ YAY!! (which reminds me - I still have to enrole in my classes! lol! I'll do it on the weekend...)

Oh! ^^ I got a haircut the other day! YAY!! It felt so good, and now I have a fringe!! WOOOT! haha, I haven't had a short fringe like this in ages...I have to get used to it again! =P hehe

And now for me to reply to your comments: ^^

ChristianOtaku - Really?!? POT ROCKS!! >_< haha, but I'm usually a sucker for sport related stuff...plus I used to play tennis ^^ lol...I'm glad you like the theme though ^^

15385bic - Yeah!! I totally agree! Sport stuff is awesome! =P (usually) I also like the manga Girl Got Game... ^^ It's about basket ball and cross dressing...haha ^_~ Well I just type POT coz it's easier than typing the entire title...but if I'm talking about it I'll usually say the entire thing... ^^

randomized05 - awwww, thanks! ^^ Glad you like the new theme! CHA!! I think my legs hate me right now! haha...I seriously have to whip them back into shape! =P I'm totally the same, ever since I finished school I haven't done much sport at all! So I'm a weakling again...lol...

DuelistGirl97 - Ah!! You've never seen PoT?!?! *points to www.veoh.com* GO WATCH IT!!! hehe...Really?!?! LOL!! "the beast from the east"! That's so funny! ^^ The card game is called spoons (stupid name if you ask me...but it was fun!) ^^ HAHA!! Well I think I'll just stick with the Sub version of Gravitation...ZOMG!! And I've done up a few symbol designs for your characters! ^^ Although they're not very polished at the moment...just rough sketches, but I'll have them done soon! ^^

Well that's about it for now, I hope everyone is doing well! Let me know what you're all up to during your holdiays!! ^^

Cheers ^^

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

   New Theme!! WOOOOT!!

G'Day! ^^

Well I finally decided to change the theme of my site! (yes, as you can see...) Thank you to all those who voted in the poll! It was a dead set tie between Itachi and Prince of Tennis, but I was leaning more towards PoT anyway... ^^ If there are any problems with my site please let me know! ^^ I hope you like it! ^^

ZOMG!! And if any of you out there know how to edit my guestbook section would you PLEASE let me know?!?! Because there is a pink table border there that's pissing me off!! >_< GYAH!!! *slowly starts going insane* ^^; lol...

Well onto my day! It was so much fun!! I woke up at lunch time and then my mum and dad made me a YUM breakfast (I felt so spoiled!) and then the whole family played cards coz mum learned this new card game she wanted to teach us ^^ It was really fun! I didn't win, but I didn't totally lose either! hehe! (actaully mum lost, which I find pretty funny since we were all just learning the game and she was teaching US!! hehe!!)

...My vanilla tea has gone cold! It was too hot before so I left it for a bit...and I just realised that I forgot to drink it! haha...I'm such an air head sometimes ^^;

OH OH!!! I actually did go rollerblading the other day! XDDD It was so much fun!! I forgot how much fun it used to be! Although I got to the car park where I used to blade and I was already out of breath! haha...I'm so out of shape...I have to get all fit and stuff again! (My legs are still feeling it too... ^^; lol...) And I went SUPER FAST!!! (even without the brake) but I made sure I could still slow down without it ^^ I think I'll do it again soon! ^^

But tomorrow I'm going to lunch with some friends in the city! YAY! We're gona eat and talk and see a movie and all sorts of things! XD Although I'm gona have to wake up at about 9am if I want to make it in time to meet them! (which is early for me these days....believe it or not...) But it should be good to see my friends from high school again! ^^ YAAAAAY!!

ZOMG! Almost forgot to reply to comments: ^^;

AWWWW!! You're all so nice!! It was fun twirling in the bubbles!! >_< hehe! aaaaaand, I'm sure there are prettier people out there than me, but thanks everyone!! You all make me feel so special! =333 *hugs you all* ^^

kingstupid - LOL!! A pic of you falling in the bubbles?? That sounds like something my brother would do! =P lol! Although I used to do gymnastics and have a pretty good centre of balance ^^

ChristianOtaku - What made me think you're anti-sasuke??? ^^; errrrm.... aaaaaah.... nothing....? 0___o *starts to back away slowly* =P

DuelistGirl97 - ZOMG!! haha, yeah I like the subs coz I learn Japanese too! haha, and then I have the excuse that anime is actually educaional! I said stuff to my dad in Japanese the other day and he was like...ummmmm...ok? and then mum said at least she's learning something from watching those things! haha!! It was hilarious! >_< hehe!! You're kidding! He sounds like a man?!?! WEIRD!!! I've never seen the dubbed version of Gravitation ^^ I started with the sub and stuck with it for that series ^^

Enzeru no hikari - haha! yeah the way they say some names in the dub versions are pretty irritating! The other day I was talking about naruto with my sister and then my dad chimes in and said "is this that show NA-REE-TO?" And my sister and I just cracked up laughing! Hmmm....I wonder why that petition site thing didn't work? At least you tried! =3= Thanks! ^^

Simple Plan Lover - ZOMG!! Yeah you disappeared! O_O Off the radar!! =P But that's ok ^^ I'm sure you were busy ^^ awww thanks! *hugs* My dress even had bubbles on it! haha! >_<

sonicandtailsrox - LOL! I had to wipe off all this dust from my rollerblades!! If I lost them I don't what I'd do!! (I know I'd be sad for sure!) But yeah, they have a special spot in my room so I don't lose them =3=

Well that was pretty long! hehe! oh well, I hope you're all having an awesome day and I'll chat to you all later!

Cheers ^^

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   ZOMG!! So much energy at midnight!! haha ^^;

G'Day! ^^

AAAWWWW!! Aren't you all nice! *group hug* Thanks for all the goodluck on finding a new job! ^^ I'm so on it! ^^ YAAAAY!! Can't wait! >_<

Oh!! A while ago I said I would post a pic of me at my 21st party twirling in the bubbles everyone blew at me! So here it is: (I look a bit dumb, but oooooh well ^^;)

ZOMG!! Do you know what, I've been watching Prince of Tennis lately and it's so awesome!!! (although the movie really sucked! haha...) And usually I don't mind watching dubbed stuff, but I REEEEALLY can't stand it dubbed! lol! So I watched the Subbed version! YAY! ^^ But usually it doesn't bother me...it depends on the anime I guess ^^ Here's a question: Which version do you prefer? Subbed (Japanese voice actors and english subtitles) or Dubbed (English speaking voice actors)?? Anyways, just curious... ^^

I want to go rollerblading tomorrow but the brake on the back of my right blade is totally worn down! I have to replace it or it will start to ruin the blad itself! I could go I spose, but I'd have to be careful. But it's no fun going slow, I like to speed blade!! It's the ultimate!! >_< haha...so maybe I'll see what I can do about the brake =P OMG! And I want to invite my bro to play squash with me! although we're gona have to find some squash courts =P We haven't played in AGES!

YAH!! I'm sick of holidays already! lol...I slept for like a week and now I'm bored! I want to go and DOOOOO THINGS!! I can't sit still anymore...usually I can just sit around home and do nothing but waist time, but I dunno what it is, I just have all this energy to do stuff!! *looks at clock* haha, and it's 11:45pm...I don't think there's much I can do right now... >_> ooooooh well, I spose I'll do something tomorrow and I'll figure some way to get rid of this energy without waking my parents up in the next room! =P

CHA!!! Gona reply to comments: ^^

Enzeru no hikari - Yah!! Well I liked it anyway ^^ Juvenile Orion is about the aquarian age...it's a war between all these factions, but there are mind breakers who are the factions masters and there's a bit of a love side story thing and there is a guy in the darklore faction and a mind breaker and an eraser who have lost their memories and STUFF...haha, I'll stop there or I'll get carried away and then give you spoilers ^^; It's only 5 volumes long, so it's short but I enjoyed it ^^ You could probably check it out i wikipedia if you're interested ^^ LOL!! Yeah I totally feel like a useless lump right now! Just something in the way taking up space =P haha...It's good to rest though ^^

DuelistGirl97 - HELL YEAH!! So happy to be out of uni!! hehe! YAY! You're the only one who did the avatar thing! *hugs* dogs are better than cats! >_< haha (IMO) friendship, awwww, that's nice ^^ and that's a nice quote!! hehe! why aren't you mr. cheerful? It's good to be cheerful I think, plus it seems to rub off onto others and makes them cheerful too! ^^ But you're you so that's good! ^^ *hugs*

ChristianOtaku - haha, well at the moment Itachi and Prince of Tennis are in the lead!! >_< I can't wait to see who wins!! (I'm not saying I'll put the winner as my theme, but it will help me decide! ^^) haha! You really are anti-sasuke huh? =P

OH OH!!!! And theres a petition going around about MyO users and the fanart section and stuff, the link is above in my intro *points up* I hope that if you're interested you'll go there and check it out!

ZOMG!!! Also: A friend is having trouble promoting a competition she is having for characters in her manga (I think) and it finishes on the 29th June, so if you're interested in a competition here's the link!:

Well I hope everyone is doing well, catch yas later! ^^

Cheers!!! ^^

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

   ZOMG!!! FINALLY HOLIDAYS!!!! >_< *explodes*

G'Day! ^^

I haven't been to MyO for YONKERS!! haha!! GOMEN!! But all my exams and assignments and everything are OVER!!! WOOOOT!!! >_< *throws confetti* And I can do whatever I want for once!!! BOOYAH!!!! (except I still have to work, but oh well...I'll have money to do stuff! lol...)

Oh! Which reminds me, I'm thinking of getting a different job! ^^ the one I have now is good, but I don't get paid much and it's the only one I've had (and I've had it since I was 15!...lol...) so I'm thinking of trying something different! ^^ Hopefully I'll find something I really like! ^^

ZOMG!!! Do you guys know what! I read the Juvenile Orion manga and loved it!!! XDDD It's so awesome!!! Although I just can't get my hands on the second volume!!! It's driving me nuts! But I spose if I can't find it around here I'll just have to order it over the net! ^^ Thank God for international trade!!! XDDD

By the way, I'm thinking of changing the theme on my site! ^^ Although I'm really indecisive! ^^; and I can't decide what to change it to =P So I made a poll at the top of my site! YAAAAY!!! Please vote if you haven't already and I think that may help me decide! ^^

OMG!!! O______O I seriously have to reply to PM's!! Gomen! I haven't in so long and I think I might have run out of space in my inbox! haha, I'm the worst, I hate deleting stuff...Though I'll have to do it if I want to get more of course! ^^

(total subject change:) So what's everyone doing on their holidays?!? ^^ I only have a month coz it's just the june/july holidays...I go back to uni in late July...But I'm SOOOOOO glad it's finally holidays!!! >_< SO EXCITED!!!

YAY! Gona reply to comments: ^^

Shishou - ZOMG!!! Black Cat is AWESOME!!! >_< It's sad how Train sells his black coat though...he's DAMN HOT in it!! >_< haha...And thanks so much for the comment/vote btw! *hugs* Much appreciated!! O______O A picture?!?! WOOOOOT!!!! SO EXCITED!!! *explodes* I can't wait to see it!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! Do you like Erementar Gerad?!?! NYAH!!! So Excited!! (I feel I want to go watch it again now ^^; haha!! ---->Although I've already watched it a lot =P hehe...)

randomized05 - Yeah exactly! I felt totally awkward at first but then later I was thinking about it and it was just pure generosity! It's rare to see these days I guess, but I'm gald it's still around! ^^

DuelistGirl97 - YAAAAAY!!! FREE NOW!!! >_< Are you free yet?!?! I love holidays, but I guess I do miss some people I see at uni...although I see my close friends often! we go out and do things or go over eachothers houses and stuff...but it makes it easy when you have a car and a licence =P So much freedom!! >_< I hope you have a great holiday, even without Josh around ^^ *hugs*

flaky and fun - Hang on....we DO have pop tarts here, I just haven't tried them is all =P I spose I'll have to now! hehe!! ^^ ZOMG!!! O____O I still have to send you some thank you emails!!!! ^^; GOMEN!!!! Be expecting some soon!! ^^ (I'll surprise you with them! MWAHAHA HAH AHA HA!!! ^^)

Going4Christ - Really?? Of all the classes you took you took algebra?!?!? 0_o You must be one smart cookie!! =P Hope the exam goes/went well! ^^ And about the problem with your pic...Sorry but I've never had a problem with submitting a pic so I'm not sure what I would do! Maybe try reading the guidlines to submiting work and see if it complies with all the criteria?? That would be my suggestion...(sorry I'm not much help!)

ChristianOtaku - LMAO!! YES!! SOMEDAY, SOMEWAY, SOMEHOW, The good deed he did shall be repaid in time!!! ^^

OH!! Hot Cocoa did a thingamajig at this avatar magic place and it gives you your personality avatars...hehe, it looked like fun so I tried it too! My results are below the post *points* It would be interesting to see what you guys get too!! (that's if you're bored/interested enough to try =P hehe...) So YAY!!

BWAHAHAH AHAH AHA HA!!! This has been long so I spose I'll leave it here before you all get bored and leave...lol... ^^;

Cheers!!! ^^

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Friday, June 8, 2007

   One exam to go -----> Nearly there!!!! XDDD

G'Day! ^^

okay, first of all I want to say SORRY!!! Yup, coz I havne't been around in AAAAGES!! And I still have to reply to people's PM's and things...But now all of my assignments are DONE!!!! YAAAAAY!!! OMG!!! I'm so excited!!! Now I just have one exam this week and then I'll be FREEEEEE!!!! The holidays are gona be soooooo good!!!! XDDD I have nothing planned though, just kicking back, relaxing, drawing, chatting to you all on MyO....yup, it's gona be great! ^^

And to celebrate I drew up a pic! YAY!! It's a Black Cat fanart XDDD Hopefully you'll like it! It's actaully not finished, but I just felt like puting up a pic! ^^ Please let me know what you think! ^^

aaaah, do you know what...the other day I walked into this bakery and ordered something and as I opened my purse up to give her the money I realised I forgot to get money out! aaaah...I felt so dumb...so anyways, I asked if they take eftpos and of course they didn't! So I said I'd go to the ATM and get some cash out...so anyways I started walking out of the bakery to get the money and I heard this guy behind me saying wait...so I turned around and he said he'd pay for me! I said, no it's ok and started to turn to walk out again but he insisted and before I knew it he'd already handed over the money and stuff!! I felt so awkward!!! >_< I hate owing people money and things like that, and I was gona go get the money out and everything, but I was really late for work!! So I said thanks and walked out (still feeling bad...) Although now I think about it, that was really nice of a complete stranger to do something like that...

ok, replying to comments!

ChristianOtaku - Don't worry CO, you're not an aweful friend!! We all forget things now and then! ^^ You don't have to make it up to me at all *hugs* ZOMG!!! I read the first volume of Juvenile Orion like, 4 times!! haha!! LOVE IT!! And I just came back from looking in Borders for the second volume, but they don't sell it in Queensland!! NOOOOO!!!! *breaks down in tears* So I'm gona have to order it from over seas... *sigh* It's gona take forever to get here...But I'm determined to get my hands on it! *fire burns in eyes* lol...

DuelistGirl97 - awwwww, you're so nice!! *hugs* I feel so special! =333 And I know! How nice is the song!! *sings to it* lol...

Shishou - Yeah!! I just got back from Borders and I've got the second volume of Girl Got Game!! AH!! So excited, I'm gona read it after this post! >_< haha...LOL!!! I'm told I have that effect on people (don't ask me why XP) But I'm usually able to cheer people up for some reason ^^; Oh!!! You're so nice to draw me a pic!! *uber hugs* I can't wait to see it! *starts getting excited* ^^ Yup!! And I like her song 'memories' too...so pretty!! =3

Flaky and fun - LOL!! I've never tried poptarts before! XP We do have them over here, but I just haven't tried them for some reason... ^^; LOL!!! Chocolate for breakfast is the BEST!!! >_< haha!! Hope you have a fun day!! (we all know you will now you're running on sugar! hehe!!) OOOOMMMMGGGG!!! And thanks so much for all those emails!!! hehe!! 21!!! It made me laugh!! *UBER HUGS* You're so thoughtful!! ^^

Ok, well thanks SOOOO much to everyone who wished me a happy b'day!! *UBER HUGS YOU ALL* You're all so nice!! ^^ I hope you all have a great day!

Cheers!!! ^^

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

   My 21st B'Day!! XDDD

G'Day! ^^

Well today was my 21st b'day! >_< *everyone throws confetti* I am SOOOOOO worn out!! This morning my sister had to leave early for work and they wanted to give me my prezzie before she left...so I had to wake up early...BUT OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!! I seriously can't believe it!!! O________O *is still half in shock* they actaully bought me a laptop!! I really needed one for uni and stuff so yeah, I spent all morning setting it up and playing around with it and personalising it and everything!!! WHEEEEE!!!! So yep, I did that, and then I helped set up for the party tonight...and I went to meet a friend that couldn't make it to the party and we had a nice chat ^^ And she bought me a mini mud cake thing! hehe SO CUTE! and she also gave me some manga!!! WOOOT! I haven't heard of them before though...Girl Got Game and Juvenile Orion....has anyone heard of them??? And if you have, what are they like??? They look interesting ^^ YAY! I'm gona read them as soon as I get some spare time! XDDD

But yeah, the party/BBQ was really good! XDDD there was so much food!!! OMG!! And there was a chocolate fountain!!! hahaha!!! we were all there dipping strawberries and marshmellows and stuff in it! YUMMM!!!! Although I think I had too much...I'm not gona be able to eat chocolate for a few days now I don't think... ^^; lol!!

But yeah, it was good, I got to catch up with friends from school, uni, work, family friends....YAY! Everyone kept hugging me! haha!! OOOOohhhhh!!! And everyone started blowing bubbles and I twirled in them!! hehe!! It was so much fun!!! I think my friend got a pic of me doing it so I'll show you when I can get it off her ^^

But yeah, I really want to give everyone here at the O a great big thank you and hug!!! ^^ I really enjoy coming here and chatting to you all! ^^ And you all make me feel so happy when I'm feeling down ^^ So yeah, HUGS FOR YOU ALL!! ^^

I thought I might do something a bit nice for you all:

15385bic - I can relate to you in quite a few ways ^^ I really love being able to chat to you about how your teaching is going and all sorts of things!

AlieBear - I love chatting to you on msn about all your native american stuff! It all sounds so cool! I hope you're doing ok! ^^

ChristianOtaku - I love commenting on your posts and things! You're such an interesting and lovely person, never lose those qualities ok! ^^

dragonrider18 - I really love your poems and creative writing! You're a great guy who's had it tough...but you're so strong! Hang in there and things will always get better! I'll be here for you whenever you need to chat! ^^ *hugs*

DuelistGirl97 - My fellow Gravitation lover!!! >_< lol! I love chatting to you about all sorts of things! And I really value your comments! ^^ *UBER HUGS*

Dunpeil Dueliest - Hey mate!! I love being able to chat to you about anthing! I feel like I've known you for ages for some reason! haha...(am I freaking you out yet? XP lol...) OMG!!! And thanks so much for the b'day pic!! Love it so much!! It's RAD!! (haha, rad...how old school is THAT!!)

Eight Sun - OMG!! I totally love your sketches! You're so talented! And I love that we can chat about anything ^^ even do it yourself IKEA tv stands! haha! >_< hope to hear from you again soon! ^^

Enzeru no hikari - Well, I haven't known you too long...but we both like Pirates 3!! haha >_< So that's a good start! XP I look forward to chattin with you more! ^^

flaky and fun - FLAKY!!! >_< You're such a lovely, bubbly, friendly, smiley person!! ^^ You always make me happy for some reason! XD Like sunshine ^^ Anyways, you're such a good friend and I'm so glad you're still around and that I can chat to you!! *hugs*

hitsukuya - Geeeez, well....hmmmm.....what can I say??? lol!! jks, You make me laugh so much!! I love being able to talk to you in the mornings with my warm vanilla tea! ^^ I know your more a DA chick now so I guess I'll keep this short and sweet! LUV YA!!

Hot Cocoa - YAY!! I love chatting to you! Although we haven't had a good chat in a while...I hope we do soon! I really love the recent dark pic you did too!!! >_< SO KAWAII!! Keep up the good work ok! ^^ (I'll get onto your pic as soon as I can! ^^)

LGA775 - You're a nice guy to chat to ^^ And I love checking out your art and seeing how much you improve! Keep it up!

LT14 - YAAAAY!! LT! ^^ *hugs* I love chatting to you and I really value your opinion on things! You're a great person and a fantastic artist! Always believe in yourself and you can do anything! ^^ *hugs*

redmoonchick - I love coming to your site and seeing what you've been up to! You're life seems so much more interesting than mine! >_< haha!! You always seem to have lots of things happening! I also love your writing ^^ Defenitly talented! ^^

Shishou - Well I haven't known you for long but you seem like a really nice person ^^ haha, it was funny when we chatted in your shoutbox thing! XP I look forward to chatting to you! (which reminds me...I still have to reply to your PM! haha...^^;)

Simpleplanluver - Simple-chan!! ^^ I love, love, love your in depth comments!!! HAHA!!! And I love that you call me bubbles for some reason! >_< lol...(don't ask me why....) But yeah, you're a beautiful, funny, hypo chick who always makes me smile! ^^ *hugs*

sonicandtailsrox - Heya! I love that you're so diligent with your commenting!! I can always rely on you for a sentence or two! ^^ I really appreciate it!

toie - OMG!!! You're back!!! I missed you so much!! I missed doing our trades and chatting and everything! It's so good to hear from you again! ^^ *hugs* (let's just hope you stay alive after you set Muraki free!! >_< lol!!)

wolfwolf90 - I love chatting to you and I really value your opinion! You're a good friend! I really hope you achieve what you want to out of life! Never stop believeing in yourself! ^^ "reach for the stars" ^^

Ok....if no one could tell it was in alpha order so yeah, no favs people ^^ And if I missed you out, I"M SO SORRY!!!! *clings to your ankle and looks up with big brown puppy dog eyes* It's SUPER late and I have a group meeting for uni soon!! aaaah!!!

OMG!! And I haven't been to your sites for a while...I'm so sorry for that!! You have NOOOOoooooo Idea how busy it's been!!! I'll try to get to them as soon as I can!! ^^;

So yeah, I hope everyone is having a great day!! Here's a song I LOOOOOVE at the moment!! It's called Angels by Within Temptation...It's so beautiful!!! The lyrics, her voice, everything...I can lose myself in this song ^^ Please let me know what you think! ^^


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