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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Heya! ^^

WAAAAI!! I just had an idea! I'm gona add a quote from an anime as the subject line *points up* and you guys guess what anime it's from and who says it!! ^^ YAY!! ok...GO!! >_< (you daon't have to though...it's just a bit of fun) ^^

So anways, how's it goin?? Sorry I didn't update for a while, we used over our internet bandwidth and then BAM!!! My brother unhooked the internet so we couldn't use it for about a week! (coz if we use more than a certain amount in a month we have to pay LOTS of money to use the net...aaand there's no way we could afford it =P lol...) So that sucked...but at least it was only a week...any longer and there could have been withdrawal issues =P haha (jks)

So how did I keep myself occupied? ummm...well I went to university, worked on some of my assignments, cleaned the house and I bought a NewType and SFX collection mag to keep me occupied ^^ Plus NewType came with a dvd which had a few anime episodes on it ^^

OH!! And a while ago I had a sudden urge to draw...lol so I added a bleach pic to my folio if you'd like to take a look! ^^ YAAAY!!

Hollow Ichigo

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hmmmm, I have a question for you all: Do you think the first moon landing was real or not?? I mean you guys have all heard the conspiracy theories and stuff right?? I was just wondering what yas think of it ^^

Bleh, I think I'm getting addicted to coke...no seriously, I drink it like water...*has a bottle of coke right now* hmmmm, maybe I should actaully drink more water since it's healthy and all ^^; Did you guys know, I actaully didn't like water when I was little...although I drink it now...mostly just when I'm really thirsty and stuff...eh, I dunno...I should be more healthy and stuff... ^^;

Well, enough about me, time to reply to comments! YAY!!: ^^

LT14 - Don't worry, I know everyone's busy ^^ I'm busy myself! So it's all good mate. ^^ Yeah I don't go to theme parks much either coz I have to pay for myself and it's actaully pretty expensive! 0_o And before I got a job I hadn't been since I was 5! =P I'm sure you'll do lots of stuff once you can pay your own way ^^ Oh! Yeah the dance party was great!! I even had a couple of friends who went that wouldn't dance! But they did it anyway coz there was a beginner class before it started ^^ So then they could dance at least a little! YAY! ZOMG!! >_< Thanks!! Yeah those songs are totally addictive =P What sort of songs do you like???

Sir Deathstrike - Yeah, Death Note's great!! Really interesting and intense story line! I'd recommend it to people who love a good murder mystery sort of story. ^^ LOL!! I actually don't like pasta *sweatdrops* but I LOOOVE PIZZA!! XD hehe!

15385bic - Actaully, to be honest, I hate pasta ^^; But the pizza is SOOOO GOOD!! Although I do like noodles...lol...but I don't like rice...although I do like vermacille(sp?) which is rice noodles! haha...oh, and I DO like fried rice...haha...I'm such a loser *sweatdrops*

ChristianOtaku - worries and stressed huh?? That doesn't sound too good! *gives you a cookie* munch on that and just chill for a bit mkay ^^ Just keep this in mind: Don't worry or stress about things you can't change, it will just make things worse and wear you out! I'm sure you'll make it through without any trouble ^^ YUP!! I know salsa! (a little anyway...) lol...in January a friend got a bunch of us together and we all went and learned salsa together! It was so much fun!! >_< I felt so stupid to start with, but I got the hang of it and now it's really great! ^^ ooooh, yeah read the manga of Tsubasa Chronicles coz the anime stops after season 2 and the manga keeps going...Plus tsubasa resevoir chronicles is coming out soon so that manga will probably be pretty good...I'm really hanging out for the ova's coming out at the end of the year! YAY! Hope you enjoy it!

DuelistGirl97 - LOL!! ZOMG!! Yep, I'm back with a Death Note theme!! WOOOT!! >_< haha, I got my sister to watch the first episode and she was addicted to it for 2 days till she finished the entire series!! haha!! It was hilarious! I'd be like: hey do you want to do something? and she'd be like: shhhh!!! Trying to watch!! O___O haha!! hmmm, I never used to be much of a dancer (still aren't really) But after I picked up a couple of moves it was actaully alot more fun then I though it would be! ^^ Oh yeah!! I know there is more manga and plus the tsubasa resevoir chronicles are coming out...plus the ova's are coming out late 07 early 08!! Can't wait! >_<

Dunpeil Dueliest - Thanks!! Glad you like the new look ^^ I'm gona PM ya later, it's been so long since we had a good chat! >_<

LGA775 - WOOT!! Death Note's awesome! ^^ Yeah my days are relly busy...sometimes I wish I could just stop time and chill for a while...but meh...that's pretty unlikely =P It's a nice thought though ^^

littlemissharriet - THAAAAANKS!! =3 I like your death note Avatar!! Looks awesome ^^

Welllll, I think I'm gona go draw some more...I have an urge all of a sudden =P haha...Any suggestions?? hmmm, I've been thinking of figuring CS2 out...buuuut, it gives me a headache sometimes...I'm gona have to learn it eventually though, one of my subjects next year is computer graphics! lol.... I might go fiddle round with it... ^^ Anyways, catch yas later!

Cheers! ^^

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