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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Heya! ^^

ok well no one got the quote from last time =P lol...it was Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis (but you wouldn't know if you haven't seen it obviously...*sweatdrops*) So anyway, can you guess the new one!? *points up*

So anways, how's everyone goin? what are you all up to?? I'm smack dead in the middle of assignments and presentations! But once next week is over I'll be on holidays for 4 months!!! WOOOOT!!! Love christmas holidays! XD

I've started rollerblading again and I'd forgotten how much fun it was! I don't know why I ever stopped! Plus I've been watching Air Gear (lol..that motivated me to blade...lol...) And it's so cool
!! My fav character is Agito!! lol, he talks so much trash it's hilarious! XD Wouldn't recommend the show if you don't like nudity, street talk, gangs and swearing....lol.... ^^;

This saturday I'm going to an exhibition my old school is puting on and they asked me if I wanted to donate any of my art work for it so people could buy it and I thought, eh, why not...so I just put in a couple of my photographs ^^ I can't wait to see what other people put in! And I can't wait to see what the school is like now...school was great ^^

oh, I totally forgot, it's halloween soon huh? Are you guys doing anything for it?? I don't really celebrate it...I mean people over here do celebrate it, but I just never have... ^^; Plus my parents wouldn't let me when I was little so....eh, I dunno, never really grew into it either...

OOOOH!! Nearly forgot!!! DuelistGirl97 did this in her post, so now I have to do it in mine! ^^ For the first 10 people to comment on this post I'll feature them and their art/wallpapers in my next post! WOOOT!! So get commenting! lol... =P

YAY!! I have to tell you guys! There's this new Japanese food place that opened up the other day and I went and tried takayaki for the first time! lol! It was actaully quite nice! Except I couldn't eat it all coz I bought ramen aswell! OH!! SOOOO FULL!!! I don't think I'll need anything for dinner ay! But yeah, I'll be going back there ^^ I really wish they made okonimiyaki though...I've never tried it but it sounds really yum! ^^

ok, I'll reply to comments now: ^^

randomized05 - lol, don't worry, you don't have to comment every time...I know I can't comment everyone's posts every time! ooooh, school sounds really busy for you! O__O Hope you don't get too worn out or anything.......LMAO!! OOOOH YUK!!! I can't stand Dr Pepper!! They even tried to introduce it to Australia, but no one bought it coz almost everyone hated it! lol! (sorry, but to me it tastes like medecine!(sp?) lol...) So yeah, you can't buy it in Australia anymore I don't think =P

DuelistGirl97 - lol...I don't really care bout the moon landing either (i mean it's not like I'll ever go to the moon or anything...) It was just something that popped into my head all of a sudden while typing my post...lol...WOOOOT!! *hug squish* thanks for the fav and stuff on the pic! XD yeah, lol, I actually submitted it on DA first...usually I submit stuff here first....but eh, I dunno...I was on DA at the time...lol...

ChristianOtaku - lol! Yeah if my internet was down for any longer than a week there would be withdrawal symptoms! lol! ^^; Thanks!! Glad you like the pic! *hugs* I'm working on something else at the moment...but I should really be doing my assignments! lol....haha, don't worry, I'm like to remain ignorant bout the moon landing too...I mean it doesn't really bother me...it's not like I'll ever go there, it wasw just something I thought up all of a sudden while typing up my post and was wondering if any of you guys had an opinion on it ^^

sonicandtailsrox - LOL!! Thanks so much! Glad ya like it =3

LGA775 - Thanks for checkin out my pic the other day! ^^ Glad ya like it! XD yeeeeah, I don't really know about the moon thing...interesting you think it was all set up ^^ I do't really have an opinion on it ^^; I was just wondering what all you guys thought about it ^^;

So anyways, that's about it...I'm gona go draw stuff for my assignments....or maybe I'll draw some pics of Agito!! LOL!! LOVE HIM!! >_< Actaully..."here's one I prepared earlier" lol...it's still in the process of shading/sketching blah...so check it out if you're interested ^^ (I'll just submit it now ^^;)

Agito Wip

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Cheers! ^^

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