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Saturday, February 10, 2007

All I'm going to say is, Etaru onee-chan, I hate you. I am now sleep deprived (okay, not as bad as normal, I got a decent amount of sleep but not nearly as much as I was PLANNING), mad at Kaori Yuki, and helping with a frienship tea in an hour and a half XD. Oh and Etaru, I have some books to give back finally.

Life's going pretty good. State tournment's next week so I desperately have to hit the gym, but other than that, I'm doing decent. And really can't think right now. I just wanted to "vent" my "anger" at Etaru :P. I'll probably give a more thorough update later on. And finally get to returning the new entries in my guestbook and pm request stuff I need to do. So, talk to you all later! =^_^=

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