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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

   Because Etaru Told Me To
Yeah, she told me to update my blog and I figured I had to do SOMETHING she told me to do within a timely fashion XD. So here I am.

I hurt another's feelings this weekend. That kinda stunk, but I would like to think that he learned an important lesson from it all. Who knows though.

As for state, girls lost their first two games. OUR GUYS TOOK FIRST!!!
Yeah, we're elated =^_^=

I'm soooo glad to have a week without basketball practice hanging over my head now. It's truly made a difference in my day already and I LOVE IT!! =^_^= I've built enough character lol. Beyond that, can't think of anything so I'll actually get back to work and update later if I DO think of something hehe.

Oh, and I cut my hair again. This time I have the complete boy cut for Gaara =^_^=

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