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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

   Life Comes at You Fast
Oh my goodness do I feel like crap =@_@=. That time of month hit yesterday with more force than it has in a long while. Let me give the run down of yesterday, just because I need to get it out there lol. I was dead tired even though I had lots of homework to do so I slept in. My mom came in, asked if I was going to just go in later (my mom rocks that way; she knows when I usually get up and if I'm not up by 5:30 and haven't left a note, I'm either dead, sick, or just plain tired.). Being the sleep hazed person I was and mentally cheering person, I sort of grumbled out yes then clonked back out. I woke up somewhere around 10 and decided to finally hop in the shower. That's when I found that time of month had finally come again. But I hopped into the shower, but needless to say, never got to finish it. I started to get cramps painfully bad so I got out, took some Naproxen, hobbled over to the couch, curled up around the heat pad, and turned on the tv. Unfortunately, I was too late in taking the pills. I hurt so bad that I wish I was in Hiroshima when it was about to be nuked rather than be female. To top it off, after sitting down for a few, I got a nice bloody nose. Thankyfull I had a box of tissues in front of me as I've had a small cold of late. At some point I went into semi-fetal position with my head partially on my knees and partially on the coffee table. After a few in that position I look up... And see Etaru's mom standing at the door (outside) looking at me. Well, I get up, tell her that I'm not sick, just have cramps, take the bag of stuff from Etaru (Thanks, dear!), then close the door still slightly humiliated. I go off to the bathroom while I'm up and on the way back to the couch, I notice that my stomach is queasy so I grab a bowl just in case and return to my couch sanctuary. Thank the Lord I grabbed that bowl. I hadn't been sitting for more than a minute when I was suddenly hit with a vomitting fit, throwing up a good 5+ times in a row. And I hadn't even eaten anything. So, now I can't move, my mouth tastes nasty, I STILL have terrible cramps, and I just feel sick. What do I do? Why, call my mother of course. After a stop at the store, she comes home with juice, crackers, and Pamprin. I take some pills and she pops in Pirates of the Caribbean after getting me my pillow and blanket (and a new bowl). A wuarter of the way through, I get up to do something or another while she answers the phone. Come back and the vomiting fit starts all over, with the addition of my poor mother gagging some (she has a weak stomach). I finally learn that getting up is a no-no so I resume being curled up on the couch in utter agony still and finally manage to drift off during the movie. During this time my cramps FINALLY go away, after I have taken about 6 pills in a 4 hour period because the first two times I ended up throwing the pills up. Needless to say, I never went to school.

Today I did go to school, but I have been so out of it. I feel like my head or just me in general is separate from my body, and not really inhabiting my body. Total mind bog, and after school, I felt like crap. So I asked mom to call the school to tell them I wouldn't be at practice but would make it up at the gym tomorrow, grabbed my trusty pillow, took some more pills, and crashed on the couch. Right after I had eaten a pot pie and an energy drink... I can't sleep after eating or it kills me later. And it did. I wake up, still feel detached, stomach's not feel the best, and I still have a killer headache. And mom brought home McDonald's. I know I shouldn't have eaten it, but I couldn't resist. So stomach's a little worse off, and the rest of the problems haven't really died down. So here I am, procrastinating homework yet again because I just don't have the mental capacity to do anything right now. =@_@= One of the things I have due for tomorrow is to write a persuasive essay that's a satire at the same time. I'm doing it on Irish domination, but I'm seriously tempted to change it and do it on being a woman instead. But I have some sheltered guys in my class (well, one in particular and the others wouldn't really want to know any details) so I won't. But man is it tempting XD.

Anyway, really, things are going okay for the most part. May take a few zeros at school this week but I can afford it and I'm mentally fried anyway lol. And for those who read my last post, I'm fine. I just needed to say a bit of what was on my mind, but I'm doing okay. It sounded a bit more depressing that I meant it to be, but I'm too lazy to fix it.

I hope the rest of you have a great week! Take care and night! Oh, and stop by Sam's (KDJO) site and tell him happy birthday! It's tomorrow (2/7)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! =^_^=

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