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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Time?? 3 a.m.!!! Woots!!! =^_^=

Well, I still have guestbook signing thingies to return, and there are still unasnwered messages that I have to get to, but it's looking like I won't really crack down on everything until after the state tournament. Man, I still have to do the stuff to join a club I said I'd join =O_o=. I'm very sorry everyone!! Please just be a little patient with me and I swear I'll get to everything within time lol =^_^=.

In other news, I've been hitting the sack pretty early just from being very tired. Monday night I went to bed around 9 (usually I don't fall asleep until around 11 or later) and last night I was in bed before 8. And now it's 3 XD. But I emant to get up early today. However, I feel nice and refreashed. FINALLY!! =^_^=

Also, last night was my LAST BASKETBALL PRACTICE!!!!! I seriously just want to jump for joy. Tonight the teams' are getting together to watch "Facing the Giants" right after school, we have a spaghetti feed right after that, then it's off to youth group. And then tomorrow is our first game!! It's a double elimination tournament but we're really hoping to do well. Hmmmm... I need to do a post later on spirit week...

While I'm on the subject of practice and everything, I have a nice little story. A story, that is not only true, it is another testiment to how easy I can bruise XD. During warmups we do a thing called wall jumps. We jump up and try to reach a certain spot on the wall repeatedly, though we reach up with one hand and do X amount with each hand. Well, I was jumping, touching the wall with my left hand, and my right hand swung forward and clonked the wall. Needless to say, it hurt =O_o=. Far more than it should have. So I stopped and looked at my hand. Instant and I mean INSTANT bruise. And just to add to the fact that I hurt myself, the area even swelled up immediately. I stared at it in disbelief for a few wondering, "What in the world?!?" then finally continued my wall jumps and showed off my bruise. Oh, and the bruised area is the area around my first two knuckles but it goes up my middle finger some too. I'm proud to have a bruise to show off, but just have to laugh at how I got it.

Anyway, homework's calling and I never really meant to come on except to say I wouldn't be getting to stuff much XD. Night everyone!

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